Professional kitchen remodel with stone countertops
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11 June 2024,

As the kitchen is usually the center of the home, it being the place where you eat, prepare meals, and even entertain, it is only natural to want a kitchen to look great and be comfortable, too!

A kitchen remodel will allow you to customize this important space based on your needs and wants.

Depending on the complexity of the project, a kitchen remodel could get very expensive. But if your kitchen is not meeting your needs right now, remodeling it can be worth the cost.

Professional kitchen remodel with stone countertops

But what is the average cost to remodel a kitchen in Canada?  Unfortunately, the cost varies per project based on materials, the size of the kitchen, and the scope of the project.  Your location and choice of contractor will also have an impact on the cost.

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Kitchen remodeling vs. Kitchen renovation

Many people think a kitchen remodel and renovation are the same. The truth is that they are different.  When you renovate, you restore or revive something to its original state with upgrades such as new paint, cabinet refacing, etc.  When you remodel, you change its form to improve its structure and function.

Blueprint for a kitchen remodel

In other words, if you simply repaint the kitchen walls and cabinet, put in new flooring, and upgrade the appliances, you are renovating.  If you change the floor plan, extend the square footage, or add or remove walls, along with other upgrades, you are remodeling.

With a renovation, there is no dramatic change to the design. In contrast, remodeling a kitchen will transform the space significantly not only in design but in function and structure, too.

With that said, expect a kitchen remodel to cost much more than a renovation.

When is remodeling necessary?

When the design of the kitchen or its layout makes you unhappy, simply making cosmetic changes won’t solve your issues. For example, if the kitchen is too small for your growing family, a remodel may be more practical than a renovation.

Improving kitchen layout with a remodel

Kitchens can become out of date over time.  When this happens, the kitchen becomes inconvenient and not suitable for a modern lifestyle.  

A kitchen remodel or renovation may be necessary after 10 to 15 years from the time the last renovation was done.  It is also best to work with professionals to get the best results.

Remodeling will significantly increase the aesthetic value and function of your kitchen so you can live more conveniently and enjoy your home more!

Benefits for Homeowners from Kitchen Remodeling

Yes, a kitchen remodel is both costly and time-consuming but the benefits to homeowners are tremendous.

Improved Functionality 

The biggest reason that homeowners have for remodeling a kitchen is to improve its functionality. Increasing its space, eliminating inefficient elements, adding enhancements, and installing upgrades will increase the enjoyment of the kitchen and make it more convenient to use.

Higher Energy efficiency

How old is your home?  Your kitchen may be missing out on energy efficiency upgrades. Installing windows, using modern and energy-efficient appliances, and better lighting in the right spots can lower your energy bills. This translates to huge savings over time.

You can also check with your City regarding grants for energy-efficiency upgrades that can lower the cost of your remodeling project. 

Increased Safety

A kitchen remodel allows you to bring to Code the overall safety of your electrical and plumbing system.

Increase property value

A more modern and efficient kitchen will result in a higher resale value.  If you ever put up your home for sale, you can get a higher selling price and attract more buyers.

A kitchen remodel gives a decent return on investment, with as high as 70% at resale.  This is, indeed, a very handsome return that comes second to bathroom remodels.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

As mentioned earlier, the total cost of a kitchen remodel varies based on the layout, kitchen size, materials selected, and potential changes needed to achieve the desired results.

For instance, if you change the layout, move the plumbing, or increase the size of the kitchen, it will cost significantly more than just upgrading kitchen counters, cabinetry, flooring, etc.

Brand new countertop in a modern kitchen

The following factors affect the total cost of the project:

Size of the kitchen and Project Scope

One of the most significant drivers of the cost is the size of your kitchen. This means a big kitchen remodel is more expensive than a small kitchen remodel. 

The scope of the project is the next cost driver to consider.  The elements you want to change such as adding a window, moving or adding walls, changing the kitchen cabinets, or moving the kitchen counter will very likely make your project more expensive.

To reduce the cost, prioritize and compromise, meaning make essential changes first if your budget can’t accommodate all the things you desire.  Your architect or contractor is the best person to talk to regarding your design priorities. They can recommend ways to achieve your desired results within your budget.

Design Elements

A kitchen has various elements including cabinets, countertops, and lighting. 

