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Compare prices & services for your roof renovation

Check out the 2022 Renovation prices for your roof, depending on the type of materials used, the cost variation factors for professional roofers, and the benefits of hiring a roofing specialist.

The roof is part of the structure of your house that protects and shelters you. For this reason, it is especially important to work with a roof renovation professional who can determine signs of wear and tear (loose asphalt shingles, appearance of mildew, holes are formed …) leaving the roof at risk for water infiltration.

Do not entrust on the first contractor you encounter the responsibility of repairing or replacing your roof.


rénovation de toiture par couvreurs

Why choose a roof renovation professional from Compare Home Quotes?

Partners who have joined the Compare Home Quotes network, our web-based price comparison and online submission platform, are honest, reliable, reputable, and well-established professionals who can provide references from satisfied customers.

A roof renovation professional with the proper permits and licenses required by the RBQ (Régie du bâtiment du Québec) has the guarantees necessary for your protection in case the repair or renovation work on your roof is not completed or carried out satisfactorily.

Your professional roofer also has the required professional liability insurance and, if applicable, is registered with the CNESST (Commission for Standards, Equity, Health, and Safety), as an employer.

To contact your roof renovation professional, simply fill out the online request form on this page, free of charge.

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What is the 2022 price of a roof renovation?

The price of a roof renovation varies depending on various factors, including the type of material used.


Price of the most commonly used roofing materials:

Here are the 2022 average prices for roof renovations depending on the type of material used:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Sheet metal and baguette
  • Flat roof (metal, concrete or wood) covered with:
    • Bitumen (asphalt) and multilayer gravel
    • Elastomeric membrane.


Type of roofing material

Price per square foot
Sample price of a roof renovation
Asphalt shingles $3 to $4.75 / sq. ft.
Replacement of 2,000 sq. ft. $5,000 to $8,000
Replacement of 3,000 sq. ft. $8,000 to $12,000
Metal sheets $4 to $15 / sq.
Sheet metal strips $15 to $ 26 / sq. Ft.
Replacement of 2,000 sq. ft. $25,000 to $30,000
Flat roof coated with: $7 to $ 10.50 / sq. Ft.
  • Bitumen (asphalt) and multilayer gravel
$8.00 to $13.50/ sq. ft.
  • Elastomeric membrane
$15,000 to $20,000
Replacement of 2,300 sq. ft. $25,000 to $35,00
Replacement of 4,000 sq. ft.


The above-mentioned prices are average price estimates. They may vary according to various other factors.


What can change the price of your roof renovation?

In addition to the cost of materials, the factors that can affect the cost of your roof renovation are:

  • The time it takes to complete your project:
  • The angle of the inclination of your roof
  • The frame (the number of slopes …)
  • The degree of complexity of the work
  • The extent of the surface of the slopes
  • Temperature
  • The time of the year (if the roofers’ schedules are full or not)
  • Your location
  • etc.

The lowest price for your roof renovation will usually be in the spring when the weather is good but most roofing contractors in your area would be fully-booked.

Further, it is advisable to avoid renovating your asphalt shingle roof between December 15 and March 15 as the shingle tapes stick less effectively when the weather is colder (or when it rains continuously, depending on the season. High winds could also cause them to be detached.


How to estimate the cost of the work yourself: measure the roof area

Would you like to see how a roofing contractor calculates the cost of the size of your roof for a future renovation? Depending on the configuration of your roof, we will show you how to calculate the price based on the size of your roof.

Taking measurements is the first and most important step in estimating the size of a roof.

Three solutions can be used to do this:


Les 3 techniques à utiliser pour savoir calculer ce que votre toit mesure chez Soumissions Maison.
Standing next to your house

Discovering the width and length requires the use of a tape measure.

However, if you have a pitched roof, you will need to use a ladder and a spirit level to measure the slope.

The measurements taken from the roof are often more precise than those obtained from the ground.

Analyzing the architectural plan Taking measurements from the plan is much simpler if you still have the building plans.
Up there on your roof

Use a tape measure and a diagram to take notes when you take your measurements.

Stay alert for the dangers of falling.

