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25 March 2019,

Are you looking for the best home insurance company for your property? Compare Home Quotes has gathered for you the information regarding the 20 biggest home insurance companies in Quebec.


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* Please note that the 20 listed insurers are in alphabetical order only. They are not ranked according to performance or any other criteria.




By telephone

Online form (28 questions) for a very general quote (via the web, it is only for co-owner and tenant) * instant estimate

Allstate Insurance Company offers the following benefits:

  • Multi-policy rebate: auto and home insurance
  • Discount for recent residence
  • Discount on the installation of a security system or a water detection system.
  • Rebate for a file without a claim
  • Rebate for homeowners who have fully paid their mortgage


By telephone

Online form (37 questions) * instant estimate

By taking out insurance with the Aviva Home Insurance Company, you are eligible for the following discounts:

  • Multi-policy discount (up to $500): auto and home insurance
  • Rebate: after 5 years without a claim, the possibility of free deductible
  • Ecological amendment: in case of an incident, the possibility of replacing damaged items with ecological products (windows, doors, etc.)
  • Rebate for policyholders whose mortgages are fully repaid
Banque National Assurances

On-the-spotBy telephone

No online form

Banque National Assurances offers the following discounts:

  • Multi-policy discount (up to 15%): car insurance and home insurance
  • Discounts to insured persons holding a bank account at Banque National
Belair Direct


By telephone

Online form (20 questions for a rough estimate, plus 14 optional questions)

The Belair Direct home insurance company offers the following discounts to its customers:

  • Multi-policy discount (up to 15%): car and home insurance
  • Free replacement of all locks in case of key theft
  • Single deductible in case of an incident involving auto and home
Desjardins Insurance


By telephone

Online form (35 questions + 3 optional)

With Desjardins Home Insurance, you benefit from offers such as:

  • Rebate rewards (up to 15%) for policyholders who have not filed a claim for several years
  • Prevention discount (up to 15%) if the property is equipped with an alarm system
  • Prevention discount if the water inlet is equipped with an automatic closing system
  • Multi-policy rebate: home and auto insurance
  • Gift: free water detector and gel
Industrial Alliance


by telephone

No online form

Below are the offers from Industrial Alliance home insurance company:

  • Multi-policy rebate: home and auto insurance
  • Rebate to policyholders who purchase other Industrial Alliance insurance products
  • Prevention discount for insured persons whose property is equipped with an alarm system
  • Discount to policyholders who have lived on the same property for at least 1 year (condo) or 5 years (home)
Intact Insurance


By telephone

Online contact form (but this is not a form to get an estimate online)


Intact Insurance Home insurance company provides the following discounts:

  • Multi-policy rebate: home and auto insurance
  • Single deductible in the event of an auto and home incident
  • Compensation (up to $ 1,000) for lock replacement in case of key theft
La Capitale


By telephone

Online form (50 questions + conditional ones)

La Capitale Home Insurance Company offers its clients the following benefits:

  • Multi-policy rebate: home and auto insurance
  • Long term discount: no increase for 24 months by subscribing to a 2-year policy
  • Leisure and sports discounts: free coverage of bicycles and video games
  • Customized formula: you pay only for the coverage you need
  • Legal fees’ insurance starting at $1 per week
  • Unlimited water inlet breakage protection only $10 per year


by telephone

No online form

PMT Roy home insurance company offers discounts such as:

  • Non-smoking discount
  • Rebate: File without a claim
  • Prevention discount: if the property is equipped with an alarm system
  • Discounts for members of a professional association
  • Multi-policy rebate: home and auto insurance
Promutuel Insurance


by telephone

Online form (around 32 questions)

Promutuel home insurance clients benefit from the following discounts:

  • Student discount (10% for insured under 24 years old)
  • Multi-policy discount (up to 25%): car and home insurance
  • Prevention discount (up to 15%) for properties equipped with an alarm system
  • Prevention discount if the property is equipped with a leak detection system
  • Rebate rewards policyholders whose mortgage is fully paid
  • Recent property discount (up to 10%)
  • Discounts for homeowners insuring more than one home
RBC Insurance

On the spot

By telephone

Online form to submit information (about 15 questions, but no online offer)


