Consider the latest bedroom trends in 2019 for a more smashing room with optimal function.
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17 January 2023,

See which styles to choose, accessories to add, fixtures to install, types of headboards to consider to ensure a trendy decor for your bedroom in 2019. Discover the trendiest colors to apply in your bedroom this year.


2024 Decor trends for bedrooms

If we go look at a few years ago, bedrooms were seen as merely functional rooms for sleeping in. Today, more and more people like you want to add more value to their bedroom by optimizing the decor according to today’s trends.


Consider the latest bedroom trends in 2019 for a more smashing room with optimal function.


2024 Trendy bedroom styles

The trendy deco of 2024 bedrooms expresses a desire for elegance, a thirst for pleasure, and a search for splendor that is both contemporary and classic.


A. The high-tech style, even in the bedroom in 2024

The latest technological innovations are also available in 2024 bedrooms. The trendy deco involving high-tech innovations can be seen in the use of transparent furniture.

Here, you’ll see not only glass bedside tables but also crystalline plastic shelves, a translucent chair or armchair, modern design, adorned with shiny fabric cushions.


B. The Neoclassical Style: When your bedroom reveals your social status

A neoclassical trendy decor draws attention to your high social standing. To help reduce costs, simply use contemporary materials that look like expensive wood, stone or fabrics.

It is essential to include crystal sconces or chandeliers.

The use of velvet for sewing curtains or upholstery is also a neoclassical decorating idea for your 2024 bedroom.


Contemporary decorating ideas in 2019 include using chandeliers and expensive-looking wood for a neo-classical look.


C. The ecological style: an Eco-design of your bedroom 2024

The eco-design of the 2024 bedroom showcases plants. The center of attraction will be the green wall. Small or grandiose in size, it can take the form of a fresco or a veritable lush vertical garden.

For example, you can create a half-wall separator by suspending plants suspended at different heights to a portable coat rack on wheels (consisting of a single horizontal pole held by a vertical tube at each end).

A rustic appeal can be achieved with the use of wooden floor, fireplace, and furniture.

Warm comfort: this is the main quality of the rustic trend deco of 2024 bedrooms. The textures suggesting relaxation and rest in cozy comfort is favored: fur cushions, a wall or the fireplace dressed with fieldstones, furniture, and a wooden floor.


D. The wabi-sabi style: a simple trend

The Wabi-Sabi is a trendy deco which, although getting more and more followers in the West, has been in existence in 12th century Japan. This style, authentic and minimalist, encourages the use of simple natural elements (wabi) as much as the aesthetics of things modeled by time or crafted by men (sabi).

In this simple style, the natural has priority over the artificial.


1. Trendy furniture from 2024 bedrooms

Geometric patterns can be found everywhere in the trendy decor of 2024 bedrooms, from games of circles, stripes, rhombuses, or wall-painted rectangles (often including a ceiling section), to ceramics, through mirrors, light fixtures, and shelves.

This trendy decor also influences the furniture and accessories of 2024 bedrooms.


2.   The trendy lighting of bedrooms in 2024

The trendy lighting of 2024 bedrooms consists of wall-mounted sconces, with one or more branches on either side of the bed or just in the center, above the headboard. You can direct the beam of light at a discrete distance while freeing up your bedside tables.


3.   The color keys: a style definitely 2024

Add style to your 2024 bedroom at a lower cost by incorporating a few colorful cushions which you can replace according to the seasons or your inspiration. These points of interest are always trendy decorations in the bedrooms.


4. The wall finish

Everything in our bedrooms is influenced by one or another of the new decorative trends. Read on and see how to update the wall finish of your bedroom to follow the 2024 deco trend.


A. A wall that is out of the ordinary

An effective way to attract attention to a particular point in your bedroom, at a lower price, and with little effort, is to create a stand-out wall.

To guide you, here are five (5) ways to enhance the decor of your 2024 bedroom by simply putting a wall of high value.

Create a stand-out wall for your 2019 bedroom


B. Frescos, photo murals, or textured wallpaper

While wallpaper has a repeated pattern, the mural painted directly on the wall and the wall picture applied to a wall features a single picture, giving depth and style to your bedroom.

A representation of the Manhattan district is perfect for an urban-style bedroom while a wall-mounted photograph of a beautiful forest at sunset will complete a Wabi-Sabi bedroom.

See the effect your guests will have on a wall mural or textured wallpaper depicting a concrete wall in a trendy industrial bedroom.


C. 3D Textured Panels or Relief Overlay

The current market offers a variety of materials to help you design a bedroom wall that is out of the ordinary. In addition to being easy to install, 3D decorative panels can be painted in trendy decorative colors.


D. Wood: a warm and comfortable trendy decor

The star wall that will decorate the decor of your 2024 bedroom and give it a warm and comfortable atmosphere can be made of wood slats of different shades, 3D or not, barn wood natural or dyed gray, with symmetrical sides or of irregular length with “broken” ends in points … Being installed vertically, the slats can also blend naturally with those of your floor of the same shade.


