Replacement of an electrical panel for convenience and safety
15 April 2024,

Cost to Upgrade an Electrical Panel in 2024

Your home’s electrical panel powers everything in your home – lights, appliances, entertainment systems, etc.  

With the proper electrical system, you can be assured of an uninterrupted power supply and can operate multiple appliances simultaneously without fear.

Replacement of an electrical panel for convenience and safety

In older homes, the electrical panel can be outdated and become inadequate for your needs.  It may be time to upgrade the electrical panel for your convenience and safety.

An experienced electrician is the only one qualified to do this for you! Upgrade your electrical panel and increase the resale value of your property in 2024.

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What are the signs you need a new Electrical Panel?

Insufficient electrical outlets in the home

Is your circuit breaker frequently flipping or are fuses blowing due to overloaded electrical lines?

If you need to unplug an appliance before you can run another to avoid flipping the breaker, you should consider replacing the electrical panel.

The modern standard is 200 amps.  If your service is only 60 amps, now is a good time to upgrade your service.

Another sign that you need a new electrical panel is when your current one looks messy or disorganized

Many old houses are charming but their electrical panels may not be up to standard.  Many of them only have 60 amps of service.  If the panel is overloaded, it is a huge inconvenience and can also be a danger to the family living there.

It is a good investment to get an upgraded electrical panel especially if it has been over 20 years.  You can find out more about the cost of electrical panels in the next section so keep on reading.

Determining the right size of the electrical panel

Electrician resetting a circuit breaker

If you are planning an electrical panel replacement, you must determine the right size for your home based on your needs.

In electrician lingo, this is referred to as the electrical load.  Licensed electricians will conduct an inspection so they can recommend the electrical load most suitable for your home.

Adding new appliances to your home

If you plan on adding more appliances to your home, you must ensure your existing fuse box or panel is adequate.  

This is especially true if you are putting in:

  • A hot tub;
  • Tools like saws or welders;
  • An electric vehicle charger;
  • Air conditioners;
  • An extra room or addition.

Once you realize you need to get a new electrical panel, you must figure out how much it will cost.

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The Cost of an Electrical Panel Replacement

Electrician installing a new electrical outlet

In Canada, the average cost of an electrical panel replacement with a similar capacity is around $3,000. The truth is it could cost anywhere from $1,200 to $13,000, depending on the size of the panel and the electrical load you need.

A small bungalow will not need as much power as a larger home of over 4,000 square feet!

The existing wiring must also be compatible with the new panel.  If not, the cost of new wiring will increase the price of your project.  With new wiring, you could pay around $10 per linear foot which amounts to about $4,000 to $10,000 for a whole house.

Many homeowners will also take this opportunity to upgrade old electrical outlets and switches to enhance capacity, aesthetics, and efficiency.  Electricians usually charge $140 to $280 for replacing each outlet or switch.

Always speak to a reputable electrician to get an accurate estimate!
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Options for Electrical Panel Upgrades

You might spend from $500 to $2,000 to replace an electrical panel based on the size of the circuit breaker and how many circuits you will require.

  • Electrical panels with 100-150-amp is common
  • 200-amp electrical panels are advisable for larger homes
  • 400-amp upgrades are also possible

Upgrading an Electrical Panel to 200 Amps

How much does it cost to get a 200 amp service? This is the minimum requirement for electrical panels today.  If your current electrical panel is less than 200 amps, you are not up to code.

You can double the amps from 100 to 200 for an average price of $1,500.  If you decide to go further with a 400 amp panel, you will be securing your future needs. The average price for this service is around $5,000++ by a certified electrician.

Are you curious about how the total price is broken down? Materials will cost around $400 to $700 and the rest goes to labour and permits.

Electricians charge around $80 to $120 an hour and permits could cost from $65 to $385 depending on your location.

Replacing a Fuse Box with a Breaker Panel

Residential circuit breaker wiring

A fuse box was originally the electrical hub for homes until the 1980s. They need to be replaced whenever they burn out. Many hardware stores don’t carry them anymore as circuit breaker panels are now more popular.

A right-sized fuse can do the job of protecting your house. But if it exceeds the proper size amp, it could increase the risk of an electrical fire.  Breakers use switches and don’t need to be replaced. 

If your home still has a fuse box, it is time to consider getting a breaker panel. You may pay around $2,000 to $6,000, depending on the desired panel, rewiring, and amperage required.  A fuse box replacement will need to be coordinated with the city as your power needs to be shut off while the replacement is being done.

The Cost to Replace the Main Circuit Breaker

The main circuit breaker, usually installed on top of the electrical that supplies power to the electrical panel, is very important for safety.

Considering its vital role, it costs only $200 to $300 to replace it.

How do you know you need a new circuit breaker?

  • Visible frayed wires;
  • Hot areas on walls or hot outlets; 
  • Melted or singed outlets or those that spark; 
  • Strange odor of burning; 
  • Crackling sounds.

If you observe these signs, find a good electrician to help with a new circuit breaker. You can use our short online form to connect with reliable electricians in your area.

Wiring replacement: When is it necessary?

Is your home’s wiring consist of aluminum or knob and tube?  You can request a complete rewiring done by a good electrician.  This type of project is rather big but you will benefit from better insurance premiums and reduce the risk of fire.

Generally, the most commonly found circuit breaker sizes are 100 and 200 amps but larger or modern homes and buildings also use 300 and 400-amp breaker panels.

What to ask an electrician before an electrical panel upgrade

There are questions you should ask an electrician before having any work done on your electrical systems. This will ensure you get the right panel upgrade for your needs and for future electrical projects.

Do I need an electrical permit?

A permit is always required for upgrading electrical systems. Alterations to your home’s electrical systems, including your panel, needs to be approved.

Your electrician can inform you about any permits required by your city to make sure you comply with safety and regulations.

Do I need to upgrade the service to my home if I replace my electrical panel? 

If the home has a 100-amp panel, it is advisable to upgrade to a 200-amp panel.  You should also consider upgrading your service for future needs such as adding more appliances, home expansion, etc.

Speak to an electrician from our network about an electrical panel replacement and service upgrade so you can save money.

Can I use existing breakers in the new panel?

Using old breakers for a new electrical panel is not recommended.  You may want to save money but old breakers become obsolete or defective.

It is hazardous to use an obsolete breaker.  You can save money by replacing breakers with the entire system simultaneously.

How much will it cost to replace my electrical system?

The good thing is that a licensed electrician can provide you with an accurate quote for replacing an electrical panel, wiring, circuit breakers, and service upgrades.

The cost depends on factors like the size of your home and your existing electrical components. Fill out the short online form on this page to GET YOUR FREE QUOTES!

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Electricity is critical to our daily routine. From the moment we wake up, we need electricity to make coffee, flick on lights, have a hot shower, watch the news, etc.

The quality of your life is significantly impacted by the reliability of your home’s electrical system. Thus, ensuring that your home’s electrical panel, breakers, and other electrical components are up to code and adequate makes your home more comfortable and safe.

You need a reliable electrician in your area for an electrical panel upgrade.
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