Save money from your home internet package and mobile phone by comparing multiple quotes
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20 March 2019,

Is it time to renew your internet, TV, phone or mobile package? Are you comparing offers and don’t know which is the best? Don’t worry because Compare Home Quotes can help you find a package that fits your needs at the best price.



What is the price of your home internet plan?

Save money from your home internet package and mobile phone by comparing multiple quotes

Of course, the price of a home internet package will depend on a number of factors that you will need to consider before you even begin to compare prices.


What type of user are you?

Before you start looking for your next Internet package, you should first determine what your needs are.

Do you work from home? Do you download movies, music, TV series or video games? Do you share your network with other family members or a roommate, maybe? On the other hand, do you only use the internet to read emails from time to time?

  • Limited user: uses the Internet to read e-mails and do some research from time to time and seldom listens to videos online. Infrequent downloads of files.
  • Average User: Doing a number of searches on the web, communicating regularly with friends and family (emails and Skype applications), viewing some online videos, and downloading music, movies and series from time to time.
  • Intensive user: Regularly downloads music, movies, TV series, and online games. He often communicates with others through Skype applications and emails. He frequently searches the web.


Between megabits and gigabytes

By establishing the use you make of the Internet, you will be able to determine what download speed (calculated in megabits per second – Mbps) and which bandwidth consumption space (calculated in gigabytes -GB) you need for your package.

The more megabits per second from your home internet plan, the faster you can download videos, movies, photos, and files. Similarly, the larger the gigabytes, the more downloads you can make without restrictions.


Home Internet packages for all types of needs and budget

As you know, there is nothing more effective in finding an Internet package that suits you, and at the best price, than comparing the prices offered by the various companies here.

In this table, you will find the price, as of May 1, 2017, of some of the most popular offers in Quebec, according to their characteristics.

Company Mbps + GB Monthly Fees

(excluding installation or rental of equipment)

Videotron 30 Mbps + 150 GB $55.95 (for 12 months)
  120mbit / s + unlimited GB $124.95 (for 12 months)
Bell 3 Mbps + 20 GB $39.95
  25 Mbps + 250 GB $55.95
  300 Mbps + GB unlimited $89.95
Distributel 30 Mbps + 300 GB $55
  50 Mbps + GB unlimited $70
  60 Mbps + GB unlimited $70
Ebox 15 Mbps + 200 GB $38.95
  30 Mbps + 350 GB $49.95
  200 Mbps + GB unlimited $79.95
Radioactive 15 Mbps + unlimited GB $39.95
  10 Mbps + Unlimited $ 34.95 $34.95
Oricom 3 Mbps + 150 GB $26.95
  15 Mbps + 150 GB $37.95
  50 Mbps + 150 GB $59.95


By filling out the free online request form on this page, you will receive 1 free quote from a company specializing in internet packages. You can find the best price. How about it?

How to save on your internet or mobile package (cellphone & iPhone)?

You can get useful tips for reducing the cost of your internet and mobile packageThere are different ways to save, both on its Internet package and on its mobility package (cell and iPhone). First, review the terms of your contract, then follow these tips:

  • Combine your services. Do you pay for one company’s cellular plan and then another’s Internet plan? On your phones! Communicate with different distributors, if only to know the price of their offers including various services. It is not uncommon for providers to offer better prices for their customers who join the Internet, mobility, home phone or television.
  • Ask for quotes. Your cellular or internet plan no longer suits you? Fill out the free form on this page for quotes from 3 service providers. Shopping around is the key!
  • If you have been using the same mobile or internet package for a long time, maybe it’s time to get to know the new offers in the market. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get long distance calls or unlimited text messages for the same price. Similarly, perhaps you will be offered a new cell phone, faster and more efficient or a new iPhone. How does that sound?
  • You must know that if you regularly exceed your mobile data plan, maybe it’s time to renew your cellular contract. The excess data is often more expensive, and ultimately, costs you more than a higher package. The same is true for internet services. If you frequently exceed the number of GB that you are allowed, it is time to renew your contract.
  • Again, establish and meet your needs! Have you noticed that you do not use most of the services included in your iPhone package or in your internet service? The time has come to discuss you’re your service provider. Communicate your needs and expectations and find a package that’s right for you.


Choose a package for your Internet —Telephone —Television

As can be seen from the following table, it is generally these few factors that influence the monthly price of a bundled package that includes a residential telephone line, internet connection, and television:

  • Download speed and the bandwidth capacity of the internet service
  • The number of channels offered by the TV service and the extras attached to it (HD or 4K recorder)
  • The service coverage for calls, more or less vast, offered by the telephone service (long distance, unlimited calls anywhere in Canada or Quebec, etc.)

By targeting your needs and the use you make of the services suggested by the different suppliers serving your region, you will be able to determine a package tailored for you and your family.

Finally, note that some companies, including Bell and Videotron, also offer tailored bundles, which also include a mobile service. If you feel you do not need a residential phone line, then maybe you should check out these offers, which could save you a bit of money.

Internet packages – Telephone – Television grouped for all types of budget

By consulting this table, you will be able to see the prices of the most popular telecom bundles in Quebec.

The offers contained in this table were posted on the service providers’ websites on May 1, 2017.

