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10 March 2022,

Gutter maintenance and replacement are essential to your home.

Most homeowners rarely think about their gutters until they notice something wrong. Gutters may seem like accessories but in reality, they are integral to the home’s drainage system.  They are very important for maximum water flow in the home.

Rain gutters in the home need to be properly installed to collect water from the roof and direct it away from the foundation wall. To keep gutters working properly, every homeowner must inspect, clean, and maintain downspouts.

The best time to maintain gutters would be in the fall when leaves fall from trees and in spring.  If you have many trees on your property, it is even more important to inspect your gutters frequently to avoid water infiltration from the roof.

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When is gutter repair or replacement necessary?

Know when to replace your gutters to prevent water damage.

When rain gutters swell or burst, the reason is usually ice that has formed inside them.

If a gutter collapses, this means the wooden support may have deteriorated and weakened due to an ice dam on the roof or accumulated snow.

A burst downspout needs to be replaced. New tubing needs to be attached to the base of the downspout so it can be removed easily. This allows you to disconnect from the sub-drain or splash block to prevent ice obstructions from forming.

Clogged gutters can cause damage to the home and while it may seem like a small problem, the damage can become expensive over time.

Tell-tale signs of damage from clogged gutters

Watch for signs of damage from clogged gutters.

Don’t know if you have clogged gutters? Below are some signs to watch out for before damage happens to your home.

  • Plants growing in the gutters
  • Pool of water around the foundation or spills on the sides
  • Sagging gutter
  • Siding stains
  • Birdor other pest infestation on the roof

Clogged gutters stop draining water after heavy rains. What happens when water isn’t drained properly?

Damage to the foundation

When water is not properly drained, the foundation sustains damage. As the foundation is the most important component of the home, when it is compromised, the entire structure is at risk.

Foundation repair can cost thousands of dollars.  When your foundation is not in good condition, even the value of your property takes a nosedive.

Replacing and maintaining gutters cost much less. Hence, periodic and consistent upkeep of your gutters will protect your home and avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Leaks and roof damage

A gutter is supposed to facilitate the efficient flow of rain water from the roof to the ground.  If the gutter is clogged, water will be retained until it gets too heavy for the roof and result in leaks.  Water will be leaking from the roof to the ceiling and as cracks develop further, pools of water will be evident around the home.

When roof damage becomes extensive, you may need to replace the roof and spend thousands of dollars.

Mildew and accumulated water damage

After some time, mildew results from standing water.  Problems will become apparent when mildew starts to grow on your walls, roof, and in your attic.

It can be difficult to get rid of mildew and you could end up spending up to $5,000 on contracts just for this problem.

You can avoid mildew problems by taking care of your gutters.

Landscaping damage

You put in long hours making your garden or yard beautiful. But clogged gutters could result in puddles in your lawn that can cause damage to the grass and flowers.

Curb appeal is very important to the overall value of your home. Don’t let it go to waste and make sure your gutters are working properly.

Now that you know how important gutters are to keeping your home in tip-top shape, take action by contacting contractors to help in the maintenance of your home.

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How much does it cost to replace gutters?

Professionals for maintaining the drainage system in the home.

The cost of gutter replacement depends on the type of material you choose.The total cost is estimated in linear feet.  If the home is large, it will need more gutters and thus, the cost will be higher.

To get a clear idea on the cost to replace gutters, check out our table below:

Type of gutter

Average price
Vinyl $4 -$5 per linear foot
Aluminum $6 – $7 per linear foot
Copper $21 – $23 per linear foot
Steel $6 – $8 per linear foot

It is possible to install gutters DIY? It would depend on your experience and skills in construction or renovation.  It is important that gutters are installed properly so it is advisable to hire professionals for efficient and proper installation.

To choose the right material for your gutter, compare the pros and cons of each type and get advice from an experienced contractor.  Your gutters must be compatible with your exterior siding, too!

For convenience, just request free quotes from gutter specialists in our network and compare their prices to save time and money.


Compare types of gutter materials to make the right choice

Vinyl, steel, and aluminum are the most popular choices of homeowners for their gutter materials.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you determine the right one that suits your needs and budget.


Type of gutter


Vinyl (PVC) Cheapest optionEasy to install

Available in a wide selection of colors or styles

Less durable than other materialsIn case it breaks, it is necessary to replace the entire gutter.
Aluminum Does not rustLonger lifespan than vinyl More expensive than vinyl or steelDifficult to install and may require professional installation
Steel Rust-resistantLong-lasting and durable

Less expensive than aluminum


Higher price than vinylWill rust after many years and will still need replacement


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Hire pros for the maintenance of your gutters and roof

It is important to clean the gutters once or twice a year.  If your area experiences frequent rain and plenty of leaves fall on your property in the fall, your gutters will require periodic upkeep.

Get help from pros for cleaning and maintaining the gutters to keep your home free from damage!

There are gutter-cleaning professionals in our network that offer cost-effective services for your home.  Pros will make sure your money is well-spent with a job well done and avoid costly repairs in the future!

The cost of cleaning gutters in Quebec with professionals is from as low as $100 to $300, depending on the size of your home.

Cleaning gutters is a seasonal chore! Specialists are available to offer their services during spring and fall.


FAQs about gutter cleaning and repair in Quebec

If you need help planning your home maintenance, below are some FAQs to guide you in repairing or replacing your gutters.

What happens if gutters in the house are clogged?

Clogged gutters are unsightly and cause damage to your home. Standing water on the roof can cause water to leak from the roof. Water infiltration can also damage your home’s foundation and landscaping.

How do I know my home’s gutters are clogged?

If your gutter is sagging or water flows over the edge, it is likely that your gutters are clogged. Plant growth on the roof and gutters are also signs that gutters are clogged and it is necessary to call professionals for cleaning or repair.

Can I clean the gutters DIY?

Of course it is possible to clean the gutters yourself as long as you can safely do the job and you know what to do. It is so much easier to call gutter specialists to do it for you because the cost is really cheap and you can be sure that the work is done properly.

How can repairing gutters extend the lifespan of the roof?

Simply cleaning and repairing gutters can extend the lifespan of the roof. Clogged gutters lead to water retention on the roof and when the weight becomes too heavy, the roof will sustain damage.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

Gutters should be cleaned at least two times a year but this depends on the foliage around the home. If you have a lot of trees on your property, you may need to do it three times a year.

What are seamless gutters and are they good?

Seamless gutters last longer and need less maintenance. Some companies can install gutters without welding. You can compare multiple quotes to see whether seamless gutters are a good option for you.

How can gutters match the color of the siding?

If you want color of the gutter to match your siding, it could increase the cost of your project. You can have gutters painted for an extra charge.

If you have more questions regarding gutter repair, cleaning, or replacement, feel free to use our short online form to get connected to gutter specialists in your area!


Compare quotes for gutter repair and replacement

Get free quotes for gutter and roof replacement in Quebec.

Home maintenance activities are very important because they help to keep your home comfortable and in excellent condition.

Our partner contractors specialize in gutter repair, cleaning, and replacement. For all of your requirements related to maintaining gutters in your house, you can rely on our experienced partners to do the job!

Most contractors offering gutter repair and replacement also work on roof repair and replacement, eavestrough, soffits, and siding repair and replacement.

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