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Are you paying more for your power bills than before? There is a great possibility that your furnace is not working as efficiently as it should.

An inefficient heating system can increase your monthly energy bill tremendously during the winter months.

To enjoy a cozy and comfortable home, you need a high-efficiency furnace with a high energy rating to reduce your energy consumption.

Certain requirements are important to improve the long-term cost of ownership and operation of your furnace. The right size of equipment must be selected to provide adequate cooking and heating requirements in the home.

If you have an older furnace and want to replace it with a higher-efficiency model, we have reliable and experienced HVAC contractors in Alberta and Edmonton to assist you.

These certified and licensed HVAC professionals will be able to recommend the right unit for your needs and install it according to applicable safety codes.

Investing in a new furnace for your home will save you a lot of money in the long term and give you peace of mind!

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When should you replace a furnace?


Many homeowners ask whether it is time to replace a furnace before the winter comes. Because of severe weather conditions, everyone wants to be sure their homes will stay warm.

The right time to replace a furnace is not the same for everyone.  It will depend on a few factors including:

• The possibility your furnace will break down

• Your monthly energy bills

• Your capacity to buy a new furnace

• The comfort level of your home

But while the above factors may seem vague, there are certain warning signs that you need to pay attention to so that you are not surprised by a sudden breakdown of your furnace.

#1- Your furnace is 15 years old or more.

A well-installed and maintained furnace can usually last around 15 years. In Edmonton and Calgary where the climate is really cold, furnaces work really hard for a big part of the year.

Before your furnace catches you by surprise, you can start shopping for a new furnace and find discounts or rebates to save money. Planning ahead can enable you to get a good deal and find a reputable contractor.

#2- You are paying expensive power bills.

Are you paying too much for your power bills? If your consumption has not changed but you see an increase in your power bill, it may be time for a furnace replacement.

Modern advancements have improved how much energy is needed to operate furnaces. The legal minimum in Canada for energy-efficiency is 90%. It is even possible to find a furnace with a higher energy-efficiency rating than the minimum. This means more savings for you monthly for your energy bill. 

#3- You pay for frequent repairs.

Repair bills add up over time, making it impractical to keep using an old furnace. Like any other equipment, a furnace depreciates over time. Consider the age of the furnace and the cost of repairs to decide if it makes more sense to invest in a new one.

#4- The furnace makes strange noises. 

A properly-working furnace operates quietly. If you hear pops and bangs, call an HVAC technician to check it out. Some of its parts may not be working properly anymore.

$5- Uneven temperatures the home.

A properly-working furnace can keep even or regular temperatures in the home. If some areas are cooler than the others, you may have problems with insulation or your equipment.

#6- Rust, Cracks, or Excessive Soot

If you see these signs, you need to get your furnace checked. It is possible that your furnace has become unsafe.

Your furnace burns fuel and produces carbon monoxide as a byproduct which is normally released through the vent safely. But if your furnace is old and has cracks, gas could be leaking into the house, posing a danger for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Watch out for these signs that indicate a furnace replacement. You can find high-efficiency models that suit your needs and budget. The cost of a furnace replacement can pay for itself over time in terms of savings from repair and energy bills.

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Top Furnaces in Calgary and Edmonton to Compare


Are you wondering how to pick the right furnace for your home?

When shopping for a new furnace, you will find many suitable and very efficient models with different sizes and prices.

It is best to consult an HVAC contractor to make sure that the furnace is right in size for your needs.

Below you will find some of the most popular models of furnaces in the market and how much they cost.


Lennox furnaces are expensive than other brands but they are known to be more durable, efficient, and reliable.

They boast of efficient and quiet systems with extensive warranties that give more value for your money.

Their models have at least 92% to as high as 98.7% AFUE in energy efficiency. They offer many Energy Star certified models and units to choose from.  The savings on energy bills you can make from a Lennox furnace can offset its higher price.

Lennox models have a limited 10-year warranty for parts and a lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger.

Prices range from $3,200 to $7,500 inclusive of labor and materials for installation.


The company offers high-efficiency units that help you save on energy bills.  This brand is world-renowned and is famous for reliability, durability, and comfort.

Their models offer an ideal humidity system with independent humidity control and a Smart Evap technology that reduces humidity by 10% during humid seasons.

The models also have limited 10-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger. 

Their prices range from $3,500 to $8,000, including installation costs.