RBC Insurance Home Company offers discounts such as:

  • Discounts offered to policyholders subscribing to an insurance product online
  • Multi-policy discount (car and home insurance)
  • Recent residence discount
  • Rebate reward for a file without loss for 5 years
  • Rebate for policyholders whose mortgage is fully repaid
  • Prevention discount for homes equipped with an alarm system
SSQ Insurance

On the spot

by telephone

Online form (about 44 questions and more)

By subscribing to a product of SSQ home insurance company, you benefit from advantages such as:

  • Discount for online application: $60 discount by taking out insurance on the internet
  • Solidarity QFL Rebate for Solidarity Fund QFL Fund Holders
  • Multi-policy rebate: home and auto insurance
  • Unlimited legal fees’ insurance only $10 per year
TD Insurance

On the spot

By telephone

Online form (at least 39 questions)

TD home insurance company offers the following discounts:

  •  Multi-policy rebate: auto and home insurance
  • A single deductible for auto and home insurance claims
  • $ 1,000 compensation for lock replacement in case of key theft
CAA Quebec Insurance

On-the spot


by phone

in person

CAA Quebec Insurance offers its customers key benefits as follows:

  • No claim limit for students living outside the family home
  • Exclusive 10% discount for auto and home policies for CAA members
  • Save on average $272 annually
  • Residential lock-out service
  • Personalized insurance with No Stress policy
  • 5 exclusive hotlines for assistance
The Personal

On the spot

By telephone

Online form (at least 39 questions)

The Personal provides many advantages such as:

  • The Personal app that allows you to manage your insurance file online
  • Identity theft assistance
  • Claims-free offer
  • Water damage prevention system discount
  • Discount if alarm system is installed
  • 10% discount for LEED- certified residences (Healthy Home)
Economical Insurance

through a broker

Economical insurance offers the following benefits:

  • Claims-free or mortgage-free discount
  • Multi-property discount
  • Discount for installed security system
  • Discount for monitored fire alarm
  • Discount for bundled home and auto insurance
  • Renewal discount
ScotiaLife Financial



by phone

Scotialife Financial offers the following benefits:

  • 24/7 claims settlement service
  • Discount for claims and mortgage-free policies
  • Content coverage during a move
  • Flexible payment options
  • Savings for bundled home and car insurance
RSA Insurance


through a broker

RSA Insurance offers the following advantages:

  • Hassle-free claims service
  • Air Miles rewards
The Co-operators




The Co-operators offers huge benefits including:

  • iPhone app for faster claims assistance
  • Farm and home member discount
  • Enhanced home insurance coverage
Wawanesa Insurance


through a broker

by phone

Wawanesa Insurance provides customers with key benefits:

  • multi-product discount
  • discount with a fire and burglar alarm system installed
Sonnet Insurance

on the spot


Sonnet Insurance offers great benefits including:

  • First claim forgiveness
  • Self-service discount


This table of comparison is as of December 2019. In the event of any disparity, information on the insurer’s website prevails.

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here are the best 20 home insurers


