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10 January 2023,

Montreal has a high demand for moving services, especially around the months of June and July.  If your lease is ending and you plan to move anytime soon, hire the best moving company for a stress-free moving experience.

You may have moved with the help of friends in the past or hired a part-time mover to help you. More than ever, it is important to move with a professional mover to keep your belongings safe and save on time and money.

Due to the pandemic, seeking friends out to help you move is not the best course of action. Professional movers know how to apply social distancing and hygiene practices for your protection. They can also complete your move in less time. 

In fact, you may end up spending much less with professional movers than on gasoline, pizza and beer for friends!

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Local and long-distance movers in Montreal


What kind of moving service do you need? If you are moving to another location in Montreal (about 70 or 80 kilometers), you need a local mover.

Local movers offer moving truck with driver or moving truck and movers for your convenience. Hourly rates apply for local moves although most movers require a minimum price for a move, usually at least 3 hours.

Movers may also charge a travel fee which covers the time it takes to reach your home from their office and back. Most movers charge one hour to cover the cost of the travel.

Of course, if you choose a moving truck rental only, you will need to do the loading and unloading of your cargo. The driver will not help with carrying your boxes.

On the other hand, if you hire a moving truck with 2 or 3 movers, they can do everything – disassemble furniture, pack, and load and unload- and you can simply sit back and relax.

Your moving company will bill you for the number of hours it takes to complete your move or the minimum hours they require.

What are long-distance moves?

A move is considered long-distance if it exceeds the distance set by the moving company for a local move. It also includes moves to another city, province, or outside of Canada. 

If you are moving from Montreal to Ottawa or Montreal to Gatineau, it would be a long-distance move. If moving to another province like British Columbia or Alberta, long-distance moving rates also apply.

Long-distance moves are not charged hourly rates. Rather, moving companies calculate the cost of moving based on the distance of travel and the weight of your household belongings.

If you need to make a long-distance, you must find an experienced long-distance moving company.

Why hire a long-distance moving company?

Long distance moves are complicated. Aside from traveling a far distance with your cargo, even when the weather isn’t perfect, movers must make sure your belongings arrive intact.

Many Montreal moving companies work in tandem with other moving companies across provinces to make sure your household goods arrive at your destination without delay.

If you are moving across international borders, customs regulations and requirements must be met in order for your cargo to arrive safely. Moving companies making cross-border moves such as from Montreal to the USA must be knowledge about customs procedures to avoid delays and fines.

To verify your moving company, you can check with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) if the company is certified.

Moving in Montreal: How movers calculate costs


It is fairly easy to calculate the cost of a local move because companies give hourly rates. With their knowledge and experience, they can give a fair estimate after they make an assessment of your household goods.

How long will your move take? Movers estimate most local moves to take about 4 to 5 hours. This also depends on how many movers you hire. Don’t forget that moving companies will also add to your bill their travel time which could be 30 minutes to your location and 30 minutes to their headquarters, or a total of 1 hour.

Average cost of local moving services

Montreal movers charge different rates for local moving services based on 2, 3, or more movers. Below are average rates they offer. Note that the size of the moving company also impact their rates with smaller movers usually offering lower rates.

Type of Moving ServiceAverage rate per houre
Moving truck and driver only $55 – $80 per hour (off peak) 
Moving truck with 2 movers$90 – $145 per hour (off peak) 
Moving truck with 3 movers$125 – $175 per hour (off peak)
Additional mover$35-$50 per hour (off peak) 

The size of your house will influence how many movers you need. For instance, a 4-bedroom home requires 4 movers.

Many people in Montreal and other parts of Quebec move from June to August which is when moving costs are higher. It costs less to move from September to June and easier to book good movers.

These rates already include pads, trucks, and other moving equipment needed for your move.

If you require packing services, you can save money by asking movers to do only partial packing such as for furniture and other hard-to-pack items. If you can do the packing for your personal items, you can reduce your moving cost significantly.

Average Cost of Moves in Montreal in 2024

We want to give you a better idea of how much moving can cost in 2032. Below you will find some prices for moves based on the size of your home.

Size of the homeAverage moving cost (off peak)
2-bedroom house$820 – $1,020  
3-bedroom house movers$1,500 – $1,700
4-bedroom house$2,200 – $2,400

Average cost of long-distance moving services

As mentioned early, long-distance moving services are not computed hourly but on a weight times the rate basis which takes the distance of travel into account.

Movers will need to know the contents of your home to estimate the cost of your move. In the past, movers will physically inspect your household belongings prior to the move and give you a written quotation.

The pandemic has changed the way this is done; movers generally require pictures of your home via email or video so they can calculate your moving bill. A moving consultant will advise you of what is required to conduct the move efficiently – number of movers, supplies, and how long it could take- and give you an estimate of the cost.

Average cost of moving based on destination

Montreal to Ottawa$1,150-$1,500
Montreal to Vancouver$5,800 – $6,000
Montreal to Toronto$1,300-$3,300

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Criteria for hiring a Montreal moving company


Professional moving companies may cost more than a DIY move but they will not just haul your belongings to a car like your friends will do.  If your friends break the TV, you can’t ask them to pay for it. 

Hiring a professional moving company will ensure that your move is SAFE, CONVENIENT, AND STRESS-FREE.

But before you sign up a moving company for your move, it is important to know what criteria to use when hiring a Montreal moving company.

License to operate

This is, by far, the most important qualification to look for in a moving company. Make sure to hire only licensed movers to avoid problems that can cost you more in the long run.

