Wooden kitchen counter for modern kitchens.
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18 May 2023,
Wooden kitchen counter for modern kitchens.

Are you wondering how high a kitchen counter should be? 

The kitchen counter is one of the most important and most used parts of a kitchen. We prepare meals there, eat, socialize, and even store some kitchen essentials. 

However, the kitchen design can have a significant impact on our health, comfort, and convenience. One of the most important elements when designing a kitchen is the counter height. 

In Quebec, there are standards to be followed when installing a kitchen counter. 

In this article, Compare Home Quotes presents the most common issues pertaining to the height of kitchen counters and the standards to be followed. 

You will also find solutions to adapt the height of kitchen counters based on your needs. 

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Common issues for kitchen counter height

Happy woman drinking at kitchen counter.

The height of a kitchen counter is a crucial element to consider when remodeling a kitchen. Indeed, the wrong height can cause a lot of inconvenience. 


First of all, the incorrect height of kitchen counters can cause muscle pain and postural disorders. This is especially true for people who use the kitchen for a long time. Health professionals recommend an optimal height for kitchen counters to avoid these problems.


An incorrect height can also make access difficult for people with reduced mobility. Accessibility standards recommend a specific height for kitchen counters to make them easy to use.


Finally, the height of kitchen counters also has aesthetic and practical implications. Poorly adapted counters can give the impression of imbalance in the kitchen. Moreover, they can make the use of the counter uncomfortable, if not, difficult.

Guidelines for the height of kitchen counters in Quebec

Follow height guidelines for kitchen counters in Quebec.

In Quebec, there are norms and standards in effect for the height of kitchen counters. 

The recommended standard height for kitchen counters is 36 inches (approximately 91.44 cm) from the floor to the top of the counter. 

This height was established to guarantee the comfort and ergonomics of the kitchen for the majority of users.

It should be noted that this standard height may vary depending on the individual needs of each user. This is because a taller or shorter than average person can adjust the height of the kitchen counter accordingly. 

It is important to follow the standards in force in Quebec to for health and safety reasons as well as for easier access for all users. These standards include those of the Quebec Construction Code as well as those of the Canadian Standards Association. 

There are exceptions, particularly for people with specific needs due to reduced mobility.

Solutions for kitchen counter height adjustments

Height adjustments for kitchen counters for people with reduced mobility.

For people with reduced mobility, the height of kitchen counters is a crucial element to facilitate accessibility and use of the kitchen.

Accessibility standards recommend a maximum kitchen counter height of 34 inches (approximately 86.36 cm) for wheelchair users.

In addition to height, it is important to take into account other factors such as circulation space and the arrangement of appliances to ensure ease and convenience for people with reduced mobility.

There are other solutions for adjusting the height of kitchen counters for people with reduced mobility. Indeed, adjustable counters can be instaalled. These can be adjusted electrically or manually.  

The standard height of bar counters and kitchen islands

In Quebec, the standard height for a kitchen bar counter is generally 42 inches (106.7 cm). 

However, height may vary depending on the height and preferences of the user. Some owners choose a slightly different height for optimal comfort. 

For a central island, you can opt for a height of 36 in. (about 91.44 cm), which is ideal for both men and women.


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FAQS for kitchen counter installation or renovation

Kitchen countertop installation FAQS.

Are you planning to replace your kitchen countertop or perhaps, renovate your entire kitchen?

This is a critical project which requires careful thought and planning. We know you have many questions on your mind and we would like to help.

Below are some popular questions regarding a countertop installation or a replacement.

What kind of professional should I speak to for a kitchen counter renovation?

Are you just updating your countertop? If it is a simple replacement, you can look for a kitchen specialist or a contractor and request for quotes based on the material you prefer.

If you are doing a bigger project such as changing the kitchen layout or upgrading your flooring, expanding the kitchen area, etc., you may need to speak to an interior designer or architect first.

How long does a kitchen countertop installation take?

It could take as little as 2 hours to 8 hours to install a kitchen countertop. It varies depending on the size of your counter and the complexity of its design. For instance, a countertop with more partitions could take longer to install.

What is needed before a countertop installation?

You will need to remove the toaster, microwave, utensils and other items to get them out of the way.  The area must be free from clutter so that the workers can move freely and work efficiently.   Cabinets in the area must also be emptied to prevent them from getting dirtied or damaged.

What is the average cost of a kitchen countertop in Quebec?

The answer varies based on factors such as the size of the countertop and the materials you choose – granite, laminate, stone, wood, etc.

For example, a granite countertop has an average cost of $50 to $200 per square ft.   On the other hand, a butcher block is cheaper with an average cost of $2,000 to $5,000 (around $40 to $100 per sq. ft.) for a 50-square-foot kitchen.

What is the best material for a kitchen countertop?

The most popular material for kitchen countertops is granite. It may be more expensive but it lasts a long time, is easy to clean and maintain, and gives your kitchen a very elegant and classic look. It also adds value to your property at resale. If your budget cannot afford a granite countertop, you may want to consider engineered quartz as it gives the appearance of stone but costs less. Wooden counters (butcher block) are also more affordable and are very durable and attractive.

Professionals in the design and layout of a kitchen

Interior designer making recommendations to client.

In Quebec, there are various qualified professionals for the design and layout of a kitchen. They can offer you a tailor-made service according to your needs and budget. Here are some professionals you might consider for your renovation:

Interior designers

Interior designers are skilled professionals in kitchen design and layout. In particular, they can help you choose materials and colors. This is to create a kitchen space that meets your needs and your lifestyle.

Kitchen specialists

Kitchen specialists are professionals who specialize in the design and manufacture of custom kitchens. They can help you design a kitchen that matches your needs.

Kitchen renovation contractors

These contractors offer kitchen design and layout services and the construction work needed. They can work with you to create a kitchen plan within your budget and take care of the entire project for a hassle-free renovation.


Architects are qualified to design a kitchen. They take into account the whole house and its layout to offer a kitchen design that fits your home perfectly.

When looking for the right professional for your project, always consider:

Your budget:

Determine your budget and find a professional who can work within those limits. Make sure you understand how costs are calculated and what the costs are associated with materials and labor.

Experience and skills:

Check the professional’s background and experience in kitchen design and layout. Ask for references from previous clients and review their portfolio to get an idea of ​​their style and work.

Qualifications and certifications:

Make sure that any professional you hire is qualified and certified to work on kitchen projects. Some professionals may have specific certifications in areas such as electrical or plumbing.


Do some research to find out if the professional has a good reputation in their field. Check online reviews and ask friends or family for recommendations.

For your peace of mind, we have carefully screened all of our partners – interior designers, architects, renovation contractors, etc., to ensure you work only with professionals with the right credentials, insurance, and reputation.

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- Fabrication of kitchen cabinets, countertop
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- Fabrication of kitchen cabinets, countertop
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