Stylish bathroom renovation with professional contractors.
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16 May 2023,
Stylish bathroom renovation with professional contractors.

Is your bathroom 10 years older or more? It is time to consider a bathroom renovation to modernize it!

Find out what the latest trends are for bathroom renovations in 2024. Depending on your budget, you can upgrade some of your bathroom’s features or go all the way and completely redo your bathroom!

You can do a bathroom renovation without breaking the bank.

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Things to know for modern bathrooms

Stylish details for 2023 bathrooms.

A bathroom renovation is a complex and expensive project that involves several stages. Thus, it is important to plan the work, the budget, and your objectives before embarking on any work.

Here are 5 points to watch out for when designing your modern bathroom:

Harmony and simplicity

A modern bathroom should be one of the centerpieces of your home. To do this, make sure you do not overcrowd the room. Modern bathrooms typically rely on walk-in showers, recessed lights, floating vanities, and a harmonious color scheme. Don’t worry, examples of trending ideas will be presented to you in this article so keep on reading.


A modern bathroom is not only aesthetic; it must also be practical and functional. Since it is used daily, it is NECESSARY that your bathroom has storage, sufficient lighting, and an optimal configuration.

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Professional Design

Have you seen bathroom remodeling shows, scoured Pinterest for inspirational ideas for your bathroom project? Consider entrusting the design to a professional designer to get a layout plan of your future bathroom to make your dream come true!

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Have a clear budget.

Above all, it is essential that you set a clear budget and that you follow it. A bathroom renovation can cost a few thousand dollars or a few TENS of thousands of dollars… It is important that you follow your initial budget to avoid getting carried away and overspending.

Determine your needs.

What is most important to you in your bathroom?Analyze your needs, how you want to use the bathroom, and your priorities.

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10 Trendy Ideas for SMALL modern bathrooms

Do you have a small bathroom that you want to change or improve? Here are some tips and tricks to re-do your small modern bathroom:

Round furniture for bathrooms.

Play with angles

It is not uncommon for small bathrooms to deal with angles that are not regular. It is therefore to your advantage to play with the angles and to optimize them as much as possible with rounded furniture for example! Not only will you save space but you will have a unique bathroom!

Opt for minimalist décor

In order to create an effect of grandeur and style in a small bathroom, it is important not to clutter the room too much with large pieces of furniture and rather to opt for a style similar to Scandinavian and Japanese designs; i.e. straight lines, simple materials as well as a glass shower door.

Minimal décor for small bathrooms.
Bathroom details for special purposes.

Special attention to detail

In design, details matter, but even more so for small bathrooms. Keep things simple, choose quality materials, and invest in modern features that will give a unique look to your bathroom.

Storage units

Do you lack space for a classic storage unit in your bathroom? Opting for a custom-made piece of furniture could be a good solution. Or, opt for a storage unit on wheels. This option is easy to move, it is functional, and allows you to arrange your space as you wish.

Functional bathroom storage units
Wall and floor tile layout for bathrooms.

Arrange your tiling

By arranging your floor and wall tiles, you create an effect of grandeur in the room. So your mini bathroom will look bigger. Opting for large format tiles will allow you to achieve a modern look.


Wall hung vanity

A wall-hung vanity unit goes very well with a modern bathroom in addition to giving you storage space for your small bathroom below your vanity. This is THE best option to optimize your storage and space.

Wall hung vanity for smaller bathroom
Open shower bathrooms for saving space.

Italian or open shower

By opting for an open or Italian shower, not only are you getting a modern feature but you are also creating an effect of grandeur in your small room, because the absence of a glass partition allows you to enlarge the visual space.

Wall shelves

The wall shelves that you might find in hardware stores are surely not all suitable for a small bathroom. Don’t hesitate to let your creativity run wild and order or make your own custom-made wall shelves for your bathroom.

Wall shelves for bathrooms

Minimalist layout

Your bathroom is particularly small, but you needed ample storage in your property? Opt for a minimalist and modern layout to create a room to your liking.

Color contrast

In order to create an effect of grandeur, you can also integrate an accent color in your bathroom on certain walls, cabinets, cupboards, or other.

Contrasting bathroom color trends

LUXURY modern bathroom — 10 ideas to make you stand out!

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful, luxurious bathroom where the space, the bathtub, the materials, and the lighting seem to be straight from a magazine cover.

Here are 10 elements to integrate into your bathroom to give it a modern luxurious style:

Heated floors for bathrooms.

Heated floors

What could be better, especially in Quebec, to have your feet warm all 12 months a year in your bathroom? If you are planning to update your bathroom flooring, you can choose heated floors. This is a plus for your property, that’s for sure!

Floor to ceiling tiles

To give a modern luxury look to your property, we recommend that you choose a large ceramic floor to ceiling tiles. Go for a fairly subtle tile. Otherwise, you could opt for quartz or marble walls to stand out even more and provide the most impressive results!

Luxurious bathroom trends.
Choose marble or quartz

Choose marble or quartz

What could be more luxurious than a marble or quartz vanity unit? Aside from its high quality, it is also known for its durability and easy maintenance.

