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How to choose the right paver for your paving project at the right price?

Learn all you need to know about paving now to get a result that meets your expectations. You will have a good idea of the options available to you when hiring pavers.

What are the types of paving of your home driveway?

You can choose the type of paving that suits you based on several criteria:

  • Durability
  • Required maintenance
  • Aesthetics
  • Price

This is because each material has unique features and cost of production. Here are some options that might interest you:

Concrete: Waterproof, durable and resistant, this is a winning combination in the long run. Although the purchase price is quite high, it will eventually cost you less over time because it requires little maintenance and can remain in good condition for about 50 years.

Solid Paving: Easy to install, paver blocks can support the weight of vehicles without breaking down. They are easy to clean and have a fairly long life. Ground movement due to freezing and thawing can, however, move the blocks. It must then be put back in place, which is not a difficult task.

Slabs: Ideal for pedestrian paths, they are an excellent choice for the aesthetic side of your yard.

Asphalt: Very affordable to buy, it offers longevity, about 20 years. However, it must be properly installed by experts in the field.

Rip-off: This is the most economical choice in the market. You may as well use rocks for your entrance yard or for a decorative layout because you can choose from a large number of different stones.

Do you want asphalting? Which asphalt is the best choice?

Asphalt is a favorite choice for most Quebecers for their driveway. To obtain a quality result, priority must be given to durability or aesthetics.

The asphalt composed of fine gravel (6 millimeters) gives a smoother finish, which makes it more beautiful. On the other hand, since the gravel is thinner, this type of paving is more prone to being damaged by heat and the formation of holes.

Asphalt made with 14-millimeter gravel is stronger and more heat-resistant but offers a rough finish.

Pay attention to your selected pavers’ proposal for your asphalting. You can give them your criteria, be it a smooth finish or greater durability. After all, you are the customer!

Also, you may have to put a geotextile fabric under your asphalt to prevent the gravel from mixing with the soil which would greatly reduce the longevity of the soil. This is the case, for example, with clay soil.

Finally, make sure you have the right asphalt thickness based on the weight of the vehicles you own. A recreational vehicle does not have the same weight as a subcompact vehicle and requires a minimum of 2.5 inches (after compaction). You should talk about using your driveway with the paver of your choice.

Asphalt protection and repair: asphalt sealants, cold joints

The regular maintenance of the asphalt with the application of sealant (every year for two years for a new entrance court and every two years thereafter) protects it in particular against water infiltration. Cracks and crevices can be clogged with the application of sealant.

The application of sealant is preceded by a thorough cleaning of the asphalt and a stain treatment for optimal adhesion of the first. Before clogging, it is essential to cover all nearby surfaces.

Cracks and fissures are filled with pre-heated plaster (close to 400 °F) to prevent water ingress before spraying the protective sealant which prevents crumbling and gives a black and even surface similar to a driveway or a new entrance. Allow drying time of 12-24 hours for pedestrians and 24-48 hours for vehicles.

It is also possible to redo paving, not to mention the possible repair of the layer of crushed stone that is below the asphalt. The average cost of such work ranges from $ 7-10 per square foot.

In the presence of minor cracks or only a coating that has become granular and discolored, you can resurface or redo your driveway or entrance court by adding a layer of asphalt on the existing one. With professional paving services, your asphalt can last another 10 to 15 years.

You can also use a cold asphalt joint for the repair of your asphalt surface. To be deposited on the parts to be repaired or to be sealed, it is an easy product to use because it is enough for you to compact later on. Less expensive, it is not as long-lasting as resurfacing.

How to find the right paver for your project?

It is one thing to be well informed about the types of paving, but finding a professional and reliable paver can be difficult if you do not know how to proceed.

We strongly suggest that you check certain items that are good indicators of a serious and reliable business:

  • Contact former customers of the paver
  • Ask your relatives if they know a contractor who made a good impression on them
  • Check the Contractor’s record on the website of the Office of Consumer Protection for any lawsuit filed by a consumer or offenses committed by the company;
  • Ask about the paver’s specialty to make sure your needs match the skills of the paver;
  • The number of years of existence can also be an indicator of a reliable company in the case of a paver who has been offering his services for years;
  • The warranties offered and third-party liability insurance are very important factors so a reputable paver should be able to reassure you with sufficient guarantees and coverage for civil liability.

Further, only deal with a contractor who offers you a written contract. Without a contract, you have no guarantee and you could be in for unpleasant surprises. Do not take any risks!

Do you have other paving projects for our professionals?

Paving your driveway is not the only thing our expert pavers can do for you. You may also want paving for your deck, swimming pool outline, rest area, pathway, etc.

For this type of paving, solid paving and slabs are excellent choices. Professionals will be able to help you arrange the design according to your needs. For example, you can use flagstones for a path and riprap to add a unique touch with stones of different shapes and colors.

In addition, you could ask for a retaining wall or a border to reduce the risk of landslides or to change the slope of your land for aesthetic reasons.

In fact, there is no limit to the possibilities in the layout of your yard: the limits are all in your imagination!

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