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7 July 2021,

Sherbrooke is the 6th biggest city in Quebec Province while Sherbrooke Metropolitan Area consisting of Sherbrooke, Magog, and Waterville is the 4th biggest metropolitan area in Quebec.

Numerous people move to Sherbrooke due to its employment opportunities and cultural attractions. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, it is a wonderful place to live. It is no wonder that moving services are in high demand in this area for local and long-distance moving.

If you are planning to move to Sherbrooke, we have partner moving companies that offer residential and office moving services.

Movers in Sherbrooke offer a variety of moving services to make relocation painless, easy, and fast!

You can hire movers for:

·         Packing services

·         Crating services

·         Piano moving/ Pool table moving

·         Moving truck with movers

·         Moving truck only

·         Local moving

·         Long-distance moving

·         Cross-border moving

Moving services don’t cost as much as you may think.  Movers offer hourly rates for local moves and flat rates for long-distance moves based on the distance of travel and the weight of your shipment.

Before you decide to DIY your move, compare FREE and NO-OBLIGATION QUOTES from reliable movers in Sherbrooke.

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Why hire movers in Sherbrooke for your move


Moving can easily be one of the most difficult things we need to do.  They can be so stressful that many people swear never to move again after an exhausting and expensive move. Unfortunately, moving cannot be avoided at times due to work or personal reasons.

But don’t lose heart! Moving can be a lot less stressful with help from professional movers.

The last time you moved 5 years ago may have been exhausting because you did everything by yourself. This time, you can make it easier by asking a professional moving company in Sherbrooke to handle your move.

Whether you are moving locally or to another city in Quebec, Ottawa, or anywhere in Canada, movers can help from start to finish.

Ask movers to disassemble and wrap your furniture, and pack your belongings before moving day. This gives you time to focus on a million other tasks you need to do for your work, children’s schools, medical records, bank, etc.

On moving day, the movers will arrive to load and unload your household goods into the truck. This means you won’t need to do the heavy lifting.

You can simply relax until your belongings arrive at your new address.

Aside from the convenience that hiring movers provide, you can also benefit from the peace of mind you get. You can avoid damage to your belongings during transport when experienced movers are in charge of your belongings.

If something unfortunate happens, your goods are covered by moving insurance from the moving company.

Do you really want to do all the packing and loading by yourself? Would you like to avoid driving a large truck filled with your worldly goods?

The solution is simple – hire a Sherbrooke moving company to help with your move!

The cost of professional movers in Sherbrooke


When considering to hire professional movers, the first question that pops up in your mind is, “How much will it cost me?” This is natural because you have a budget to consider.

Let us explain to you how movers in Sherbrooke calculate the cost of your move.

Local moving costs in Sherbrooke

A local move is when the distance of travel is not more than 70 to 80 kilometers. For this type of move, moving companies charge fixed hourly rates for a moving truck with a driver or a moving truck with 2 or 3 movers.

When movers arrive in your home, the billable time starts. They will start to pack and wrap your belongings or if you have done that already, they will start to load everything into the moving truck. Once your belongings are safely delivered and unloaded in your new address, the moving company will calculate the number of hours times the fixed hourly rate. Most movers charge an extra hour for travel time to cover the travel cost from their office to your home.

What about moving supplies?

Generally, moving companies provide free shrink wrap and tape and free use of wardrobe boxes. Other equipment such as dollies, lifting strap, and other tools are also used free of charge. Moving boxes are sold by moving companies so you can buy from them or find your own.

Several moving companies also rent reusable bins you can use to pack your belongings. This option is popular because of the convenience and the benefits to the environment.

For local moves, movers offer turn-key moving services wherein the moving company handles every aspect of your move from start to finish. This includes professional packing, moving truck and movers, and transport of your goods.

Long-distance moving in Sherbrooke

Whether you are moving from Sherbrooke to Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or to the USA, long-distance movers in Sherbrooke can help you relocate easily.

Since long-distance moves are more complex than local moves, they require more preparation. Your goods must be packed efficiently and well so that they don’t break or get damaged during the long travel. It is also important to have a packing system so that things are easier to find when you unpack them.

Moving companies offer turn-key long-distance moving services which include packing, crating, loading and unloading, piano moving, and transport.

Unlike local moves, the cost of a long-distance move is estimated based on your inventory and the distance of travel. Movers will need to know how much you are moving and your destination.

Weight times Distance is the formula that movers use to calculate your moving bill.

