The risks of aging alone at home.
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3 July 2023,
The risks of aging alone at home.

Did you know that as of 2018, as many as 24.6% of the population in Canada lived alone?  Research also shows that as of 2021, the prevalence of solo living in Canada has increased even more, with the number of single households growing.

This trend has raised concerns about possible isolation, loneliness, and security or safety, especially among seniors.

Fortunately, several tools are now available in Canada to address these issues. They help older and at-risk individuals retain some level of independence and privacy without compromising their safety.  Residents of Quebec and Ontario are no exception.

These devices are most useful for seniors but they also help other individuals during emergencies, including:

  • Individuals living alone
  • Patients recovering from hospitalization
  • Individuals with decreased mobility
  • Individuals with memory, hearing, or vision problems 
  • Individuals with physical disabilities
  • Patients with medical conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, etc..
People in the above situations may not be able to call emergency services IMPORTANT to have a safety measure available to get help fast.

Did you know?

According to Statistics Canada, 20% to 30% of older Canadians experience a fall every year. 5,581 older adults died in 2019 because of fall-related injuries.

If you are an at-risk individual or have a family member in any of these situations mentioned above, don’t delay and find the best protection.

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Security Devices for the elderly in 2024

Elderly man and daughter.
Several processes and mechanisms have been established by reputable companies to improve the quality of life of seniors living at home. The most common services offered are identified below:

Automated call

Companies that specialize in senior safety and protection offer a free automated call service to seniors living at home. Calls can be scheduled and automated one or more times per day. In the event that the call would not receive an answer, a dispatcher would quickly carry out checks to ensure the well-being of the person concerned.

Call for friendship or comfort

Friendship or comfort calls are courtesy calls made by a dispatcher to check in and offer company to seniors in need.

Remote monitoring

Monitoring services are also available for seniors and at-risk individuals. With the use of panic buttons or medical alert systems, any user can press a help button to immediately receive help.

Distress calls are received by UL-certified monitoring centers in Canada with experienced emergency operators within seconds. They dispatch an ambulance to the location for medical emergencies or call the police or fire department when needed.

The security devices are worn by users at all times to get non-stop protection. They include wireless pendants, bracelets, or watches.

Fall detectors

More advanced devices offer automatic fall detection. This means that if the user falls and is unable to press the panic button or dial emergency services, the monitoring center automatically receives a possible fall alert.

The automatic notification of a potential distress situation concerning a senior who may be alone at home is critical. This prevents situations wherein an injured or ill senior is left unattended for hours or days. The importance of quick medical assistance cannot be emphasized enough because it has a big impact on the senior’s recovery and can even prevent death.

How to choose THE best option?

THE best option

Before choosing your security device, it is important to evaluate your needs or that of your loved one.

The preferences and expectations of the elderly person using the device must be taken into account. The budget for this protection measure also needs to be considered.

Compare offers from reliable security companies offering safety solutions for seniors throughout Ontario and Quebec! 

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Top 12 Senior Safety Systems from Security Companies

Variety of security devices for senior protection.

You will find many options for a senior safety system in your area. Security companies offer personal emergency response systems (PERS), medical alert systems, or fall detectors you can consider.

Not all of these systems are the same in the way they work; their prices are also different.

Below you will find the top 12 solutions for senior safety from reliable companies you can compare and choose from.


In operation since 1956, MedicAlert is always there for you or your loved ones to protect you during your most vulnerable moments!



Easy and immediate access to emergency operators

24-hour emergency assistance in a medical emergency

Fast transmission of medical information to first responders in an emergency

Medical ID

Wide variety of devices to choose from – pendant, bracelet, medallion, etc.


Many designs and colors to choose from



How does MedicAlert work? In an emergency, your information is relayed fast to responders, particularly critical health information including allergies, medications, etc., to ensure you get the best medical treatment fast.

Emergency responders are trained to look for medical IDs so they can obtain the information they need.

Philips Lifeline

Lifeline is Canada’s #1 medical alert service. It allows users to maintain the lifestyle they want while having access to emergency help around-the-clock.  Reliability is the core of their services, helping save more lives, and providing the best care possible.




A variety of protection plans to choose from

Monitoring centres operating 24-hours

Over 240 languages spoken by emergency operators

Wireless systems for home use and outside the home

45 years of experience in the industry

Offers fall detection systems

Recommended by over 90,000 health professionals in Canada

Offers medication dispenser

Lifeline is one of the more expensive systems on the market but it enjoys popularity because of its proven track record.

Telus Living Well Companion

Telus-Livingwell Companion is one of the fastest-growing personal emergency response systems in Canada. Their devices are easy to use and simple – press the help button in your device to be instantly connected to an emergency operator.

They can dispatch medical responders or the police to your location or contact a family member to help you in non-medical emergencies. Thus, you are never truly alone!

In 2020, TELUS Health acquired Direct Alert and became the biggest Canadian-owned provider of personal emergency response systems in the country.




