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10 January 2022,

Quality moving services are considered essential services in Gatineau and elsewhere in Quebec.

If you are planning to move to a new home, you need the right moving company to handle your move. Moving is time-consuming, exhausting, and stressful when you don’t have professional help!

Movers can provide you with just the moving truck and driver so you can load and unload your belongings and transport them safely.

If you have a lot of belongings to relocate, you can get a moving company to take care of packing, loading and unloading, and transport of your belongings in no time at all!

Because you will be entrusting your most valuable possessions to these professionals, it is important to find movers you can trust and will charge you a reasonable rate.

Find the right moving company from our network of moving partners and plan a smooth and hassle-free move!

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Reasons to hire a moving company in Gatineau

Movers offer a variety of moving services for convenience.

Moving companies make moving to a new home easier, faster, and hassle-free.

When you book a moving company, you can expect them to provide all that you need:

  • Moving truck and driver (you won’t need to drive the truck and return the truck)
  • Movers (able men to help carry, load and unload boxes and furniture)
  • Moving tools and supplies (floor runners, mattress covers, furniture covers, piano mover, etc.)
  • Packing supplies (boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing tape, peanuts, etc.)

Most importantly, reputable moving companies carry the proper insurance to protect your belongings and protect you from liability. They have insurance for the welfare of their movers in case someone gets injured while on your property.

Why hire a moving company in Gatineau?

  • Movers are faster
  • They have the right tools and equipment
  • They are experienced in handling cargo
  • They have the right-sized truck
  • They are insured

Rain or shine, good moving companies can safely transport your household belongings as quickly as possible. This means you can relax and focus on moving your family and getting settled in your new home.

Even in times of a pandemic, many Quebecers still need to move, asking friends or family members to help. While there are no restrictions to asking for help, you need to protect yourself by following health protocols.

Limit the number of people who will help you move and maintain social distancing.

Professional movers are knowledgeable about necessary hygiene practices and health measures to protect you from COVID-19. You can ask the mover what steps they take for your protection.

You can also refer to this guide for what to do before, during, and after the move.

Pick your moving services tailored to your budget


Not all moves are the same. The moving service you need depends on whether you are moving a small studio or 3-bedroom home, how far you are moving, and how much of the work you want to do yourself.

Some people are hesitant to hire a moving company because they think it will cost too much. On the contrary, you can spend the same amount doing all the work and hiring a DIY moving truck compared to just getting good movers to do it for you.

The trick is to know what type of move you are planning and to know the right moving services to get from professional movers that suit your budget.

Types of moves and moving services

Hire movers for moving a piano and other specialized equipment.)

Small moves: When you just need to move a single item such as a sofa, bed, cabinet, or a few heavy boxes of books, clothes, and other personal items.

Rather than impose on a friend to help you move these few but heavy items, count on a moving company to do it for you. The bill may almost be the same as the gas, beer, and pizza you’ll need to give your friends.

Local move: Examples of local moves are moving to another apartment two blocks away, or moving to a new home in Gatineau. The distance is usually less than 70 kilometers. Movers charge an hourly rate for local moves.

Specialty move: Moving a piano, pool table, antique paintings, or medical equipment? Specialty moves require experience and specialized moving equipment. It is best to hire professionals for these special items to prevent damage or breakage.

Long-distance move: Examples of long-distance moves are moving from Gatineau to Ottawa, Montreal to Toronto, or Gatineau to the USA. Long-distance moves are more complex than local moves. Because they take longer to complete, movers charge higher rates which are based on the distance of travel and weight of your cargo.

Moving Packages and Services offered by movers

Movers understand that you have a budget. They also know you may want your move done in a particular way. For this reason, they allow you to customize your moving services to meet your needs.

You can pick from many moving services, as follows:

  • Moving truck only (with driver but will not help with your boxes)
  • Moving truck with movers 
  • Packing services
  • Turn-key moving

If you want to do your own packing, you only need a moving truck with movers. If you don’t want to lift a finger, you can choose a turn-key moving package.

Moving companies also offer complimentary moving supplies based on the package you choose. These may include free-to-use wardrobe boxes during the move. Some companies also rent reusable bins to use for packing.

Depending on the type of move you are planning, you need to hire the right movers! Compare moving quotes using our short online form and connect with the best Gatineau movers for you.

How much do movers cost in Gatineau?

Hiring moving companies cost, on average, from $785 to $1,400 for typical moves of less than 100 miles. This amount includes the moving truck rental and about $30-$35 for each mover on an hourly basis.

Moving prices depend on factors such as the distance you need to travel, the size of your house, and the weight of the items you are transporting.

Moving companies in Gatineau offer hourly moving rates for local moves. Many of them offer rates for moving to Toronto, Ottawa, and other locations. The key to finding the best moving rate is to get FREE quotes and compare them.

Below are the average prices charged by moving companies.

Moving service Description Average price
Moving truck only with driver but no help for loading or unloading boxes $80 – $110 per hour
Moving truck with 2 movers Local moves, hourly rate $90 – $130 per hour
Extra mover hourly rate $35-$45 per hour
Packing services hourly rate $35-$45 per man per hour

Note that whether your movers are packing for you, carrying your boxes, loading the truck, or driving your household belongings to a destination, local moving rates will apply.

