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12 January 2021,

Seniors in Vancouver can have total peace of mind while living independently, thanks to advanced medical alert systems.

We all know that living alone, especially in your senior years, can pose challenges such as safety and security. Seniors worry about getting assistance quickly in a medical emergency.

With the features of a reliable medical alert system, you never have to worry about calling for help, day or night!

You can wear a medical alert bracelet or pendant with a panic button that you can press to call for an ambulance, or even the police.

For as little as $1 a day, you can be sure of getting the HELP you need fast with just one press of a button.

Find out more about the best medical alert systems in Vancouver by comparing FREE and NO COMMITMENT quotes. Just fill out the form on this page in less than 2 minutes.

Who needs a medical alert system in Vancouver?


Medical alert systems provide peace of mind by allowing you to access emergency services quickly and easily.

If you are worried about falling or needing help because of health problems when you are alone, then a medical alert system will put your mind at rest.

When you press a wearable panic button, you are connected immediately to a trained representative who can call a family member, give you assistance, or summon medical responders for you.

Occupational therapists and heath care professionals recognize the important contribution of these devices to senior safety and care.

Who should have a medical alert system in Vancouver?

The latest medical alert systems don’t just provide safety to seniors who are at risk for falls, but they have many other uses, too.

Below you will find types of individuals who can greatly benefit from these devices.

  • Seniors 65 and older who want to live independently
  • Older individuals who have medical conditions that put them at risk
  • Seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s’, Parkinson’s disease
  • Individuals with a history of falls
  • Adults with disabilities

As you can see, medical alert systems are not only ideal for seniors but can also provide safety for anyone who is at risk.

Many seniors in Vancouver live on limited income and have been negatively impacted by the spiraling cost of healthcare and home support.

Medical alert systems are affordable devices that can augment senior safety and help reduce the costs of senior care. 

How to benefit from medical alert systems


Based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of every 4 seniors falls each year. Of these falls, about 20% result in serious injuries. A fall also increases the risk for a senior to fall again in the future.

There is no sure way to prevent a fall so it is essential to put in place measures that will make it easy to call for help if a fall does occur.

As such, medical alert systems help to avoid further complications from a fall, and even death. They come with wearable panic button bracelets or pendants which are worn all the time, even in the bath or shower.

In an emergency, just press the button and immediately speak to a trained emergency operator who can provide the HELP you need without delay. 

Enhanced layers of protection with fall detection and GPS tracking


Aside from the basic emergency function that gives seniors access to emergency services, medical alert systems have a host of other technologies that are useful for seniors.


Fall detection is the latest technology that automatically recognizes a fall. Although it is not 100% reliable, it can save a life when a senior is unable to press the panic button after falling.

Its reliability is said to be as high as 93% for some companies that use advanced fall detection systems. They use multiple parameters to differentiate a fall from normal movement to reduce false alerts.

Hence, the system will not send a fall alert if you sit down or lie down. The sensors measure the speed of movement, height, angle, and other criteria to detect a fall.

On the other hand, wireless systems with GPS allow the user’s location to be quickly pin-pointed, allowing medical or police responders to arrive faster. It is very useful for seniors who are at risk for wandering. Caregivers can determine the senior’s location fast and easily with medical alert systems with GPS tracking.

Both features may not be automatically included in a standard medical alert system. Most companies offer higher plans that provide this option at a higher price, usually $5 to $10 more per month than a standard system.

Many companies in the medical alert industry offer reliable and proven systems. Compare and choose the best one for your needs using our short online form below. 

Additional Features of Medical Alert Systems to Consider

Premium medical alert systems with fall detection and GPS for active lifestyles

When shopping for a medical alert system, it is important to understand all of your options so you can choose a system that meets your expectations.

Landline vs. Wireless Systems

Standard systems are usually connected to a landline. These basic systems are the cheapest in the market. They work within a specific range from the base console, meaning that the user must be within range to be able to use the panic button.

Companies offer a variety of choices when it comes to the area covered by their systems. The range options start at 200 feet, 300 feet, 600 feet, to 1,000 feet.

Of course, it is important to choose a system with a range that can cover your entire home so you can be protected anywhere in the home and yard.

For those without a landline, companies also offer wireless systems that use cellular networks. With a wireless system, a user can be protected in the home, the yard, and beyond. Thus, adults or seniors with active lifestyles are advised to get wireless systems for unlimited protection.

Wireless systems are more expensive than standard or landline systems but they can offer additional features not found in basic systems.

In-home vs. Mobile Systems

We briefly covered this but it should be mentioned that in-home systems are cheaper but only work within the home and the system’s range. They are ideal for seniors who stay home most of the time. More active seniors are advised to use mobile systems for protection outside the home.

Some systems offer coverage in the home and yard and cost just a little more than the in-home system.