Perform this operation in dry weather with the help of a companion and decked out with slip-resistant shoes.


Depending on the type of roof you have, the calculation will be done differently.

Do you remember the popular formulas for calculating shaped areas in high school?

Get to work by first identifying the type of roof you have.

The types of roofs commonly found in Quebec


Le toit plat est un type de toiture retrouvée au Québec.

The flat roof may be substantially domed or have an incline of 5% or less, not to mention the existence of holes for draining.

It also allows the installation of a roof of plants which provides ecologically and aesthetically effective thermal insulation.

The shadow of the house is limited by the size of the roof. Thus, neighboring buildings can get closer.

A flat roof, due to future sealing problems, can never be complete.

It allows an ideal capture of sunlight if someone installs solar panels that are well- hidden thanks to the architecture that favors these types of installations.

  • This roof costs less maintenance and installation because it requires less material than a sloping roof. Further, it is a safer option than the sloping roof.
  • Solar panels can be grafted.
  • This roof gives the possibility of arranging a terrace or a garden including a barbecue or garden furniture, for example …
  • You do not lose any space because there is no loft or attic.


  • Melting snow in the spring or rainwater can be difficult to drain because of an absent slope.
  • Water infiltration or tightness problems can occur frequently.
Calculating the area of a flat roof
Pour calculer l’aire d’un toit plat chez Soumissions Maison, l’on utilise cette formule.

Today, rooftops or flat roofs are part of the familiar landscape in Quebec. The area without a slope is easy to calculate.

This calculation simply involves finding the area of a rectangle or square, or by multiplying the length of the roof by its width as shown in the image above.

Thus: A X B = area


Un toit mansardé, une autre possibilité de toit pour les partenaires de Soumissions Maison.
The Mansard roof

This type of architecture emerged under the reign of Louis XIV in France, in honor of François Musart, an architect who made this style of roofing popular.

A mansard roof represents a cross between a flat roof and a sloping roof. Thus, the roof covers the last floor of the house (the walls) or goes down.

It is also sometimes called a broken roof or attic roof.

An attic roof consists of a roof with 2 slopes with the lower part steeper than the upper one.

This declination of the roof often has recessed windows.

An attic is a part of a mansard roof with a low ceiling, a sloping wall, all under a broken roof.

This fenestrated space can be used due to its decent size.

  • An attic roof saves space by creating a new floor. These additional square meters in the house that do not encroach on the land represent a definite advantage.
  • This additional floor from an attic roof will benefit from a lower ceiling height. A classic floor offers more height.
  • The possibility of developing the attic remains a major advantage for shaping a new room with a roof of this type.
  • The addition of an attic, by its characteristics and architectural forms, can make the place unique. This landscaped space increases the value and character of your home. The value of the house increases significantly with the addition of an attic room. Indeed, you will only earn profits if your house goes from 3 to 4 bedrooms with this new addition if you decide to sell some day.
  • Another important benefit of a room in an attic roof is lower energy costs. There is not a lot of ventilation in an attic so this room retains heat. As a result, this room will not generate high energy costs and will stay warm in winter.
  • Many people consider the benefits of an attic room from an architectural point of view.
  • A mansard or attic roof will only create a very small room with little space. Thus, a few pieces of furniture can be used. In addition, once the furniture is set up, the space will become limited. This greatly reduces the full functionality of the room. New solutions exist, however, but they will require costs for the entire room to be developed. Children usually prefer these small rooms rather than elderly people who have difficulty moving up the stairs.
  • We must prepare a budget for windows and insulation. Ventilation is important to avoid musty odors. Mold and moisture have the potential to develop. In addition, as the heat increases, it is necessary to provide insulation that will prevent heat loss otherwise it will cost you more for heating.
  • Expect a major investment by choosing an attic roof if you plan to install a room. It is rather expensive to finish an attic. The foundation of the room or other parts of it may require serious renovations. Flooring for the room could be expensive, too. First, estimate the costs associated with this project before you get started.

Calculating the area of an attic roof

Pour installer un toit mansardé, on doit faire des calculs d’aire chez Soumissions Maison.

Attic roofs are really just a series of rectangles.

