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21 June 2021,

Moving in Toronto, even during this Covid-19 pandemic, can be smooth and stress-free with help from professional movers.

Moving services are considered essential services and movers know the health precautions and sanitary requirements to keep your move safe.

Whether you are looking for a local or long-distance mover, our moving partners serve all of Toronto and the GTA.

Find deals for moving truck with movers, turn-key moving services, or professional packing services with our short online form.

Get free and no-obligation quotes from reliable Toronto moving companies to compare so you can save time and money!

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Benefits of moving with professional movers


Moving is always stressful because it requires a lot of time and work. You will need to pack your belongings, inform relevant offices and people about your change in address, and unpack when you get to your new home.

On moving day, loading and unloading your boxes and furniture will also be a lot of work. The bigger your home, the harder it will be to move to a new location.

Hence, professional moving companies offer a variety of services to help make moving a lot easier.

Movers offer the following services:

·         Partial packing or full packing services

·         Loading and unloading

·         Assembly and disassembly

·         Moving truck with movers

·         Short or long-term storage

·         Local moving services

·         Long-distance moving services

·         Cross-border moving services

·         International moving services

You can get a turn-key moving service so you don’t have to lift a finger or customize your move by picking the services you need.

If you want a budget move, search for the best deals for moving truck with 2 or 3 movers for local moves.

How moving companies calculate moving costs in Toronto


Moving costs with Toronto moving companies vary depending on the distance of your move, the size of your home, and the moving services you choose. This is why it is important for you to understand how movers calculate your costs and how you can save on your moving bill.

The bigger your home, the higher the cost to move, whether it is a local move or a long-distance one.

For a local move, the moving company will bill you hourly rates for moving truck with movers. Your bill is calculated based on start time and completion time, plus a travel fee (usually 1 hour). Hence, if it takes the movers 4 hours to load and unload your household belongings, plus the travel fee (calculated based on travel from the moving office to your home and back), you could be billed a total of 5 hours.

When you ask for a moving quote, movers will want to know how many rooms you have, your location and destination, and provide you an estimate. When you book a moving date, movers will ask for photos or a virtual assessment so they can give a more accurate quote.

For a long-distance move, for example, from Toronto to Montreal, the computation of a long-distance move is more complex. It has two components, a flat rate and an hourly rate.

The moving company will calculate the flat rate cost based on the distance of travel and the weight of your cargo. In addition, the company will bill you an hourly rate for the time to load your belongings to the truck at the point of origin and unloading your cargo at the destination.

Some Toronto moving companies make regular runs from Toronto to other cities such as Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax, etc. and can provide reduced long-distance moving rates with consolidated moving.

A consolidated move is possible if you can be flexible about receiving your goods. If you can wait longer to receive your cargo in your new home, you can save a lot with a consolidated move.

Hourly rates of movers in Toronto for local moves


Toronto movers charge fixed hourly rates for local moves, that is, less than 100 kilometers.

However, moving companies in Toronto offer different rates for local moves. This is because movers also offer different levels of moving insurance coverage, quality of services, inclusions like moving supplies, and even add-on charges.

For instance, some movers offer only basic moving insurance which only covers your belongings for up to $0.60 per pound. Other companies offer replacement value for lost or damaged goods.

Some movers have a minimum number of hours per job (usually 3 hours) plus travel  time (usually 1 hour) while others only bill you for the actual time it takes to complete the move. You may be surprised to know that some movers also have add-on charges for stairs, elevators, heavy load, etc.

Their hourly rates also vary based on the number of movers you require.

As you can see, it is important for you to compare multiple quotes from movers to find the best deal.  In the meantime, below you will find the average hourly rates from Toronto moving companies.


Moving truck only

$70 to $90 per hour

Moving truck with 2 movers

$110  to $150 per hour

Moving truck with 3 movers

$150 to $180 per hour

Additional mover (per hour)

$50 to $80 per hour

How much does it cost to hire movers in Toronto?


