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Find a good mortgage broker in Quebec for the purchase of a property

Are you planning to buy a house? It is highly advisable for you to find a good mortgage broker to make sure that your real estate transaction is in order.

What makes one broker better than another? This guide will tell you more about the role of a mortgage broker and how to find a competent broker.

What are the qualities of a good mortgage broker?

A good mortgage broker must hold a valid license to practice issued by the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ).

This organization protects the public and provides information about real estate brokerage. It is also advisable to check their list of authorized brokers on the OACIQ website to ensure that you are dealing with someone who is licensed to practice.

In addition, mortgage brokers in Montreal or elsewhere in Quebec are governed by the Civil Code of Quebec under the Real Estate Brokerage Act. It is prohibited to impersonate a mortgage broker.

Find a mortgage broker who will listen to your needs and deliver the service you deserve.

The benefits of working with a Good Mortgage Broker for your Home

trouver courtier hypothecaireConsulting a qualified mortgage broker allows you to get all the relevant information you need.

Specifically, you will be able to obtain:

  • Information from several financial institutions that you can compare to save money
  • Advice tailored to your needs and your situation
  • Discount on interest rates that only a broker can offer you
  • Mortgage financing

In addition, you will save time because your broker will look for the best mortgage products available on your behalf.

Further, a broker can help you to obtain a pre-approval that is essential to know how much you qualify to borrow from a financial institution. A mortgage broker can offer you the best advice regarding a mortgage pre-approval.

A mortgage broker can also inform and advise you on the types of mortgages that are available in the market.

What are the types of mortgages in Quebec?

There are several mortgage products offered by financial institutions.

  • Conventional mortgage:  Specifies the details related to the mortgage such as the amount, the interest rate and the term. To be valid and legal, it must be registered on the title of the property.
  • The lender (financial institution) must provide all the details of the mortgage to the borrower (you). This type of mortgage does not include information from other loans that could be requested, such as a line of credit.
  • Subsidiary Mortgage: As mentioned by the Financial Consumer Agency Canada, the particulars of a mortgage loan may not be included in the mortgage that is registered on the title of your property. A collateral mortgage can be used to secure multiple loans from your lender, including a mortgage or line of credit. A separate credit agreement sets out the specific terms of the mortgage loan.
  • Open mortgage: it allows you to make repayments at any time without paying penalties. Its duration is usually short (6 months or 1 year). The interest rate is guaranteed throughout its duration. On the other hand, the interest rate is higher than that of other mortgages.
  • Closed mortgage: its interest rate is generally quite low. Penalties may apply if you repay your mortgage faster, although there are clauses that allow you to repay a little more per year. The interest rate is guaranteed for a specified period of time.

Renegotiate and Renew a Mortgage to Get a Better Rate

Renegotiation could help you save a lot of money on your mortgage.

First, do not automatically renew your mortgage as suggested by your lender. You will not be offered a better deal with an automatic renewal.

It is to your best advantage to compare mortgage products available immediately from different financial institutions.

In addition, evaluate your situation to see if switching to a different lender is a good option for you. There may be charges for a change of lender, for example, for a subsidiary mortgage.

We must compare and understand various options. A mortgage broker can help you understand better and guide you in your steps.

When renewing your mortgage, it may be time to review all your loans according to your projects:

  • Buying / selling your property
  • Travel
  • Rénovations

This will allow you to have an up-to-date financial picture.

Tips from Brokers to Pay Your Mortgage Faster

Pay a lump sum each year: Have you managed to save money this year? Why not use a portion of your savings to reduce the balance of your capital? Even a payment of $ 1,000 could save you about $25,000 in interest and help you pay for your home earlier than expected.

Increase payment frequency: Paying your mortgage on a weekly or bi-weekly basis may be a good choice to save money in the long run. Both options will greatly reduce the amount of interest paid on the total amortization of your property.

Monthly payments are paid 12 times a year, while bi-weekly payments are paid 26 times in a year. For example, for 12 monthly payments of $ 1000, you will make 16 payments of $500, which will make a total of $ 12,000 and $ 13,000 paid, respectively.

You do not have to match the frequency of payments with the amount of your payment.

Increase the amount of payments: Once a year, you can increase the amount of each of your payments. However, the amount applicable at the beginning of the term must not be exceeded. Once you make this change, you will not be able to go back and make smaller payments.

Make an additional payment: It is possible to add an additional amount each month, if you have additional cash. For example, if you pay $1,000 in mortgage on the 10th of each month, you have the option to add up to $ 1,000 more (total amount that includes principal and interest).

Choose from the best Mortgage Brokers to get the most out of your Mortgage

With Compare Home Quotes, you can obtain the services of a mortgage broker anywhere in Quebec: Quebec City, Montreal, Gatineau, Trois-Rivieres, Sherbrooke, Saguenay, Drummondville, Victoriaville and more!

In addition to finding a licensed and qualified mortgage broker, you can compare offers of 20+ financial institutions, very quickly, with your broker’s help.

Our broker partners were carefully selected to ensure that you receive outstanding services. They are all qualified to give you mortgage advice and obtain preferential rates that only brokers have access to.

To save time and money, simply complete a form in just 2 minutes and receive offers from a trustworthy mortgage broker. It’s the ultimate convenience that is to your best advantage!

To save time and money, simply complete a form in just 2 minutes and receive offers from a trustworthy mortgage broker. It’s the ultimate convenience that is to your best advantage!


Learn how to make the most of your real estate transaction in Québec, Montréal and elsewhere!


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