Damaged shingles being replaced by roofer
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28 May 2024,

As a homeowner, it can be stressful to see your roof looking worse for wear.  What’s worse is when you find puddles of water from leaks in your roof.

The cost to replace the roof is expensive.  And while it is a great investment with significant benefits, you don’t necessarily need a new roof to fix roof issues.

Damaged shingles being replaced by roofer

Depending on the current condition of your roof, it is also possible to repair and restore it to good condition to save money. An experienced roofer can do a thorough roof inspection to assess if you need a roof replacement or roof repair.

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Plan a roof repair and get a cost estimate

If your home needs a roof repair, the primary question that comes to your mind is “how much does it cost”?  But before we can get to that, you must first get the roof assessed by a roofer.

Schedule a roof inspection

Professional roofers can give a free estimate after an inspection of your roof. This is necessary so that they know the extent of the damage and what other issues need to be fixed.

Worker fixing damaged roof tiles

Why is a roof inspection needed?  You may be under the impression that your roof simply needs a few shingles.  But that may be incorrect as other roof components could also be damaged.  For a proper roof fix, all components must be in good condition and worn out parts need to be replaced.

Get multiple roofing quotes

Once you know the extent of the repairs needed, you should obtain several quotes from reliable roofers to compare.

Every roofing company may give a different price because the cost also depends on the quality of the workmanship, the materials, warranties, and your location. Comparing 3 or more quotes will help you find the best price that suits your budget.

Understanding a roofing system can help you get a cost-effective and efficient roof repair and replacement.

Elements of a Roof that every Homeowner Should Know

It is best to know a little bit about roofing systems so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Understanding a roofing system can help you get a cost-effective and efficient roof repair and replacement.

Below you will find the essential components of your roofing system.

Roof deck & Rafters

Shingles are installed on your roof deck and rafters which form the foundation of the roof.  The rafters are below the roof deck or roof sheathing.  Your foundation must be rot free, stable, and solid before shingles can be repaired.  

In fact, several roof issues, including shingle blow-offs, are caused by a damaged deck.

If the foundation is already damaged, your roof contractor will recommend a replacement.

Roof Truss 

Also called the roof skeleton, it gives support to your roof.


Wood flashing that is usually used with step flashings, counter, etc. on roofs with steep slopes.

Roof Underlayment

It is found on top of the deck and below the shingles.  It aims to prevent water backup underneath the shingles, prevent damage from ice damming or windy rains, and protect the underlying wood from rot.  This is a synthetic, breathable material that adds protection against moisture.


Lack of ventilation can lead to early roof failure.  A ventilation system takes care of the intake and exhaust to prevent rotting of wood, damage to insulation and other components of the roof.  It also lowers energy costs.

Eaves troughs and Overhang

The eaves troughs and overhang of the roof consists of:

Gutter: Collects and removes water from the roof.

Fascia:  A trim for covering the eaves at the end of the rafter. 

Downpipe: Brings water from the roof down to the ground.

Soffit: Allows air to enter the roof vents into the attic. 

Termination Points and Flashing

The points of termination are found around the chimneys, vent pipes, vertical wall joints, and valleys.  This is also where the flashing is visible.  They are metal pieces used to stop water infiltration. The termination points must be waterproofed before flashings are installed.


Good quality shingles are essential but it is also important to follow proper guidelines for installation from manufacturers.

It is not advisable for you to climb up on the roof to inspect it unless you are a professional roofer.  It can be very dangerous and risky. A roofer will be able to detect even subtle damages so that all repairs can be done as needed.

Subtle Roof problems Detected by Roofers

Roofer sealing vents and flashing

As mentioned earlier, experienced roofers can see even subtle damages that any homeowner could miss, including:

  • Loose shingles
  • Nail pops
  • Incorrect installation of air conditioning 
  • Loose, missing, or corroded flashing
  • Inadequate ventilation 
  • Clogged drains, depressions near vent pipes, and flashing problems that result in water pools in ridges 

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Most Requested Roofing Services: Emergency & Routine Repairs

With Canada’s diverse climate and extreme weather conditions, it is not surprising that roof repairs are much in demand.  

From emergency to routine services, the following are the most requested roofing services in the country.

Emergency roof repair due to leaks

#1 Roof Inspection and Maintenance

A roof needs periodic inspections to identify potential problems before they turn into expensive fixes.  Homeowners often ask for a roof inspection to check the roof’s condition and repair any damaged parts.  Gutter cleaning, leak inspection, debris clearing, and other maintenance activities are usually part of the inspection.