The calculation then becomes very simple. Just calculate the area of each of the rectangles and add them together.

Thus: (A X B) + (C X D) + (E X F) + (G X H) = area


Le toit en pente est une architecture de choix pour des jardins tel que vous le dira Soumissions Maison.
The sloping roof

The sloping roof is a massive architecture that gives it a standard, timeless, and traditional style.

This style has not experienced many changes from architects over time, even though the techniques and materials have really evolved since what would have normally allowed certain changes of the more traditional forms.

Rhythm could be affixed to a construction through ruptures in the lines and a different composition of the angular surfaces.

A layout of the attic room could satisfy many homeowners to add an otherwise useless and cold space.

  • This type of roof has a major advantage, that of facilitating the flow of ice, snow, and water using its slope. Recurring leakage disorders will occur less often as well as water infiltration.
  • Skylights create better lighting in your attic.
  • Such a roof makes it possible to arrange a wardrobe piece, a room, or a second room in the roof spaces in order to take advantage of this space.
  • Multiple materials are used to cover sloped roofs such as slate, wood shingles, asphalt shingles, or metal.
  • The sloped roof lasts longer than a flat roof and requires less maintenance.
  • This roof poses serious risks for accidents if you plan on doing its maintenance.
  • You will lose living space because of attic roofs.
  • This roof is more exposed to wind damage than a flat roof due to its greater surface area. Replacement or maintenance then becomes more expensive. A sloping roof does not only reflect the modern era but also traces of the past.
Calculating the area of a sloped roof
Le calcul afin de trouver l’aire d’un triangle pour un toit en pente avec Soumissions Maison pour votre toiture.

If you do not remember the formula for calculating the area of a triangle, here it is.

Use this formula for each triangle-shaped side and add all the areas.

To obtain the 4 surfaces of a four-sided roof, here is the method to follow:

Thus: A X B + ((C X D) / 2) + (E X F) + ((G X H) / 2) = area


You can now multiply this area by the unit cost of the chosen material to obtain an excellent estimate of the price associated with the coating.



The roof of your small house needs a new coating!

Type of roof: Flat

Surface covering: An elastomeric membrane

Its cost per square foot: $10

Calculation of the area: 20” (width) X 34” (length) = 680”2


Total price of covering: $6,800


There is an infiltration of water since your shingles are old!
Une infiltration d’eau dans vos vieux bardeaux est coûteuse avec un toit en pente.

Roof type: Sloping

Surface covering: Asphalt shingles.

Its cost per square foot: $3.50

Calculation of the area: (15” height X 24” length) X 2 slopes = 720”2


Total price of covering: $2,520


It’s time to protect your home from bad weather!
Un revêtement pour un toit en pente avec un garage, trouvez le prix ici.

Roof type: Sloping + garage

Surface covering: Asphalt shingles

Its cost per square foot: $3.50

Calculation of the area: (22” height X 30” length) x 2 slopes) + (16” high X 28” length) = 1 768”2


Total price of covering: $6,188


Let’s put durable sheets on a big house!

Un revêtement en tôle endurante sur un toit en pente d’une grande maison chez Soumissions Maison.

Roof type: Sloping

Surface covering: Sheet metal

Cost per square foot: $12

Calculation of the area: (30 ” height X 40 ” length) x 2 slopes = 2,400”2

            Total price of covering: $ 28,800


For a free estimate of the costs related to the covering of your roof, whether it is sloped, flat or attic type,

No obligation!


When renovating a roof, why use a roofer?

Do you need a roof renovation? It is tempting to make a roof replacement DIY to save money.

However, it is advisable to leave roofing repairs or replacement to professionals as much as possible. This project is risky and dangerous and can have serious repercussions to your health and safety.

There are many advantages from hiring a professional roofing contractor:


Un couvreur employé est un atout quand vous refaites votre toiture et son revêtement.


Access to a roof: renovation of your roof has caused problems? If you employ a certified contractor, you will normally be entitled to compensation such as insurance or RBQ surety bonds. You will have no access to this if you do the work yourself.


Durability and warranty: Many roofers provide (in the long or short term) warranties for the work done. Contractors want to stay in your good graces with quality work to ensure your satisfaction because they also benefit from customer referrals.


