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How to find a reliable contractor for home renovation and repairs?

Do you have a renovation project?

Prix pour travaux de rénovationPrudence from the beginning is needed.

Sub-contracting, collusion, favoritism, etc.

These are the realities of the construction sector that have been updated in Quebec in recent years. Players have changed the rules, including in the Quebec City area, depriving others of the chance to show their skills. It is the entire construction and home renovation sector that has been discredited.

As such, finding a loyal and reliable entrepreneur with a solid reputation is not impossible but it requires more attention and caution. It is better to ask entrepreneurs a multitude of questions, check their background and achievements, and compare their services and prices. In short, it is better to weigh your options from the start.

Compare Home Quotes Can Help with your Home Renovation Project

To help you choose the best contractor for your renovation project, we help you compare quotes and other relevant factors conveniently and without cost.

Our network consists of businesses skilled in construction and renovation from the entire Quebec: Montreal, Quebec, North Shore, Abitibi, Saguenay, Estrie, Monteregie, and more. This web-based networking platform also provides relevant information that will be useful to you in your endeavors and projects.

We put you in touch with reliable companies so you don’t need to waste time looking. We also have resources for other services including real estate notaries, home inspectors, professional movers, etc.

Whatever you need for your home, we are here for you!

How does Compare Home Quotes Work?

In construction and renovation, the plans, materials and cost are important; but it is crucial that the quality of the work and the service also meets standards. All contractors are not equal in this respect.

Compare Home Quotes allows you to receive quotes from the best companies in Quebec. We consistently monitor our partners to ensure that clients receive only satisfactory services.

To assist you, please fill-out the online request form with relevant details. We are committed to protect your personal information

The information you provide is sent to three (3) contractors in your area. Three independent companies are invited to bid for your project to prevent collusion. You benefit from this healthy competition by receiving fair and competitive quotes. Contractors contact you by email or phone to submit quotes for and give details of their services.

Expertise in all areas of renovation works

Exterior Renovation

Compare Home Quotes works with the best renovation contractors specializing in exterior renovation in Quebec. Thus, we encourage you to use our solicitation form if you are planning any exterior renovation project:

  • Roof repairs or replacement
  • Window and door repairs or replacement
  • Exterior cladding
  • Retouch garage exterior
  • Addition of a garage
  • Stair installation
  • Addition of patio or veranda
  • Home extension

Interior Renovation

Our web platform also has partners throughout Quebec who specialize in interior renovation:

  • Creation of spaces from below: development or addition of a basement
  • Upgrading of electrical or plumbing systems
  • Improvement of energy efficiency
  • Improvement of natural lighting, reduction of polluting emissions, better insulation
  • Change of floor or flooring
  • Custom furniture for the kitchen or the bathroom
  • Optimization of space in the different rooms of the house: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom …;
  • Mezzanine layout
  • Renovation of a specific area such as the kitchen (integration of island, larger windows to better benefit from natural light, opening on the rest of the house …), the bathroom (space optimization, installation d a shower cabin, spa installation …) or the basement (expansion by excavation, optimization of natural lighting, transformation into an office, library, games room …)

Depending on the type of renovation you are interested in, the work may include various stages such as:

  • Demolition or removal of certain parts
  • Realization of the structural work
  • Creation of access to future development and integration of equipment into electricity and plumbing
  • Cleaning and improvement of the exterior
  • Insulation
  • Renovation of the ceiling especially in case of enlargement or extension

With Compare Home Quotes, you can find the right contractor for your home renovation anywhere your home is in Quebec.


How to choose a contractor for construction or renovation?

Renovation work is an investment not to be taken lightly. Regardless of the type of renovation you want to do in your home, it is important to give your choice of professional much thought and consideration.

Of course, the contractor must have the expertise to meet the requirements of the project – repairing a roof does not require the same expertise as installing windows or setting up a terrace – but it also requires proper licenses and certification and a good professional reputation. Certain precautions must be taken.

