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8 June 2021,

Whether you are moving to Laval, Longueuil, Montreal, Quebec, or anywhere in Quebec Province, our network has numerous moving companies to assist you!

Called the Belle Province, Quebec is an exciting destination with much to offer in terms of employment, business, leisure, education, health, and tourism.

No wonder people from all walks of life across Canada move to Quebec to live, work, or study.

If you are moving locally or from another city, you need to find the best moving company to handle your move. As you are entrusting your life-long possessions to these professionals, it is important to choose a company you can trust.

We are proud to say that our moving partners are all licensed, insured, experienced, and reliable movers with hundreds of moves under their belts!

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Know what type of moving service you need


When planning a local or long distance move, so many things need to be considered, especially during this pandemic.

Whether we like it or not, health and safety must come first before savings or convenience. For this reason, hiring a moving company is more important than ever for moving to a new location.

But don’t worry- you can customize your moving services based on your needs. Moving companies allow you to choose specific services so you can save time and money.

Moving companies offer the following services for your convenience:

·         Moving truck rental with 2 or more movers

·         Packing services

·         Specialty moving (Piano moving, pool table, special equipment, etc.)

·         Turn-key moving package (packing, loading/unloading, transport, clean-up)

·         Moving supplies (moving boxes, reusable bins, wardrobe boxes, packing tape, peanuts, runners, mattress covers, etc.)

Moving trucks also come in different sizes. Don’t be surprised if moving companies have different prices for moving truck rentals.

Make sure to hire the right size of moving truck to save on the number of trips.

Thus, when booking a moving company, you can choose to turn-key service so you can just sit back and relax during the move. You can also just book a moving truck with movers for your moving day.

Do you need local or long distance movers?


If you are moving, it is important to know what type of move you need to make. Don’t think that the cost of your move is only based on the size of your home. The distance you will travel is one of the most important factors in determining how much you will pay your movers.

In this regard, you need to know the 3 types of moves – local, long distance, and interstate. Knowing your type of move will also help you contact the right moving company to hire.

What are local moves?

Local moves are usually below 50 miles (80 kilometres). This is the most common type of move such as if you are moving down the street, to another part of town, or a block or two away.

Moving companies charge an hourly rate for local moves. Their rates are based on the size of their moving truck and the number of movers included.

For local moves, movers may also charge a travel fee (usually from their office to your home and back) as well as moving supplies.

Because many people consider local moves to be really simple in nature, they get tempted to use part time movers to save a few bucks. This is not advisable because the risk of damage increases when you use inexperienced movers or those without the right equipment. You can also fall prey to fly-by-night movers who will charge you more than agreed upon after your move is completed.

Below is a table that shows the average prices of local moving services in Quebec.


Standard Cost of Local Moves in Quebec




Moving truck (20 feet) with driver + 2 movers

$100 – $130 per hour

Moving truck with 3 movers

$135 – $175 per hour

Additional mover

$30- 40 per hour per man

Miscellaneous (travel allowance)

Depends on the distance, calculated by the moving company
Usually calculated as 1 hour

Minimum hours required

2-3 hours depending on the moving company

* above rates are based on 12 ft. to 16 ft. trucks
* rates and truck sizes vary among moving companies

The months of June and July (especially around July 1st) are very busy months for moving in Quebec. During these times, prices of moving companies increase and can go as high as $200 an hour or more.

How much is a local move?

Thus, if you are moving out of your apartment to the next block and you are able to complete the move within 3 hours, you could pay from $270 to $360 plus travel time.

Many moving companies offer local moving deals that include a few moving supplies such as wardrobe boxes and tape.

Note that the bigger your home, the longer it will take to complete your move. You may also require additional movers to assist you. The cost of a big move will be more than a studio or 2-bedroom apartment.

What are long-distance moves?

Long distance moves can be within Quebec province but exceeding 80-100 kilometers or to another province such as Ontario or Alberta.

An example of a long distance move would be from Montreal to Quebec or from Montreal to Ottawa or Calgary.

Moving companies don’t charge hourly rates for long distance moves. Rather, they calculate the distance and the weight of your cargo to estimate the cost of your move. Moving companies have set rates calculated against how many cubic feet your inventory is.

When you book a mover for a long distance move, he will need to have an idea of what you cargo includes. He can also estimate the cost based on the number of rooms in your home.

