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Various factors can cause the price of home insulation materials to fluctuate:

  • The type of insulation: loose, panels, mattress (mat), sprayed …
  • The place you want to insulate: exterior wall, interior wall, attic …
  • The type of material on which you deposit the insulation: wood, concrete …
  • The cost of labor
  • Etc.

General table of the 2018 price of home insulation

Type of Insulation Material Price per piece
Synthetic Insulation  
Polystyrene beads (by injection)
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) panel
Extruded polystyrene (XPS / PSX) panel 

Open-cell polyurethane
(foam spray or panels)
Closed cell polyurethane
(to be squirted, in a can or in panels) 
Polyisocyanurate (PIR)
(foam boards) 

Mineral Insulation
Fiberglass (bulk or mattress) $0.85
Rock fiber (bulk or mattress) $1.00
Natural insulation  
Cellulosic fiber (bulk only) $0.85
Hemp $2.50
Cotton $2.50
Cork $.055
Straw $3.00


Be smart: Use a professional to insulate your home?

Professionals use the proper tools and techniques for effective home insulationIt is more appropriate to rely on the experience and expertise of a professional insulator for your home’s interior or exterior because improving the thermal insulation of your home is a more complex operation than it seems.

This work requires the proper experience and specific knowledge to guarantee effective results.


A professional to make the right choice of thermal insulation

Depending on the location, some types of insulation are better than others.

An expert in home insulation knows that bulk insulation is in the attic (the attic) what rigid panels are on the outside walls (and that it is best to proceed indoors).

These panels can also insulate foundation walls but will use mattress insulation instead between adjacent structures and spray foam to isolate, among other things, the rim joist.


Each of the insulation materials has specific characteristics

Due to his expertise, a home insulation contractor will never use fiberglass (also known as mineral wool), which is permeable to water to insulate a foundation wall without first affixing a barrier.

He also knows what house insulation materials are resistant to mold, fire, or corrosion, and those with extended life or good soundproofing.


Each house insulation material has its insulation factor (R)

A home insulation professional is required to meet Canadian insulation standards for homes already in place as well as new properties.

His expertise allows him to calculate the coefficient corresponding to each type of insulation of a house according to, for example, the quantity and the thickness used.

A professional will recommend the right insulation materials to help you save on energy bills

What can a home insulation expert do to help you?

In addition to effective insulation of the attic, basement (or crawl space), and foundation walls of your home, reliable and reputable contractors that are partners of Compare Home Quotes, our online bid comparison web platform, offer several other services.


Attic inspection to prevent water infiltration

Avoid water infiltration due to ice barriers by ensuring adequate insulation of your attic and effective ventilation of the roof soffits.


Sound insulation of interior walls, ceilings and floors

It is the air leaks that transmit vibrations generated by the sounds which cause noise pollution. Effective insulation of the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home (single-family home, duplex …) will prevent air and, therefore, sound, from passing.


Decontamination: removal of mold and asbestos (vermiculite)

It is common to see mold in an attic, between walls, or any other place where moisture is likely to seep if it is not hermetically sealed.

Home insulation professionals can also provide you with a sample collection and analysis service to detect the presence of vermiculite contaminated with asbestos fibers that may be present in some insulating materials.


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Be sure to use the services of a home insulation contractor who has the proper credentials and is certified as a professional such as contractors who are in our network.

We will be happy to connect you with a qualified and licensed house insulation contractor serving your area.

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