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Find the right landscaper for your landscaping

Why hire a certified landscape expert?

Landscaping is not just gardening work. That is why it is preferable to do business with a real landscaper, recognized by the Quebec Association of Professional Landscapers (APPQ). By hiring this type of certified expert for the realization of external works, you are assured:

  • that proven methods are followed;
  • that the materials are appropriate and guaranteed (2 years);
  • that planted plants are sturdy and guaranteed (1 year);
  • that BNQ standards are respected;
  • that your needs will be met through a clear and comprehensive contract and an understanding of your requirements and your budget;
  • that the APPQ can facilitate the settlement of any dispute that may arise between you and one of its members resulting from your project.

What are the qualities of a good landscaper?

A good landscaper is basically a good observer. Not only does he visualize what the customer has in mind, but also what it is practically possible and viable to do on their land. If he is creative, imaginative, the landscaper is also realistic. His knowledge and experience allows him to advise and provide solutions that are suitable to the peculiarities of the terrain, the property and the climate zone.
A competent landscaper is skilled with his hands, of course. This is not his first job. Carpentry, masonry, construction, pavers, etc .; he has tried everything! In addition, his aesthetic sense remains respectful of soils, plants, ecology… he has a good understanding.

He is also pragmatic. His works are sustainable, even as they improve over time. A good landscaper knows how to give beauty to any local environment. He “designs ” by taking into account the locality and the budget of his customers.

Our partners take your project in hand, from A to Z

  • Drainage. Whether around a foundation or under development (patios, alleys, pavilions, etc.), effective drainage is of primary importance. What you do not see once the work is finished is none the less crucial. The experienced landscape artist knows what to do with it: poor drainage often leads to work being revisited a few years later. Depending on the type of soil (stony, loamy, sandy, etc.), the drainage layers are not the same in terms of composition and thickness. Regarding the drain itself (pipe), as required by your project, it can be of three types: terracotta drain, concrete drain, plastic drain (agricultural).
  • Paving. Paving stones, inter-blocks, slabs, natural stones, asphalt …, a landscaper knows the best materials in the market. He especially knows which one will suit your project. If they are more expensive to install, pavers, for example, are very durable: up to 30 years. We can maintain them and replace some, if necessary, if the gel has moved. They combine strength and elegance; they can be used for both pedestrian walkways and driveways. Your landscaper knows the laying techniques and has the experience to create distinctive patterns. In combination with slabs and stones, the use of pavers can give your property a country, contemporary, modern, urban or other look.
  • Earthworks and excavation. Excavating involves digging the ground in order to set up the foundation of a construction, small or big. In this respect, a landscape designer also makes the difference. Do not be afraid to give him this kind of project. He has the equipment and machinery to re-model the soil, and to transport large quantities of rocks and earth. Techniques and methods must also be tailored for this purpose. Only an excavation professional can assure you of a great job done in compliance with construction standards and environmental rules.
  • Patio and terrace. The landscaper is a seasoned carpenter. Wooden patios, for example, are among the constructions that he often has to integrate into a floral or shrub arrangement. It can use treated wood, for example, pine (less expensive) or spruce, or even roasted wood. The latter is durable, ecological and very elegant. Cedar is also very popular, as exotic woods (teak, Ipe, etc.), but are more expensive. As for terraces, a good landscaper knows how to dispose the slabs or the natural stones so that they are in harmony with your swimming pool, your shed, your rock garden, etc.
  • Retaining walls. These are also very important in their basic functions. They hold the earth, block the flow, and prevent the soil from eroding. Well-anchored and well constructed, retaining walls offer all the necessary natural protection against landslides. The planting of plants and trees with high root potential near places deemed relevant by the landscaper, gives them even more resistance. A low wall is also used to make a steep slope more artistic or pleasing, or to change the altitude so that you can use this otherwise lost space.

How to find the landscaper that suits you?

Do not entrust the layout of your land to an amateur. It id not only the look of your property, but also the sustainability of the facilities and plants that will be used on your land. Call an expert.

One effective way to get in touch with a Certified Landscaper is to consult Compare Home Quotes – Landscaping to obtain free quotes.

Our service is also professional and efficient. In addition, it is free. We aim to prevent you from making decisions based on trial and error at the start of your project. We will help you find the best landscapers in your area who will then contact you at your convenience.

Compare Home Quotes – Landscaping serves many cities and regions in Quebec, for example:

  • Montréal
  • Laval
  • Longueuil
  • Saint-Jérôme
  • Mont-Tremblant
  • La Tuque
  • Québec
  • Lévis
  • Montmagny
  • Rimouski
  • Matane
  • Sherbrooke
  • Trois-Rivières
  • Drummondville
  • Victoriaville
  • Saint-Hyacinthe
  • Saguenay
  • Alma
  • Gaspé
  • Percé
  • Amos


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