Medical alert systems for round-the-clock protection.
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9 February 2021,
Medical alert systems for round-the-clock protection.

Seniors in Halifax are discovering the benefits of medical alert systems for safe and independent living!

Elderly and at-risk individuals can now have peace of mind and confidence to live independently and not worry about getting help in an emergency.

It is not unusual for seniors to live alone with family members living far away. In an emergency, how can a senior call for help if the phone is not within reach? More importantly, how can a senior get help fast in a medical emergency?

Fortunately, medical alert systems come with personal help buttons that can be pressed to get instantly connected to an emergency response professional.

Within seconds, help can be dispatched to the home to make sure a senior receives medical assistance without delay.

This means PEACE OF MIND for seniors and their loved ones.
For a small price, enjoy independence and security with a medical alert system with waterproof panic buttons.

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Medical Alert Systems for round-the-clock emergency support

Emergency operators assisting seniors with medical alert systems.

Round-the-clock security for seniors is so affordable in Halifax. It can reduce the cost of private home care because seniors now have easy and 24/7 access to emergency support. When something goes wrong, a simple click of the panic button connects instantly to live support from a monitoring center.

These devices give 24-access to emergency support that can save your life in a medical emergency. With 2-way voice communication and trained professionals to help you at any time, you can have complete peace of mind.

When parents, grandparents, or other loved ones get older, we want to make sure that they can have an independent but secure lifestyle. They want to retain their dignity but there will be times when they need help, no matter how small.

Personal emergency response systems or medical alerts provide this service. Seniors can go about their daily activities, even meet with friends, feeling assured that if they find themselves in an emergency situation, they can easily get help.

A fall or a medical emergency can happen without a warning. A medical alert will always be ready to get you HELP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with just one click.

10 Things to know about medical alert systems

Know 10 important things about medical alert systems to find the best one.

If you are thinking of getting a medical alert system for you or a loved one, you surely have many questions you are dying to ask.

We want to help you understand better how a medical alert system can help you, how it works, how much it costs, etc.

Below are 10 things you must know about medical alert systems.

1. Medical alert systems are called other names.

The different companies offering this type of device call their product by names such as medical alert system, Personal emergency response system (PERS), fall detector, etc. But they all have one thing in common – instant access to emergency services 24/7.

However, much like any other product or gadget, they are not all equal. Each system will have intrinsic features or qualities that would be unique.

2. The best ones are monitored by qualified and reputable monitoring centers.

The best medical alert systems are connected and monitored by reputable monitoring centers. A few of them operate their own response centers but the majority use the same monitoring centers located in Canada or the US. They do, however, use different systems and panic buttons. They also have different terms and prices for the service.

3. Medical alert systems have monthly fees.

If you buy a monitored medical alert system, you will be paying monthly fees for monitoring services. Your monthly fees qualify you to call for emergency assistance day or night. There is also no limit to how many times you can call and you don’t get charged extra for emergency calls.

4. Medical alert systems offer extra layers of protection.

Medical alert systems don’t only provide panic buttons for instant connection to emergency assistance. They also offer automatic fall detection, GPS tracking, medication reminders, and geofencing technologies. These extra layers of protection will enhance the quality of care for seniors and their well-being.

5. Medical alert systems are not just for seniors.

Medical emergencies are not exclusive to seniors. Persons with disabilities, those recovering from an illness or accident, or living with medical conditions that put them at risk can benefit greatly from medical alert systems. If you have asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, stroke, or recuperating from surgery and worry about getting help in an emergency, consider getting a medical alert system.

You can compare multiple medical alert systems to find the best one that suits your needs!

6. Medical alert systems are not just for medical emergencies.

Medical alert systems are also called personal emergency response systems because they can also be used for non-medical emergencies. If your aging parent suddenly needs help for something personal, or hears a burglar trying to get inside the house, he can use his panic button to contact emergency support. The monitoring center will dispatch the police, if necessary, or contact a family member for help.

7. Medical alert systems have wearable and water-resistant or waterproof help buttons.

Medical alert systems include a water-resistant or waterproof pendant or bracelet with a panic button. Seniors can wear them even in the shower or bath to make sure they can call for help anywhere. Many slips and falls occur in the bathroom so it is essential to wear the panic button all the time.

8. Medical alert systems cost about $1 a day.

That’s right, medical alert systems cost as much as your daily cup of coffee. They can keep you safe and secure at such a low cost.

You can compare multiple medical alert systems to find the best one that suits your needs!

9. Medical alert systems can be landline-connected or cellular.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a landline at home. Many medical alert companies also offer wireless or cellular systems. Although they cost more than landline systems, they have a wider range and can be used virtually anywhere you go in Canada. Wireless systems are perfect for seniors with active lifestyles.

