We have received your quote request for your provident fund study and/or maintenance log.

We have forwarded your request to our best partner firm specialized in this type of project, which will be able to explain in detail how it will help your co-ownership prepare for the new requirements covered by Law 16.

We have already helped many co-owners go through the compliance process for the study of contingency funds. Here’s how it works in stages:

1. Our partner firm will contact you quickly to present its service offering, its prices and the steps to carry out the contingency fund study.

2. If you go ahead, you will need to provide certain documents to the firm (construction plans, balance of the provident fund, certificate of location of the building, declaration of co-ownership, etc.) so that it can be familiarize yourself with your building.

3. You will then need to make an appointment for the authorized professional to come and carry out a complete inspection of your co-ownership (condition of the various common components).

4. Finally, the authorized professional (or firm) will provide you with a complete report on the condition of your building, a study of the contingency fund as well as a maintenance log specifically designed for the needs of your building.

This is what awaits you! Our partner inspector takes care of the entire process and will make sure to answer all your questions and concerns. The objective is to provide you with a turnkey service to prepare you for Law 16 as simply and quickly as possible.

Watch your email box!

Thank you and good luck in your endeavors!


ce que nos clients pensent du service

Excellent service pour obtenir rapidement 3 soumissions professionnelles. Très satisfaite de la vente de mon condo.

Daniel Nadeau

En tant que courtière, j’ai beaucoup apprécié me faire référer des professionnels à Québec pour réaliser les visites virtuelles de mes propriétés à vendre. J’ai trouvé la bonne entreprise pour tous mes projets.

Chantal Bourassa

J’ai rapidement reçu des soumissions très claires d’entreprises qui inspiraient confiance. Mon choix se fera sous peu.

Emil Grenon