Moving rates increase during peak times such as weekends, month-end, and holidays.

The number of movers needed depend on the size of your home. Hiring the right number of movers will get the move completed faster and more efficiently.

Moving companies may also require a minimum number of hours on the job. This means that the company has a minimum of 3 hours, your bill will still be for 3 hours even if it took only 2.5 hours to complete.

Further, they may also have add-on charges such as travel fee (usually 1 hour), and taxes.

When reviewing moving quotes, make sure to ask about add-on charges to avoid unpleasant surprises.

As a guide, we also present typical moving costs from our partner movers in 2024.

1-bedroom apartment/house$520-$650 
2-bedroom apartment/house$780-$1200

3-bedroom apartment/house


Note that these are merely average prices and amounts can vary depending on the items moved, east of access at the departure and destination points, weather, date and time, and distance.

Moving rates usually include moving blankets, bed bags, floor runners, wardrobe boxes, and standard moving insurance.

Review of moving companies in Gatineau

Would you like to see a glimpse of moving companies offering moving services in Gatineau?
We have rounded up a selection of movers for you to see what they offer and how much they cost.

Déménagement Maximum

A residential moving specialist, this company employs only top-notch movers. They are skilled at packing/unpacking, wrapping of furniture, and experienced in local and long-distance moving services.

Their office is open 7 days a week and offer very competitive prices for all types of moves.

Déménagement André Bélair

In business for over 28 years, this moving company specializes in moves from Ottawa to Gatineau and vice-versa. They also have a lot of experience for moves to Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto.

They serve a lot of residential and commercial moves and seniors moving to retirement homes.  

Because seniors need more attention when it comes to moving services, their skilled staff handle the packing and transport of all belongings so that seniors have nothing to worry about. For seniors relocating in or outside the Outaouais region, they offer reduced rates.

The company also proudly offers storage services for the safekeeping of your belongings.

Outaouais Moving, Inc

This moving company started small over 37 years ago and has grown tremendously over the years with moving services to most cities worldwide.

ISO certified, the company is committed to providing outstanding services to all of its customers.

Local moves are charged reasonable hourly rates but prices vary depending on the time of year. 

Aside from local and long-distance moving services, they also provide US cross border and international moves. They have a Canada Customs bonded warehouse space of more than 56,000 square feet.

Demenagement Select

This is a young moving company that offers local and long distance moving services in Gatineau. The company also offers a variety of moving supplies for their customers’ convenience.

Aside from moving services, heated storage with an alarm monitoring system is also available for short or long-term use.

What sets them apart is that unlike other movers, they don’t have a minimum price and charge hourly rates only for local moves.

Déménagement Gatineau Plus

This moving company prides itself as a fast, honest, and reliable moving company. 

As a Gatineau moving company, it is experienced in residential and commercial moves with an emphasis on excellent customer service.

Aside from transport, the company also offers full packing services and storage services, with several warehouses (heated and not heated).

Hercules Moving

This moving company offers household moving, commercial moving, cross country moving, international moving, and specialty moving services.

Its extensive array of moving services is impressive. The movers bring free shrink-wrap and other requested packing materials and plastic bins for your convenience.

They cover moves to Aylmer, Nepean, Gloucester, Ottawa, Lower Town, Carlington, and many other destinations.

If you want to do your own packing, you can simply purchase all of your packing materials from their comprehensive inventory.

Hercules Moving is a member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM).

We know that your move is very important and we want to connect you with reliable moving companies serving your area.

You need to compare multiple quotes so you can find the best deal and save on moving costs.

Keep in mind that when comparing quotes, don’t just look at the lowest quote but take the time to compare insurance coverage, services, reputation, and quality.

You can start by requesting FREE and NO COMMITMENT QUOTES using our short online form on this page.

We will be happy to connect you with the best Gatineau movers to handle your move for the best price.

How to select a moving company in Gatineau

Finding a moving company in Gatineau has never been easier. Our vast network consists of moving companies that were selected based on qualifications, license and insurance, reputation, customer service, and quality.

Before you select your movers, you need to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business. It is also important to know the company has a physical location and accurate contact numbers.

Fortunately, all our moving partners were carefully verified to assure you that you only receive moving quotes from registered and legitimate businesses.

When you fill out our online request form, we request multiple movers on your behalf to submit moving quotes for you to consider. When you have narrowed down your potential movers, make sure to ask questions:

  • Are there other miscellaneous charges?
  • Is this a guaranteed quote?
  • What is the insurance coverage provided for my belongings? 
  • Do I pay a downpayment?
  • Do I get free packing supplies like boxes, tape, and shrink wrap?

After interviewing your potential movers, check on reviews online to know what other customers have said about their work.

Remember that reputable movers will never ask you to pay full or in cash before your moving date.

Need help finding a mover in Gatineau?

You can easily get free moving quotes and consult professional movers from our network. Just fill out the form below and get connected with reliable movers near you.

Moving companies can tailor your moving services to suit your budget so don’t worry that movers will be expensive! You can choose the best hourly rates for local moves or compare free quotes for long- distance or cross-border moves.

Our moving partners will always find ways to help you save money on your move. Tell them what you need and plan your upcoming move with experienced pros!

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If you are looking for the best mover for you relocation, start by comparing free quotes from our moving partners today.

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