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Whether constructing a building, restoring the characteristics or a heritage home, or renovating a house or commercial building, do not hesitate to ask for help from building professionals specializing in masonry work.

Masons offer numerous services, including:

  • New construction: stone wall (fields, modular or cut) or brick
  • Renovation of stone or brick walls
  • Restoration, with the original, of walls of stones or brick
  • Debricking and complete or partial reconstruction of the wall
  • Brick repointing (partial or total) of the damaged façade
  • Repair of beef belly
  • Rehabilitation of foundations of ancestral buildings or stones
  • Masonry renovation: fireplace, chimney…
  • Reconstruction of cornice and parapet
  • Replacement of spandrels
  • Reconstruction and restoration of concrete balcony
  • Preparation of openings for embedding new windows, door in a masonry wall
  • Corrective and preventive work (infiltration of water …)
  • Maintenance of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings according to the budget
  • Elevated masonry
  • Etc.

In Quebec, professional masons can develop skills in a variety of areas of expertise. That’s why it’s very important to compare the prices of masonry contractors before starting your renovation, restoration, or construction project.


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2018 prices of various masonry works

The peculiarities (the height of the work, the size, location, and complexity of the project, the type of materials used …) of your masonry work will have a certain impact on the price that your mason will charge.

The average price of a mason is $85.16/ hour, according to the ACQ. In fact, the salary of a masonry contractor is about $37.72 / hour plus expenses and profit margin.

To help you set your budget, here are the average prices in 2018, per square foot, of various masonry projects.


Prices of Masons (2018) for various masonry projects

Type of Masonry Average Cost (Materials and labor)
Foundation plaster (new) $4-6 / square foot
Redo a brick wall $25-40/ sq. foot
Installation of new bricks $25-35 each
Repair belly of beef $23-30/ sq. foot
Repointing of masonry $10-15/ sq. foot
Lintels $850-1,650 each
Spandrels $450-550 each


For professionally executed masonry work, contact one of Compare Home Quote partners in construction work today.


Professional masons offer quality work for reasonable prices

The benefits of working with professional masons

Whether your small or large masonry work is done outside or inside, special know-how and adequate skills are required.

Hence, masons with diplomas from the Quebec Ministry of Education, recognized by the RBQ (Régie du bâtiment du Québec), and possessing the appropriate professional liability insurance will know about building, solidifying, repairing  a brick or stone wall of your home or commercial building as well as:

  • How to optimize the aesthetic aspect of the wall with a set of bricks or stones by exploiting the various types of materials, colors …
  • Install concrete blocks
  • Lay architectural blocks
  • Build:
    • Brick BBQ
    • Outdoor fireplace
    • Pizza oven or bread oven
  • Etc.

If necessary, your masonry expert can help you achieve your project by working in collaboration with other professionals such as engineers, architects, general contractors …

Get satisfaction by hiring a masonry contractor from the Compare Home Quotes network. Our partners possess the skills and knowledge to carry out your project masterfully in compliance with set standards of construction as well as the standards of quality in a safe environment.


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Experienced masons are knowledgeable about safety and quality standards to ensure your project is safe and results are satisfactory


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