Male senior in an accident at home
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20 June 2023,
Male senior in an accident at home

Do you fear for your safety because you live alone? Are you worried about an elderly relative living alone? 

Take heart because personal safety devices & emergency response systems are available to provide non-stop protection and emergency assistance.

Whether it is a medical emergency or a security situation, these innovative devices can get you the help you need FAST!

More than ever, seniors are choosing to live independently despite the challenges due to medical conditions or health deficiencies.  In light of this development, it has become critical to have a stronger support system to ensure their safety and well-being.

If you need a personal safety or emergency response system or looking for one for your aging loved one, you are in the right place!

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Why seniors must have a personal safety device in 2024

Mature man wearing emergency bracelet

With a great healthcare system and modern medical technologies, the average life expectancy of Canadians is about 82 years.

With this longer lifespan for men and women in general, more and more Canadians are deciding to age in place. And while this provides many benefits to seniors such as independence, privacy, and comfort, there is a greater risk for their security and safety.

Different types of emergencies may need different responses. This is why modern and reliable personal emergency systems offer multiple solutions to suit your needs.

With a personal safety device, seniors can have fast access to emergency services with a simple push of a button. The emergency buttons are on a necklace or pendant or a medical alert bracelet which operate in the home and even outside the home (in the case of mobile alert systems).

Many of these personal emergency response systems are connected to a central monitoring station that responds 24/7 to calls for assistance.

Our partner medical alert system companies and emergency response companies serve all of Canada including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, etc.


Find the right personal safety device or medical alert system that suits your needs and budget!

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Benefits of wearing a medical alert bracelet for seniors

Senior safety with personal emergency button

If you have read other articles regarding medical alert bracelets or pendants, you will find they all say one thing – you can easily get emergency assistance by pressing a panic button.

Of course, this is the biggest advantage of wearing a medical alert bracelet or pendant. No matter what time or day, you don’t need to worry about getting help because HELP is just a few seconds away.

But the advantage of having this type of system does not just end with emergency assistance. The impact on the lifestyle of a senior is so much more than emergency access.

Because you have greater confidence in your safety, as a senior, you can now enjoy more freedom and independence. You can continue living the lifestyle you want and engage in more social activities.

It is noteworthy that these systems allow seniors to remain connected to family members or caregivers remotely. They will be able to check on a senior’s status even if they are not physically present 24/7.  This benefit is tremendous as it gives peace of mind to everyone.

Have you been limiting your activities and staying at home because you were afraid of going out on your own?

It is possible to have more outdoor activities if you are still in fairly good physical condition for your age. The important thing is to have someone available to assist you if you need it without intruding on your privacy.

The many uses of a personal emergency response system

Medication reminder for seniors with a medical alert system

Personal emergency response systems (PERS) devices can be used in numerous ways with a variety of monitoring services for emergency assistance within minutes. They also let you stay connected to caregivers and family members remotely so they can continue to monitor your welfare.

Depending on the type of system you choose, you can benefit from:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • GPS monitoring
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Medical reminders/dispensers
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Activity check (quantifying activity, movement, steps)

Seniors may suffer medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and mobility issues which make them vulnerable to memory loss, disorientation, falls, and other risks.

A personal emergency response system can give immediate medical and emergency assistance to a user which can save his life in critical situations. It can also provide peace of mind to family members.

Please note that a personal emergency system or a medical alert system is not only for medical emergencies. It can also be used to summon the police, fire department, or even family or caregivers in non-medical emergencies.

With a PERS device, a senior will never have to waste minutes trying to get to a phone or waiting to get connected to a caregiver to GET HELP. A push of a button is all it takes!

5 Reasons Personal Safety Devices are not just for the elderly!

Personal emergency response systems not only for the elderly

If you think that a Personal Emergency Response System is just for seniors, think again. Of course, the elderly can really benefit from wearing a safety device in numerous ways. But the truth is that any person, regardless of age, can benefit from a reliable personal safety device.

In fact, a medical alert system in tandem with a home security system can be life-saving. If a burglary, fire, accident, or injury occurs at home, you can immediately alert a monitoring center by pressing the help button. This will take a few seconds only, and you won’t need to reach out for your smartphone to dial 911.

