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Garage Floors for Living: Beautiful Garage renovations at the best prices


Are you planning a garage makeover? Many Canadians are improving their garages to expand storage options and increase livable space.

Gone are the days when a garage is expected to look cluttered, bare, or even dirty. Nowadays, with more and more people staying home and working from home, the garage is a good option to increase livable space.

You can start with a new garage floor and create your dream garage with a complete make-over.

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Best garage flooring for better living and home value


The floor of a garage undergoes a lot of high pressure due to vehicle traffic. They get stained and give the space an unattractive appearance.

Planning the flooring for your garage is very important if you want to use it like other rooms in the home.  Not all floor covers are suitable for garages because you need one that can withstand high pressure, extreme weather, and stains.

A wide variety of modern and innovative products are available for garage floors.

Better surfaces allow homeowners to utilize the garage for hobbies, exercise, storage, work, and even for living! It is quite popular to have a bedroom and bathroom atop the garage for increased livable space.


Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are quite popular for garages because they are resilient and durable.

You don’t need to worry about high pressure because this type of floor is generally hard and can withstand pressure without causing wear and tear.

Another reason for its popularity for garages is its lower cost. While it looks elegant and attractive, it also suits even small-budget projects.

Polished concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for garage flooring.

Rubber Tile Floors

Similar to flexible tiles and mats, rubber tiles are easy to install and even ideal for DIY projects.

They are available in 12 x 12 or 24 x 24 sizes in attractive patterns.

Rubber tile flooring is easy to maintain and clean and low in price, too. They can be used on any type of sub-floor.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is a smart option because it lasts longer and can be used on any type of floor. They increase the performance and longevity of any floor – stone, concrete, etc.

This type of floor coating is available in many colors and is easy to maintain.  However, it is not suitable for floors that are damp or exposed to moisture.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl is suitable for low-traffic garages. If not a lot of cars or people use the garage, urethane-coated vinyl tile floors could be a good option.

These tiles are very flexible and offer a unique look due to the wide variety of colors and designs in the market. They also require little maintenance and cleaning.

Stone floor

While stone flooring for garages such as flagstone, sandstone, or graphite is expensive, they are eye-catching and offer great value.  They are also very resilient and durable.

However, they can be cold during winter so consider your climatic conditions when choosing your garage floor.

If you plan on using the garage to live or work, stone flooring may be a good option if you don’t mind paying the higher price tag.

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The cost and benefits of Epoxy Garage flooring


The cost of an epoxy garage floor can vary widely as it is much like asking how much is a car. It depends on factors such as the size of the garage and even your location. It also depends on the type of epoxy products to be used and the prep work required for the current flooring.

On average, installing a garage epoxy floor costs from $1900 to $3,000. The price for your garage floor will be calculated based on the floor size, the concrete’s condition, and other add-ons you select.

Regional differences can also come into play because the cost for installing an epoxy floor is generally lower in smaller cities compared to Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Estimates can be as low as $2 per square foot to as high as $14 per square foot. Of course, many homeowners will choose something in the middle to get the best quality.

Is it worth the cost of installing epoxy garage flooring? Absolutely. Below you will find some of the benefits you can enjoy from your new epoxy garage floor.

If you think about the cost of installing a premium epoxy flooring for your garage and compare it with other home improvement projects, you can easily see the huge benefits.

Top benefits of epoxy flooring

Extreme durability:  Epoxy floors withstand high traffic and even machinery. They are also tough against stains, impact, and abrasions.

Resurfacing ability:  Epoxy flooring is an ideal way to repair the existing garage floor. It can cover up any stains or damage.

Easy installation: Epoxy flooring for garages is quick and easy to install. If you are using it for your office, your operations will not be disrupted.

Wide variety of designs: The designs for epoxy garage flooring is almost unlimited and you can personalize your garage’s design using any color you like.

Affordability: Compared to other floor coverings, epoxy flooring is quite affordable even if you have a limited budget.

Professional installation of epoxy garage flooring will have a warranty. If installed properly, you can expect to enjoy your epoxy floor for many, many years.

Tips for planning a Garage Floor Renovation


Have you ever felt embarrassed opening your garage door because the inside is so messy?

One of the secrets to a stress-free home is a tidy and efficient garage.

Organizing a garage can seem intimidating, especially if we have accumulated a lot of stored belongings there. Aside from personal stuff, a garage usually accommodates one or two vehicles.

