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18 December 2020,

Fall detection technology has made it so much easier for seniors to live independently without fear or worry.

Seniors living alone can have peace of mind that in case of a fall, a monitoring center will be alerted and summon help immediately.

With an advanced fall detector, you never have to worry that your parent living alone will be helpless and hurt without anyone knowing it!

A fall detector will send an alert to a 24/7 monitoring center within seconds to ensure that a senior will receive emergency assistance at the soonest possible time.

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Sophisticated Fall Detection for the elderly


Falls represent one of the most significant threats to the health and independence of seniors 65 years and older.  But with the advent of medical alert systems with fall detection, seniors can continue to live at home independently.

Fall detection technology has advanced so much that emergency assistance can arrive even if a senior does not dial 911!

It is a well-known fact that Quebecers aged 65 and above are at risk for falls. In fact, studies show that the majority of elderly people who required emergency medical attention were related to falls.

Without prompt medical intervention, these falls which cause bruises, fractures, etc. can lead to far more serious consequences. Complications associated with a fall can have long-term repercussions on our health.


How can a fall detector protect you? This simple device can notify the contact center to send an ambulance to your home if you fall or have any other medical emergency. If you fall and can’t press the button, an alert will go out automatically so you won’t be helpless.

How do fall detectors work?

There are medical alert systems or personal emergency response systems that offer automatic fall detection.

A standard device requires the user to push the panic button in an emergency. This connects the user to a monitoring center who will then send the appropriate responders – fire department, police, or an ambulance. They also stay on the line to give further support until help arrives.

If the user does not push the panic button, no alert is triggered and no action will be taken. Thus, if the user is injured or unconscious and unable to press the panic button, he will not get medical assistance immediately.

This is why a medical alert system with fall detection gives seniors an extra layer of protection. In a fall wherein a senior cannot push the panic button, the device automatically sends an alert so that the monitoring center will send an ambulance to your location.

Even more important, fall detection can work outdoors as well and with GPS tracking, the contact center will be able to pinpoint your location and send help quickly.

Do you need a fall detector?


It is not unusual to be concerned about what to do if there is a medical emergency. If you live alone, whether you are in your 50s or 70s, medical emergencies can happen without a warning.

Between 20% to 30% of seniors experience a fall each year, according to Public Health Agency of Canada.

While 911 is always an option, there are times when calling on the phone would be difficult, if not impossible.

Your smartphone may be far from you, low in battery, without a signal, or you are hurt and unable to move. Medical attention is necessary immediately after a fall to prevent complications and increase the chances of recovery.

Individuals with certain risks due to medical conditions definitely must have a fall detector for their protection. These include:

  • Seniors living alone
  • Individuals with condition such as stroke, hypertension, epilepsy, heart conditions, etc.
  • Individuals recovering from an illness such as cancer
  • Individuals recovering from surgery
  • Individuals with a history of falls

You can easily manage the risk of falling with a fall detector you can rely on to summon emergency assistance day or night.

With this kind of protection on hand at all times, you will never have to worry about being alone in a medical emergency.

How accurate is fall detection?


Fall detection is not a perfect system but according to medical alert companies, it has an accuracy of 93% or more.

Their systems use different parameters to differentiate a fall from a normal movement such as sitting down or lying down. These parameters include speed of movement, acceleration, rotation, impact, etc.

While false alerts can still be possible, the user only needs to push the button again to cancel the alert. If not, the contact center will communicate with the user using the built-in speakerphone to verify the emergency.

If the monitoring center fails to contact the user, emergency assistance will be dispatched. Family members or persons on the user’s contact list are also notified.

Even though there is still some margin or error, it is insignificant compared to the importance of getting emergency help in an actual fall! Don’t you think so?

With a fall detector, you can get help when you experience a fall even when you are alone or not able to call for help. That is peace of mind beyond priceless.

How to use wearable panic buttons with fall detection

Fall detector pendants are lightweight and easy-to-use

Research shows that seniors don’t want security devices that are obtrusive. Hence, security companies have developed wearable devices with emergency panic buttons that are easy-to-use and access at all times.

These wearable devices come in the form of pendants that can be worn around the neck. Pendants are found to be the most accurate when it comes to fall detection, compared to wristbands or bracelets.

To get protection at all times, make sure to wear your fall detection pendant at all times, even when you sleep or use the bathroom. Most of these pendants are waterproof or water-resistant to enable their use even in the shower where many falls occur.

A panic button and a speakerphone can be found in the pendant which can be used by:

  • Pressing the button to summon help
  • Speak to the contact center for assistance

As you can see, a wearable panic button with automatic fall detection is very simple to use and will not hamper daily activities in any way. They also have sleek designs that are attractive and are lightweight for comfort. 

The price of fall detectors in Quebec

When you start shopping for a fall detector, you will be  surprised to find that companies offer different prices. It can be difficult to understand how much it costs because different providers charge fees that vary, such as:

  • Equipment cost
  • Activation cost
  • Installation cost
  • Monitoring fees

With regards to equipment cost, some providers require the outright purchase of the device (one-time payment) while others have a lease plan which is included in the monthly fees.

Some companies charge an activation fee or installation fee (one-time) while others don’t.

It is also important to know that some providers require a contract of 24-36 months for monitoring services.

When choosing the right medical alert system or fall detector, it is important to understand these fees and compare multiple plans. Doing so will help you to money and pick the best one for your needs.

Below you will find a comparative list of the top fall detectors in Quebec you can choose from.

Top Fall Detectors to Consider in Quebec

You can find many fall detectors in Quebec offered by reputable companies. Some of them provide 24/7 monitoring for greater peace of mind and security.

