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Maintain and replace your water heater

Prix de plombiers pour votre chauffe-eauA water heater cannot last forever. On average, they last from 10 to 15 years, some longer. Before a water heater stops working or causes water damage, it would give warning signs. Check your water heater from time to time and check the manufacturing date on the tank. The rigorous evaluation of your water heater, especially by a certified plumber, is always a good investment, as this preventive maintenance improves the efficiency of your water heater and prolongs its life.

The plumber knows how to evaluate the state of a water heater

It is, therefore, useful to contact a good plumber even if your water heater still works. This expert will be able to inform you about potential issues that affect your water heater’s performance and to carry out maintenance or certain repairs.

  • “Hard” water (with high mineral content) tends to form more calcium deposits on the heating elements, which in turn isolates them and forces them to overheat so that the water reaches the same temperature.
  • Ferrous water is more corrosive, which can cause wear and tear faster inside the water heater. Rust residues are to be expected but can be eliminated by emptying the tank. In the case of a gas water heater, excessive residue at the bottom of the tank reduces its heating performance.
  • A water heater of average quality (lower price, warranty: 6 years on the tank and 1 year on the thermostat) must be followed more assiduously and replaced after 10 years.
  • A water heater that has been transported in the wrong way and has not been installed by a plumbing expert will inevitably cause problems.
  • Water that is not hot enough from your faucets, and longer heating time are signs of malfunction on your water heater. If moisture, water, or rust is at the base of the tank, your unit must be replaced as soon as possible.

Installing an electric or gas water heater

Regardless of the type of water heater you choose, it is important to note the following:

Do not install and connect your water heater yourself unless you are a plumber. There are standards to be observed (Building Code) and a procedure to follow. It’s not only about the proper functioning of your water heater, but also about your safety and the protection of your home. Electric water heaters and gas heaters each have their advantages.

  • Electric Water Heater. Relatively inexpensive and fast enough to produce hot water, electric water heaters are energy efficient – its EF remains high. It is not complicated to replace and with normal maintenance, it can work for more than 12 years.
  • Gas water heater. Unaffected by power outages, the gas water heater (natural or propane) has a very high energy efficiency: it consumes little energy for what it gives in hot water. On the other hand, its operation requires the installation of specific lines. Carbon monoxide detectors are also required. Models with “sealed combustion” and “forced evacuation” are required.

Rent or buy your water heater

As is the case for other goods and equipment, the decision to rent or buy your water heater should consider several factors such as convenience and economy. You should know that in the long run, it is advantageous to buy your water heater since the total monthly lease payments will cost more than the purchase price. In addition, the energy efficiency of your selected model makes a big difference in price as well as your consumption habits. Let’s compare buying vs. leasing and see the difference.

  • Purchase a water heater. The cost varies between $300 and $500 to which must be added between $250 and $350 for delivery and installation by a plumber. Maintenance, repairs (infrequent), the return of the old appliance and modifications to the system (connection to a heat pump or geothermal energy for example) should be entrusted to a professional. An extended warranty may also be offered.
  • Renting a water heater. Hot water consumption can be up to $350 per year for three people; generally, the monthly fee includes usage costs but both must be clearly separated on the invoice. For rent, there is no initial deposit, the installation is included in the package and made by a specialist depending on the type of energy. Warranty and maintenance are acknowledged by the landlord.

The Top Water Heater Brands in Quebec

Manufacturers have, for the most part, taken advantage of technological advances in technology and offer more efficient and better insulated devices than in the past. Depending on the budget, we can find on the market very energy-efficient water heaters. However, some water heater brands have gained more popularity than others in Quebec, for example:

  • GIANT, an experienced manufacturer (60 years old) who has always produced durable appliances;
  • BRADFORD WHITE, which offers a multitude of models running on gas (natural or propane), solar energy, oil or electricity;
  • RHEEM, which offers many products (20 to 60-gallon water heaters, hybrids, tankless, etc.) including heating, air conditioning and air purification units;
  • JOHN WOOD, a manufacturer of reliable electric water heaters, small and large for the commercial and residential sectors;
  • GSW, an industry leader with innovations and patents (Styropor, Tank Saver, Turbulator, etc.) for decades.

Electricians are Recommended for Electric Water Heater Installation and Replacement

It is not mandatory to have your electric water heater checked every year. But when you regularly have your water heater checked, it works properly and gives hot water you expect.

A certified electrician is the appropriate professional for examining the condition of the magnesium anode and replacing it if needed. This anode has the function of preserving the tank from any corrosion by attracting rust to it. As it gradually disappears by oxidation, it must be replaced (usually when it has melted by 75%). Examination of submerged resistance, which is subject to scaling, is also part of preventative maintenance, as is the water heater safety system (against over-pressure and return of hot water to the cold water circuit).

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