Licensed moving companies comply with industry practices and can be reported to the Better Business Bureau, the Canadian Association of Movers, and other government agencies. Thus, they take care to comply with ethical practices and standards and deliver satisfactory services to their customers.

  • Insurance

Moving companies are required to carry liability insure to compensate for any loss or damage to your household goods. Most companies only provide basic insurance which has a maximum value (about $0.60 per pound). If you have valuables being transported, you should look into additional moving insurance or check your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

  • Experience

It is advisable to deal with experienced long-distance movers. These moving companies have successfully completed hundreds of moves and know how to handle any issues that arise and prevent complications.

  • Stability

Moving companies can come and go, just like any business. You should hire a moving company that is financially stable and has the manpower to meet customers’ demands. Many moving companies are family-owned businesses while others are larger and more complex in structure.

  • Reputation

Moving companies are probably among the most reviewed businesses online. You can check online reviews to see what customers say about the company.  Customer reviews can give you a good idea of how the company deal with their customers and the quality of their services. 

  • Quality

You may be wondering why moving companies have different prices. Movers are not equal as they vary when it comes to quality, too. Some companies have more modern trucks, streamlined processes, and better customer service.  The higher the quality, the more expensive the moving rate. Of course, price is also not always a good indicator of quality. It is important for you to verify the quality of a company’s services from their reputation and track record. 

Know that when you are searching for a moving company, all of them will say they are better. Using the above criteria, you can judge for yourself. Don’t take a moving company’s word and do your own research.

All of our moving partners were 100% verified based on their credentials, experience, insurance, and quality of services.

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What the Pros say: FAQs about Moving in Montreal


We know that your move is very important to you. You want to save on moving costs and at the same time, ensure that your moving company will keep your belongings safe and transport them without delay.

Here are some questions and responses regarding moving household goods in Montreal.

How will movers estimate the cost of my move?

If you are making a local move, your moving company will find out what household belongings you will transport (furniture, computers, appliances, personal items, books, etc). They can also estimate the cost based on the size of your home. Local moves are charged hourly rates and your mover can estimate the number of hours it will take to complete your move.

For long distance moves, movers will want to see what your home looks like through photos, video, and estimate the weight. The actual cost of your move will be calculated when everything is loaded onto the truck. 

Movers are experienced in calculating the weight of your cargo and how long it will take them to complete your move. Every estimate can change on the actual moving day but reputable movers will not charge you more than 10% of their moving quote.

What paperwork should I get from my moving company?

Professional movers provide a Work Order or Bill of Lading with your name and contact numbers as well as the details for the job (address, date and time of the move, destination, etc.)  

Don’t risk hiring a mover to load your belongings to a truck and then disappear. This can happen if you don’t bother to get the right paperwork.

For local moves, the work order should state the hourly rate and agreed upon price, additional charges, the replacement value for your household goods, and the contact person in case you have questions about your belongings.

For long distance moves, the bill of lading should indicate the estimated weight of your goods, the estimated cost of your move, the replacement value for your goods, estimated arrival of your goods and the contact person if you have questions regarding your belongings.

Is it a standard practice for moving companies to ask for advance payment?

Reputable companies will not ask for upfront payment for a move. Many of them will ask for a deposit to reserve the moving date. The industry standard is to get the payment when the goods are delivered to your home.

What does delivery spread mean for a long distance move?

When you book your long distance move, your moving company will establish a maximum and minimum number of days to deliver your goods.  Companies consider the distance, driver rest time required, weather delays, etc. 

Moving companies will do their best to meet the maximum date stated in your moving contract. The company will also contact you before the arrival of your goods to make sure you are ready to receive your goods and prepare the payment.

We are now in an unprecedented time when drivers and moving trucks are subject to restrictions due to COVID-19 which may vary across provinces. There are likely to be delays but the company should keep you updated on the status of your goods. 

Do I need moving insurance?

It is important to know what the moving company’s liability is for damage or loss of your goods. Ask questions from the moving company.  You should also check with your insurance company for coverage of your goods under your homeowners’ insurance.

Movers provide released value protection which is the basic insurance coverage for household goods. The moving company compensates only $0.60 per 1.32 kilogram of your goods as required by provincial regulations. Thus, any compensation is limited in value to the weight of your goods.

You also have the option to purchase additional moving insurance.

Are moving expenses tax-deductible?

You may be able to file your moving expenses as a tax deduction. For more information, you can check moving expenses allowed for tax deduction courtesy of the Canadian Association of Movers.

When should I start contacting moving companies?

For a long distance move, it is ideal to start looking for a mover 6-8 weeks ahead of your moving date.  For a local move, you can start looking for a moving company 4-6 weeks before your desired date. This is important if your move coincides with peak moving times (June-July) as movers can be fully booked.

If your move is during off-peak season, it is much easier to book a moving company and you can shorten this time frame. Some moving companies can even do last-minute moving but we don’t recommend you to wait until the last minute.

How do I pay the moving company?

Many movers may ask for a deposit when you book your moving date. This will not be a substantial amount, usually about 10% the cost of your move. Payments can be by cash, check, money order, or credit card. The balance of your moving bill is paid when your goods arrive and before they are unloaded.

Where can I file a complaint against a moving company?

We recommend that any issues be resolved with the moving company. In case you are not satisfied with the way the company handled or resolved your issue, you can file a complaint about a move or moving company with the Canadian Association of Movers. You can also make a report with the Better Business Bureau.

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