These monitored systems are connected with UL Certified monitoring centers manned by qualified and trained staff in handling emergency situations. They operate non-stop to ensure that someone is on hand to take a distress call at any time. They also have bilingual or multilingual staff to be able to speak to users in their preferred language.

Monitored systems have monthly monitoring services that cost as little as $1 a day so they are quite affordable in exchange for your peace of mind.

Medical alert systems with no monthly fees or no monitoring services are available but they are connected to contacts like family or friends, or 911. They may also not offer automatic fall detection and requires users to push the button to trigger the alert.

Our list of fall detectors only includes monitored systems. 

Global Security

Global Security is a leading provider of ADT security systems in Canada, including Quebec.

For its personal emergency response system (PERS), it offers Numera Libris, a high-tech personal security system with fall detection technology.


  • 24-hour monitoring with voice support
  • Water-resistant for shower or bath
  • Panic button with communication system
  • Advanced fall detection
  • GPS tracking
  • With a powerful application called “EverThere” for caregivers to access information

According to the company, their system has more than 190 parameters used to assess if a fall has occurred, thereby minimizing false alarms. 

The Numera Libris from Global Security is available in Levis, Quebec, Montreal. Laval, Gatineau, and across the province.

The GSM package (limited offer) costs $379.95 for the device. The activation fee is $99 and the panic button costs $79.00.  The contract is for 36 months. 

Philips Lifeline

Philips Lifeline is a medical alert system with fall detection. Their system has a range of 350 ft. and can be obtained under a lease plan.

Their wireless system also offers GPS tracking and has a 2-way voice communication system with high-quality speakers for clear and crisp sound.


  • Waterproof panic button
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Landline or cellular connectivity
  • Customized response plan
  • No cancellation fees


For the HomeSafe package with fall detection, the installation cost is $89.95 plus $57.95 monthly. The GoSafe system (wireless) costs $89.95 for installation and $79.95 monthly. 

Alarm Force

This company offers AlarmCare, a personal emergency response system with fall detection option. It works within a range of 1200 feet from the console, one of the longest ranges offered in the market.

Fall detection is an optional service and the company has 3 call centers across the country which are CSAA 5-diamond certified and are company-owned.

Their system does not support digital phone lines so a landline is required.


  • Battery life of 2 and ½ years, free replacement of pendant if the battery dies
  • Back-up battery for 4-5 hours
  • 1200 ft. in range
  • No contract, free cancellation
  • 3-months pre-payment with no return in case of cancellation

The cost of their monitoring service for fall detection is $32.95 monthly.


This medical alert system includes a waterproof bracelet or pendant with a range of 1000 feet from the base unit. The company has more than 10 years of providing alert and assistance services in the country.

This medical alert system is available across Canada, including Quebec and has a lifetime warranty. Their system requires a landline. 


  • Long-lasting replaceable battery
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping
  • No contract requirement
  • Water-resistant button
  • Monitoring centers are 100% Canadian-operated

The SmartSafe Fall Detection Plus costs equipment costs $288.88 with $38 a month in monitoring fees.  This package includes a SmartSafe Fall Detection button plus a Standard SmartSafe Button. 

Life Assure

The company offers this superior medical alert system throughout the country. They offer a choice between home use and wireless systems.

This is a Canadian company that is certified by the Canadian Security Association. Their monitoring centers are staffed with trained personnel for emergency situations.


  • No activation fees
  • No long-term commitment
  • Home and Mobile systems have fall detection option
  • Water-resistant pendant or wristband
  • Has a range of up to 6000 feet
  • With GPS option

The Life Assure Total Home with fall detection costs $44.95 a month while the Life Assure Mobile with fall detection and GPS costs $69.95 monthly.

Bell Medical Alert

Bell Canada also offers a medical alert system that is available in Canada. Medical alert operators provide fast emergency response with 2-way voice technology.

The device can be worn like a pendant around the neck and has a panic button to get emergency response.


  • Built-in GPS tracking
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Home phone line required
  • With fall detection technology

The At-Home system starts at $27.99 monthly with 6-month contract while the On the Go system costs $57.99 with a 6-month contract. Installation fee is $99.

There may be other medical alert systems that are suitable to your needs and budget. The best way to compare them is to obtain FREE and NO OBLIGATION quotes.

Fill out the short form on this page to connect with our reliable partners and get accurate offers for the medical alert system in Quebec. 

How to choose your fall detector for the best price

Compare multiple quotes for fall detectors in Quebec

You now know that when shopping for a fall detector in Quebec, there are several things you need to consider first.

  • Do you need a home system or wireless system?
  • What is the size of your home? What is the range of the system you need for complete protection?
  • How much do you want to pay for your monthly monitoring fees?
  • Does the system you want offer reliable fall detection?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to narrow down your choices.

Don’t just look at the price but carefully consider the fall detection features of your choices. For instance, some companies offer wireless systems with fall detection and GPS monitoring.

Sometimes, paying a little bit more will get you extra security such as an advanced and superior fall detection technology and a caregiver platform where your family members can remotely check on your condition.

Start your search for the best fall detector for you or a loved one by requesting free quotes from our reliable partners. 

Get free quotes for the best fall detectors in Quebec for seniors

You can get the right fall detector in Quebec that offers you security and peace of mind without paying too much.

Get FREE and NO-OBLIGATION quotes so you can compare price and features that suit your needs and budget.

Our partners offer medical alert systems and fall detectors with:

  • 2-way voice communication
  • wearable panic button
  • fall detection
  • medication reminder
  • GPS tracking
  • and many more!

These medical alert systems are available in Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec, Longueuil, Sherbrooke, Laval, and all across the province.

Fill out the form below to connect with reputable medical alert system companies serving your area. 

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