Usually, a moving company will provide you with an estimate or a quote but the final price will be determined once your cargo is loaded to the moving truck.

Movers can also provide everything you need to pack your things such as paper, adhesive tape, boxes, etc.) Some movers also rent out reusable bins.

The average cost of a move from Montreal to Quebec is from $1,000 to $1,300 while a move from Montreal to Toronto is from $1,700 to $2,800.

It is difficult to give the exact price of a long distance move from one city to another. The price will depend on the date of the move, the weight of your belongings, and other factors.

Our network consists of licensed and insured moving companies serving Quebec and across Canada.

The best way to know the cost of your long distance move is to get free and no-obligation quotes using our short online form.

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Choose a good moving company in Quebec


You need to be careful when choosing a moving company to handle your move. You can check with the Office de la  protection du consommateur (OPC) for any outstanding complaints about the company. You can also check with the Association du Cammionage du Quebec if the moving company is registered and reputable.

Moving companies are required to have a business license, business insurance, and a physical location. Always verify contact numbers of the company and online reviews from previous customers.

Avoid dealing with part-time movers to ensure a safe and stress-free move.

Our network has numerous moving company partners in Quebec who were verified based on their qualifications, experience, track record, and customer service. Our goal is to connect you with reliable moving companies who can deliver a convenient, high-quality, and reasonably-priced moving service.

Due to the pandemic, movers have made it convenient and safe for customers by offering virtual visits instead of physically visiting your home to inspect your inventory.

Review of Quebec moving companies


You can find many moving companies in Quebec that offer a variety of moving services. Their prices don’t vary widely but the quality of their services do.

Thus, you need to find the right moving company for your relocation to make sure your belongings are safe and that your move is convenient and hassle-free.

Below are a few moving companies in Quebec for you to consider.


Top Movers in Quebec: Home or Business Relocation Services

Déménagement Le Clan Panneton (The Moving Clan)

 For over 40 years, this moving company has been serving the Greater Montreal Area and later branched out to Quebec and Gatineau.

The company offers moving trucks and movers for all types of relocation locally or long distance. For your convenience, the company provides storage services, packing services, moving services, and other complementary services.

As a testament to its excellent operations, the company has been awarded the Consumer’s Choice Award for Quebec Province.

When moving with this moving company in Montreal or throughout Quebec, their insurance coverage with Intact Insurance assures you that your assets are in good hands.

Monette Express Quebec

This moving company offers long distance and international moving services to residents of Montreal, Beauce, Saguenay, Rimouski, Gaspe, Lac Saint-Jean, Baie Comeau, Sept-Iles, and Drummondville.

For over 20 years, this moving company has been providing packing, residential moving, and commercial moving services.

Their movers are trained by Allied Van Lines, an indication of experience and skills in all types of moving services.

Their moving rates are parallel to industry standards and are guaranteed to provide you with a safe and hassle-free relocation.

 Déménagement La Capitale Québec

 Also called DLC, the company is a major source of relocation services in the province. They boast a helpful and friendly team of movers with superior moving services at reasonable prices.

They also offer a 10% discount to seniors!

Along with moving trucks and movers for your convenience, the company also offers moving supplies at great prices.

The company’s moving trucks are adequately equipped and clean at all times with permits from the Commission des Transports du Québec, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and New Brunswick.

 Nap Giroux Inc.

As one of the oldest family-run moving companies in Quebec, Nap Giroux has a fleet of vehicles to meet all types of moves. From small cube trucks to 30 feet trucks, the company can provide you with the moving truck with movers you need for a stress-free move.

This company has conducted residential, commercial, and industrial moves with success and also offers storage services for your convenience.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, this moving company makes a free estimate of your move through video conference or other online applications.

 Internic Moving Services

This moving company has been in business for almost 30 years with offices in Montreal and Quebec.

They offer local and long distance moving services at very competitive prices.

The company is a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM) and the Asian Relocation Association.

Take advantage of their low prices for packing, crating, transport, and storage services. Their warehouse is heated and has a total of 25000 square feet with a state-of-the-art alarm system.

 Déménagement Alex Lajeunesse

Located in Quebec City, this moving company was established in 1949 and offers local and long distance moving services throughout the province.

The company also provides short or long-term storage services at reasonable prices.

You can trust this moving company for all types of residential or commercial moving services for the best relocation experience.