Our Top 20 Best Home Insurance Companies in Quebec: History and Benefits



All State Home Insurance offers a variety of packages for home insurance needs.
Since 1953, the Allstate Home and Auto Insurance Company has offered various protection packages – basic, elite or VIP. The insured also have the option of taking out additional coverages, allowing them to choose the coverage that reflects their needs.
Aviva Home Insurance
Aviva Home Insurance is a socially committed enterprise that contributes regularly to community development.
Aviva is a long-standing company first formed in 1887 under the name Canada Accident Assurance Company. As a socially committed enterprise, the insurance company (home, auto, and others) Aviva contributes to the funding of the Canadian Red Cross and environmental programs. It has also set up its own community development fund.
Banque National Home Insurance
Banque National Home Insurance offers 3 levels of protection to its customers.
Banque National was founded in 1859 but entered the insurance market only in 2001. For its housing products, the insurance company adopts an approach tailored to the type of building (house, condo, cottage, income property, etc.) The insured can also choose the desired level of protection from three formulas: safety, comfort or prestige.
Belair Direct Home Insurance
Bel-Air Direct home insurance is one of the first to provide online solutions to their customers.
Belair Direct home insurance company was founded in 1955. It is one of the first to adopt the computer turnaround in the 1990s. Today, its customers enjoy convenient online access to their claim and can, thus, monitor the status of their claim in real time.
Desjardins Home Insurance
Desjardins Insurance offers personalized solutions to owners, co-owners, and tenants.
The journey of Desjardins, from its foundation by Alphonse Desjardins to the present, is well-known. Desjardins Insurance, for its part, was created only in 1987. Among its housing products, the insurance company offers formulas tailored to owners, co-owners, and tenants. In addition to the “all risks” formula, personalized protection is also available.
Industrial Alliance Home Insurance
Industrial alliance offers renters’ insurance that is affordable from $15 monthly.
Industrial Alliance was founded in 1892. With 125 years of experience in the industry, the home, auto, and other insurance company offers products adapted to the situation of its policyholders, such as with its renter’s home insurance products that are accessible starting at $15 per month.
Intact Home Insurance
Intact home insurance offers affordable solutions for tenants and self-employed individuals.
Intact Insurance has been part of the Canadian insurance landscape since 2003. In terms of home protection, the insurance company provides a variety of products, including formulas for self-employed individuals and temporary tenants.
La Capitale General Insurance
Check out the home, auto, and other insurance solutions offered by La Capitale.
Founded in 1940, La Capitale General Insurance offers home, auto, and other insurance products with four main protection options: owner, co-owner, tenant, or cottage owner. The insured can choose between 3 levels of protection: standard, intermediate and maximum.
PMT Roy Home Insurance
PMT Roy home insurance is a great way to protect your investment.
PMT is a home, auto and financial insurance company founded in 1927. Insureds are invited to choose their coverage according to their status: owner, co-owner, tenant, owner of a second home or owner of a residence of great value.
Promutuel Home Insurance
You can find the right type of home insurance for your property with Promutuel Insurance
Promutuel Insurance was established in Quebec more than 160 years ago. This insurance company (home, car, recreational vehicle, business, and agricultural) was built on values of mutual aid and cooperation. Its home insurance products are designed according to the type of property: single-family home, semi-detached, condominium, rented apartment, etc.
RBC Home Insurance
A subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada, this insurance company offers a multitude of home insurance products.
RBC Insurance is an insurance company (home, life, illness, automobile, travel, wealth management, etc.) and is a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada founded in 1864. Committed to its communities, it supports organizations, including the Habitat Foundation for Humanity. RBC offers products tailored to various types of properties: home, condominium, cottage, rental property, etc.
SSQ Home Insurance
This home insurance company offers many discounts for more affordable premiums.
SSQ Insurance was established in Quebec in 1944. The home insurance company has many discounts to significantly reduce premiums. Its legal assistance service is particularly appreciated by clients.
TD Home Insurance
TD Insurance offers 3 types of packages for customers to choose from.
TD Insurance has been a part of the Canadian insurance landscape since 2000. When it comes to home protection, the insurance company offers three packages – Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus – allowing policyholders to choose the coverage that reflects their needs.
CAA Quebec Insurance
CAA Quebec Insurance
CAA is an affiliate of the Canadian Automobile Association and serves its members in Quebec since 1904. CAA Members can benefit from home insurance to save on premiums. Members save an average of $272 on home insurance premiums.
The Personal
The Personal for home insurance
The Personal is the largest auto and home group insurance company in Quebec.  It has been serving Quebec for more than 30 years and has expanded its services to include pet, recreational vehicle, and business insurance.  The company directly negotiates with businesses and professional organizations to provide excellent rates for the members.  It offers exclusive programs such as Ajusto and Alert that are available in a mobile app for utmost convenience.
Economical Insurance
Economical insurance
The company was founded in 1871 and offers car, home, farm, and business insurance to Canadians. It boasts an 89% post-surveys satisfaction rating which shows it lives by its principle of making customers the center of what they do.  It was also given an A- (Excellent) Rating by AM Best for financial strength and a credit rating of A-. This company is also a P&C Insurer of the Year winner.
Scotialife Financial
Scotialife financial for home insurance
This company is a Canadian insurance subsidiary of Scotiabank.  It provides insurance products including home, auto, creditor, life, and health.  It caters mostly to individuals and families. For home insurance, it protects against unforeseen risks and high-risk circumstances including fire, theft, and property damage for homeowners and renters.
Royal and Sun Alliance (RSA) Insurance
Royal and Sun alliance
RSA Insurance is part of the Royal and Sun Alliance Group which dates back to 1710.  It offers a wide array of insurance and financial services worldwide. It offers home and auto insurance through its licensed insurance broker network
The Co-operators
Home insurance with The Co-operators
TD Insurance has been a part of the Canadian insurance landscape since 2000. When it comes to home protection, the insurance company offers three packages – Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus – allowing policyholders to choose the coverage that reflects their needs.
Wawanesa Insurance
Wawasena insurance
Wawanesa Insurance is a mutual company owned by its policyholders.  It has become one of the biggest casualty and property insurance companies in Canada.  It was founded in Wawanesa, Manitoba, in September 1986 and today, its executive offices are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Its services are available throughout Canada and its products are distributed by an extensive independent insurance broker network.
Sonnet Insurance
top 20 home insurers with sonnet insurance
Sonnet Insurance is a 100% online home and auto insurance company in Canada.  It is part of Economical Insurance Group and aims to give customers an awesome experience through its advanced technology and analytics when shopping for insurance online.  It has received several awards including the Guidewire Innovation Award, People’s Choice Insurance Canada Technology Award, and the Insurance Canada Technology Award.