Goodman is known for its well-built furnaces and attract price-conscious consumers. 

Their units offer 92% to 98% AFUE and carry substantial warranties.  One advantage of Goodman furnaces is that repairs are said to be minimal over their lifetime and parts are always available.  

For their price tier, Goodman furnaces are said to be among the best. Their prices range from $2,500 to $5,000, including installation.


These high-efficiency furnaces are relatively affordable with at least 92% AFUE.

An affiliate of Carrier, the company is very competitive in terms of price and reliability. Many of the models offer special features such as Wi-Fi -enabled control on their premium models and a No Hassle Replacement policy.

Some of their models carry a 10-year replacement warranty and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. 

They have single-stage, 2-stage, and modulating furnaces.

Their prices range from $3,000 to $6,000, installation included.

American Standard

This company makes high-quality units with superior durability among the mid-range tier of furnaces. Selected models have remote monitoring, variable speed blowers and customized humidity control.

Their units have limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a maximum of 20 years for internal parts for certain models.

Their prices range from $3,700 to $6,000, installation included.


Bryant offers a wide range of energy-efficient furnaces with Energy Star ratings. 

Featuring 2-stage heating and Fan On Plus technology, their units operate quietly with controlled humidity levels.

Their units under the high efficiency category have 10-year limited warranty on parts under the high efficiency category and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.

The furnaces of Bryant cost from $3,000 to $6,500 with installation.


Trane offers reliable and affordable furnaces with a wide range of models for all types of budgets.  Their units are designed to lower maintenance costs for the end-users.

Trane’s furnaces are efficient in maintaining temperature and humidity levels with remote access heating systems.

Armstrong Air

This manufacturing company has a favorable reputation among tradesmen and technicians who partial to Lennox furnaces. Their units have from 92 to 98% AFUE and carry good warranties. Some of their models also have Energy Star ratings.

It is known to be a reliable brand with high value vis-à-vis its affordable prices. 

Their furnaces start at $2,500 to $4,700, including installation.

You can find high-quality furnaces at affordable prices when you compare multiple quotes from our reputable HVAC partners.

The cost of installing a furnace will depend on other factors like ductwork required, the size and model you select, and your home’s configuration.

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What factors affect the cost of a furnace installation?



As you have seen earlier, the many furnace manufacturers have different products and prices. 

Many homeowners worry about spending thousands of dollars on their furnace replacement as each HVAC company may give a different price.

This in quite normal because there are several factors that can affect the final price of a furnace installation.

When you look at these different prices, you may ask why and what the reasons are for these dramatic price changes.

Factors that affect the price of a furnace installation

The brand and model of your furnace

Just like any other industry, furnace manufacturers compete for your business and they offer products that vary in performance and price.

The lifespan, warranties, efficiency, and quality of these furnaces are not equal.

The higher-efficiency furnaces provide lower energy bills and more savings in the long term. They are also higher in price.

The size of your home

The bigger your home, the bigger the furnace you require to maintain the temperature needed during those cold winter months. Experienced HVAC contractors can recommend the right size of furnace you need.

Type of Furnace

Manufacturers offer different types of furnace – one stage, 2-Stage, Two-Stage with an (ECM) and a Modulating Furnace. Each of these may have similar BTUs but their energy savings are different.

Energy Efficiency Alberta recommends the purchase of a furnace with a high-efficiency motor (ECM) as it can potentially save as much as 15% of your energy consumption.

Many contractors charge a flat rate for removing the old furnace but some include this in their service charge. It is important to ask your HVAC contractor about the removal of the old unit.

The fee also includes necessary permits and gas lines.

While a bigger furnace is not always the best choice, installing the wrong type of furnace in your home can result in future issues and headaches. These issues include abnormal furnace cycles, cold spots, and higher energy bills.

It is best to find a reputable HVAC contractor to assist you in a furnace replacement. Get multiple quotes, research the company you want to hire, and understand the quality of the furnace you are buying.

To get started, you can ask for FREE and NO OBLIGATION quotes from our reliable HVAC partners using our short online form!

Incentives for Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

Alberta offers homeowners with various incentives in the form of rebates and grants for energy-efficiency upgrades.

If you want to save money on energy bills while also saving the environment, check the list of programs that can help you finance your project.

