Do you need temporary storage for a few months or less? Are you moving out and want a more affordable solution for long-distance relocation?

Container leasing solutions can be the best answer for your needs. Container leasing companies offer very reasonable and flexible rates for containers that are delivered to your doorstep.

Your container will be easily accessible from your home so you know that your belongings are safe. When you need to get something, you won’t have to drive a few kilometers to a warehouse.

If you are moving soon, leasing a portable container is also a very affordable solution. You can pack your own things at your own pace until the company picks up and delivers to your destination.

Some of the most popular container leasing companies in Canada are Target Box and BigSteelBox. Many moving companies also offer containers for rent.

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Who benefits from container leasing?


You may not know that container leasing is a practical and convenient solution for a variety of people.

· For renters

· For homeowners renovating a home

· For homeowners moving or relocating

· For homebuyers

· For home sellers

· For downsizing

· For storage purposes

· For businesses

Container leasing for renters

If you are renting, space can be a problem. This is especially true if you previously owned a home and accumulated a lot of belongings but now rent due to a change in circumstances. Whether it is a temporary or long-term need, container leasing is an affordable storage solution.

Container leasing for homeowners renovating

When you are renovating your home, it is necessary to remove furniture and other belongings to prevent them from getting damaged or soiled.

You can rent a container to store your personal items during a home renovation.  Since a container will be parked in your yard or driveway, it is convenient for you to access at any time.

Container leasing for moving

If you are moving locally or long distance and you have many belongings, container leasing is a great option. You can pack your stuff at your pace and convenience and schedule when the container company will pick up and deliver to your new location.

Most container companies charge monthly rates which can also be extended as you please.

The biggest advantage of container leasing for people relocating is that the company will do the driving to deliver your leased container.

For home buyers

Sometimes, a new home is not immediately available but you have to move out from your current address. In this case, a container will be very handy and practical. You can store all of your belongings in your leased container until such time that you can move in to your new home.

For home sellers

Home sellers often need to stage the home to attract buyers. Thus, personal belongings (furniture, collectibles, and accessories) may need to be removed from the home until it sells.

A leased container will be very convenient to use for temporary storage while selling a house.

For businesses

Businesses with temporary storage needs can benefit from container leasing. Low monthly costs make it ideal for business owners who manage projects for their customers. The container fees can be billed to the client.

As you can see, leased containers are very useful for many situations, and they are very reasonable in price.

If you are moving, you have more flexibility in packing your stuff because you can plan your schedule. Pack at your convenience using your leased container until it is ready for pick-up.

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How does container leasing work?


Unlike regular storage spaces in a warehouse, containers provide you with your own portable unit because your container can be right on your property.

You get to enjoy the convenience of extra storage space without having to go somewhere else to put your stuff or take out stuff. You also get peace of mind because you can monitor the security of your belongings at any time.

Container leasing companies offer containers in different sizes – 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, and 40 sizes. These containers can store from 4,000 t0 10,000 pounds and from 800 to over 1,000 cubic ft. 

Basically, you enter into an agreement with a container supplier to deliver a number of containers to your location. You can use these containers for a specified time and at an agreed rate. The containers can be returned to the supplier at the end of the contract or picked-up and delivered to a moving destination.

If to be delivered by the supplier to a different location at the end of the contract, such as for relocation, the client will pay for the shipping or moving costs.

Compared to regular moving companies, the rate is generally lower. It is also a more convenient option than renting a DIY moving truck because you save yourself the hassle of long-distance driving and pick-up and return of the rented truck.

A huge benefit of container leasing is FLEXIBILITY. A customer can request for additional containers, as needed, and delivered to the location fast.

Lastly, nobody can have access to your container except you because you have the key to your container.

The only important thing to ensure is that your home or business has available space to park the container. You also need to ensure that you can secure/lock them to prevent theft.

Benefits of a leased container vs. storage space


Many people are familiar with storage units leased from moving companies and storage companies. Generally, you need to rent the storage unit for a fixed period of time – monthly or yearly. You will need to drive to the location to access your storage unit.

A leased container will be right on your property so you don’t need to drive anywhere and you can immediately access your belongings 24/7.

These tough steel containers are weather-resistant and when you run out of room, you can always ask for another container.

Portable storage units or leased containers generally include the delivery and pick-up service and these can even be waived if you rent your unit for a considerable time.

You also have the option to get packing supplies and rent labor to help with loading and unloading.

As for content insurance, check with your homeowner’s insurance provider if your policy will cover your leased container. You also have the option to get additional coverage.

How much does it cost to lease a container?


According to data from the 2020 Self-Storage Almanac, the average rental price for a 10’ X 10’ self-storage unit is $107.11 per month.  A 10’ x 15’ storage unit costs around $132.97 a month. These prices are for self-storage only and may vary based on your location.

On the other hand, portable containers can be leased for as low as $75 to $110, depending on the size. The rates vary among providers and depends on the inclusions of their services such as content insurance.

The price includes the delivery of your container to your door and the contract is on a monthly basis. You can cancel or renew the contract based on your needs if you inform the company ahead of time. The time of notification for any changes can vary per company.

As you can see, leased portable containers are less expensive and more flexible.

If you want to save money for moving and storage by leasing a container, consider getting in touch with our container leasing partners.

You can also save a lot of time and pressure with loading and unloading multiple times because your container is conveniently parked in your home.

Just remember that if you need your container to be shipped to another location, you will be paying for the shipping costs, too.

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FAQs about Leased Containers for Moving or Storage


Whether you just need additional storage space for long-term or short- term needs or you are relocating, leased portable containers offers many advantages.

We have gathered some frequently asked questions to help you decide if a leased container is the right solution for your needs.

Why is a leased container better than a moving truck?

If you rent a DIY moving truck, you will need to drive it. Add insurance costs, fuel, food and lodging, and rental of moving equipment, you will be paying a substantial amount and doing all the work.

With a leased container, you save yourself the hassle of driving and save on food and lodging, too. Your container leasing company can take of the driving for you.

Why is a leased container better than a storage unit?

A leased container generally costs less than a regular storage unit and is portable. Thus, if you only need to store your belongings, a leased container on your property is very convenient.

Can I get a leased container if I don’t have space in my property to park it?

Most container leasing companies require that you have available space to put your container. You can’t park it outside your property. Some companies, however, like PODS, can deliver it for you to load and then pick-up and store it for you in their warehouse.

Is a leased container safe to store my belongings?

Leased containers are safe, whether you keep them on your property or store them in the company’s warehouse.

You are the only one who can access it with your key. While the container is portable, it is quite heavy and not easy to steal from your property.

What items are prohibited in a leased container?

Generally, you can store or load any of your belongings inside the container except for hazardous materials like gas or toxic chemicals. You also can’t load a motorized vehicle or illegal items inside your container.

You are also discouraged from placing all forms of currencies, deeds or legal documents, jewelry and other valuables in your container.

Where should I put the container on my property?

Regardless of the size of your container, you can place it anywhere on your property that is level and free from obstructions. Generally, you will need a bit more than 2 standard parking spaces to be able to position a standard container and enough clearance for the delivery. Usually, 12 feet wide would be adequate for placing the unit. There should be no trees or other obstructions

Can I place the container on the street?

If you plan on putting your container on the street, you will need to get a permit from your town or city. You may also need to check with your neighborhood or locality for requirements.  The container leasing company will require the copies of these permits prior to the delivery of your storage unit.

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