How much is home insurance in Quebec?

Insurers consider a host of factors to determine the annual premium for home insurance.  When applying for coverage, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Location of the home
  • Size of the home
  • Date of construction
  • Your name and contact information
  • The desired amount of insurance
  • Type of home insurance (condo, home, cottage, rental, seasonal)

Insurance companies also check what is inside the home to determine the best coverage and price.  They also check your credit score which enables you to qualify for lower premiums if you have a good credit score. In addition, they look at whether you have a claims history, the modifications or structures you added to your home, and the type and condition of your roof, electrical, plumbing, and heating systems.

Based on a survey by J.D. Power in 2018, the average homeowner in Quebec pays around $960 annually, much lower than prices in Western Canada, Ontario, and the Atlantic regions.

When it comes to home insurance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution because every home is unique. The price will depend on a combination of factors and you could also qualify for discounts offered by the various insurance companies.

You can check out average home insurance prices in Quebec and how to lower your premiums to save money.

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Know your policy: What must your home insurance include

If you are looking for home insurance and don’t know what risks to get protection for, you are in the right place. Your home insurance should cover the replacement cost for your house – the main structure, detached buildings such as a garage or deck, and its contents.

Make sure that the limit indicated in the policy is adequate to rebuild your house in case it is destroyed.

The most common perils covered by home insurance include:

  • Fire
  • Falling objects
  • Glass breakage
  • Smoke
  • Hail
  • Vandalism
  • Theft of personal property
  • Water damage
  • Windstorm

Liability coverage (if someone gets injured on your property or if you cause damage to your neighbor’s property) is usually $2 million. Living expenses in case your home is damaged and you need temporary accommodations is also covered.  If you are a landlord, lost revenue is covered if the property is damaged unsuitable for occupancy.


What isn’t covered by home insurance?

Your home insurance does not cover the land. Other common exclusions are:

  • Wear and tear
  • Mold
  • Infestation
  • Sewer back-up
  • Burst/frozen pipes
  • Earthquake, landslides, and other natural disasters
  • Flood

If you need coverage for these risks, you should speak to your insurance company about getting a separate policy or rider.


Operating a home-based business: Are you covered by your home insurance?

Are you running a bookkeeping service, daycare, bed and breakfast, or other business from your home? Congratulations for having successfully avoided the daily commute and hustle and bustle. However, what will happen to your home-based business if your home gets damaged by a fire or other unforeseen event?

Your home insurance may cover small items such as books and furniture but it may not cover equipment, inventory, and other stuff that make up your daily income.

It is important to tell your insurance company about your home business so that you are fully protected.  Know that your insurer can deny a claim if they didn’t know that you were operating a business from home.