E. An oversized headboard: an unusual idea for a 2024 trendy decor

The decorative trends of 2024 bedrooms also include the headboards. To incorporate your personal style into your room, do not hesitate to use a large headboard, covering most of your wall: painting a geometric shape of your choice, including even a small part of the ceiling, wood (slats, pallets …), frescos, 3D panels, shelves of all types of materials … All ideas are good!


F. A carpet on the wall: a 2024 trendy top decor for your bedroom

Regarding the wall décor, hanging textile tapestries has become trendy in 2024. A wall carpet with colorful and geometric patterns will embellish your bedroom naturally.
To create a beautiful overall impression, simply reproduce the patterns and colors on your decorative cushions.

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5 trendy colors for your 2024 bedroom

What are the trendy colors for 2024 bedrooms? How do you highlight your bedroom by playing with colors on the walls, of course, but also the floor and why not … the ceiling, too!

Give your 5th wall back its grandeur by:

  • Affixing it with Moroccan geometric patterns
  • Creating a trendy 2024 color alcove including the wall of the headboard and a few inches (± 50 cm) from the ceiling, floor and each of the adjacent walls.

The trendy colors of 2024 bedrooms are, in a way, an opposition to the meteoric rise of modern technology. It is a luxurious and contemporary amalgam of colors reminding us of the comfort of night and the clarity of the morning that blooms; a striking contrast between the shadow and the light, represented by the chromatic depth of the luxuriant vegetation (the dark greens, the browns …) and the invigorating freshness of the power of life (the orange, the yellows and the reds).


1. Earth colors are more present than ever in 2024 bedrooms.

Whether for a wall, ceiling, furniture or fixtures, add character by spicing up your 2024 bedroom deco from: 

  • Red paprika
  • Burnt orange
  • Yellow curry
  • Cinnamon Brown


2. Sage green: a natural and relaxing color for your bedroom in 2024

Are you tired of light gray? For your 2024 bedroom, tint the gallon (s) you have in stock with a few drops of sage green. You do not have enough for an entire wall? Never mind. A geometric shape around your headboard (circle, rhombus, large rectangle going to the ceiling and covering even a few centimeters of the latter) will create a warm and enveloping atmosphere.


3. Gray: for a harmonious harmony of your bedroom 2024

Highly versatile, the gray can either glow under the light of an appliqué or luster or be softened by a matte finish. A discreet neutral color par excellence, gray will naturally enhance your 2024 bedroom and will perfectly express your personality, whatever your style.


For example:       

  • The sleek Wabi-Sabi style will be expressed as much by a soft and serene gray than by a concrete gray or darker, accompanied by white or earth-colored
  • The industrial style will be confirmed by the silver gray warmed by hues of orange, yellow or red.
  • The high-tech style will be clarified with the use of a dark gray highlighted by the transparent elements.

Blue is one of 2019’s trendy colors to highlight a wall in your bedroom and express your own style


4. The room in blue: what a beautiful trend 2024!

Navy blue, sky blue, turquoise blue, pastel blue … How can one get bored with blue? This reassuring color releases a felted universe.

You can apply it on two (2) walls to encourage rest and cocooning, or use it for only one (1) wall and some accessories to create depth. The greyish blue jeans, accompanied by rather straight black bedside lamps and black frames, will give an industrial look to your 2024 bedroom.

Look at trending colors for the baby’s room.


5.   Trendy colors for 2024 baby’s room

 Before talking about color, be sure to choose a paint that does not release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and that does not contain chemical solvents.

Although white is a safe bet, you can add a touch of cheerfulness to a neutral wall on a baby’s bedroom by affixing it to a part of the wall, the slice of the shelves … a touch of:

  • Yellow lemon
  • intense turquoise blue
  • flamboyant pink
  • lime green

These exhilarating colors can also be in the form of balloons set high (for example on tablets). Let loose your creativity.

For trendier 2024 baby nursery colors, mint green accessories will be enhanced by a touch of lemon yellow in a French or off-white vanilla color piece.

The Moroccan style can also be inviting in the nursery in the form of a wallpaper representing mint green rhombuses. Small birdhouses with sloping roofs will complement this wall wonderfully.

With a brushstroke, draw above the square or rectangle of the convector of the nursery, the roof (triangle) and the chimney (small rectangle) of a house with a childish design. Hot air balloons in a multitude of bright colors (painted, cut from scraps of wallpaper, or textured stickers) can float above this improvised house.


Transform your bedroom according to 2024 decor and color trends now

Welcome the New Year with a trendy 2024 bedroom.

Let our expert partners guide you to the decor and colors that are certainly up to date while reflecting your personality, and conforming to your budget. Don’t hesitate to contact the professionals of Compare Home Quotes, our platform for online price comparison, without delay.

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Using the advice and recommendations of interior designers, partners of Compare Home Quotes, will give you peace of mind and the right mindset when going to bed!


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