Their experience: Throughout his career, a master roofer has had the time to become familiar with many types of roofing and problems that may arise. Thus, he and his team will know the suitable roofing materials for your home and repair or replace it efficiently.


Choose the roofer that best fits your budget, needs, and expectations.

To do this, request for FREE and NO OBLIGATION quotes by completing the form on this page! 3 competitive offers for your roofing project will be submitted by our certified partners.

It’s without any commitment on your part!


Tips for finding the best roofing contractor

There are many materials and types of roofs available in the market. However, make sure your roofer knows how to install what you have selected.

Is your faucet is leaking? Do you need a floor renovation, lighting upgrades, or is your roof sinking?

Our network presents you with all the opportunities to hire a specialized contractor to solve your problems. But who to choose among the various possibilities to ensure you choose the right person?

Here are 5 useful steps you can follow as a very convenient guide:


Does he take the time to inspect your roof properly?

Make sure your home is carefully examined and its peculiarities understood by the contractor.Even if your roof is old, it does not necessarily need a complete overhaul so do not order a replacement without knowing the origin of the problem.The presence of big ice cubes, for example, indicates a clear problem with condensation that should be resolved.A visit of the attic may be required for the roofer to detect potential problems.Also, remember to have the condition of the roof deck examined.

Is the roofer competent?

Find a competent roofer for the replacement of your roof.The type of roof chosen determines the necessary accreditation from suppliers (materials) for the roofer.

Companies offer contractors free training and accreditation with required examinations. Customers must learn about the materials and products that the contractor prefers, as products from different manufacturers do not all fit together.

In the case of a type of membrane or shingle, contractors should generally opt for products of the same category.


What are the signs of damage discovered by the roofer? 

Insufficient roof insulation will cause the accumulation of too much heat
, which, in turn, will cause asphalt shingles to roll up depending on the roof.Issues at the top are easy to spot.A roof can be degraded due to environmental factors such as hail, water, cold, frost, sun or wind. These problems are easily detected.The accumulation and growth of lichen or mosses on the shingles results in a loss of permeability because the surfaces become porous more quickly.Asphalt shingles that have darkened in color, with loosened fasteners, and rust on the sheet metal are signs of wear that should be checked from time to time. These warning signs may indicate water infiltration. 

What are the warranties offered by the contractor?

An accreditation from the materials’ supplier allows the contractor the opportunity to provide additional warranties to his clients.

Be sure to look at the bills of materials so that your shingles deemed guaranteed for 50 years are guaranteed for all this time.

The AMCQ Quality Assurance Program offers a 10-year guarantee (in total) for its member contractors.

The AMCQ which complies with the requirements of the Civil Code is jointly responsible with the contractor (roofer) from the initial 5 years and provides an extra 5 years additional.


Is the roofer safe?

Does your roofer do his work directly under the sun when the shingle softens?

➢ Does he collect the waste and loose nails resulting from his work?

➢ Does he have a protection plan for your cars to prevent breakage during the operation?

Do not worry, however. Doing business with a member contractor of the ACMQ (Association of Master Roofers of Quebec) means that the roofer can take advantage of insurance (civil) amounting to 5 million if an accident occurs. Moreover, their employees take mandatory and preventive training courses. 


How to recognize the signs and when is it time to renovate your roof?

Do you think your roof needs a renovation?

Have it evaluated every year (recommended time) if it is over 20 years old.

You will see listed below the signs that indicate an imminent replacement of your roof.

It is essential to preserve and renovate your home, especially to maintain or increase its value, but most especially because it represents the ultimate investment for a homeowner.

Conduct a thorough inspection.

An annual inspection is necessary to ensure the constant good condition of a roof to locate possible damage.

Once the cold season is over, get on your roof to take a closer look at your roof.

Wait for the ice and snow to melt before starting the process, both for your safety and for the efficiency of the operation.

Take this opportunity to note the elements that seem wrong. This will ensure that the roofers or contractors contacted will take them into account in the quotes they will provide to you.

If problems persist every year, it will be a question of completely resolving the problem with a roof replacement or repair of elements such as insulation, ventilation, etc.