Think about your inventory, your computer, your smartphone, furniture, and other equipment. The cost of losing and replacing these items can be costly. You need insurance protection to make sure your business and your income are not negatively affected by unforeseen events.


Most popular questions about home insurance in Quebec

Most people looking for home insurance have questions that can help them make the right choices. We have gathered some of the most popular questions about home insurance in Quebec to guide you in choosing the right coverage for your home.

Is home insurance required in Quebec?

While home insurance is not required by law, lenders require it if you apply for a mortgage. Thus, consider your needs when buying home insurance. A no-frills policy that provides you with basic home insurance may be adequate if you live in a safe area but the amount of coverage should be enough to replace your house, if needed.


Are home insurance premiums tax-deductible?

No, you cannot claim tax deductions from home insurance. However, there are other ways that home insurance can help you to save money.


Can I refuse a credit check when buying home insurance?

Your credit score can help you qualify for lower premiums. If you don’t agree to a credit check, you may not benefit from a potential reduction of your rate.


Can I be refused home insurance coverage by an insurer?

If an insurance company refuses to insure your property, it could be because you didn’t meet the terms for underwriting or your home is located in a high-risk area.  You could also be dropped by your insurer (they refuse to renew your policy) if they think you don’t maintain the property well enough, you have a high claims history, or there are other risks such as dangerous pets.


How can I get the best price for my home insurance?

There are easy ways to qualify for good home insurance rates. Keep a good credit history and maintain your property regularly.  Avoid making small claims as frequent claims cancel out potential discounts.  Bundle your home and auto insurance under one company to qualify for a discount. Install a monitored alarm system for an additional discount. Increase your deductible to lower your premium. Lastly, compare quotes from multiple insurers to find the best price when buying home insurance or renewing your policy.


Is it better to buy home insurance from an insurance broker?

There are several advantages to buying home insurance from a licensed broker. These professionals do not work exclusively for one insurer. Rather, they have access to a network of insurers and offer you the best price based on your needs. By using a broker, you get to compare home insurance products in the market to find the best offer without spending a lot of time and effort.  Most importantly, you don’t pay a broker any fee or commission because the insurance companies compensate them for their work.


Can I cancel my home insurance policy?

You can cancel your home insurance such as when you are selling your home or moving to another home. Some companies may charge a fee for cancellation before the end of the contract.   Insurance companies can also refund the unused portion of your premiums. You need to provide notice in writing to your insurance company if you wish to cancel your policy.


How much home insurance do I need?

The amount of coverage for your home insurance should be enough to replace your property in the event of total destruction as well as its contents.  It does not include the cost of the land.  Construction costs increase from year to year so make sure to allow for price increases. If it will cost you $500,000 to rebuild your home, that is the minimum amount of coverage that you need to be fully protected from loss.

Check out these tips from the Insurance Bureau of Canada for a better understanding of the basic elements of home insurance.


Compare Home Quotes, a platform to find all products and services for the home

Compare Home Quotes is a network of partners specializing in real estate. Whether it’s to find insurance, a real estate broker, a notary, a home improvement contractor, a moving company, or a home automation system, Compare Home Quotes can help you to save money.

The way that Compare Home Quotes work is really simple: just fill out the form on this page and get your free quote from one of our partners (insurers or brokers) tailored to your needs.

In terms of home insurance, our network of insurance partners allows thousands of Quebecers and Canadians to save time and money, and most importantly, to compare prices for their home insurance needs.


How to choose among home insurance companies

In order to determine the best home insurance company for you, it is essential to first establish your needs. Knowing your lifestyle, the specifics of your property, and those of your neighborhood, you can avoid paying for coverage you do not need. Worse, you might miss out on a guarantee that could be very useful to you.

Secondly, it is important to consider the reputation of the company and the professionalism of the insurance agent or broker. Do you feel confident with him? Did you ask all the necessary questions before considering insurance products?

Finally, the golden rule to find the best home insurance company: shop around and compare prices for home insurance. This will allow you to have an overview and make an informed choice. The online tool of Compare Home Quotes allows you to complete this step quickly, saving you a lot of time.

Let an insurer compare prices for your home insurance today! Fill out the form on this page to get your free quote according to your needs.

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