10. Medical alert systems have 2-way voice communication systems.

Are you wondering what happens when you press the panic button? You get instantly connected to a monitoring center and can speak using the built-in speakerphone. Thus, a senior won’t have to use a phone to ask for help. It is really convenient, fast, and very easy to call in an emergency!
Now you know 10 important things about medical alert systems. Getting a reliable system for yourself or a loved one will let you sleep better at night and have confidence in your independence.

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How to choose the right medical alert system for you


Choosing the right medical alert system is critical to make sure it has the features you need for your utmost protection. The price must also suit your budget.

Although there is no price tag when it comes to safety, we don’t want you to pay too much for your medical alert system.

There are many medical alert systems available in Canada, including Halifax. Thus, we present below the factors you can consider to choose the right medical alert system that meets your needs.

What is your lifestyle?

You must think about your lifestyle and what activities you do daily. Do you live by yourself and stay mostly at home? Are you active in your community and go out to do errands? Your daily routine will help you determine the right medical alert system for you. If you spend time outside the house, a wireless or mobile medical alert system would be the best choice.

How is your health?

You must think about your general state of health. Have you experienced a fall? Do you have medications that affect your balance or energy level? Studies say that about 30% of seniors who have experienced a fall could not push their panic button. Some medical alert systems offer automatic fall detection which ensures a senior will get help after a fall without pushing the button.

If you are likely to experience medical emergencies, you may want to consider getting a fall detection system or a wireless system with GPS and fall detection.

What type of device is best for your situation?

Most medical alert systems come with a wearable device with a panic button (pendant or bracelet). To be able to call for help, a user must wear the pendant or bracelet at all times. Thus, the device must be light-weight, unobtrusive, and comfortable. Waterproof devices allow seniors to wear them in the shower or bath where many accidents happen.

Most of these devices also have built-in communication systems that allow 2-way communication with a monitoring center. Crystal-clear speakers and microphones, in case you need to speak to the monitoring center, are essential. They eliminate the need to use a smartphone to call for help.

Can you install the system?

Medical alert systems can be connected to a landline or a cellular network. Most companies offer self-installation or guided installation (by phone) while others offer professional installation. Make sure to choose a system that you can install yourself or find one that can be installed professionally.

How much would you be willing to pay?

Medical alert companies have different price schemes. Some offer the equipment without upfront charges (lease plan) while others require the purchase of the equipment. The cost of monitoring fees also varies.

In addition to equipment and monitoring fees, you will need to check additional costs such as installation and activation fees. You should also look at the length of the contract and the terms of cancelation.

The best thing to do is to compare multiple offers from reliable medical alert companies. You can get started by filling out the form below to get FREE and NO OBLIGATION quotes from our reliable partners in Halifax!

Fall detection and Location Detection for Seniors

Fall detection and location detection are life-saving technologies.

Many medical alert systems offer fall detection and location detection technologies for seniors.

Fall detection, while not 100% accurate, is highly-reliable in detecting a fall compared to routine or normal movements. Medical alert systems use different sensors to recognize if a senior has fallen and sends a fall alert to a monitoring center.

In most standard systems or for non-fall related emergencies, a senior needs to push the panic button to call for help. With fall detectors, a senior will receive emergency assistance whether he pushes the button or not after a fall.

This helps a senior avoid the likelihood of lying on the floor for a long time because she is unable to call for help.

Fall detection can help to save your life or the life of your loved one. The cost of upgrading a medical alert system to include fall detection could be from $5 to $10 a month. The value of this additional feature is priceless.

Location detection, also known as GPS tracking, is a valuable feature of medical alert systems. Every day, many seniors are reported lost or missing by their families or caregivers. Seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other similar conditions can wander, get disoriented, or get into an accident without being able to provide their exact location.

It is critical to find wandering seniors as fast as possible to prevent injury or serious consequences.

Active seniors who take walks, go to the gym, run errands, or have hobbies will also benefit from these mobile medical alert systems.

Best Medical Alert Systems in Halifax for seniors

A variety of medical alert systems are available in Halifax for seniors. We want to simplify the process of finding the best system that suits your needs. 

Understanding your options is key to choosing the best fit for your protection and convenience. Below you will find some of the best medical alert systems for your reference.

Philips Lifeline

Philips Lifeline is one of the most popular and well-known personal emergency response systems in the country. You must have also seen their ads which appear frequently on TV.

They offer several types of plans you can consider. They have no equipment or upfront costs. The company also offers professional installation.