Il est important de vérifier votre toit efficacement pour qu’un maître-couvreur ait la meilleure idée des réparations à faire chez Soumissions Maison.
Once both feet are well perched on the roof, watch for cracks visible to the naked eye.
Seal them (if applicable) as soon as possible to reduce the potential for serious damage.

Take the opportunity to check your plumbing column and drain. A specialized plumber could work at the same time to make sure the plumbing column is working as it should.


Unfortunately, a material has a limited life. For example, you will need to inquire about the date of your most recent roof renovation to find out about the next renovation opportunity.

Renovating your roof should cost you at least $5,000 and up to $ 10,000. This amount varies depending on the type of material selected.

Since the roof is very important for a quality home, the expense will seem expensive but this investment is important.

Do not worry about investing properly in a roof to achieve a sustainable result; this process happens rarely anyway.

For more information, see the inspection report of the home pre-purchase. This document may reveal components to be verified that contractors should be aware of during the inspection to better reflect this.

The materials used during roof renovations will depend on your budget for the work, the configuration of your roof (flat or sloping), and its dimensions.

Above all, however, recognize the signs and cues of a roof that requires repairs or a total change.


Here are 4 obvious signs that your roof needs to be renovated

Des bardeaux qui sont déplacés sont un signe que la toiture doive se faire rénover.


When you see displaced shingles on your roof, call an expert to make a damage report and suggest modifications to renovate.

If you spot damaged shingles, take action promptly.

Various factors can cause such deteriorations as a storm or the effects of extreme weather.

Contact a specialized roofer to clear any doubt in your mind.

Si vos plafonds font passer l’eau qui coule de votre toiture, des rénovations sont nécessaires.


If brown spots appear on your ceiling, it could be a bad sign that indicates an imminent major renovation.

You will have to question whether your roof is performing its functions or not.

If the water has managed to make its way to you from the cracks on your roof, there is indeed cause for alarm.

A meeting with a roofer is necessary for this one to determine the best solutions.

Des gouttières qui sont pleines de débris disent haut et clair que la toiture est due pour être changée. INSPECT YOUR GUTTERS

Inspect the gutters. If you find shingle debris frequently, it does not bode well.The older they get, the more shingles break up in pieces due to a variety of factors.These bits of pieces found in large quantities in your gutters indicate that a change or renovation of the roof is required.If you do not get it done as soon as possible, you risk further degradation.
Un vieux revêtement doit être changé après un certain nombre d’années, même s’il a toujours bien assuré.


Depending on the age of the roof, you should always plan possible renovations.

A roof survives on average from 20 to 25 years depending on the roofers.

It could last even longer if you or someone else has done renovations or proper maintenance over the years.

Roofs do not always undergo the same physical requirements.

However, even a roof installed 20 years ago in perfect climatic conditions or laying requires at least a good regular inspection by a professional in the field.


To obtain 3 free quotes from roofers in your area, fill out this form now! It is free and does not pose any obligation on your part!


How to choose the right covering for your roof?

Does your covering have more than a decade to its credit and an inspection revealed several defects to correct?

You will see below various types of coverings as well as their major characteristics.

Your roof, as your protector against bad weather and the cold, is an essential part of your home.

If the roof covering is in poor condition, prompt restoration is required to avoid major problems such as leaks.

Many roof coverings are available for your home to meet various needs.


We have divided into 6 broad categories the types of roofing:

  •  Metals
  • Bitumens
  • Natural materials
  • Ecological coatings
  • Plastics
  • Recycled materials





Examples Type of Roof Covering and their



  • Galvanized steel roof
  • Metal tiles
  • Aluminum roof (sheet metal)
  • Stainless steel roof
  • Copper roof 


Metal roof tile

  • From 50 to 100 years of life
  • An excellent report of quality versus price
  • A wide variety of shapes
  • Holds very little snow
  • increased resistance to mold, sun, strong winds and harsh climatic conditions
  • Is adjustable
  • Offers a wide selection of colors (painted)
  • Does not require any particular maintenance



