Beautiful door and windows in a new home.
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25 March 2024,

How much does it cost to replace Windows and Doors?

During winter time, one of the things homeowners dread is the spike in hydro and energy bills for heating the home.

A big reason for this fluctuation is heat loss through your home’s windows. Since windows consist of 25% of a standard home’s exterior, heat loss can be significant.

Beautiful door and windows in a new home.

For instance, homeowners in Ottawa spend around 55% of their energy costs on cooling and heating.  By understanding the ways your home uses energy can help you to lower your energy costs.  

Many experts will tell you that updating your windows and exterior doors is an efficient way to get this done.

If you want to know the cost to replace windows and doors, you can receive free and no-obligation quotes from reputable contractors. 

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Winterizing a Home to Prepare for the Cold Months

Glass storm door in house entrance.

Did you know that by winterizing your home, you can get it ready for Canada’s cold weather and save energy in the process?

One of the most important tasks is to get storm doors and windows. By doing this, you get a second layer of protection between several layers of glass and the cold air.  Windows that are 10 years old or more can be updated with double-paned windows or storm windows that can significantly reduce your energy bill.

Stop Heat Loss in the Home

Storm windows or doors can also stop cold drafts which rush in from outdoors via the cracks or gaps around windows and doors.

It is also important to seal cracks or gaps around windows and doors with a new layer of caulk or by weather-stripping around their frames.  Caulk depreciate over time and result in air drafts in the home.

For many homeowners, windows and door replacement is done simultaneously to get the most efficient outcome aesthetically and energy-wise.

The Price of Window and Door replacement

Beautiful bay windows for extra aesthetics.

You may not be aware that a pane of glass can have 10 times more heat loss than an insulated wall similar in size.  Heated or warm air is much lighter and can move up to the rooms of the home while cold air is heavy and tends to move to the ground.

To a homeowner like yourself, the replacement of windows can seem expensive.  The cost can range from $300 to over $3,000 for each window.  The average cost is around $800-$1,000.  

Despite the hefty price, replacing doors and windows can reduce energy bills in the long term and even increase the resale value of your property.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Window Replacement

Labor costs for window replacement.

Window replacement cost is influenced by several factors namely:

  • The type of windows;

  • Size of the windows;

  • Quantity of windows to be replaced;

  • Materials;

  • The condition of the home;

  • Labor cost.

A DIY vinyl window to replace a single double-hung window will be cheaper than a professional high-end wood picture window.  Of course, the aesthetic quality, not to mention the durability of the latter will be higher than any DIY job.

Contractors understand that you have a budget to consider and will be happy to provide you with options to compare.  

Below you can see the average prices for windows replacement.

Standard Cost


Lowest Cost


Highest Cost

$1,600 – $3,000

*Estimates provided by our partner contractors based on past projects.

Average Window Replacement Cost Based on Type of Material

Professional installer of aluminum windows.

To help you get a better idea of the cost of a window replacement, below are potential price ranges.  Your choices in installation methods and materials will have a big impact on the cost.

Type of Material

Average Cost


$900 – $3,000


$800 – $1,600


$700 – $2,500

If you collect quotes for the replacement of your windows, you must specify your requirements.  What type of frame material do you desire? What type of window do you prefer?  

Select energy-efficient windows and the location of the windows in your home to get value for your money.  

Professionals can charge labor costs ranging from $350 to $900 per window or about $40 – $ 50 per window for each person.  A crew can consist of two technicians for the installation of a single unit on the ground floor which could take as little as an hour.

Characteristics of the Types of Window Materials

Windows with a view of the garden.

Not all windows are the same in terms of price, durability, insulation, aesthetics, etc. We enumerate the most common types of window materials for you to consider. 

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are one of the cheapest options for window frames on the market. They could cost from $700 to $5000++ although the average cost is around $900 to $3500 for each unit. Thus, aluminum is a good option for homeowners who want to save money. 

While they are less expensive than other types of window materials, they are less versatile and not as efficient as wood and vinyl.  

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are popular for modern homes as they are energy-efficient and can imitate the appearance of wooden windows

Prices for vinyl windows range from $400 to more than $3,000 but if you opt for double-hung windows it may cost $1,600 or less.

Fiberglass windows 

Durable, energy-efficient, and versatile, fiberglass windows are a great option but they are not highly-popular for one reason- they are more expensive.  They could cost from $500 to more than $4,000, with an average cost of over $2,000 per unit.

Below you can find prices of windows by type and size to compare so you can plan your budget.