Caregiver platforms for health monitoring

Some companies offer systems that come with a unique platform for caregivers to monitor the user’s health information. They can also monitor the activity of a loved one to make sure all is well. This is often available on mobile devices. Caregivers also receive alerts if a senior exits a safe zone for systems that have geofencing.

Medication reminders or dispensers

Some medical alert systems offer medication reminders that alert seniors when they should take their medication. Following a regimen of pills that must be taken on schedule can be confusing for some seniors.  They can forget if they have already taken their medication or not. This feature makes sure they take their meds on time and at the right dosage. It can also reduce the burden on caregivers who won’t need to pop in every time a senior has to take his pills.

Remote Phone

Some systems allow a user to answer phone calls without picking up a landline. The base station acts as a remote phone answering system for a senior’s convenience.

2-way voice communication

Most of these systems have built-in 2-way voice communication system integrated into the wearable panic button. Once a user presses the button, he can immediately speak to the monitoring agent. Thus, a senior won’t have to dial a phone to get assistance.

Whether you need a panic button for yourself or for a loved one, you can find the right system for your needs and budget.

Understand the many features you can take advantage of and compare free offers from our partner medical alert companies. 

Top Medical Alert Systems in Vancouver for Seniors


Are you looking for the best medical alert system for elderly care? You have come to the right place.

Our network has partnered with the best medical alert companies in Vancouver.

Learn more about your options to know what you want from a medical alert system and which plan is most suitable to your needs and lifestyle 

Red Dot Personal Emergency Response System

From Bruyere, Canada’s top leading provider of aging support systems for seniors, Red Dot is a reliable personal emergency response system in Vancouver.

Discreet and wearable, this medical alert pendant or bracelet connects to bilingual emergency operators who will assist in any emergency. Their systems use landline or internet connections.

The company also offers water-resistant shoe insoles with GPS tracking that provide geofencing technology. Caregivers are alerted by text or email if a user leaves an established safe zone.

Red Dot also offers fall detection systems for your safety and peace of mind. One of the advantages they also offer is no long-term contract and no upfront fees. The company also offers a risk-free program.

Cost of Red Dot Personal Emergency Response Systems:

Type of Plan

Price and Fees

On-the-go system

$99 (equipment fee)
$59 (monthly fees)

In-home system

$39.99 (monthly fees)

In-home system with fall detection

$49.99 (monthly fees)

Memory Care (insoles with GPS tracking)

$399 (one-time fee)
$34.99 monthly

Life Assure Medical Alert Systems

Life Assure medical alert systems aim to help seniors remain independent with 24/7 access to emergency assistance.

They offer a risk-free guarantee which allows you to cancel the service at any time without worry.

Their systems are user-friendly. The pendant device also has fall detection so that a senior can get help after a fall even if the button is not pressed.

The 2-way voice communication system allows users to speak directly to operators with one push of the button.


Cost of Life Assure medical alert systems:

Type of Plan

Price and fees

Life Assure Classic (Home)

$29.99 monthly

Life Assure Total Home

$44.95 monthly

Life Assure Premium Mobile Plus

$69.95 monthly

Arpel Medical Alert System

Arpel Security Systems offer medical monitoring services. They offer life alert devices for seniors who live alone or are susceptible to falls or accidents.

This Vancouver-based company offers a variety of devices to keep you safe while living independently.  Wireless medical alert systems can be worn around the neck or wrist for easy and convenient access. They can also be worn while swimming or in the shower.

When the user presses the button on the panic bracelet or pendant, an alert is sent to their 24-hour monitoring center.  An operator receives the call and sends the best emergency support service required and notifies the designated contact person.

Unfortunately, there are no published rates from this company. 

Global Security Numera Libris

Global Security Numera Libris is an advanced personal safety system with fall detection.

This company is also the leading provider of ADT home security systems in the country, proof that it is committed and reliable in all kinds of security solutions.

It has 24-hour remote monitoring, GPS technology, built-in voice communication system, an advanced fall detection system, and a caregiver platform to access the user’s health information.

It is especially recommended for individuals with medical conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, balance issues, diabetes, obesity, or those taking medications with side effects.

Cost of Global Security Numera Libris:

Type of Plan

Price and Fees

Basic Package

$34.99 monthly

GSM Package

$379.95 + $99 one-time activation fee

Panic Button


The monitoring service requires a 36-month contract.

Alarmguard Senior Protection Package

This security company offers solutions for senior protection with their personal emergency response systems.

Their wearable devices are equipped with 24/7 monitoring, emergency button, GPS, and notifications.  They are also waterproof and have fall detection options.

Landlines are not required for their systems and have standby battery for up to 36 hours.  The company also offers discounts if the system needs to cover more than 1 senior.

Unfortunately, the company does not publish rates. 