When planning a move, it helps to know how much it may cost to hire movers in Toronto. For a local moving service, it is helpful to know how to get the job done faster to cut down on billable hours and how to choose the best movers.

Below you will find the average cost of moving within Toronto, based on the size of the home.


Size of the home

Average time completed

Average Cost

Recommended # of movers

Studio apartment

4-6 hours


2 movers

1-bedroom apartment

4-6 hours


2 movers

2-bedroom home

8 hours ++


3 movers

3-bedroom home
(up to 1,500 sq. ft.)

10 hours++


5-8  movers

Very large home
(more than 2,000 sq. ft.

12 hours ++


8 movers


While many people move from one apartment to another and ask friends to help out or rent a U-Haul, there is no better way to move than with professional movers.

A DIY move can be good if you are only moving a few boxes a couple of streets down. For bigger moves, a moving company can get the job done faster and protect your belongings from loss or damage. This means you have peace of mind and should something unpleasant happen, your goods are covered with moving insurance.

Don’t take any risks with your life-long possessions just to save a few bucks when you move.

Consider hiring a good moving company in Toronto and use our short online form to find good movers in your area.

How to prepare for a long-distance move


Any move, big or small, can be stressful but movers do everything possible to ease the process for you.

A long-distance move is one that goes outside of Toronto or exceeds 100 kilometers. When you move from Toronto to other Canadian provinces, you will need a long-distance mover.

It is important to note that not all moving companies do long-distance moves. Some movers only focus on local moves or within the GTA while bigger moving companies can help you move anywhere in Canada and even the world.

Long-distance moves are more difficult to handle than local moves because your belongings will travel a farther distance, maybe even overnight. The weather and road conditions are also additional challenges.

You gain many advantages from hiring a long-distance mover, including:

·         Less risk of damage to your goods;

·         Avoid driving a fully-loaded truck long distance;

·         Convenience

·         Save time

·         Insurance protection through the moving company’s coverage

You can leave some or all of the aspects of long-distance moving to the capable hands of a moving company, including packing your belongings, loading and transport, unloading, clean-up, etc.

Below are the average cost of long-distance moves from Toronto to cities in Canada:


Toronto – Vancouver

$2,100 ++

Toronto – Edmonton


Toronto- Ottawa


Toronto – Montreal


Toronto – Calgary


** These are not actual quotes but average prices from our moving partners and can vary depending on the details of your move.


You may have already guessed that the cost of a long-distance move across Canada is a combination of distance + weight + time + extra services.

While driving distance between cities is easy to determine, the other factors (weight of shipment and extra services) vary for each move. Thus, the final price will only be known once the movers load your cargo to their truck and weigh it. Movers can, however, give you an estimate of the cost once they conduct a virtual assessment of your home.

There are ways to save on a long-distance move such as:

·         Reducing the weight of your goods by disposing of what you no longer want or need;

·         Being flexible with your moving date;

·         Comparing multiple movers to get the best price;

·         Doing your own packing.

To find out how you can save on a long-distance move from Toronto, compare free and no-obligation quotes using our short online form!

Extra services from Toronto moving companies


For local or long-distance moving, our moving partners offer extra services on top of the transport and delivery of your household goods.

Many homeowners realize they have little time to prepare for a move because aside from packing up belongings, they could be closing a home sale, working on a job transfer, transferring their kids’ schooling, preparing medical, legal, or bank certificates, etc.

Movers want to help with all the aspects of a move to make it easier and less stress-free. Below are extra services from Toronto movers that you may find useful:

Professional Packing

Many people need help with packing their belongings, especially off-shaped items or fragile items. Movers are especially skilled in packing glassware, books, appliances, kitchen accessories, linen, etc.

Packing up your belongings shouldn’t be throwing things into a box. For homeowners who have accumulated a lot of valuables over the years, it is important to make sure they are packed properly so they don’t break on the road.

Movers will pack your items per room to make sure you know where they go and how to locate your things when they arrive. Fragile items will be carefully packed with paper and bubble wrap.