The average cost of a roof inspection is about $250 but it could increase to $300 or even $600 depending on the size of the roof and type of inspection.

#2 Replacement of Shingles

Canada’s most popular roofing material is Asphalt shingles as they are affordable and durable. But they don’t last forever – they get worn out, crack, or become loose.  They need to be replaced not only for aesthetic value but to ensure maximum protection against the elements.

#3 Flat Roof Services

Commercial buildings and residential properties especially in urban areas use flat roofs.  They need regular maintenance and repairs to prevent leaks and other issues associated with flat roofs.

Membrane repair, waterproofing, sealing are highly popular for extending the life of a flat roof and improving functionality.

#4 Roof Insulation and Ventilation 

Preventing moisture buildup and improving energy efficiency in the attic requires good ventilation and insulation.

If both are inadequate, temperature imbalances, ice damming, and mold and mildew growth can occur.

Many homeowners look for good roofers for ventilation or insulation upgrades for increased comfort and reduce energy costs.

#5 Emergency Roofing Services

Roofing emergencies happen wherein a homeowner needs to good roofer for sudden leaks and other critical issues. 

Temporary repairs can be done such as tarping and leak repairs to minimize the damage and protect the occupants of the home.

It could be hard to find a roofer for emergency repairs during the summer and fall months.  The best thing to do to avoid emergency roofing needs is to schedule regular roof checks and maintenance.

#6 Roof replacement

Roofs can last a long time with quality installation and good maintenance – 10, 15, 25, or even 70 years.

But the time to replace a roof will probably come once or twice in a lifetime.  Roof replacement services include the removal and disposal of the old roof and installing a new one.

If the roof has reached the end of its life and maintenance costs have become too high, the best option is to install a new roof.  You can improve the home’s energy efficiency and lower energy bills with a new roof installation.  Of course, it also increases the curb appeal of your property and home value.

How much is a new roof installation? The answer will depend on factors like the size and type of the roof, the roofing material, the condition of the roof, and other issues.  In Canada, the average cost of a roof replacement is $10,000 to $15,000 for a shingle roof. Metal or slate roofs are much more expensive. 

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Popular Techniques for Roof Repair

Roofer replacing shingles for roof renovation

When was the last time you had a roofer inspect or fix your roof?  Roofs are the same as machinery – they need maintenance and repairs to function properly.

Regardless of the problem you have with your roof like leaks, missing shingles, damaged gutter, or a worn out appearance, a roofer can provide the best advice.

Below are some of the popular techniques for roof repair.

Installing a new roof over an old roof

Installing a new roof on top of an existing one saves time and effort in removing and disposing of old materials.  It also eliminates the need to put underlayment.  

However, if the old roof is irregular, it is best to remove it before a new installation.

Composition shingles covered with more shingles

If the existing roof has irregularities, repair is necessary to have a smooth roof.  Bent or warped shingles must be nailed flat.  Missing shingles also need replacement to avoid sagging.

Covering wood shingles with shakes

It is best to install wood shakes over old wood shingles.  Leaks and rot are less likely.  If you opt to use wood shingles over old ones, treat with a preservative prior to installation.

Cost to replace roof shingles

Frost-covered asphalt roof shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular because of their relatively cheaper price, versatility, and durability.  Available in 2 styles – 3-tab and architectural – with 3 tab shingles being more common and cheaper. 3 tab shingles are flat and with cutouts along the bottom edge.  

The architectural style is 3-dimensional and more durable.  On the other hand, the architectural style gives a 3-dimensional look and is heavier and more durable.
Find below the average cost of asphalt shingle roof replacements:

Size of Roof 

Average Cost

500 to 1000 sq. ft.

$2,500 to $4,500

1500 – 2500 sq. ft.

$6,000 to $12,000

2500 – 3500 sq. ft.

$10,000 to $16,000

Over 4000 sq. ft.


Usually, roofers’ prices include the removal and disposal of the existing shingles and underlayment as well as building permits.

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How to Find the Best Roof Repair Expert near You

Installing roof tiles for roof repair

Leaks, torn shingles, broken tiles, among others, affect the home’s appearance and the efficiency of the home’s exterior and interior.

It is possible to avoid or postpone an expensive new roof installation with roof repairs. The important thing is not to delay action to prevent further roof damage.

By scheduling a roof repair at the soonest possible time, you can extend the life of your roof, protect your home from damage, and lower your energy bills.

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