Keep in mind that you may not always have your smartphone on hand when an emergency happens. If a mother taking care of an infant suddenly slips and hurts herself, who will notify 911? A medical alert system with a fall detector can trigger a fall alert and notify emergency responders.


Who else, aside from seniors, must own a personal emergency response system?


People who live alone: Whether you live alone or left alone for long periods of time, you can become helpless in an emergency. A person who suffers a stroke or a heart attack and is alone at home or inside a car may not receive medical attention for hours or days.

Empty nesters: Once the children has left the home and you are once again alone and independent, you need someone you can count on to come in an emergency.

Parents with young kids: Young children count on their parents for almost everything. If a parent should become ill or have an accident, a personal emergency response system can save the day. It relieves young kids of the huge responsibility of calling for help fast.

Individuals with medical conditions: Younger adults can also get medical conditions that make them vulnerable. These include diabetes, asthma, allergies, hypertension, panic attacks, epilepsy, etc. Having a panic button to press in an emergency will be liberating.

As you can see, almost everyone can benefit tremendously from owning a personal emergency response system.  Regardless of age, any person will feel much safer with an emergency assistance just a push of a button away!

Find the right one that suits your needs by filling out a short online form on this page!

The cost of a Personal Emergency Response System

Price of medical alert system in Canada

Please keep in mind that whether it is a panic button, a personal emergency response system, or a medical alert system, they are all the same.

They only differ in the technologies they use to offer protection and their cost.

Some systems are more expensive than others because they offer higher-quality customer service and more features with their systems.

For instance, non-monitored emergency response systems are not connected to a monitoring center. Rather, they automatically dial pre-selected numbers including 911 when you press the button in an emergency. They are not high in reliability and don’t have some of the features offered by monitored systems such as fall detection or GPS monitoring. Thus, they don’t have monthly fees and are cheaper.

On the other hand, monitored systems provide non-stop emergency support with advanced technologies such as 2-way voice systems, GPS tracking, activity monitoring, medication dispensers, and fall detection. These systems have monthly service fees.  Some companies also require a lock-in subscription period for their monitoring service.

To give you an idea, here are some of the well-known monitored emergency response systems in Canada and their prices in 2024.


Medical Alert Company


Monthly Fees


Safe Guard

With fall detection

Starts at $24.95

No minimum contract

Pulse Alert

Offers automatic fall detection and built-in GPS with Wi-fi

Starts at $39.99

No minimum contract


Well-known brand
Largest and most trusted in North America

More expensive 

Starts at $42.95

No minimum contract

Life Assure

Waterproof devices

Starts at $29.99

No minimum contract

Telus Livingwell

Offers multiple solutions for seniors including on-the-go systems at affordable prices.

Starts at $30.00

1-year minimum

Red Dot Alert

Also offers GPS shoe insoles tracking 

Starts at $39.99

No minimum contract


Offers advanced GPS monitoring

Starts at $29.95

No minimum contract

Secure Medic

Offers bracelet, pendant, and Smartwatch

Starts at $35.00

Month-to-month subscription

Global Security

Advanced fall detection

Water-resistant device for shower or bath

With EverThere software for health management


24-months contract

Life Alert

Well-known brand

Starts at $49.95

3 years

Bedford Medical Alert System

With video monitoring

Ideal for home medical alert systems

Starts at $39.99



Many health professionals recommend the use of personal safety devices or medical alert systems for at-risk individuals and seniors.

Determining which system is the most effective for your needs can be challenging.  To compare features and prices, request free quotes from our partner companies and save money!

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Compare free quotes with no-obligation for the best medical alert system

Don’t just buy the first medical alert system you see online. It pays to compare multiple quotes so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Believe us when we say that not all systems are the same – they vary in terms of customer support, quality of their devices, technologies used, and prices.

Compare contract periods, features and benefits, equipment cost, installation fee, and monthly monitoring plans to avoid regrets or surprises!

Our network consists of dozens of medical alert companies and security companies that specialize in personal safety devices and emergency response systems.

Connect with these experts using our free online form today to receive no-obligation quotes to save time and money!

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