Galvanized steel

  • 50 years and over for its life
  • Resists well in the sun
  • Perfect resistance to mold
  • Repaint if desired
  • Presents a good quality report for the price
  • Recyclable
  • Lightweight
  • Snow does not accumulate easily
  • Realizes savings on home insurance premiums
  • Easy adaptation according to various types of architecture
  • No maintenance to perform




  • Lasts beyond 50 years
  • Insensitive to the sun
  • Does not lose shape
  • A guarantee possible up to 50 years
  • Gives value to the property
  • Does not stain
  • Recyclable
  • Weatherproof and Corrosion-Proof
  • Will not crack
  • Lightweight
  • Quick installation
  • Long-term savings
  • Will not develop mold
  • Offers a wide range of colors




  •  Only for sloping roofs
  • Expensive
  • Need professionals for repairs
  • Vulnerable to corrosion
  • Generates a lot of noise when rain or hail falls
  • May require the installation of a device to prevent falling snow (except for stainless steel)          
  • Fires distort it

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Fiberglass shingle
  • Asphalt and gravel roof
  • Elastomeric membrane
  • Concrete tiles




Asphalt shingles

  • Lasts up to 20 or 30 years
  • Resists mold well
  • Easy to repair
  • Does not cost too much
  • Easily available in the market
  • Easy to install
  • Defends well against wind and weather
  • Extensive color selection (4 to 20)




 Asphalt and gravel

  • Low costs per square foot: approximately $6
  • Easy to repair
  • Resists mold
  • Lifespan of 15 to 25 years


Concrete tiles

  • Lasts up to 50 or even 100 years
  • Incombustible
  • Resists UV rays
  • Limited mold swarm
  • Withstands moisture, salty winds, shock, pollution, and temperature differences
  • Watertight
  • Beautiful appearance maintained by minimal cleaning or maintenance
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • A wide range available for shapes
  • Recyclable




Elastomeric membrane

  • Presents uniformity in its finish
  • Resists molds well
  • Resists very bad weather, large temperature differences and the sun
  • Possibility of installation to limit cold fire hazards
  • Easy to detect and repair breakage
  • Little maintenance required except one check every fall for prevention
  • Many available tones such as white, red, black, brown, green or gray
  • Lasts approximately 20 to 40 years




Asphalt shingles

  • Every 2 years to 3 years, a visual inspection is required
  • Not ecological
  • May crackle or curl under the sun
  • Damage is sometimes fast
  • Low-quality shingles survive a shorter time



Asphalt and gravel

  • Only white, gray, or black available as colors
  • Reserved for flat roofs only
  • Cracks easily in the sun
  • The lack of regular maintenance shortens its life span: continuous maintenance will extend its longevity.
  • Verification and maintenance steps such as liquid asphalt laying, sweeping, repositioning of your gravel and checking the condition of the gravel or membrane will become necessary.



 Concrete tiles

  • Discoloration is expected over time
  • Professionals must take care of repairs
  • Its heaviness sometimes leads to a structure of the roof to be reinforced
  • Expensive price. Square foot: approximately $7 to $10



Elastomeric membrane

  • Just for sloping or flat roofs
  • More expensive than asphalt
  • There is a fire hazard when laying with a blowtorch
  • Cannot recycle in certain places




  • Larch shingles
  • Cedar shingles 


Larch shingle

  •  Rot
  • with adequate ventilation and installation, can last from 70 to 100 years
  • Easy replacement
  • Rustic appearance
  • Environment-friendly
  • Resistance to wind, weather, and humidity


 Cedar shingle

  • Offers durability from 30 to 50 years
  • Natural barrier against mold
  • Excellent properties for heat and sound
  • Can be easily replaced
  • Good color retention (dyeing and painting)
  • Resists nails and does not crack
  • Stable
  • Pleasant-smelling




Larch shingle

  • Sloped roofs only
  • Reduced color choices, more natural appearance is favorable
  • Flammable
  • Will develop mildew if unventilated
  • Longer laying that requires experts
  • Hail can crack it
  • Cost (per square foot) from $9 to $25
  •  Must dye regularly 