Moving companies make regular trips from Sherbrooke to Montreal, Gatineau, Ottawa, Toronto, and other Canadian cities.

How do movers get the weight of your belongings?

How will movers determine the weight of your cargo to estimate the cost of your move?

When you ask for a moving quote, the moving company will ask for an inventory of your goods. They would also want to see the rooms of your house (to see the contents) via video or photos.

In the past, movers conducted a physical assessment in your home but because of current health risks, movers use photos or video instead.

As you may realize, the moving quote may not be 100% accurate that is why it is called an estimate. The moving company will do its best to provide a nearly accurate quote to give you an idea of the potential cost. Your moving bill will be finalized on moving day when your cargo is loaded and weighed on the truck.

To save on your moving costs, it is advisable to reduce the weight of your shipment by disposing of items you no longer need. Make sure to advise the moving company if you have a special item such as a piano, a pool table, a safe, or other heavy or valuable items.

Some moving companies can also provide consolidated moving to help you save on long-distance moving costs. They schedule 2 or 3 moves in the same direction on the same day for 1 moving truck and this can reduce your expenses by as much as 40% to 60%. You need to be flexible about the moving date.

Moving rates in Sherbrooke

If you are looking for a local moving company to move within Sherbrooke, you will want to know how much movers charge.

Below you will find the average moving rates from movers for local moves.  Please note that the prices below are off-season (August to April).

Moving truck only$65 – $75 per hour
Moving truck with 2 movers$100-$135 per hour
Moving truck with 3 movers$135-$160 per hour
Additional mover$30-$40 per hour

It is also important to note that majority of moving companies have a minimum 3-hour work policy. They also charge 1 hour for travel. This means that if your move was finished in 3 hours, the total billable time is 4 hours.

Moving rates drastically increase in the summer, especially around July 1.

Piano Moving and Specialized Services

Moving a piano is meticulous and delicate work. Special equipment will also be needed to lift and move a piano. Proper packing is also essential during transport, especially if you are moving a piano across the country.

Piano moving companies specialize in moving upright pianos, grand pianos, and harpsichord. If you need to move any of these musical instruments, it is necessary to entrust this responsibility to experienced and reputable moving companies.

Below you will find the average prices to move a piano in Sherbrooke.

Upright piano moving$300- $600
Grand piano moving$350-$1,000
Harpsichord moving$450-$1,000

If you are moving house locally with a piano or harpsichord, the moving company will charge the hourly rates plus a fee for moving the piano.

How do professional movers move a piano?

Professional movers understand the material and emotional value of a piano to its owner.  Thus, they take great care in planning how to move your instrument.

First, a good mover will consider the type of piano, its current location (will it be brought down from an upper floor?), its proximity to the front door and the moving truck outside.

They will be ready with the necessary dollies, moving/lifting straps, skid board, etc.

On moving day, the movers will dismantle the piano parts and protect them with moving blankets and film packaging. The piano is placed on a skid board to prevent damage from contact with the floor or ground. Finally, it is strapped to a skid board, lifted to a dolly, and brought to the moving truck.

During transport, the piano will be properly secured for protection during the ride.

Moving companies provide insurance to your goods during a move. However, the level of insurance varies from one moving company to another. Always ask about the insurance coverage, especially if you are moving a valuable instrument such as a piano.

Insurance can be basic or replacement value, depending on your moving company. You can also ask for additional options to increase the insurance for your move.

Best Moving Trucks in Sherbrooke for your move


Not all moving trucks are equal. For your move, you want to make sure that the moving truck provided by your moving company is of the right size to save on time.  You also want your goods to be placed safely and properly onto the truck and not just piled haphazardly.

If the truck is too small for the size of your move, the movers will need to make 2 or 3 trips to complete your move. This means your billable time will increase.


Good moving companies will have a fleet of trucks of various sizes and will send the right one for your move.

10 to 12 feet 380 to 450 cubic feet  3,000 to 3,500 pounds Good for a studio, small condo, 1-bedroom
 14 to 17 feet  650 to 850 cubic feet  3,000 to 6,000 pounds small homes (1-2 bedrooms)
20 to 26 feet 1,000-1,600 cubic feet 5,000 to 7,000 pounds 3-bedroom homes or larger

When selecting the size of a moving truck, larger is generally better. For a local move, the difference in the price of one truck to another is just a few dollars so it makes more sense to pay a bit more for more space.

Talk to your moving company about the moving truck to be provided for your move. You also want to make sure that the truck is spotlessly clean for the protection and safety of your belongings.