Freestanding bath

No modern bathroom with a luxury style is complete without a majestic freestanding bath. Freestanding baths create a spa-like atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.
Freestanding baths for spa atmosphere
Luxury and convenience with walk-in showers

Italian shower

A walk-in shower is the epitome of elegance. You won’t have to lift your foot to enter it. You can choose to install a door or completely leave it open!

Shower niche

A walk-in shower needs a shower niche. The shower niche is a storage unit that is integrated into the shower wall. Thus, you will no longer need to leave your soaps, shampoos and other accessories on the ground.

Shower niche for open showers
Luxurious mirrors for bathrooms.


A good size mirror will enhance your bathroom and can make it seem larger. Consider your mirror as a work of art and not as a mere accessory. Thus, your mirror will be one of the centerpieces of your bathroom and will act as a focal point in the bathroom.


To create a luxury atmosphere in your modern bathroom, install “hidden” luminosity; i.e., lights behind the mirror, below the bathroom vanity, recessed lights, etc.…

Creative lighting for luxurious bathrooms
Black, white, and gold color combination for bathrooms.

White, black, and gold

Create a modern bathroom with a luxury look with the color trio BLACK, WHITE, AND GOLD ACCENT. You can’t go wrong with this powerful color combination.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Wall-mounted lavatory faucets are the best options for a modern luxury look. They are easy to use, easy to maintain, and are very elegant.

Modern wall-mounted faucets.

Are you getting excited at these ideas for a bathroom renovation? This is just the beginning as our partner contractors can help you with your bathroom design to suit your budget.

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5 trendy colors for an up-to-date BATHROOM in 2024

Would you like to update your bathroom? Aside from the accessories and components, the paint is what makes a big difference, especially if you go for one of the hottest bathroom shades of 2024:


Green painted walls for modern bathrooms.

Green is such a versatile color. It has an energizing and a calming effect, depending on the shade you select. Create a cozy bathroom with this trendy color in 2024.

You can choose to use green on your shelves, walls, or accessories.


Terracotta walls and accents for modern elegance.

Terracotta gives depth to your bathroom’s design. They are ideal if you want a rustic appearance of for ensuite bathrooms. They are also fantastic with freestanding tubs and copper fixtures.


Wood floor or accents for a natural look.

Wood is very trendy in 2024, especially for bathrooms! It gives the room a natural touch and can be used on walls, cabinets, floors, or accessories.

Black and White

Black and white powerful accents for bathrooms.

Black and white is timeless elegance. The possibilities for your bathroom with this color trend is limitless!

Matte Black

Timeless elegance with matte black bathrooms.

Matte black is the color of the year for bathrooms. It blends with classical, modern, industrialist, or vintage styles.

Find out more about what is trending for bathrooms in 2024 when you connect with reliable bathroom contractors from our network!

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Modern mirrors for bathroom renovations

The mirror is one of the essentials for taking care of yourself in the bathroom. In 2024, the mirror stands out as a centerpiece, which sets the tone for your bathroom, here are 5 trendy mirror inspirations in 2024 for your bathroom:

The round mirror

Classic round mirrors for bathrooms.

Small or large format, the round mirror is an essential item in our bathrooms. Not only is it suitable for small bathrooms, but can it also be suitable for very large bathrooms. With or without frame, small or extra-large, with or without integrated light, etc…. the options are numerous! This style goes very well in industrial, Scandinavian, or contemporary style bathrooms.

The flipped mirror

Vertical mirrors in horizontal position for dual basins.

Among the trends that have emerged in 2024: the vertical mirror that is placed horizontally takes center stage. This option is particularly fashionable in a bathroom with two basins, especially when the ceiling is low.

Organic-shaped mirrors

Heart-shaped mirror for a unique bathroom accent.

The trend of mirrors with organic shapes are very popular for bathrooms in 2024. They break some design rules and can be asymmetrical, giving your bathroom a unique concept.

Mirror with light

Bathroom mirror with LED lights.

Mirrors with lights have been a trend for a few years thanks to their practical and aesthetic aspect! Available in all styles, they allow you to see yourself well and are practical for makeup or preparation!

The cost of modern bathroom renovations in 2024

Before and after bathroom renovation.

The complete renovation of a bathroom is a major project that requires a lot of work, as you already know, the services of professionals are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the work and the expected result at the end of the works.

Let this table below give you the approximate prices for your renovation for a modern 100- sq. ft. bathroom:

With installationBudgetBasicMid-rangeTop of the lineLuxury
Vanity and Sink$1,200$1,550$1,800$3,000$4,200
Lights & accessories$200$500$1,000$2,000$3,500
Sink Faucet$150$250$500$600$1,000

Of course, the cost of your project will depend entirely on the size of your room, the complexity of the work, the materials you want, and the contractor you choose.

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A bathroom renovation is a very important project because if successful, it can provide a huge convenience to your daily life. But if done incorrectly, you could suffer the negative consequences for years to come.

You will be investing a significant sum of money so ensure that you get the most value from your project. With a professional renovation, you can also increase the value of your property!

Hire an experienced and reputable bathroom contractor from our network for your bathroom renovation! Our partners are all qualified, reliable, and insured so you can have peace of mind.

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