Packing services are charged hourly rates by moving companies or you can get a full-service move including packing.

Piano moving and other special items

If you are moving a piano with your belongings, it will be charged separately. This is because moving a piano requires special equipment, packing, and handling.  Aside from the specialized care it requires and its value, the weight of the piano is also a huge factor in pricing.

Not all moving companies offer piano moving. If you need to move a piano, make sure to inform the mover when looking for moving quotes.

The same goes for other equipment such as a pool table or hot tub.  

Crating services

Some items need crating for relocation because they are fragile or valuable. Examples of these items are mirrors, sculptures, paintings, oversized or antique items, glass, marble, etc.

Moving companies with crating services have all sizes of crates to fit your valuables. Some movers work with third-party crating services.

Short or long-term storage

Many moving companies have warehouses or storage spaces for lease. These are climate-controlled and protected by security systems for the protection of your belongings.

If your new home is not yet ready, you can request to put some of your furniture in storage for later shipping.

As you can see, moving companies can help you with your move in a variety of ways. Many good movers work with you to customize your move to suit your budget.

Plan your move in Toronto with reliable movers in our network! Find out how much you need for your move by filling out the short online form on this page!

FAQs about movers and moving in Toronto


When planning a move, you need as much information as you can find about moving services in Toronto. By doing research, you can avoid problems, and save time and money.

Below are top questions about movers and moving services in Toronto.

What qualities should you look for in a moving company?

It is advisable to look for a moving company with a good reputation and long experience in the industry. Choose a company that provides quotes in writing and spends time in explaining the details of your move. Most importantly, look for a company that emphasizes customer service and is transparent with its prices.

What day or time is the best for moving?

Most moving companies can assist you throughout the year.  Weekdays are better than weekends because most people are at work and movers can work without much interruption. Toronto movers are also booked solid during the months of June to August and moving rates are higher. If you can be flexible, it is beneficial to move before or after these peak months.

How far ahead should I book a moving company?

2-3 weeks in advance is sufficient for booking a reliable moving company. Hiring a mover and confirming your moving date will ensure that all necessary arrangements are finalized. However, of you are moving during peak times, you should book a moving company as early as possible, even 2 months ahead.


How much is my move going to cost?


The cost of your move is calculated based on the distance of travel. For local moves, the rates are per hour while long distance moves (generally 100 km or more) are based on distance and weight of your shipment. If you get additional services such as packing or storage, they will be added to your moving bill. Ask for free moving quotes to get accurate prices for your move based on your needs.


Do moving companies ask for a deposit?


Most Toronto moving companies will ask for a small deposit when you confirm your moving date. It won’t be a substantial amount but about 10% with the balance payable when your move is completed.


Can I do my own packing?

You are welcome to do your own packing and doing so can lower your total moving cost. Keep in mind, however, that items that are broken or damaged during transport may not be qualified for replacement or compensation if you packed them yourself.

What items are restricted during a move?


There are items that are prohibited during a move. The government has issued regulations covering “restricted” items or dangerous goods such as propane tanks, gasoline, oxygen tanks, ammunition, fire extinguishers, certain cleaning solvents, flammable liquids, liquid bleach, poisons, radioactive or corrosive materials, etc.

Perishable goods such as refrigerated or half-used or opened foods without adequate preservation are also prohibited by movers.

What happens if some of my belongings get lost or damaged during the move?

Good moving companies will take all necessary precautions to prevent loss, theft, or damage of your goods. Sometimes, though, accidents do happen. In case of loss or damage, your goods are covered by moving insurance from the moving company. It is important to understand that movers have their insurance coverage which varies from one company to the next. Some movers can only offer the mandatory “basic” insurance which is limited to $0.60 per pound of your shipment. Other movers offer replacement value which gives higher coverage to your belongings. You should always ask questions from the moving company about the insurance provided during the move.


If you have more questions regarding moving in Toronto, don’t hesitate to ask our partner moving companies.

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We can connect you with the top moving companies in Toronto and the whole of the Greater Toronto Area!

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