The Energy Efficiency Alberta Home Improvement Program or EEA provides the following:
• As much as $1,500 for new windows, $1,000 on tankless water heaters, and up to $3,500 on new insulation, etc.
• Rebates for water heating, furnaces, home heating, etc.
• Bonus rebate of $1,000 of 3 or more upgrades are done within 18 months of the Energuide evaluation resulting in a minimum of 3GJ energy savings each.
• $75 rebate on qualified furnaces with electrically commutated motor (ECM) purchased after January 15, 2018
• $75 rebate on Smart Thermostats
• $500 rebate with a complete home energy audit (furnace, roof, windows, HVAC systems)

Don’t you think it is about time to become a smart homeowner and have an energy-efficient home starting with a furnace replacement?

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FAQs about furnace replacement with professionals


We have gathered a few FAQs about professional furnace replacement to help you find the right furnace that suits you. We also hope to help you look for the right contractor you can trust with your project.

Why does my furnace shut down before the right temperature is reached?

It could be due to a number of reasons. A forced air furnace has several switches to ensure safe combustion of gases for heating your home. The furnace can automatically shut down when the temperature, CO level, and airflow are below normal levels.

Other reasons could also include a dirty filter or improper installation or a crack in the heat exchanger. It is best to consult an HVAC professional to determine the problem and the right fix.

Why is the furnace blowing cold air?

If the temperature of the air from your furnace is cold, it means the heat exchanger is not working properly. You need to consult an HVAC professional.

What is the proper maintenance schedule of a furnace?

It is advisable to get a heating system inspection and tune up at least once a year with a reputable HVAC professional.

What happens if I get the wrong size of furnace?

A furnace that is too small will work too hard to heat your house and cost you a lot to operate. It will also not warm your house adequately. A furnace that is too big will cycle frequently and increase the level of humidity in the home. It will also waste energy. To avoid these problems, work with a reliable HVAC contractor for a furnace replacement.

How do I make sure that my furnace is installed properly?

The only way to ensure a proper furnace installation is to hire a reputable company. If you are installing a gas furnace, know that a poor installation can cause dangerous gas leaks in your home.

What are the signs that a furnace is breaking down?

A furnace can break down and take you by surprise. But there are warning signs that you can watch out for such as:
• Corrosion
• The unit is not producing enough heat
• Delayed ignition
• Abnormal on and off cycling
• Pilot light failing
• Unusual sounds

Is it better to repair or replace my furnace?

A furnace can last from 13 to 20 years. A furnace that is 10 years or older will not have any warranty. It is more practical to replace with a new unit if you require significant repairs as they can be quite expensive.

Types and cost of services for furnace repairs


To get the most out of your furnace and extend its life, it is important to conduct proper repair and maintenance.

Many homeowners want to know more about the proper maintenance of their heating systems so we have listed below the most essential services offered by HVAC contractors and their prices.

Annual furnace check, thermostat repair, ignitor and flame sensor repairs: $100 to $350

When you request an annual furnace check, an HVAC contractor will do the following:

  • Check and replace air filters as necessary
  • Clean the outdoor unit
  • Check the thermostat and calibrate settings
  • Inspect the furnace for cracks and signs of damage
  • Check the access vents and condensation drain for any blockages
  • Test the gas lines, fuel pressure, and airflow

The thermostat can break down and malfunction. It will need to be replaced. The flame sensor can also malfunction, resulting in abnormal cycling. It will also be replaced as necessary.

Switch replacement, burner and gas valve repair or replacement: $150 to $500

A pressure switch controls how the exhaust gas is being released from the home A high limit switch is a safety control that measures the temperature to make sure it is running safely. Both are minor parts but very essential for a safe operation of your furnace.

Thermostat, blower fan, circuit board replacement: $150 to $700

The circuit board links all of the furnace’s electrical components. If it malfunctions or gets damaged, it needs to be replaced.

The burner heats the air and the fan distributes it thru the ducts around the home. When it malfunctions, the heated air will not circulate properly.

Furnace motor or heat exchanger replacement: $1,250 to $2,500

The heat exchanger heats the air to keep your house warm. Thus, it is the most integral component of the furnace.

Some furnaces have a limited lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger. If your unit is an old one without a warranty, the cost to replace it can be expensive.

If you are experiencing problems with your furnace or simply want to get it inspected before winter, find reputable HVAC contractors in our network.

Get fair and transparent quotes from contractors with verified insurance and licenses for your peace of mind.

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