Choosing alternative sources of energy.
5 June 2023,
Choosing alternative sources of energy.

Self-production of energy is becoming very appealing to many homeowners due to the skyrocketing prices of energy. Those who are also environmentally conscious prefer renewable and sustainable energy to protect the environment.

Wind turbines and the solar panel systems are two interesting alternatives. But are they financially attractive? Are some models more interesting than others?

How do solar panel systems work?

Wind turbine models and prices.

A better understanding of how these equipment for free energy works can help you assess if they are lucrative investments for your home. For the solar panel, it uses photovoltaic cells contained in its materials.

A brief overview of solar panels

The photovoltaic cells will capture the sunlight to transform it into energy called contained current. Then, the central inverter located inside the building takes care of converting this type of contained current into alternating current. The alternating current will then move through the house to supply the various electricity needs.

The sun represents an inexhaustible, free, and also ecological source of energy. Its use has absolutely no negative impact on the environment, unlike other more common energy sources.

Residential wind turbines vs. other green energy

Wind turbines for installation in large urban areas.

A home wind turbine makes it possible to produce electricity for electricity needs. Its operation is actually much simpler than that of a solar panel system.

A brief overview of wind turbines

The blades at the tip of a wind turbine mast are exposed to strong, regular, and frequent winds. These air currents turn the blades, creating mechanical energy. At the base of the wind turbine's nacelle is a generator that transforms mechanical energy into very low-voltage electrical energy. The current produced is also direct current, which is then converted to alternating current using an inverter.

There are two types of wind turbines: the horizontal model, which is more common, and is mainly used for high-power turbines. Then we have the vertical model which is less demanding in terms of wind source and speed. It’s a system that is easier to install in large urban areas.

Pros and Cons of wind turbines and solar panels

Comparing the pros and cons of the different renewable energy systems.

Before presenting the different models for these two types of equipment for renewable energy, it’s worth looking at the pros and cons specific to them. The following table gives you an overall picture of what is the features most often discussed with homeowners before they buy a wind turbine or solar panel.

Residential Wind Turbines

Residential Solar Panels





The use of clean, renewable energy.

Depending on the model, location, and region, you may need a municipal permit.

The use of clean, renewable energy.

Depending on the model, installation costs can be very high.

Situated in a suitable location, you can obtain regular, continuous energy production.

Energy accumulation may be lower if you don’t live in an area subject to strong winds.

Savings of up to 40% on your electricity bill.

Some models contain toxic wastes such as copper and chromium.

 Wind energy is efficient in winter.

Depending on the model, the installation cost can be very high.

Solar panels can be adapted to different types of roofs without difficulty.

Sunshine in the place of residence can be a problem. Certain areas of Quebec get less exposure to sunlight. 

It is possible to store surplus production.


Installing solar panels increases the value of your home.


The table above demonstrates certain recurring advantages and disadvantages. The accumulation of energy depends on where you are located. It is possible that you live in an area that is not conducive to the installation of a wind turbine AND solar panel.

For both models, you will notice that the cost can be quite expensive. Of course, we have not presented all the existing advantages and disadvantages here. The goal was to paint an overall picture of the most common scenarios.

The prices and models of solar panels

Options for solar panels tailored to your electricity consumption.

How much does a solar panel system cost in Quebec? It is now easier and more affordable to switch to solar energy. Although it may still cost a lot of money, the prices are not as high as they used to be. 

Below is a short comparison table that represents the cost for the installation of the solar panels, based on the energy needs of your home.

Different options available

Approximate Costs

 5-KW solar panel system connected to the Hydro-Quebec electrical grid

$12,500 with the Canadian Greener Homes Grant.

10 KW solar panel system connected to the Hydro-Quebec electrical grid

$22,000 with the Canadian Greener Homes Grant.

15 KW solar panel system connected to the Hydro-Quebec electrical grid

$36,000 with the Canadian Greener Homes Grant.

The prices you see above are examples for turn-key solar panel systems. They include:

Of course, the formula can vary depending on the company, your location, the number of panels needed, and much more. This can give you a good idea all the same as to how much you will need for installing a solar panel system.

Prices & Models for Wind turbines

Wind turbine models and prices.

Unlike solar panels, there are significant variations depending on the different companies that offer the sale and installation of wind turbines for homes in Quebec. The following table shows you different options that can be purchased from many sources:

Wind turbine model


Average Cost

Automaxx WINDFMILL 1500W

It is durable, quiet, and lightweight in design. This model has a high energy output and its handling is perfect for owners who are new to this system. 


Windmax HY400 500W

Requires little maintenance, this model serves above all as a complement to another mode of production. It is more suitable for areas where the wind is not very strong.


Nature Power 2000W Wind Turbine

A model that can harvest enough energy to power the various appliances in your home. The turbine can be placed both on water and on land. Durable and resistant, it is suitable for regions where the wind is high.


Blade Missouri General Freedom II 200W Wind Turbine

This model is specifically designed for places with very strong winds. It remains one of the most popular on the market taking into account its quality-price contribution.


Primus Wind Power Air 40 wind turbine

This wind turbine can provide constant energy, suitable for many types of wind. It has a technology that offers protection against the wind without limiting its energy supply. 


Wind turbine Ista Breeze 1000W/48V

Very light, it is really the entry level in the field of wind turbines.


The prices presented above may vary according to your needs. Professional installation will cost extra on top of the cost of your wind turbine equipment.

FAQS on wind turbines and solar panel systems

We know that converting to renewable systems such as wind turbines or solar panels is a costly move. With that said, we also understand that you have important questions you need answers to.

Below are some frequently asked questions that can guide you in your project.

Is it really worth the cost to install a residential solar panel system?

An average solar panel system can product up to 850 KWH each month while the average household consumes about 909 KWH of energy.  You can see that you can save a lot from your energy bills over time.

How much energy from solar panels is needed to power a house?

In Canada, a typical household requires 5 to 10 KW of solar panels.

What is the typical lifespan of solar panels?

The average lifespan of solar panels is 25 years.

Can solar panels provide power at night time?

Yes, solar panels can provide your home with electricity at night but they can’t generate power because there is no sunlight.

What is the average cost of installing a solar panel on the roof?

The average price of installing solar panels on a roof is about $3 per watt. Considering that a typical house needs 5 to 10Kw, the cost to install solar panels on a roof in Canada is around $15,000.

How long does it take before a solar panel system pays for itself?

Solar panels, taking into account the long lifespan, can generate free

Make the change to wind turbine and solar panels for home use

If your goal is to improve your daily habits in order to reduce your ecological footprint, several options may be available to you.

Changing your energy consumption methods is relevant, but it’s not the only action you can take. For example, it is always possible to build an ecological house in order to reduce its negative impact on the environment.

If you want to assess the different options that you can take, we can refer you to the most appropriate professionals. Our partners are experts in renewable energy systems and ecological options.

Fill out the form on this page to receive, free of charge and without obligation, to receive up to 3 quotes from various professionals in the green energy sector.

Remember, in converting to renewable energy, you do your part for the environment and you can save a fortune on your energy bills!

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