Philips Lifeline Emergency Response System

The Philips Lifeline Emergency Response System helps seniors call for help in an emergency with their personal help buttons.  They are worn as a pendant or bracelet.

Their packages can protect seniors at home or even outdoors, depending on the type of system you choose.

Some of their plans offer auto alert for fall detection, GPS tracking and geofencing features.  These extra benefits allow family members to track their loved ones easily.


Cost of Philips Lifeline:


Type of Plan

Price and Fees

HomeSafe Landline

$29.95 monthly + $50 activation fee (one-time)

HomeSafe Cellular

$43.95 monthly + $50 activation fee (one-time)

HomeSafe Auto Alert Landline

$44.95 monthly + $50 activation fee (one-time)

Homesafe Cellular Auto Alert

$49.95 + $99.95 activation fee (one-time)

Medication dispenser

$59.95 monthly

 The best way to compare prices and features of popular medical alert systems is through comparison of multiple offers from our partner medical alert companies.

Fill out the form to get your free and no-obligation quotes
and choose the best system for your needs.  

Top Medical Alert Systems in Vancouver for Seniors

Shopping for a medical alert system can be convenient and easy. You can easily get free quotes to compare and choose from.

But before you do, we have also prepared a few popular questions about medical alert systems in Vancouver to help you make your choice.

How do medical alert systems work?

For standard systems, a medical alert operator will speak to the user through the built-in communicator when the button is pressed. He will make an assessment of the situation, contact medical or police responders, and stay on the line until help arrives.

For systems that have automatic fall detection, an alert is automatically sent to the monitoring center if the user falls, even if he does not press the panic button. The operator sends an ambulance, if needed, and contacts family or caregivers.

Most systems require the user to press the emergency panic button worn around the neck or wrist to summon help.

Why should seniors wear a medical alert pendant?

Seniors can benefit a lot from wearing a medical alert pendant. While most people would have a smartphone to use in case of an emergency, they may not always be on hand. For instance, a senior may fall or slip in the bathroom and not be able to call on the phone. With a medical alert pendant or bracelet, one press of the button and an emergency operator will immediately assist and call for help.

Do I need a medical alert system if I have a smartphone?

Yes, a medical alert system is more reliable in an emergency than a smartphone. If a senior should fall and become unconscious, a fall detector will automatically alert the monitoring center. Even if a senior cannot speak after pressing the button or unable to provide his exact location, the monitoring center will send help and can track his location with GPS.

Why do medical alert systems need monitoring?

It is important to choose a monitored medical alert system to make sure that emergency assistance can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere. Unmonitored systems dial designated contacts who may not be available at certain times. Some systems dial 911 but if the user cannot speak, there could be a delay in sending help due to a lack of information.

How do I choose the best medical alert system?

The best medical alert system will depend on what you need. Do you just need the panic button to work in the home or do you need a mobile system? You should also consider if you need auto fall detection. When you know what your needs are, it will be easier to determine the best system for you. Lastly, check on the quality of the monitoring and the monthly fees.

You can request free quotes to compare and choose from using our short online request form.

Can a medical alert system protect 2 people at the same time?

Some medical alert systems allow the user to purchase an extra panic button to be used by a spouse or another person in the home. The additional button would cost an extra charge but it is one-time. The monthly monitoring fee remains the same.

What happens if I press the panic button accidentally?

A user can accidentally press the panic button. Don’t worry, though, because you can also cancel an alert by pressing the button again or speaking to the operator. You won’t be charged for the mistake.

Can I cancel a medical alert system if I am not satisfied?

There are medical alert systems that offer risk-free guarantees or free cancelation. Some companies, however, require a fixed contract for 24 to 36 months.

It is best to check the terms and conditions of the monitoring service before you sign up.

Are wireless systems better than in-home medical alert systems?

Wireless systems are more expensive than standard in-home medical alert systems but they provide more features. Firstly, wireless systems can be used outside the home and offer protection for active seniors. They can also have GPS tracking and geofencing for additional protection.

Do I need automatic fall detection from a medical alert system?

Automatic fall detection is recommended for seniors with a history of falls or is at risk for falls due to a medical condition. Seniors who are also on medications with side effects could benefit from this additional layer of protection.

Will a medical alert system work outside of British Columbia?

Some medical alert systems work anywhere in Canada. If you travel, you should consider a wireless system with nationwide coverage.

Personal safety with a medical alert system for seniors


Seniors can live independently and safely with medical alert systems with fall detection and GPS tracking.

Lightweight, fashionable, and easy-to-use, you can continue to have an active lifestyle or have peace of mind while doing routine tasks.

With one press of a button, you are guaranteed to get HELP fast, anytime, anywhere.

Compare the different medical alert systems available for you to choose from. Just fill out the form below and get competitive quotes, FREE OF CHARGE!

Our partner medical alert companies serve Vancouver and all of British Columbia! Get in touch with us today. 

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