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18 February 2021,

For seniors aged 65 or older, independence and freedom can be compromised because of safety and health considerations.

While many of them want to continue to live in their homes, problems with mobility, balance, and energy levels put them at risk for accidents or medical emergencies. Getting help fast in an emergency can be a serious concern when there is nobody around.

Fortunately, seniors in Hamilton can now continue to live independently without worry with help from reliable medical alert systems or emergency panic buttons.

These devices can be worn as a pendant or wristband for 24/7 access to emergency support services.

It is not difficult or expensive to get an emergency panic button for seniors. Compare free and no commitment quotes to find the right one for you! Just fill out the form below and save time and money. 

Who needs an emergency panic button?


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A medical alert system or emergency panic button is a personal security device that can be used to summon help in any emergency.

Since many people have smartphones and there is always 911 to call for assistance, who needs an emergency panic button?

Keep in mind that while smartphones are, indeed, handy to use in an emergency, you won’t always have one on hand or within reach. It can also take a while to get connected to a family member.

On the other hand, an emergency panic button is always on your person – around the neck or wrist- so you can press the panic button quickly in an emergency.

Many people would benefit greatly from medical alert systems, including:

  • Seniors who live alone
  • Older adults living with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, etc.
  • Individuals with serious medical conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.
  • Older adults taking medications with side effects
  • Seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, etc.
  • Older adults or seniors with a history of falls
  • Anyone suffering a medical condition that results in seizures, dizziness, falls, etc.
  • Individuals recuperating from hospitalization due to surgery, illness, etc.

While medical alert systems were designed primarily for seniors, they can also benefit younger adults who may also be prone to medical emergencies.

Do you worry about a loved one like aging parents or grandparents? A medical alert system will put your mind at ease and ensure they get HELP whenever they need it.

How emergency panic buttons protect seniors


Why are emergency panic buttons recommended for seniors? How do these devices protect them? These are questions that may be running through your mind now. Let us explain a bit how they work.

Emergency panic buttons are personal alarms that connect to a monitoring center. Standard systems come with a wearable pendant or bracelet equipped with a panic button to press in an emergency. 

When a user presses the button, he or she is instantly connected to a trained emergency operator via a built-in communication system.

The emergency operator verifies the nature of the emergency and quickly calls for medical responders, as needed. He can also contact a family member if it is a personal emergency.

Having a panic button makes calling for help in an emergency much easier and faster than using a smartphone.

Fall detectors for extra protection

Some medical alert systems are more advanced and come with automatic fall detection.

Unlike standard systems that require a user to push the button in an emergency, fall detectors recognize if the user has had a fall. Even if the senior fails to push the button, a fall alert is immediately received by the monitoring center.

The emergency operator will contact the user through the 2-way communication system. If the user fails to respond, the monitoring agent will dispatch an ambulance or contact a family member, as needed.

Fall detection technology may not be 100% accurate but it provides seniors with an additional layer of protection. A senior may lie unconscious, injured, or even bleeding after a fall. He may not be able to push the panic button or call someone to help. A fall detector will make sure that a senior receives quick medical attention to prevent complications or further injury.

Statistics show that 1 out of 3 seniors fall every year, making falls the most common reason why seniors visit the emergency room.

With a medical alert system with automatic fall detection, seniors and their families can have peace of mind that a loved one can get help whenever it is needed.

Medical alert systems with GPS tracking

Seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s can wander off, making their loved ones worry about their safety. The police receive reports of missing seniors very often. It is crucial for a missing senior to be found as soon as possible or they could get seriously hurt or suffer serious health complications.

Thus, a medical alert system with GPS tracking will come in very useful in these situations.

Seniors who fall, become dizzy, or get into an accident while outside the home may also be unable to provide their exact location. They can be found faster with GPS tracking technology and ensure they receive medical attention with as little delay as possible.

Geofencing for safety of seniors

Sometimes, the elderly need enhanced protection when they tend to wander. Seniors with mobility issues, memory loss, etc., may be in danger when they are in unfamiliar surroundings.

Medical alert systems with geofencing allow caregivers to set-up “safe” zones for seniors. When a senior exits a “safe” zone or enters one, an alert is sent to a caregiver. This helps to make sure our loved ones are always safe.

Medication reminders for seniors

Medical alert systems also offer medication reminders or dispensers for seniors. Many seniors manage multiple prescriptions daily and they can be overwhelming. It is important not to miss a taking one, especially for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, pain management, etc.

