Loi 141 Test

20 September 2023,

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis condimentum rutrum nulla, a commodo mauris molestie a. Sed volutpat efficitur dui quis pulvinar. Cras […]

Insurance coverage for health, prescription drugs, and dental needs.

The Cost of Private Dental, Drug, & Health Insurance in 2023

4 September 2023,

Did you know that the private insurance sector in Quebec has experienced dynamic growth in recent years? Indeed, in the context of an aging […]

Notaries for real estate purchases in Quebec.

Mortgage protection in case of death.

7 reasons not to buy bank mortgage insurance

22 August 2023,

Is your bank recommending you to buy their mortgage insurance product for your mortgage? This is standard procedure as the bank wants to protect […]

Calculating pension benefits for retirement.

Summary of RREGOP – Pension calculation & indexation in Quebec

18 August 2023,

The RREGOP is certainly one of the most advantageous pension plans in Quebec. Offered exclusively to government employees, this plan offers up to 70% […]

Debt consolidation to simplify payments.

How much will you pay when you consolidate your debts?

8 August 2023,

Between a monthly, annual or weekly payment, it can be difficult to find our way through our various financial obligations. Luckily, we can take […]

Security devices for seniors in Canada.

No-monthly Medical Alert Systems for seniors in Canada

1 August 2023,

Medical alert systems, also called Personal Emergency Response Systems, are electronic devices that allow users to immediately call for help without dialing a phone. […]

Independence and Safety for seniors with medical alert watches and pendants.

Guide to charging an electric vehicle in Canada.

Guide to Charging an electric vehicle in Canada

4 July 2023,

Are you a new owner of an electric vehicle or maybe waiting to get your EV? You are now probably thinking about how you […]

Senior safety devices for wellness and peace of mind.

Electric vehicle with charging station in a modern home.

Electric vehicle charging stations in Quebec: Compare prices & features

3 July 2023,

The vehicle of the future is at the doorstep of more and more Quebecers!  Slowly but surely, Quebecers are transitioning to electric vehicles, with […]

The risks of aging alone at home.

12 best security devices for the elderly in Ontario & Quebec

3 July 2023,

Did you know that as of 2018, as many as 24.6% of the population in Canada lived alone?  Research also shows that as of 2021, […]

Male senior in an accident at home

Personal Safety & Emergency Response Systems: Not just for seniors

20 June 2023,

Do you fear for your safety because you live alone? Are you worried about an elderly relative living alone?  Take heart because personal safety […]

Smart heating systems for comfort and convenience.

2023 Guide to Heating in Canada with HVAC Contractors

16 June 2023,

In most parts of Canada, the winters are very cold and unpredictable. Thus, heating is expensive!  Although energy costs are lower than in other […]

Ventilation for a fireplace in a home.

Cost of fireplace installation in Canada by HVAC professionals

13 June 2023,

For Canadians, the home must offer warmth and comfort, especially during the cold winter. Heating the home is a primary concern of all homeowners. […]

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