Wrought iron fence for durability and elegance.

Fence Repair or Replacement Costs in 2023

22 May 2023,

Your outdoor fence is very important for security reasons, not to mention the effect it has on your curb appeal. Your fence keeps you […]

Wooden kitchen counter for modern kitchens.

Kitchen counter height standards in Quebec

18 May 2023,

Are you wondering how high a kitchen counter should be? The kitchen counter is one of the most important and most used parts of a kitchen. We […]

Stylish bathroom renovation with professional contractors.

Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas in 2023

16 May 2023,

Is your bathroom 10 years older or more? It is time to consider a bathroom renovation to modernize it! Find out what the latest […]

Insulation barrier for the home.

The Best Vapor Barrier for Floor, Basement, & Walls

14 May 2023,

The choice of a vapor barrier is essential to have a well-insulated and comfortable home. Indeed, due to the Quebec climate, the installation of a […]

Terrace with canopy for enjoying the outdoors.

Exterior & Interior Canopy: Designs, Materials, & Prices

14 May 2023,

An exterior canopy has become quite fashionable. It brings in natural light which adds brightness, not to mention savings on energy, to any property. […]

Crawl space repairs for energy savings.

Crawl Space Renovation & Repairs in Quebec

8 May 2023,

Are you planning a crawl space project for your home? The home is a system of many parts and they all play a role […]

Home expansion for intergenerational home.

Intergenerational Home Renovation Tips in Quebec

5 May 2023,

The pandemic, the sharp rise in real estate prices, inflation, and the global geopolitical situation has only accentuated the retreat towards safe values ​​such […]

Latest living room trends that inspire.

Living Room Decor Trends in 2023

5 May 2023,

Are you hoping to redecorate your living room? The living room is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in the house. It is […]

Plan for home expansion in Quebec.

2023 Cost of Home Expansion or Floor Addition in Quebec

5 May 2023,

Has your home become too small for your family’s needs? Are you trying to decide if you should just sell your house and buy […]

Unwanted pests in the home.

Extermination Services: Identifying and Getting Rid of Pests in the Home

5 May 2023,

Are you worried about insects or pests in your home? In Quebec, insects can easily invade homes, especially during the warmer months of the […]

Elegant blinds that add aesthetic value.

Top 10 models of horizontal blinds in Quebec

5 May 2023,

Horizontal blinds are essential for dressing windows and doors of any home in Quebec. They offer a wide variety of styles, materials, and features to […]

Wooden patio or deck for increasing home value.

2023 Cost of Renovating or building a Patio, Deck, or Balcony

24 April 2023,

When good weather is approaching, homeowners start thinking of how they can enjoy the short summer. A good way to get the most sun […]

Charging stations for electric cars.

5 best Charging Station Companies for electric cars

16 March 2023,

The popularity of electric vehicles is increasing year after year in Quebec. According to industry experts, this is the trend for the future! Buying an […]

Debt consolidation to get out of debt.

Debt consolidation vs. Consumer proposal!

9 March 2023,

When it comes to debt, one’s options dwindle when the situation reaches the worst scenario.  Acting quickly to prevent over-indebtedness from becoming serious could […]

Bill 16 requirement for a contingency fund study for co-ownerships.

Bill 16: Get a contingency fund study for your co-ownership

6 March 2023,

Most condo buildings in the province are classified as divided co-ownerships, meaning, the building has private dwellings and common areas that are shared.  The […]

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