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Frequently asked questions from users

1- How do I know if I am eligible for legal aid
Scale of Annual Income (Gross)*
Solo Person $22,750
Adult + 1 child $27,834
Adult + 2 children or more $29,714
Spouses $31,661
Spouses + 1 child $35,424
Spouses + 2 children or more


2- What are the fees for a lawyer? Rates vary from lawyer to lawyer, depending on the area of practice, experience, and territory. Some lawyers offer a special rate for the first meeting. Others may offer pre-determined packages based on your case. The majority, however, offer their service at an hourly rate that can be from $130 to $400, depending on the lawyer. To avoid any surprises, it is, therefore, essential to deal with the issue of fees from the first meeting with your lawyer.   Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions :   Thank you for trusting Compare Lawyers!