Our moving partners have all sizes of moving trucks and maintain well-equipped and clean trucks that are registered with the Commission des transports du Quebec.

FAQS about moving services in Sherbrooke

When planning a move, it is important to know all the facts so you can avoid delays and problems that could cost you money and headaches.

Below are some of the most popular questions about moving services in Sherbrooke answered by our reliable moving partners for your guidance.

Can I book a last-minute move?

Last-minute moves sometimes happen because the original mover didn’t show up or a problem has occurred in the home and the family needs to move out.

Movers in Sherbrooke accept last-minute moves without any price incease. For many movers, they have trucks out on a job that can accommodate your move as soon as they become available. Sometimes, movers can arrive for a last-minute move within minutes.

Can moving companies move a single item?

Yes, some movers accept single items such as a piece of furniture, a few boxes, a safe, etc.

How soon should I book a moving company in Sherbrooke?

It all depends on the date of your move. If you are moving off-peak (from August to April), it is fairly easy to book your move. You can start searching for a good mover a week or two before your moving date. Get multiple quotes from movers using our short online form to find the best prices.

But if you are moving in the summer, particularly on a weekend or around July 1, you need to book way ahead of time. Movers are fully-booked during this period and you don’t want to just settle for any available mover.

Booking a moving company ahead of time also gives you a lot of time to prepare and avoid last-minute hassles.

Is my move from Sherbrooke considered long-distance moving?

In general, a move exceeding 60 kilometers is considered a long-distance move. This can vary among moving companies.

Moves from Sherbrooke to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, or Halifax are long-distance moves.

What can I do if I can’t take all my furniture when I move because I am moving to a smaller home?

If downsizing after a move and you won’t have enough space, you have the option to sell or donate some of your belongings. You also have the option to lease storage space from moving companies for valuables you don’t want to part with permanently. Movers offer storage services on a monthly or yearly basis.

Moving companies maintain clean, climate-controlled, and secure warehouses to store belongings without fear of loss or damage.

How do I choose a good moving company?

Choosing a good moving company is critical to ensure a safe, efficient, and economical move.

To find a good mover, we recommend comparing at least 3 moving quotes and check price, reputation, experience, and quality of services. Cheap is not always best as you want to get good value for your money. Ask about moving insurance from the moving company and check on customer reviews to see what their customers say about their services.

Can moving companies offer a moving truck only for a semi-DIY move?

Yes, many moving companies offer moving truck rental with a driver. This beats renting a U-Haul truck so you can still save on labor but avoid having to pick up and return the truck.

A moving truck rental from a moving company includes a driver but he will not help you load or unload your belongings. The rates for a moving truck rental for a local move are comparatively cheap and can save you time and money than a U-Haul rental. You also avoid liability for any accidents or being stranded on a road due to a truck breakdown.

Do I need to buy moving insurance?

Moving insurance is important to protect your goods. Check what insurance is provided by your moving company. You have the option to buy additional moving insurance if you feel it is not enough. You may also be covered by your home insurance policy but check with your insurer.

For a DIY move such as if you are renting a U-Haul truck, you may need to get moving insurance for protection from liability in case of an accident and for damage to your goods.

Do moving companies have hidden charges?

Good moving companies don’t have hidden charges. They will provide you with a written quote with a breakdown of all costs included.

It is important for you to discuss the details of your move with your movers such as if the building elevator has restrictions, parking restrictions, stairs, and if you are moving heavy items like a piano, safe, or pool table.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your moving company to make sure you understand what you will be paying for.

When do I pay the moving company?

Reputable moving companies will not ask you to pay for the moving services upfront. The fees are usually paid when your goods are delivered. However, most of them may require a small deposit to book your moving date.

Moving Quotes for Local or Long-Distance Moves


Now that you have a lot of information to help you plan your move, you can start comparing prices from moving companies. The goal is for you to find a reliable, honest, and efficient moving company that also offers reasonable moving rates.

We invite you to fill out the online form below to receive FREE AND NO-OBLIGATION quotes from our partner moving companies in Sherbrooke.

Based on details of your move such as moving date, destination, and other requirements, our partners will send you competitive quotes to suit your needs and budget.

Take the guesswork and stress out of moving by hiring a reliable moving company to handle your relocation!

Our moving partners serve:

·         Sherbrooke

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·         Saguenay

·         Longueuil

·         Laval

·         Ottawa

·         Toronto

·         and all other cities in Canada and beyond!

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