Access to emergency services 24/7

24/7 Monitoring Services with well-trained emergency operators

Works with your home phone lines

Panic buttons

Water-resistant panic buttons

Fall detector

Affordable monthly plan

Medication reminder


SecurMEDIC is a discreet solution to independent and safe living for the elderly. For more than 15 years, this company has provided innovative and high-quality medical alert systems throughout Canada.




24/7 access to emergency services, 365 days a year

Independent and certified professional monitoring services

With back-up battery in case of power failure

Fall detection

Affordable monthly plans, 3 types of medical alert system subscription plans to choose from

Home invasion monitoring systems


Since 1989, LifeCall has been offering medical alert systems for elderly people, persons with disabilities or chronic illnesses, to maintain their autonomy and have a better quality of life. 




Over 40 years of industry experience


Water-resistant alert buttons

24/7, 365 days monitoring services

Canada-wide coverage

Wireless smoke detector

Fast access to medical and police responders

3 home-use packages
7 wireless solutions

Secure Life Canada

Secure Life Canada is a Quebec-based company offering medical surveillance systems 24/7.

Their affiliated monitoring center located in Quebec is at your disposal, regardless of the emergency situation that may arise. For Quebec, Canada, and the United States.




Connect easily to 24/7 emergency response centers

24/7 Monitoring services

Two-way voice communication

Wireless emergency buttons

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Beep Beep Panic Inc.

Also a Quebec company, Beep Beep Panic was established by Mr. Alain Diébold in 2007.  Their systems are designed to protect the elderly, handicapped, and at-risk individuals at affordable prices.



Offers subscriptions with no monthly fees

Wireless panic buttons

Competitive prices

Security systems

Emergency dialing system

Temperature sensors


Flood and motion detectors


GPS watches

 Galaxy Medical Alert System



Month-to-month contract

Advanced GPS tracking

24/7 access to emergency assistance

Fall detection

Over 25 years of experience with senior safety solutions

Personalized emergency response systems for different needs. 

Affordable packages

Cellular systems


Home systems

Life Assure

This Canadian company provides medical alert systems nationwide.  They use state-of-the-art technology while keeping their prices affordable.



No long-term contract required

24/7 monitoring services

Affordable rates

Medical alert systems

Fall detection

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is based in the United States. The company aims to empower elderly people while providing the assurance that help is always available to them.




Well-trained emergency operators

Water-resistant pendants

Versatile range of services and products to suit all types of budgets


No long-term contract required

Free caregiver platform


Global Security

Global Security is a well-established business in the security industry. It is the leading provider of ADT security systems in Canada. While they have higher fees than other competitors, this company provides advanced technologies and very reliable customer support.




Caregiver platform called EverThere

Professional monitoring services

24/7 access to Emergency Assistance

Advanced Fall Detection system

Bilingual operators

GPS tracking

Waterproof pendant or bracelet

Medication reminder


Home security systems

Numactive Medical Alert Systems

A Canadian company based in London, Ontario, this company offers affordable in-home systems and mobile medical alert systems.  





Canadian-owned and based


In-home systems and mobile systems

Exceptional customer service



Cutting-edge GPS tracking technology


Affordable pricing

Fall detection system


2-way voice communication


Extended battery life



Free daily device checking


As you can see, there is no shortage when it comes to options for senior safety devices. You can choose to buy a fall detection system or an in-home medical alert system, depending on your needs and budget.

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Fall detectors vs. Medical Alert Systems

Fall risk evaluation for senior safety.

A fall detection system is not your ordinary medical alert system. While it works in the same way as standard devices, meaning they connect you to a monitoring center when you press the panic button, they also offer enhanced protection.

Depending on the provider, a fall detection system uses fall technology to identify a possible fall and automatically sends an alert to the monitoring center. This occurs even if the user is unable to press the help button because he is injured or unconscious.

A fall detector has built-in parameters that measure factors such as speed of movement, height, resting position, etc. to differentiate normal action from a possible fall.

Once a fall alert is received by an emergency operator, he will attempt to verify the user’s status. At this point, the user can cancel the alert by reassuring he is fine or confirm that he needs help.

If no verification can be made, the monitoring center will dispatch emergency services.

Who should get a fall detector?

Some individuals have higher risks for falls. Elderly persons 65 years and above and those with a history of falls will benefit from a fall detector.

Individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes, stroke, hypertension, seizures, Parkinson’s, among others, will also benefit from a fall detection system.

Although fall detectors are more expensive than standard medical alert systems, their higher price is worth the enhanced protection they offer.  Fall detectors are mobile systems that can be used even when outdoors and can have other advanced technologies such as GPS tracking.

Find out which system is best suited to your needs by comparing multiple quotes today!

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Reasons to Choose a Monitored Medical Alert System

It is essential to choose a medical alert system that is connected to a central monitoring station.


While devices that are not connected to monitoring centres are cheap and have no monthly fees, they offer limited customer support and lower reliability.  These devices are usually automatic dialing systems that call 911 and family members or caregivers.


The reliability of these non-monitored devices depends largely on the availability of the persons on your contact list.  If the system dials 911 and the user cannot speak due to an injury or cannot remember details such as location, name, or other details, help will be delayed.

Being connected to a monitoring center that has your information on hand will allow you to get a faster response that can save your life!

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