Company Special features of bundled residential packages offered Monthly Fees
Videotron 10 Mbps internet + 25 GB

10 specialty channels and HD recorder

Unlimited Calls in Canada

$99.95 (for 24 months)
  Internet 30 Mbps + 150 GB

15 specialized channels and recorder illico 4K

Unlimited Calls in Canada

$121.95 (for 24 months)
  120 Mbps internet + Unlimited GB

15 specialized channels and recorder illico 4K

Unlimited Calls in Canada

$140.95 (for 24 months)
Bell Internet 15 Mbps + 100 GB

Unlimited long distance calls in Quebec

HD 4K recorder, basic channels, and some specialty channels

  Internet 25 Mbps + 250 GB

Unlimited long distance calls in Quebec

HD 4K recorder, basic channels, and some specialty channels

  50 Mbps + unlimited GB

Unlimited long distance calls in Quebec

HD 4K recorder, basic channels, and some specialty channels

Distributel Internet 15 Mbps + unlimited GB
TV service offered by Zazeen
Modem and decoder not included
Telephony included
  Internet 30 Mbps + unlimited GB

TV service offered by Zazeen
Modem and decoder not included

Basic telephony included

  60 Mbps + unlimited internet

TV service distributed by Zazeen
Modem and decoder not included

Basic telephony included

Ebox Internet 15 Mbps

Basic telephony included

Without a TV package

Radioactive Internet 15 Mbps + unlimited GB

Basic telephony included

Without a TV package

  Internet 10 Mbps + unlimited GB

Basic telephony included

Without a TV package

Oricom 150 GB Internet

456 channel TV, HD

Basic telephony included

  150 GB Internet

302 channel TV

Unlimited Calls in Canada



Major telecom providers in Quebec

In Quebec, several companies share the distribution market. This is the case, in particular, of these few companies that offer people telephone, internet, mobile, and television services.

✓   Bell is a true leader in internet distribution, mobile services, home telephony, and television in Canada. The company is recognized for its quality services, always on the cutting edge of technology.

✓   If anything makes Videotron stand out, it is its innovative telecommunications services. In addition to offering high-speed Internet packages of excellent quality, the company also offers residential television and telephony services, as well as mobile services.

✓   Ebox is an independent provider that offers its customers from all over Quebec and Ontario high-speed Internet at a frankly competitive price. You can also find duo packages, including telephony and Internet service.
In Quebec, Distributel is known for its low prices for internet packages. Whether you are a small or a large user, you will find the package that suits you. Distributel also offers its customers residential trio packages, including telephony, TV, and internet services.

✓   Oricom is a Quebec company that works hard to provide people here with excellent internet services and at a good price. The company, which has a duty to act in a transparent way, without hidden costs, can offer you a service by cable or by means of an optical fiber.

✓   Whether you live in Montreal or across Quebec, Radioactive should be able to offer you one of its unlimited Internet services without a contract. You will also find packages including network and residential telephony.

Compare Home Quotes has partnered with reliable companies who will offer you services that meet your expectations. Would you like to take advantage of internet, telephony, or television packages at the best price? Fill out the online request form located on this page.


How to choose your mobile package?

The cellular services market has evolved in recent years. Since the introduction of the Canadian Wireless Code (CRTC) controlling the costs of using data, consumers are now better protected.

Good news! Contracts without an end-period are also obsolete. Thus, you should not be tied for more than two years to a specific provider. This is certainly more practical as it gives you an out if you are not satisfied with the quality of the services that are offered to you!

With that said, although the market for iPhone and other cell phones is more structured, we know that choosing a package is a tedious task and we aim to make it easier for you.


What kind of user are you?

According to the magazine Protégez-vous, before starting your research, you should ask yourself these few questions:

  • Do you call regularly on your cell phone? Do you often make long distances calls?
  • Do you text regularly? How many text messages do you think you send and receive monthly?
  • Do you check web pages and social networks with your device? Do you use wireless networks in the places you frequent or do you rely on data usage instead?

By determining how you make of your cell or iPhone, you will be able to identify what kind of user you are.  This is how you will know what price you should pay for your service.


Four types of customers, 4 average prices

Mobile packages are generally designed to meet four types of customers, namely:

  • The occasional user who only uses his cell phone to make a call from time to time (less than 100 minutes per month), and who almost never sends text messages. This user should pay approximately $35 monthly for his service.
  • The regular user who uses his device to make calls (less than 200 minutes a month) and send a few text messages from time to time (50 text messages a month). This type of customer should pay around $45 a month for his cellular plan.
  • The connected user who uses his cell or iPhone to call regularly and send text messages frequently, in addition to visiting a few web pages from time to time. This user should pay up to $60 per month for his package.
  • The intensive user who lives by the calls and text messages he sends through his cell or his latest iPhone. This user frequently consults web pages as well as social networks and should pay up to $80 monthly for his package.


Get 1 unbeatable offer for your Internet package- TV- Phone now

Compare Home Quotes is an efficient, fast, and completely free price comparison tool that allows you to view offers from different telecommunication companies in the comfort of your own home.

Would you like to get 1 unbeatable offer from a supplier in your area? Whether you are looking for a cellular, internet, television, or residential telephone package, our team can help you. In fact, Compare Home Quotes only works with recognized companies that will meet your needs.

Do not hesitate and fill out the online request form on this page. It is free and without obligation! You will receive, as soon as possible, 1 quote.

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