A medication reminder will alert a user when it is time to take the medications and will alert caregivers when it is missed. This eliminates the need to constantly ask a senior if he has taken his medications and allow them some independence and privacy.

Each one of these features from medical alert systems enhance senior care to make our loved ones feel secure, confident, and comfortable, increasing their total well-being.

You can choose the right medical alert system that suits your lifestyle and needs!

How much do emergency panic buttons cost?


Considering the fact that emergency panic buttons are for saving lives, the cost of these devices is surprisingly affordable.

In fact, your monthly fees can be as low as $1 a day, just what you would pay for a cup of your daily coffee.

Keep in mind, though, that not all medical alert systems are created equal. Thus, you need to check the features, equipment cost, activation and installation cost, and monitoring fees.

The best way to get the actual price of your medical alert system is to compare multiple offers from reliable medical alert companies in Hamilton.

Below are some of the most popular medical alert systems available in your area.

How much do emergency panic buttons cost?

There are many medical alert systems available in Canada, including Hamilton.

You can get to know these brands and find out what you want from your medical alert system. Familiarize yourself with the different features of these medical alert systems and see which one interests you.

When you are ready to shop, fill out the form below to get actual offers, free of charge, from our reliable medical alert company partners.

Galaxy Medical Alert Systems

Galaxy medical alert systems were designed for seniors so that they can have independence with the help of a personal emergency response system. The company has more than 25 years of experience in the security industry and is a leading provider of senior personal alarms all over North America.

The company’s headquarters is located in Windsor, Ontario but it serves seniors all over Canada.

You can choose from the following medical alert systems from Galaxy:


Type of SystemDescriptionPrice
Cellular systemUses 3G/4G technology which eliminates the need to use a smartphone in an emergency$44.95 monthly
Home and Yard system

Protects seniors inside the home until the yard with a personal panic button.

With a range of 500 feet from the base unit

$34.95 monthly
Home and Away with GPScellular system with GPS tracking$44.95 monthly
Fall detection systemhas automatic fall detection$29.95 monthly
Home system

for protection of seniors inside the home

standard system

$29.95 monthly
Mobile with fall detection

with monitoring benefits from virtually anywhere in Canada

with automatic fall detection

$49.95 monthly

Global Security Numera Libris

Global Security is a well-established security company providing ADT home security systems throughout Canada.

Its medical alert systems, called Numera Libris, completes its goal of providing reliable personal and home security systems to Canadians for complete peace of mind.

The Numera Libris is a high-technology medical alert system with advanced fall detection. It also has a unique caregiver platform called EverThere to manage the health information of the user.

Its operations are supported by qualified monitoring centers throughout Canada with 24/7 monitoring. Customers are required to sign-up for 36-momths’ monitoring contract to benefit from their excellent services.

You can choose from the following medical alert systems from Global Security:

Type of SystemDescriptionPrice
Standard System $34.99 monthly
GSM Packagemobile system with fall detection and GPS tracking$379.99 for the equipment
$99 activation fee
$79 for the panic button

Pulse Alert Medical Alert System

This is a 100% Canadian-owned company offering safety systems for seniors at home and on-the-go.

The company offers free equipment, free activation, and free shipping, too!

This personal emergency alert system allows seniors and at-risk individuals to access help 24/7 and maintain an independent lifestyle.

You can choose from the following Pulse Alert personal alert systems:

Type of SystemDescriptionPrice
In the home protection

Comes with a personal help button worn as a bracelet or necklace to get wireless access to emergency services 24/7 while in your home.

Landline not required.

With 1,000 ft. range

$29.95 monthly
On-the-Go Protection

Has built-in fall detection, GPS technology and 24/7 access to emergency support anywhere you are.

$55.99 monthly

SecurMedic Medical Alert Systems

The company offers medical alert systems with 24/7 monitoring for the peace of mind of seniors and their families.

The system has a personal help button worn as a necklace or wristband, 2-way voice communication system, and a replaceable battery.

The wearable panic button is waterproof and has a range of 1000 feet from the base unit.

The user is instantly connected to a monitoring center when the button is pushed to call for help.

The company does not require a long-term contract for its services.

