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Use a certified electrician for professional services for your renovation, electrical installations, connections, heated floors, power outlets, and more. See prices of some electrical works and what factors affect them. 

Why is it better to choose your electrician?

When it comes to electricity in a home as in any other building, it is always best to have a certified electrician in good standing.

Indeed, a certified electrician must provide proof that he has acquired the knowledge and professional skills that will assure you that he can do the job without any risks.

By using the services of a certified electrical contractor, you will get:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Guarantees
  • Insurance in the event of damages
  • Customer service
  • etc.

Save time and money for your electrical work

An expert electrician will know if your project requires a permit and where to get it.

Compliance with standards and the law is essential. However, who has time to run to the municipal office or the various government agencies to obtain the required permits? 

For a quick and efficient electrical work, turn to an experienced and certified electrician.

Most of the time, video tutorials for electrical work take only a few minutes and cannot be easily followed by everybody.

Save money by doing the job only once. By relying on a friend to help you and save a few dollars, you will risk spending more for corrections and increase your bill unnecessarily.


Examples of prices for electrical work by an electrician

A lack of power outlets and electrical overloads are some of the most common electrical problems. If this is the case, or if you have other electrical problems, do not hesitate to call a certified electrical contractor.

Below are examples of prices for electrical work performed by an electrician. 

Rates for an electrician for other electrical work Minimum rates
Add a power outlet 200$ and up
Add an electrical circuit 300$ and up
Rewire your entire property 5000$ and up

soumissions pour électricien au meilleur prix

What makes the price of an electrical contractor vary?

The CMEQ (Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec) established the basic hourly rates for electricians, based on the various levels of expertise. These hourly rates take into consideration:

  • Hourly rate in accordance with collective agreements
  • Social benefits
  • Cost of equipment 
  • GST and QST
  • Fixed hourly fees: CCQ levy, ACRGTQ and AECQ fees, RBQ inspection
  • Annual fixed fees: CMEQ and AECQ contributions, CMEQ license, RBQ fixed fees 
  • Miscellaneous costs
  • Profit

While these fees represent what it costs to provide a service, the fees of an electrical contractor are entirely at their discretion.


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Get 3 submissions from electrical contractors

Fill out the form, 3 reputable professionals will contact you as soon as possible.