Window Types, Features, & Average Costs

Picturesque double-hung windows in the kitchen.

Type of Window


Price Range

Average Cost

Picture windows

Customizable, usually larger than other window types

$200 – $1,200

$350 – $800

Single-hung windows

With top sash and movable bottom sash for ventilation

$350 – $2,000


Double-hung windows

Enhances air circulation,
with upper and lower sash

$500 – $2,200

$900 – $1,300

Casement windows

Operated with a crank and hinges to swing outward,

$350 – $2,200

$800 – $1,900

Sliding windows

Also called gliders, has 2 sashes (one is fixed and the other can be moved horizontally)
Easier to clean

$500 – $2,500

$800 – $2,000

Egress Windows

Can be used as an emergency exit
Installed in basements and attics

$350 – $1,500

$600 – $1,000

Skylight windows

Installed on a ceiling or roof
Can be operable or not

$900 – $2,400

$1,100 – $2,000

Storm windows

Designed to give extra protection and insulation

$250 – $600

$300 – $500

Bay windows

Protrude from the exterior wall to make a recessed space
usually larger with more panels

$2,000 – $7,000

$2,500 – $5,000

Hopper windows

Open inwards into the interior of the home

$500 – $1,800

$500 – $2,000

To get the cost of window replacement in your home, consider the number of windows you require and the labor costs in your area. For instance, if the type of window you need costs $1,000 per unit and you need 6, that will be $6,000 plus labor costs.

For a more accurate cost, you can receive multiple quotes from reputable contractors in our network at no cost or obligation.

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Types of Doors and their Prices

New home with wooden frame patio doors.

If you are planning a window replacement for your home, it is also a good idea to schedule a door replacement, too, to achieve more aesthetic value and maximize the benefits.

In Canada, a front door costs an average price of $2,500 (single door) but upscale exterior doors could cost well over $5,000.

Whether you need a patio door, entry door, or garage door, you have come to the right place!

Our partners offer door replacement services at reasonable prices.

Entry Door Types and Prices

Types and prices of front doors.

Is it time to replace your front door? You have a variety of options to choose from. Before you make a choice, you surely want to know what the best type of front door is or which type is the most energy-efficient.

Below is a breakdown of the costs of front or entry doors for your reference.

Wood Entry doors

Wooden doors are traditional and highly-popular.  And while they are pleasing to the eye, they require more maintenance to delay warping and rotting.

An engineered wooden door can cost from $250 to $600 without glass or extra decorative elements.   It won’t rust but will need regular upkeep and paint to retain the appearance you desire.  Solid wooden doors can add curb appeal.

Steel front doors

Steel doors are less popular for exterior doors but they are more inexpensive.  With costs that range from $200 to $500, they are economical and require less maintenance.  If you want to add glass or other decorative elements, a steel door can cost more than $2,500.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass doors are popular as entry doors and can mimic the appearance of wooden doors. They don’t need regular maintenance and are very durable.  As an added benefit, they provide good insulation.  The higher price of fiberglass doors can be offset by lower energy bills.

A standard fiberglass door could cost around $500 but this will increase if you want more decorative elements.  With an ornate fiberglass door, you can get more curb appeal and enhance your home’s warmth and welcome.

You can get detailed quotes for your front door installation by filling out our short online form today!

Benefits and Prices of Storm Doors

Durable glass storm door.

It is a great idea to add a storm door to a front or main door for more ventilation and visibility.  It can also provide additional insulation which can reduce energy costs.

Storm doors are sturdy and can withstand the harsh Canadian weather. They come with tempered glass, thick aluminum frames, deadbolts, and durable closers. They are also trimmed with weather-stripping to fill the gaps.

How much is a storm door? It costs an average of $400 to $1,000 to install a storm door. Request quotes to compare from our reputable partners by filling out the short online form on this page.

Best Patio Doors & Their Prices

Patio or garden sliding doors enhance natural light and ventilation. It gives you easier access to your backyard.  

Patio doors can be energy-efficient with a variety of moulds, colors, and panel choices to create a charming look for your home.

You can choose from a combination of 2 panels, 3 panels, or 4 panels to achieve the look and function you need.

The price for a sliding patio door is in the range of $1,000 for a small set to over $4,000 for larger sets.  Prices can also vary based on the quality of the glass and other features including energy-efficiency.

Patio doors don’t generally offer much security but with modern advancements, homeowners can now choose to install security bars and key locks.

A standard patio door costs from $1,500 up depending on the upgrades you choose.

Compare prices for patio sliding doors using our short online form at no cost or obligation!

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