Senior safety devices for wellness and peace of mind.
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3 July 2023,
Senior safety devices for wellness and peace of mind.
For elderly Canadians, falling is one of the most dangerous accidents to have inside the home or outdoors.  Statistics Canada reports that falls account for the majority of injuries among seniors, with 1 in 3 elderly people 65 years or older experiencing a fall every year. Further, the Public Health Agency of Canada reports that more than 30% of elderly patients with fall-related injuries wind up in long-term care. These statistics are alarming, especially if you have an aging parent or relative living alone. How can you prevent falls from happening? Fortunately, modern technologies can reduce the likelihood of falls or at the very least, protect seniors in the event of a fall. With one press of an emergency button or a fall alert sent to the monitoring center, a live and experienced operator will be on hand to assist. Do you need a simple medical alert system or a mobile system you can take anywhere you go? Our partner medical alert system companies can give you multiple options for home use or on-the-go. Read on to discover the ways you can protect your loved one with the right tools. You can fill out our short online form to receive FREE and NO-OBLIGATION quotes.

Getting a Medical Alert System & Fall Detector

Elderly man falls on the floor.

A medical alert system allows users to wear the device and enjoy an active and independent lifestyle or stay in the comfort of their homes without worry.

Caregivers or family members also get the reassurance that a senior can get help in an emergency with just a push of a button.

A medical alert system offers different levels of protection that can be tailored to the needs of a senior. Basic protection provides a panic button with 2-way voice communication that immediately connects to a monitoring center. If the user presses the panic button in an emergency, an experienced emergency operator will respond within seconds and get him the help he needs.

Higher Protection with Fall Detection

Of course, not all seniors have the same risks or concerns because their physical condition, mental condition, and health conditions vary.

As such, different seniors will require different levels of protection. Elderly people with a history of falls, those who take prescription medications with side effects and those who have mobility issues are at a greater risk for falls. In this case, a fall detector can significantly increase the level of protection in tandem with the panic button.

Let’s take a specific scenario to explore how a medical alert system with fall detection can protect a senior living alone.

Tom, 67 years old, lives alone and leads a semi-active lifestyle. He suffers from arthritis which limits his mobility but on good days, he enjoys taking short walks and going to the stores to buy supplies. He also enjoys the occasional get-together with friends for drinks or a meal.  He has hearing problems, which makes talking on a smartphone difficult even with his hearing aid.

Tom worries about not getting emergency assistance in case of a medical emergency.

With his medical alert system with fall detection, he is assured of 2 things. One, he can press the button in any type of emergency and ask for assistance. He is assured that on any day and time, an emergency operator will be on the line within seconds to assist him.

Second, he is assured that if he falls and is unable to press the panic button due to an injury or falls unconscious, the fall detector will alert the monitoring center of a potential fall. Thus, he will receive HELP even if he does not press the button.

Whether for a loved one or for yourself, think about the benefits to overall wellness and safety. Is there a history of falls or perhaps, a balance problem? A medical alert system with fall detection can be the best solution to ensure the safety of a loved one.

Explore the multiple solutions available anywhere in Canada for senior safety and protection. Fill out the form on this page to get your FREE QUOTES!

Key Features of Fall Detection Devices for Seniors

Male senior wearing medical alert pendant.

Whichever you choose for your medical alert system (there are many choices on the market), senior safety is the core mission of these systems. All of them begin with home protection.

At-home protection for seniors

The device can be a necklace or watch/bracelet with a help button to press in any emergency. It is important to check the range of the device to ensure it covers your entire home, no matter where you are.

The panic button has a built-in communication device which means you don’t need to get to a phone to call for help. An at-home system can have the panic button and fall detection but make sure to check because not all companies offer fall detection with their systems.

It is also good to know that one system can protect both husband and wife. You can just request an extra panic button for an additional charge.

Also noteworthy is the fact that standard or at-home systems can connect to the landline in your home or a cellular network.

On-the-Go Protection for seniors

Mobile systems offer on-the-go protection for seniors which means you get the same benefits when you are outside the home.

This extra protection allows seniors to travel anywhere in Canada without any worries. Reputable medical alert systems conveniently cover most of Canada with cellular reception.  Users can use the panic button to call for help while the fall detection feature will alert the monitoring center if the user experiences a fall.

GPS tracking

Another interesting feature of mobile medical alert systems is GPS tracking.  This technology allows the monitoring center to know your exact location if the user is disoriented or lost. This will allow medical or emergency responders to arrive at the destination faster.

