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Do you want to get the best life insurance but don’t want to waste time looking at all the insurance products from different insurers out there?

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The prices of life insurance vary from one company to another and can change periodically. It is difficult to assimilate all the data and not get confused by the technicalities.

Whether you are looking for term or permanent life insurance coverage or mortgage life insurance, Compare Home Insurances brings all these products under one roof. 20 insurance companies are part of our network to offer you the best rates so you can get big savings. Thousands of people have trusted our platform to find the lowest rates for life insurance. Take advantage of our free comparator and save time and money!

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Imagine how much time you will waste calling insurance providers, checking insurance websites, or asking colleagues.

Each person is unique in terms of insurance needs. The cost of your insurance will depend on your own situation – your age, lifestyle, address, occupation, health status, etc. Therefore, you can’t rely on what your colleague tells you because his insurance cover may be different from what you need.

The best way to be sure to get the coverage tailored to your needs at the right price is to COMPARE INSURANCE QUOTES from multiple insurers in your city.

Fill-out the online request form below with your personal details to obtain accurate and competitive insurance quotes. This is the best way to know how much your insurance costs based on the type of policy, length of cover, amount of benefit, etc.

Comparing life insurance quotes using our online comparator takes less than 2 minutes! Our quotes are free and no obligation!

Get the Right Life Insurance Coverage at the Best Price

Life insurance is not something anyone enjoys buying. We don’t get excited thinking about the amount of death benefit or the features of an insurance policy.

However, life insurance is critical particularly if you have loved ones that count on you for financial support. It is also critical if you have existing substantial financial obligations such as a mortgage or business or if you have children needing education.

There are different types of life insurance you can choose from, including:

Term Life Insurance: temporary coverage for 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. It is the cheapest life insurance available but has limited duration. It is a good choice for people who can’t afford permanent life insurance or who think they need coverage only to cover a mortgage or while still with minor dependents. It is also ideal to cover risks for a period when an individual has significant debt which will eventually be paid off.

It is important to note that term life insurance is renewable but the cost increases dramatically with each renewal.

Whole Life Insurance: permanent life insurance that is valid for a lifetime. It is more expensive than term life insurance but cannot be revoked by an insurer once issued. It is also cost effective if an individual is obtaining life insurance at a younger age. This type of insurance gives the insured complete peace of mind. It also comes with level premiums which means the cost becomes cheaper as time goes on.

Critical Illness Insurance: insurance that provides financial protection to cover the expenses of a critical illness. It is suitable for people who want to ensure their loved ones don’t experience financial burdens in case a principal income earner in a family is diagnosed with a life-altering illness. This type of coverage provides the insured with a tax-free lump-sum amount that can be used to pay for medical bills, mortgage, debts, or to cover lost income. This allows a critically-ill individual and his family to focus on his recovery without experiencing financial hardship.

Disability Insurance: This type of insurance coverage is important if you have dependents that rely on your income. It will cover part of an insured’s income in case of disability. It is paid out monthly and specifies a time frame when you can receive benefits i.e. 2 years, 5 years, or until age 65. Many companies provide employees with disability insurance.

No matter what type of life insurance you want, we can definitely help you find the best coverage and the best price.

Take 2 minutes now to fill-out our online request form to connect with multiple insurers that can offer you the right insurance solution.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important safety net for your family. It is part and parcel of any financial planning strategy. It is critical that you understand your needs and your financial health to ensure that you buy life insurance that is relevant to your needs.

When shopping for life insurance, remember to consider the following factors.

Your Needs: You can choose between a term-life policy or a whole-life policy. Term life is cheaper but has limited duration. It also becomes more expensive if you renew again in the future. Term life policies also don’t earn any value unless the insured dies during the term. Whole life insurance is permanent and can accumulate cash value but it is more expensive. However, it guarantees lifetime coverage and even offers investment options.

Your Budget: It is also important to consider what type of policy you can afford. Even if you want lifetime coverage, you must ensure you can keep up with the payments.

Exclusions: All insurance policies have limitations and exclusions that you need to understand. Some of these exclusions include travel to dangerous places, dangerous sports or activities, suicide, or war.

Insurer: There are many insurers offering their products in the market. It is important to choose a reputable and trustworthy insurer. Make sure to choose an insurance provider that has a good reputation for customer service.

Our insurance partners are all reputable and established in the field of life insurance. They represent the biggest life insurance companies in the country and offer multiple insurance products to suit unique needs and budget.

Want to connect with the best life insurance company today? Fill-out our short online form and receive free and no obligation quotes from the best Quebec insurers.


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