17 February 2023,

Farmhouse- style homes have never been so popular in Quebec.

The Board and Batten siding features large fiber cement panels as well as a distinctive trim that gives the home a clean look.

It is clear that this type of exterior siding gives an exceptional result. In fact, it is in high demand among suppliers.

But what is the actual price of Board and Batten siding products in Quebec?

As of this writing, ting, I am almost done with the construction of a new “Farmhouse” style house. Thus, I have all the prices as of 2023 ready to share with you.

What is a Board and Batten siding?

Let’s start with the basics: what is a Board and Batten siding?

The main supplier of this type of product is James Hardie. They offer quality products for all kinds of exterior cladding materials, including fiber cement.

The term « Board and Batten » comes from the English language and translates into something like this: « Panel and Rod ».

That’s because that’s exactly what it is. Board and batten” is actually fiber cement panels with fiber cement rods installed on them to give relief and design.

It’s as simple as that. Since the material used is fiber cement, the life expectancy of this type of siding is very high.

Board - Fiber cement panel

The term “Board” refers to 4 x 8 or 4 x 10 fiber cement panels that are installed directly on the house to cover its surface. The panels are made in different colors but the most popular is white. The product is also available in black, a very fashionable option.

Batten - Fiber cement rods

The term “Batten” refers to 2.5 inch fiber cement rods that are installed on the panels to create long, clean lines. Batten rods can be installed vertically or even horizontally in some areas, depending on the desired effect.

2023 Prices of James Hardie Board and Batten Siding

Let’s not waste time and discuss prices right away because that’s probably what you’re interested in. This type of siding is certainly not the most economical. It is more expensive than vinyl or wood fiber siding but the quality is far superior.

You will find below the details concerning the technical description of the products, as well as the price of each.

Please note: the first two materials shown are Board and Batten siding. Hardieplank is a complementary type of siding from the same brand that serves as fiber cement siding for other walls in the house. You will also find prices for other mouldings and accessory products.

James Hardie HardiePanel Fiber Cement Siding

HardiePanel Fiber Cement Panel

White fiber cement moulding.

Hardietrim fiber cement molding

Hardieplank fiber cement siding - Other siding

Hardieplank fiber cement siding - Other siding


Hardietrim wall corner moulding

Tube caulking - Sealing joints

Tube caulking - Sealing joints

Touch-up kit for visible defects.

James Hardie Touch-Up Kit - Visible Defects

How much does Board and Batten Farmhouse siding cost for an entire house?

You may have seen in the previous section the unit cost of some James Hardie Board and Batten products. However, that doesn’t mean much when you’re talking about doing a whole house.

To give you a better idea of the real total cost, I’m sharing with you all the details of my new home construction project in Quebec City.

You will find here the total price for each component of “Board and Batten” siding, as well as the other materials I used.

Below is a description of my project:

James Hardie HardiePanel Fiber Cement Siding

Board – James Hardie Fiber Cement

White fiber cement moulding.

Batten – James Hardie Fiber Cement

Stone – Suretouch product

Stone – Suretouch product

Hardieplank fiber cement siding - Other siding

Decline – James Hardie Fiber Cement

Cost to install Board and Batten flooring by professionals

Fiber cement board samples to compare for your project.

Now let’s talk about the cost of installing Board and Batten products. This is the expense that item of expenditure that varies the most.

From one company to another, the price of the bid can vary enormously. We therefore advise you to shop your contractor well.

The cost of installation varies greatly depending on:

Below is a summary of the different components and their prices that I used on my project.

Type of Siding Installed


Installation of the “Board and Batten” on the front


James Hardie fiber cement clapboard installation – 3 more walls


Suretouch Stone


Total Cost of Siding Installation


*Prices based on my project. For illustration purposes only.

James Hardie Board and Batten Coating Examples

Would you like to see the end result of Board and Batten siding on a home?

Here are some sample images taken directly from the official website of James Hardie, the main supplier of this type of product.

There are thousands of examples online that can inspire you.

If you are interested in such a project, you can talk about it directly with one of our partner contractors specializing in exterior siding.

Source : James Hardie

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