Architect drawing a house design for a client
29 April 2024,

If you are planning to build a house, a home addition, a building, etc., it is important to have the proper house plans or floor plans made.

The purpose of these plans is to give the homeowner a good idea of how the space will be used.  

The layout will provide a visual representation of every room or space and will allow you to make changes as you see fit.

Architect drawing a house design for a client

Floor plans are drawn up before any actual work begins.  Who can draw up a floor plan and blueprints? How much do architectural house plans cost?

We are sure you have a few questions in mind and we are happy to provide you the essential information you need to get started.

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House Plans, Floor Plans, & Blueprints – Why do you need them?

Floor plans, also called house plans, are important in building and architectural designs.  They are detailed drawings with instructions regarding the construction of each aspect of the building.  

They are digital drawings presenting the layout and arrangement of the rooms, doors, walls, windows, fixtures, etc., from top to bottom. They include dimensions, materials, assembly instructions, and construction techniques to ensure the right execution.

Its most critical aspect is the exact scale of every space.

In short, house designs communicate the ideas for the design and function of each space, including the ventilation, lighting, and other systems for regulatory compliance.

Certain construction projects require a permit from the City and they may require floor plans.  These plans must satisfy local and Canadian building code standards.

You can hire a drafter or an architect to create the blueprints for your project.  Find the best professionals for your house plans using our short online form!

What to look for in a House Plan?

When choosing a house plan, you must consider several factors. Aesthetics including the layout, placement of windows, function, and overall size are primary considerations. However, the floor plan must also meet building code standards.

Floor plan with a detailed layout

What should you look for when choosing a house plan?

Permit-ready floor plans meet local building guidelines for a building permit.  Professionals prepare such plans to comply with zoning regulations and other guidelines.  

A basic floor plan must have at least floor plans, elevations, and a building section.

Elevations indicate the outside view from several angles to show the front, side, and back of the building’s façade.

The building section is a vertical view of the house with the internal details. They present information about the structural elements such as the walls, foundation, roof, etc.

High-quality house plans will also have a site plan, a foundation plan, an electrical layout, a reflected ceiling plan, and 3D perspectives.

How much is the rate of floor plan professionals?

3D floor plan design professionals draw up detailed architectural floor plans. They charge based on the size of the project, the plan specifications, its timeframe, the location, and complexity of the design.

Professionals in big cities typically charge more than their suburban counterparts.

For new home construction, a custom plan may cost 1% to 3% of the total cost of construction.

Hourly rate for floor plan professionals

Architects may charge from 5% to 20% of the project cost for remodels, extensions, and custom homes and 3% to 12% for commercial projects.  The average cost to hire an architect for a house plan is $5,000 to $50,000 depending on your project. Their hourly rates range from $100 to $300 for house plans.

Other professionals who are qualified to draw up floor plans are designers and draftsmen.  They are supervised by architects and engineers or work as freelancers.  Their rates range from $80 to $150 an hour.  Some freelancers may also quote a fixed rate per project.

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Hiring an Architect or a Draftsman for House Plans

Homeowners planning on constructing a house are wondering whether to hire an architect or a draftsman.  Both professionals get involved in designing house plans but they are from different disciplines with unique skill sets.

An architect gets more involved in the whole project. He creates design plans for houses, offices, commercial buildings, factories, etc.

With his higher level of education and training, an architect typically works with builders and engineers during the construction.  They also come up with project timelines and cost estimates and monitor the status of the project.  Architects are also responsible for complying with building codes, fire codes, and other regulations.

What does a draftsman do?

A draftsman may have a similar role but gets involved to a lesser degree.  Oftentimes, a draftsman refines an initial plan from an architect with the help of computer software.  He focuses more on the technical aspect rather than the design or aesthetic side.

Should you hire an architect or a draftsman for your house plans? We recommend hiring an architect for constructing a new house, huge remodels, or commercial projects. For smaller projects or if you have a tight budget, you can opt to hire a draftsman.

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The Benefits of Working with an Architect

Aside from the advantages an architect can provide in terms of design, he can also help you in several other ways:

  • Maximize space

  • Choose the right materials and systems that fit your needs and budget;

  • Increase energy-efficiency

  • Oversee the actual project to ensure you a high-quality result

  • Review your project cost and budget

  • Ensure your construction is code-compliant and follows the standards required.

With his knowledge and experience, an architect can make your design something special tailored to your budget.

Although hiring an architect comes with a price, the benefits from his services will add value to your project so you can enjoy your investment for a long time.

FAQS on House Plans, Floor Plan Specialists, & Professional Fees

Let us answer some of the most common questions of homeowners regarding house plans, architects, and professional fees.

What is the purpose of a house plan?

House plans give you an accurate idea of what your house will look like after construction.  The floor plans also provide a layout for the furniture as well as colour schemes.  With a floor plan, you can see how the different elements will come together to achieve the end result you want. 

How long does an architect take to draw up a house plan?

Starting from the initial consultation to the final drawings, it could take from 1 to 5 months to complete the plans.  A first draft could take a few days or weeks, depending on the size of the project.  Revisions as requested by the client account for some of the time.

Is it necessary to hire an architect to draw up a house plan? 

You can get away with not hiring an architect for your project if your contractor can help with the plans.  This may apply if already have a clear idea of the design.  While no law in Canada requires a typical house to be designed by an architect, it is practical to hire one if you can afford to. You need to be sure that your construction is in compliance with the building code, fire code, and other regulations.  An architect is also the best professional to give you advice regarding maximizing your space and optimizing your budget.

Large and public buildings are required by the Architects’ Act to have a licensed architect to protect public safety.

What are some situations when it is advisable to hire an architect?

If you have a problem with the architecture of your house and don’t know how to fix it, or if you are changing the function or style of your home, it is a good idea to hire an architect.  Remodeling a historic home is also another project that will benefit from the services of an architect.  Certain types of buildings are also required by law to have an architect for the design.  You can check with your local building department to make sure.

Can I just get plans drawn up to obtain a permit?

You can find a draftsman or a freelance designer if you just need plans drawn up for a design you have in mind.

How much do blueprints cost?

The size and complexity of a project have a big impact on the cost of blueprints.  An architect or draftsperson can draw up plans and this includes the blueprints. 

Freelance drafters generally charge per hour based on the number of rooms or square feet with a range of $1.50 to $3 per square foot. 

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Compare and Find the Best Architect for your House Plan

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Finding the best architect to bring your vision to life is important because it will give you happiness when your home is completed.

Female architect working from home

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