A remodel will cost much more than a renovation. To plan your budget, you must include all the elements including:


Replacing a backsplash is not expensive and will enhance the aesthetic value of your project.  You can choose the material that suits your budget.  The average cost of a backsplash is $2,000 to $5,000.


Countertops come in various types – quartz, granite, wood, metal, etc. Engineered products cost less than natural products. The average cost of a 28 sq. ft. countertop is $3,000, not including tax and labour costs. 

To give you an idea, a laminate countertop could cost from $8 to $22 per square foot while a quartz countertop costs from $80 to $110 per square foot. That is a huge difference!

Faucet and plumbing

You can get a bigger sink or better faucets if you are installing a new countertop. Plumbing upgrades usually cost around $1,300+.  

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets generally account for a big chunk of the expenses for a kitchen remodel.  The cost will depend on the materials you choose.  Standard to mid-range cabinets cost from $5,000 to $9,000.  Custom cabinets will cost much, much more.


Replacing kitchen flooring can cost from $2,500++, depending on whether you go for tile, laminate, or hardwood.  Laminate flooring is popular among budget-conscious homemakers.  Natural wood and stone flooring are high-end options.  You will also need to include the cost of the removal and disposal of the old flooring.


Painting the kitchen is always part of a kitchen remodel, big or small. The brand and color of your chosen paint will affect the cost.  Small to mid-size kitchens could cost $3,000, on average.

Lighting & Electrical

Don’t forget to plan your budget for lighting.  Fixtures that illuminate the kitchen and work spaces are very important. Expect to pay around $1,500, on average, for lighting and electrical or around 5% to 10% of the project cost.


Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances will save you money over time but the upfront cost can be staggering.

Appliance upgrades will account for around 15% to 20% of the project cost with an average price of $4,000+.

Tips to Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

We know that remodeling a kitchen is an exciting project but you can still lower the cost with careful planning.

Compare Multiple Estimates

Don’t go for the lowest bid just because you want to save money.  Sometimes, a few dollars saved is counterproductive because you may get a poor job in return. Choose the best price based on experience, warranties, materials, and quality.

Forget about custom items

Stock materials and items cost much less than custom items like high-end cabinets and countertops.  You can still splurge on an item or two but stay within budget for everything else.  

Try to Keep the Cabinets

In some instances, existing kitchen cabinets are still in good condition and only need refacing, repairs, or a change in hardware to restore them to glory.

Stay Close to the Budget

It is quite easy to get carried away with your remodeling but your bank account may also disappear in the process.  Prepare a budget and stay as close to it as possible to protect your finances.

Structural Changes: When do you need a Permit for a Kitchen Remodel?

Installation of cabinets, door, and a countertop for a kitchen

A lot of kitchen renovations don’t need a building permit. However, if you are remodeling, you will most likely need a permit for:

  • Moving, removing, or adding a wall
  • Enlarging windows
  • Enlarging or adding a door
  • Moving plumbing, gas, or electrical lines.

Provinces and municipalities have varying rules regarding building permits so check with your city before you start your project.

The cost of a permit also depends on the work you are getting done and at times, the size of the area that will be affected.  

Your contractor can also help you get the required permits.

Is it worth remodeling a kitchen?

Kitchen showcase with marble countertop and modern cabinets

The value of any home renovation or remodel is in the eye of the beholder.  A kitchen remodel is not only about aesthetic value but even more importantly, the comfort and convenience to you and your family. 

When you can use your kitchen space in comfort and derive more pleasure from it, that value can be immeasurable.

On the practical side, a kitchen remodel gives you anywhere from 31% to 86% at resale, based on the report of Remodeling Magazine.

Compare Kitchen Contractors for your Remodeling Project

To accomplish a successful kitchen remodel, you need a reputable kitchen contractor to get it done right!

There are hundreds of contractors but only one of them is right for the job. Even when the quotes you get are in the same range, you must still choose based on other factors such as experience, track record, reputation, and quality of work.

Smiling contractor installing new kitchen upgrades

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- Fabrication of kitchen cabinets, countertop
- Walls, floors, optimization of space

- Fabrication of kitchen cabinets, countertop
- Walls, floors, optimization of space


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