Seniors who are at risk of wandering due to Alzheimer’s or other conditions will also benefit tremendously from GPS tracking.

 Fall Detection

Mobile systems with fall detection provide maximum protection to seniors who live a more active lifestyle.  Users can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about not getting help when they need it because nobody is around.

Devices with fall detection employ multiple parameters to distinguish normal movements such as sitting down or lying down from a fall. This prevents false alerts but if a false alert is triggered, the user can easily cancel the alert by speaking to the monitoring agent.

Round-the-clock monitoring services

Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a medical alert system is round-the-clock monitoring. You are assured that someone will always be seconds away when you call for help, day or night.

We can’t always rely on family members to be around because of work or personal needs. For this reason, a monitored medical alert system is the best solution as it will be your help buddy 24/7, 365 days of a year.

The cost of monitored medical alert systems with fall detection

Female emergency operator in a monitoring center.

When you have compared the various features of medical alert systems with fall detection, your next biggest concern would be the cost.

Fortunately, the price of many medical alert systems with fall detection across Canada has remained affordable. Considering that it is your life at stake, the cost is truly worth paying for.

Basically, companies offer two price models to their customers. Some companies require the purchase of the device and charge a monthly monitoring fee. Others don’t require an outright purchase but rather a lease plan with monitoring fees.

We have gathered below the prices of top medical alert systems with fall detection so you can compare and plan your purchase.

Top Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection

Company Name/
Product Name

Cost of Device

Installation Fee/ Activation Fee

Monthly Fees


SmartSafe Fall Detection System





Life Assure
Home Safe with Auto Alert





Mobile with GPS & Fall Detection

(one-time fee)



90 days minimum

Telus Livingwell Companion

In-the-Home with fall detection






1 year minimum


Home Safe with Auto Alert

On the Go with GPS and fall detection







Global Security

Numera Libris

(with fall detection & GPS)




36 months

As people age, the likelihood of falls increases. This is why many experts have designed tools to support elderly persons who want to retain their independence without compromising their safety.

Get one of these essential tools for seniors to have peace of mind while enjoying freedom and independence! Age at home safely with a reliable medical alert system with fall detection technology.

To find out your best options, request free quotes from our partners using our short online form today!

Who should buy a fall detection system for seniors?

Just like any other technology, fall detection is not fool-proof. But according to research, these devices detect at least 85% of elderly falls. Studies further show that devices worn close to the person’s center of gravity like a pendant or necklace work more accurately than a watch.

And just like other devices that aim to assist seniors like hearing aids, the person must be willing to wear the device at all times to get maximum protection.

As a high percentage of older adults will experience a fall at some point in their lives, fall detection is necessary, especially for:

  • Seniors who live alone

  • Older adults living with medical conditions that put them at risk

  • Seniors with a history of falls

  • Older adults who take prescription medications with side effects

  • Older adults recuperating from surgery or illness

  • Older adults living with disabilities

  • Older adults with muscle weakness or balance problems

The preferences and lifestyle of the intended user and his living situation are factors that will influence which fall detection system is appropriate.

Can a family member buy a medical alert system with fall detection for an elderly relative?  Yes, but it must be with the consent of the intended user.

You should also keep in mind that a fall detection device must also be part of a more comprehensive security plan which includes a home security alarm system.

How can you convince an aging relative to use a fall detector?

Convincing a senior to use a medical alert system.

The idea of using a medical alert system with fall detection must be broached to an elderly person with sensitivity.  Many seniors value their independence and privacy and may resist the idea of not being able to take care of themselves.

For many family members, the “peace of mind” argument works well in convincing an aging loved one. It is a real concern because most caregivers feel anxious when an aging relative is at home alone. In using this argument, a senior will not experience the “stigma” that their current health condition makes it mandatory for him to use a monitored device.

It is also important to let the senior participate in the selection of the medical alert system he or she will use.  By allowing a senior to be part of the decision-making process, he will be more receptive and cooperate with using the safety device at all times.

Compare Free Quotes for Fall Detection Devices

Whether you are buying a fall detection device for yourself or a loved one, it pays to compare multiple quotes, free of charge!

Our partner medical alert system companies will gladly provide you with competitive quotes to compare and choose from with no obligation to buy!

You can take your time in comparing these quotes to find the best system that suits your needs and budget!

Keep in mind that a medical alert system is designed to protect your loved one in case of a personal or medical emergency! It can save his or her life so taking the first step today is important.

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