Cost to build Garage 2024

28 February 2024,

How much does it cost to build a Garage in 2024? Building a garage will increase the value of your home and make it […]

Installation of house carport for vehicle storage.

Guide to building a carport in Canada and their Prices

9 June 2023,

A carport is a permanent structure designed to provide shelter to your vehicles. You will never have to worry about their safety or damage […]

Worker finishing drywall on a ceiling.

The cost of installing drywall or gypsum in 2024

7 June 2023,

Whether you are renovating a house dating from the last century or building a house from the foundation to the roof, you will surely […]

Choosing alternative sources of energy.

Prices and models for Wind Turbine & Solar panels for the Home

5 June 2023,

Self-production of energy is becoming very appealing to many homeowners due to the skyrocketing prices of energy. Those who are also environmentally conscious prefer […]

Bricklayer working on a wall installation.

A Brief Guide to Masonry Weep holes for Residential Bricks

5 June 2023,

If you don’t work in construction or masonry, chances are you are not familiar with the term “weep holes” in bricks. However, this is […]

Find trending colors for repainting a house in 2023.

Cost to repaint a house: (3 1/2, 4 1/2 and 5 1/2)

5 June 2023,

Are you planning to repaint the walls of your home or the exterior of the home? We understand that you want to know how […]

Above-ground pool with landscaping.

The cost of an above-ground pool and deck installation

28 May 2023,

An above-ground pool installation is a popular project among homeowners, especially before summer. There are several benefits to an above-ground pool for families, especially […]

Insulation barrier for the home.

The Best Vapor Barrier for Floor, Basement, & Walls

14 May 2023,

The choice of a vapor barrier is essential to have a well-insulated and comfortable home. Indeed, due to the Quebec climate, the installation of a […]

Terrace with canopy for enjoying the outdoors.

Exterior & Interior Canopy: Designs, Materials, & Prices

14 May 2023,

An exterior canopy has become quite fashionable. It brings in natural light which adds brightness, not to mention savings on energy, to any property. […]

Crawl space repairs for energy savings.

Crawl Space Renovation & Repairs in Quebec

8 May 2023,

Are you planning a crawl space project for your home? The home is a system of many parts and they all play a role […]

Home expansion for intergenerational home.

Intergenerational Home Renovation Tips in Quebec

5 May 2023,

The pandemic, the sharp rise in real estate prices, inflation, and the global geopolitical situation has only accentuated the retreat towards safe values ​​such […]

Elegant blinds that add aesthetic value.

Top 10 models of horizontal blinds in Quebec

5 May 2023,

Horizontal blinds are essential for dressing windows and doors of any home in Quebec. They offer a wide variety of styles, materials, and features to […]

Wooden patio or deck for increasing home value.

2023 Cost of Renovating or building a Patio, Deck, or Balcony

24 April 2023,

When good weather is approaching, homeowners start thinking of how they can enjoy the short summer. A good way to get the most sun […]

Charging stations for electric cars.

5 best Charging Station Companies for electric cars

16 March 2023,

The popularity of electric vehicles is increasing year after year in Quebec. According to industry experts, this is the trend for the future! Buying an […]

Insulation contractors for quality renovation at best prices.

Top Insulation Companies in Quebec for your Home Renovation

26 February 2023,

Insulating your home is key to maintaining a comfortable temperature and saving energy. Quebec is known for its harsh winters. It is therefore important to […]

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