Hercules Moving Company

For moving services anywhere in Montreal, you can count on this moving company to do the job. The company offers piano moving, student moves, apartment or condo moving, and even long distance or international moves.

The company can also take care of your moving supplies delivered to your doorstep for convenience, packing and unpacking, turn-key moving service, and even clean-up post-move.

As you can see, you can leave the whole process of moving in their very capable hands.

The best way to know the cost of your relocation is to compare multiple quotes from various moving companies serving your area.

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FAQs about Moving Services in Quebec

If you are planning a move, the following FAQs about moving in Quebec will be very helpful to you to ensure a smooth and convenient move.

Do I need to hire movers?

While you are not obligated to hire movers for your move, it is the best way to ensure a smooth and successful relocation. Depending on how many belongings you have and the distance you will travel, your choices are to hire a truck and drive it, ask friends to help you out, or entrust the move to professionals.

Hiring professionals for a small or large move is the most convenient and easiest way to move your home or office and can even be more economical than a DIY or self-move. Professionals work faster and have the right equipment to get the move completed in less time and without any accidents.

Can friends help me move to a new apartment?

Depending on restrictions in your area, friends may be allowed to help you move as long as you follow social distancing and other health protocols.

What is the average hourly rate for moving in Quebec?

The hourly rate for moving locally in Quebec depends on the size of truck you need and the number of movers required. As an example, a small truck with 2 movers can cost from $90 to $120 and this amount can increase in the summer or during peak times. Rates of moving companies vary so the best way to get the cost of your move is to request free moving quotes using our short online form.

Where can I donate household items I don’t wish to bring when I move?

Some household items can be donated if you don’t wish to bring them when you move. You can find donation pick-up services using this link.

What does a full-service move include?

A full service move will include packing and unpacking services, assembly and disassembly of your furniture, loading and unloading to the truck, transport of your belongings, and disposal of packing materials.

What is the average time to complete professional packing of a 3-bedroom home?

Professional movers are skilled in packing and can complete the job of packing up a 3 bedroom home in 6 to 8 hours. Of course, it also takes this amount of time to unpack everything when your boxes arrive in your new home.

What is the insurance offered by moving companies?

Most movers provide basic insurance coverage ($0.40 per pound) of your belongings. Higher insurance coverage can be arranged for an additional price. You should also check the coverage under your homeowners’ insurance, if any.

What questions should I ask the movers before the move?

Some people complain that their movers didn’t tell them something important before a move. Thus, you should make sure to ask questions such as additional fees for your move (some movers charge for stairs, elevator, travel time) aside from the hourly rate and if they have a minimum number of hours for the move. If you are making a long distance move, ask movers what happens if your cargo does not arrive on time and if the moving quote is guaranteed.

Are moving quotes guaranteed?

It is easier to calculate the cost of local moves because they are based on hourly rates. Most moving companies can estimate the number of hours it will take to conduct your move based on your location and destination and the size of your move. Of course, allowances must be given for factors like traffic, parking, etc. For long distance moves, moving companies can give a guaranteed quote or a not-to-exceed quote based on an inspection of your inventory. The final price will be calculated once your cargo is loaded onto the truck and weighed.

Why do moving companies have different prices?

Not all moving companies are equal. Hence, their prices vary based on the size of the moving company, the quality of their movers and equipment, and other factors like insurance and services. Please remember that cheaper is not always better and you should carefully check the quality of a moving company before you hire one.

Save Money with Professional Moving Companies


Did you know that you can save money when you move with professional moving companies than doing a DIY move?

That’s right – you can save money with professional movers because they work faster, have the right equipment to pack and load your belongings quickly, and know what they are doing!

Furthermore, breakage and damage to your belongings can be avoided unlike when you ask friends to help you or you make the move on your own.

Avoid the hassle of picking-up and dropping-off a rental truck and doing all the loading and unloading of your furniture and boxes by yourself!

Moving on your own is not a joke and can result in damage to your possessions or worse, injury to yourself!

Compare moving quotes from our partner moving companies by filling out the short online form below.

Our moving partners service all of Quebec, including:

·         Montreal

·         Quebec

·         Gatineau

·         Laval

·         Trois-Rivieres

·         Sherbrooke

·         Levis

And so much more!

You can save as much as 40% to 60% when you compare multiple quotes from reliable moving companies serving your area.

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