You can choose from the following medical alert systems from SecurMedic:

Type of SystemDescriptionPrice
SmartSafe Standard

Landline is required

Water-resistant emergency button with back-up battery

$130 (equipment cost)
$25 monthly
SmartSafe Fall Detection Plus

SmartSafe Fall Detection Button

SmartSafe Standard button

Requires a landline

$200 equipment cost
$38 monthly
SmartSafe Fall Detection

Requires a landline

$165 equipment cost
$32 monthly

Life Assure Medical Alert Systems

Life Assure medical alert systems connect users to a monitoring center when they press the emergency help button. Equipped with 2-way voice communication, users can instantly speak to emergency operators to ask for help.

The company offers 30-day risk free guarantee and free activation without a long contract. Their systems are also fall detection ready and have a lifetime warranty.

You can choose from the following Life Assure medical alert systems:

Type of SystemDescriptionPrice
Life Assure Classic Home

works with any home phone line

water-resistant pendant or bracelet

has a range of 600 ft. from the base unit

excellent speaker quality

$29.99 monthly
Life Assure Total Homeuses cellular technology$44.95 monthly
Life Assure Premium Mobile Plus

uses cellular technology

with fall detection and GPS technology

$69.95 monthly

These medical alert systems are guaranteed to protect you in any emergency.

Ensure your well-being so you can sleep better at night and enjoy your independence without fear.

Compare and choose the right medical alert system for your needs using our short online form!

FAQS about Medical Alert Systems in Hamilton

Choosing the right medical alert system for seniors is important. Not only do you want to make sure the price is reasonable but more importantly, you need to get the system that suits your lifestyle.

Below we present some frequently asked questions about medical alert systems in Hamilton to help you make a smart decision.

Do I need a standard system or mobile system?

Standard systems (landline-connected) or mobile systems both offer emergency panic buttons to press in an emergency. The main difference is the range that the system can operate.

Standard systems have a limited range depending on the company. Some systems have a range of 600 ft. while others can work up to 1000 ft.

Mobile systems have a wider range and can work virtually anywhere there is a cellular signal. This means you can get protection even when you are outside your home.

How do I call for help in an emergency with my medical alert system?

A medical alert system comes with a wearable panic button (bracelet, pendant, or clipped to a belt) which you can press in an emergency. You will be immediately connected to a monitoring center with an emergency operator trained to handle emergencies. He will contact medical responders or a family member, depending on your emergency. You can also use the console to contact the monitoring center without dialing a smartphone. The system has a built-in 2-way voice system.

Does a medical alert system have false alerts?

Standard systems require the user to press the panic button to call for help. In case a user presses the button by mistake, he can cancel the alert by pressing the button a second time. He can also inform the operator of the mistake through 2-way voice communication. False alerts are not charged and not a big issue. For fall detection systems, a false alert can also happen but they can also be canceled by the user without penalty.

Are medical alert systems for medical emergencies only?

Medical alert systems are also called personal emergency response systems because they cover all types of emergencies. While they were primarily designed for medical emergencies, users can also call for help in case of a break-in. Seniors can also press the button to ask the monitoring center to contact family members or caregivers for personal emergencies.

Are medical alert systems covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, public and private insurance companies don’t cover medical alert systems. You can check with your insurer to be sure.

Who responds to medical alert systems?

If you have a monitored medical alert system, it will be connected to a monitoring center with trained emergency operators working 24/7. When you call for help, these trained professionals verify the nature of your emergency and dispatch an ambulance, as needed. If you use a non-monitored medical alert system, it usually dials pre-set contacts, including 911.

Why should I get a monitored medical alert system?

It is important to consider who monitors a medical alert system. Keep in mind that the speed and quality of the response to an emergency depends on who receives your cry for help. If you have a monitored medical alert system, a trained emergency associate is on hand 24/7 to answer your call.
If your medical alert system is non-monitored, your system automatically dials your contacts when you press the button until someone answers. It could take time to reach a family member and may delay help from coming.

Can I buy a medical alert system for a relative or friend?

Yes, it is possible to buy a medical alert system for someone else as long as they consent to it. Thus, if you are buying a medical alert system for a parent, you need to discuss it beforehand.
You will also need their acceptance to make sure they actually use the device for it to be effective. You also want them to understand the importance of having a medical alert system for their protection.

Can’t a smartphone work as well as a medical alert system?

While smartphones are useful to call someone in case of an emergency, they take longer to connect you to someone. You don’t always have your phone on hand such as when you use the bathroom. People you call may also be unavailable at times.
Unlike smartphones, medical alert systems are wearable and accessible 24/7, even when you are in the shower or bath. They also connect instantly to a monitoring center whenever you need help.


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