A garage renovation is an ideal solution. Garage renovation contractors will be happy to provide you with help in designing, selecting materials, and estimating the cost of your renovation.

And of course, a garage renovation will not be complete without a garage flooring upgrade or replacement.

Planning your garage renovation will start with making a personalized plan that details your family’s needs and your budget.

While you will be storing your cars inside your garage, the walls, floor, and ceiling can provide storage space for other items such as your exercise machine, tools, safe, etc.

With a professional garage makeover, you can now proudly showcase your garage and benefit from all the storage space efficiently organized.

When planning a garage floor replacement, you can further enhance the results with:

· A new garage door

· Storage shelves

· Ceiling replacement

· Electrical upgrades

Work with professional garage renovation contractors for a successful and cost-effective garage makeover.

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Repair or replace a garage floor: Which is smarter?

It can be difficult for a homeowner to decide between a repair and replacement of a garage floor.

There are some important criteria to consider before making your choice. Consider the following factors:

· The average weight of your parked vehicle/s

· Daily vehicle traffic

· Daily foot traffic

· Temperature changes

· Age of your existing flooring

· Condition of your existing flooring

Replacement of a garage floor may be due to the age of the flooring.  Cracks on the floor are warning signs that you need to repair or replace the floor soon. If the cracks are severe, a replacement may be the smarter option.

Improper drainage can also cause water to pool on the garage floor and cause cracking and crumbling of the concrete floor. If this is the case, you must find out the cause of the problem and fix it before replacing the floor.

Finally, repairing the garage floor may only be a temporary solution and could also be expensive. If you want a durable and long-term fix, consider a professional garage floor replacement.

FAQs about garage floor renovations


If you are planning a garage floor repair or replacement, we know you have important questions on your mind.

We have gathered some frequently asked questions about garage floor renovations to help you plan a successful project and save time and money.

How long does it take to install epoxy garage flooring?

A standard garage floor installation can take about 5-10 hours and it is usually done over two days, depending on the scope of the project and conditions of the flooring.  It is also best to allow 24-48 hours after complete installation before you use the garage flooring to allow full curing.

What is the most popular garage flooring material?

Many homeowners choose epoxy garage floor or Polyaspartic Urethane due to their easy installation and maintenance and affordability. They are also hard and durable surfaces that will last a long time while giving your garage an attractive appearance.


What are the reasons for garage floor replacement?


Several reasons may necessitate a garage floor repair or replacement. These include water under the floor, settlement below the slab, cracks, poor cement quality or the age of the cement.


Homeowners choose to replace a garage floor to replace crumbling or cracked flooring, reduce humidity, obtain a proper slope and level of the floor, improve drainage, and improve the aesthetic value of the garage, improve floor insulation, and also to organize and increase storage space.


Can a concrete garage floor be repaired?

Depending on the floor’s condition and age, it is possible to repair a concrete floor but this may only be a temporary solution. Eventually, issues and signs of damage will resurface. The best solution is to replace the entire floor which will last for many years.

How much does it cost to replace a concrete garage floor?

The most basic cost to install a concrete garage floor replacement could be anywhere from $5 to $15 per square foot. To arrive at the final cost, you have to take into account other details specific to the condition of your garage.

The best way to get an accurate price is to compare FREE and NO-OBLIGATION quotes using our short online form.


What are the pros and cons of using concrete paint on garage flooring?


Using concrete paint to improve the appearance of the garage floor is a cheap option and can add another layer of protection against scratches or liquids. However, it is prone to peeling and chipping and will need touch-ups frequently.


 What is the best garage flooring?


Polished concrete floors are ideal for garages because they are durable, affordable, and resilient. They are also lower in cost and are available even for homeowners on a budget.

How can I choose the right garage flooring contractor?

It is important to compare multiple quotes before choosing a garage floor contractor. You need to compare the materials and quality of the installation as well as evaluate the reputation, track record, and experience of your potential contractors.


Your satisfaction is most important to us. Hence, we screen all of our partner contractors carefully to ensure you work with a qualified professional with the right credentials and insurance. You can obtain free quotes from reliable contractors using our short online form.


Whatever you decide to do about your garage floor replacement, keep in mind that a new garage floor coating is only as good as the quality of the preparation.

Make sure that the surface is clean and dry and keep children and pets away from the surface until it has completely dried.  For this reason, working with professionals is the best way to get satisfactory results and value for your money!

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