Following are areas of expertise:

  • Roofing
  • Plumbing, wastewater treatment
  • Heating
  • Electrical Installations
  • Sound and thermal insulation
  • Decoration, flooring, cladding
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovation
  • Masonry, structural modification, staircase
  • Doors and windows, partitions, false ceilings

The Regie du Batiment (Quebec) the qualifications and integrity of building contractors and owners-builders in Quebec. You can check with the RBG the following:

Further, RBQ provides you with a guide to understanding regulations concerning professional qualification of entrepreneurs and owner-builders. This guide tells you how to assess the need for a sub-category license and for work that does not require a specific license. It also provides rule exclusions, list of categories and subcategories, technical definitions, and a keyword index.

Construction works with equipment intended for public use in buildings, petroleum equipment installations or civil engineering works, are subject to the law. However, other works do not require a building permit, for example, felling of trees, sweeping public roads, emergency work to barricade openings, installation of solar collectors for private pools, performing tests and measurements (air flow, lighting, combustion, pressure), or pumping concrete. See the complete list of jobs that do not require a license.

Tips & Advice for your renovation project

It is better to choose a reputable contractor or merchant. Various associations and professional organizations usually publish a list of reputable general or specialized contractors. Pay attention to the advice given by people you know who have experienced renovation work similar what you have in mind.

Be wary of contractors who refuse to give (for any reason) a physical address or a phone number. In addition, a traveling salesman – many in the field of doors and windows, roofs, thermal insulation and exterior cladding – must also have a permit.

You can also observe how a contractor delivers a job at a neighbor’s property as this indicates the level of service and professionalism you can expect.

Request bids from contractors with Compare Home Quotes Network

You can survey contractors and ask for quotes over the phone. Basically, they need to know what your project entails in terms of labor costs and materials. Ask for at least three quotes. A good bid should include the hourly rate, the number of hours (approximate) required to complete the work, a description of the work and the materials required, as well as the terms and conditions surrounding the payment.

You can save so much time and effort obtaining the information you need for your renovation project. Use our free online request form and get quotes from at least 3 qualified contractors in your area.

What is the price of a renovation contractor?

In Quebec, the law does not specify how much a contractor or merchant can charge. As much as possible, avoid paying a deposit, or at least pay only a minimum amount. This will protect you from companies suddenly ceasing operations or filing for bankruptcy.

The ideal arrangement is to pay in installments, with a final payment that represents between 10% and 15% of the total cost of the bill. This last payment should be done at the very end, when the work is completed to your satisfaction. If, for one reason or another, the company requests an advance of more than two months before the start of the work, then you must check whether it has a trust account and make the check payable to the trustee.

Job Contract and cancellation clauses

Every contractor must provide you with a written contract. The latter must be clear, detailed, and precise. Check that the start and end dates of the work are mentioned. The contract must also mention the fact that the contractor has civil liability insurance (in the event of an accident on the site or damage to your home or that of a neighbor). Other elements that must be included are:

  • Name and address of the contractor
  • License and permit numbers
  • A statement that the contractor agrees to abide by municipal by-laws, and NBC standards
  • Policy number (contractor’s insurance) and name of the insurance company;
  • Appropriate description of the work, type and quantity of materials (attached);
  • The total cost of the contract

If you ask a contractor (home renovation) to come to your home to discuss a project, the Consumer Protection Act considers this contractor a traveling salesman, particularly if he sells or installs doors, windows, roofing, thermal insulation or cladding, or performs work related to those services. If this is the case, you can cancel the contract, free of charge, within 10 days of having signed the contract. A contract may be canceled whether the contractor has started or not. A procedure must be followed to cancel the contract.

The first step: Choose your Renovation Contractor

Our network aims to facilitate your search for the best contractor for your home renovation. That’s why our team puts you in touch with contractors and construction professionals who are honest, reliable and competent.

Whether you are a resident of Alma, Sherbrooke, Levis, Laval, Saint-Jerome, Gaspe or anywhere else in Quebec, our online service can connect you with tradespeople you can trust in just 24 to 48 hours. You can choose from multiple contractors using free quotes that are free and no obligation.

Fill-out our online request form and ensure that you get all the opportunity to find the right home experts you need.


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