 Cedar shingle

  • Rather expensive per square foot: $9 to $ 25
  •  It loses its color due to the sun: a varnish every 2 to 3 years is used for protection against the sun (aging) and waterproofing
  • Flammable
  • Pre-dyed and natural



  • Green roof
  • White TPO membrane
  • Recycled tires (see “recycled” section below)
  • Thermoplastic membrane (see “recycled” section below)




Green roof

  • A green roof allows the development on the roof of a garden
  • Plants take care of the absorption of dust particles and polluting gases contained in the air
  • In urban areas, plants reduce the effect of the heat. Also, plants are new habitats for insects, plants, and animals.
  • The green roof embellishes the landscape and at the same time protects your roof against snow, wind, and rain for example …
  • During the summer season, plants defend the roof against heat and sun rays
  • During the winter season, these same plants defend the habitation of the cold (heat loss)
  • You save energy with a green roof
  • Creates a pleasant space
  • It fights the possibilities of mold
  • Saves energy
  • Perfect roof insulation
  • Creation of a membrane that protects against UV rays



 White roof

  • Affordable from a financial point of view
  • Durable
  • Resistance against UV rays
  • Recyclable membranes
  • Reduces the urban effects of heat islands and reflects the sun’s rays
  • Easily transforms into a terrace or garden




  • Requires some maintenance
  • Specialist required for laying the membrane
  • Requires a system that retains moisture and drainage
  •  Per square foot, rates from $ 18 to $ 37 for a green roof
  • Green roofs sometimes require certification for home insurance


  •  Thermoplastic membrane
  • Polymer
  • Plastic roof (tiles)




 Thermoplastic polyolefin membrane

  •  Good resistance to UV rays and the sun
  • Lightweight
  •  Mold resistant
  •  Provides flexibility at low temperatures
  • Recyclable
  • Ecological
  • Perfect for a green roof
  • No need for maintenance
  •  Possible connections using heat sealing
  •  Can be easily modified
  •  Complete resistance against weather, heat, and chemicals
  •  Lasts about 15 to 30 years





  • Light
  • Stable and easy to install
  • Strongly resistant to mold
  • The average cost per square foot: starts at $3.90
  • High resistance to rust, waviness, wind, cracking, temperature and humidity
  • Wide choice of finish and colors integrate with the product
  • Very little need for maintenance with this type of roof


  • Usually lasts a minimum of 25 years (new product)
  • Resistance to shocks, humidity, rust, and wind
  • Light
  • Good resistance to UV
  • Resistant against mold
  • Easy to repair
  • Easy installation 


Thermoplastic polyolefin membrane 

  • Professionals must perform repairs
  • Difficult execution of joints
  • High installation fees per square foot: from $6 to $10
  • Fragile monolayer system 


  • Limited warranty
  • Only for flat roof
  • Good resistance to the sun but fades more as time passes
  • Repairs must be done by a specialist




  • Shows a vulnerability to good temperature deviations or fire
  • Discoloration due to time
  • Really expensive from $10 to $20 per square foot
  • Yearly inspection required
  • A new product that does not have the benefit of long-term research
  • Used only for sloped roofs
  • The novelty of the product causes a lack of information on it for the moment



  • Rubber tires (recycled)
  • Recycled metal 


Recycled tires

  • 50 years minimum warranty for this new product
  • Can be laid on the existing roof
  •  Mold does not penetrate
  •  Looks exactly like cedar shingles
  •  Ecological
  •  Insects , rust, and hail resistant
  •  The manufacturer determines whether the roof requires minimal maintenance or not 



 Metal roof

  • Resistance to insects, bad weather, and fire
  • No maintenance or very little
  • Potentially recyclable towards the end of its life by the supplier
  •  Very long life span
  •  A metal roof lasts longer than 50 years 


Recycled tires

  • Can only be used on a sloping roof
  • Colors limited to brown, gray and black
  •  Not recyclable
  •  Knowledge required for repairs
  •  Discoloration
  •  Long installation
  •  Few competent and available specialists for this product
  •  More expensive than the typical asphalt or wood shingle per square foot, $8 more
  • Limits in the product offer
  • This type of roof is not indicated if you want to reuse the rainwater. Residues (of the material) could be found there. 



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