 Type of System DescriptionCost
 HomeSafeLandline system, in-home use$29.95 monthly
$50 (activation fee)
 HomeSafe with fall detectorLandline system, with automatic fall alert$44.95 monthly
$50 (activation fee)
GoSafeLandline and Cellular system
For in-home and on-the-go protection
with fall detection and GPS tracking
From $43.95 monthly
$50 (activation fee)

Red Dot Personal Alert Solutions

This personal emergency response system was developed by Bruyere, a leader in providing care support products and services for seniors and their families.

They employ bilingual emergency operators to assist their customers. Their systems have 24/7 monitoring and no contract requirements.

They offer various plans for your convenience. The company has no contract requirements, no activation fees, and offers 30-day risk-free guarantee.

 Type of System DescriptionCost
On-the-go systemHas a bracelet or pendant with 2-way voice system Landline or internet connection$59 monthly
$99 (equipment cost)
 At-home systemLandline or wireless system
with bracelet or pendant for instant connection to emergency response operators
fall detection enabled
has a range of 400 metres

$39.99 monthly (standard)

$49.99 monthly (with fall detection)

Memory CareIn-soles with GPS tracking
recommended for seniors at risk of wandering
$399 (equipment cost)
$34.99 monthly

Global Security Numera Libris

This company is the leading provider of ADT home security systems in the country. Their personal emergency response system aims to give enhanced protection for seniors.

Their systems are equipped with the latest and most advanced fall detection technology with 24-hour monitoring, GPS tracking, and a caregiver platform to manage the user’s health information.

The company has a solid track record for its security system and monitored medical alert systems. For monitoring services, the company requires a 36-months’ subscription.

You can purchase a second button to cover a spouse or another loved one. 

 Type of System DescriptionCost
Basic Plan

with water-resistant pendant or wristband with a panic button

built-in voice communication system

$34.99 monthly
GSM Packageaccess to EverThere platform
with auto fall detection and GPS tracking
$379.95 (equipment cost)
$99 (activation fee)

Life Assure

Life Assure medical alert systems are available throughout Canada. They offer in-home and wireless systems for seniors.

The company’s products and services have no activation fees or long-term contracts. Their home and mobile systems can include fall detection as an option.

 Type of System DescriptionCost
Life Assure Classic Home

Works with any type of phone

(VOIP, landline, cable)

has a range of 6000 ft. from the base unit

water-resistant pendant or bracelet

with fall detection option

starts at $29.99 monthly
Life Assure Total Home

cellular system

with fall detection capability

$44.95 monthly
 Life Assure Mobile Plus

cellular system

with GPS and fall detection

$69.95 monthly

Intouch Northwood

Northwood is a non-profit company based in Nova Scotia offering a variety of support services for independent seniors or those in assisted-living facilities.

The company offers a basic alarm and a fall detection pendant for the protection of seniors with 24/7 monitoring.

The company has no contract requirements and has no upfront fees.  Their services can be canceled anytime.

It has been serving Nova Scotia seniors for more than 30 years.

 Type of System DescriptionCost
Basic Alarm

Can be worn around the neck or wrist

Panic button can be pressed for medical, fire, or personal emergencies

long battery life, lightweight

 $43 monthly
Automatic fall detection

Smart button with auto fall detection

landline or cellular system options

$55 monthly
The company also offers bed sensors and medication dispensers for enhanced protection and safety. They also have a funding assistance program for eligible seniors.
Further, Nova Scotia has a Personal Alert Assistance Program for eligible, low-income seniors more than 65 years of age or individuals 19 years and older with acquired brain injury.
The program provides up to $480/year for personal alert assistance services for seniors living alone, with a history of falls, or use a wheelchair or cane.

Medical alert systems as a gift to a loved one


Has the recent fall your parent had giving you sleepless nights? A medical alert system can help keep your parent safe and give you peace of mind.

A medical alert system can be the best gift to give your mom at this time but before you buy one, it is important to prepare her and discuss it.

Keep in mind that for a medical alert system to work well, the user must wear it at all times and understand how to use it. Thus, a senior’s acceptance is critical to benefit from a medical alert system.

Aging parents can be sensitive when it comes to matters regarding their health; they don’t want to be treated like children. They could resist the idea of constant monitoring or reject the notion that they are helpless.

The best thing to do is to sit down and explain the benefits of a medical alert system and how it can keep her safe and well. Go over the options and listen to her concerns, answer questions, and choose the right system together.

A medical alert system as a gift to mom or dad is a great idea with their consent.

Find the right medical alert system in Halifax

You can find the right medical alert system in Halifax in no time. Our medical alert system partners provide all types of panic button pendants and bracelets at the best prices.

Choose from standard systems, mobile systems, medication dispensers, and medical alert systems with GPS. Compare features and prices to get the best offer that suits your needs.

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