Crawl space repairs for energy savings.
8 May 2023,
Crawl space repairs for energy savings.

Are you planning a crawl space project for your home?

The home is a system of many parts and they all play a role that affects the condition of the whole structure.  If you already have a crawl space but it shows damage such as rot or mold, it will have a negative effect that could extend to your entire house.

At Compare Home Quotes, we have partner contractors that offer services for the renovation or repair of your crawl space. 

If you are having problems with your crawl space, you are at the right place. You can create a healthier living environment and even save money on energy bills. 

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Why build a crawl space in Quebec?

Crawl space underneath the house.

It is important not to neglect the crawl space of your home. This is the cavity under the floor of the house. It may seem insignificant because it is hidden, but particularly in Quebec where the winters are harsh, it is critical for the health and safety of the family living in the home.

The crawl space is designed to protect the house from moisture, mold, and rot problems which can occur if the floor is in direct contact with the ground. 

There are several reasons why it is important to create a crawl space in Quebec:

Specific risks related to the Quebec climate:

The harsh winters in Quebec can lead to significant variations in temperature and humidity. This can cause foundation problems (formation of cracks, ground movement, or even the collapse of the house). Thus, the crawl space makes it possible to isolate the floor of the house from the ground. It helps to protect the foundation from temperature changes.

Financial and ecological advantages:

By creating a dry air zone under the house, the crawl space can improve its energy efficiency. It reduces heat loss, which results in lower heating and air conditioning costs. Additionally, a well-constructed crawl space can reduce the environmental impact of the home. Indeed, it generally reduces the amount of building materials needed.

Legal obligations:

The construction of a crawl space is not mandatory in Quebec. However, if you want to build a crawl space, it must comply with specific standards. These include the minimum standards for dimensions, insulation, airflow,   and ventilation.

Do you have a damp crawl space? This problem can result in damage to the home’s insulation and result in mold. Renovate your crawl space before the problem gets worse.

Our partners are all experienced and qualified to handle your crawl space project.

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Benefits of building a crawl space

As mentioned earlier, homeowners in Quebec are not mandated to construct a crawl space by law. If you don’t install one, however, there could be serious consequences such as:

Risk of structural damage:

Home foundations are more likely to crack, twist, or warp. This can lead to structural problems such as cracked walls, doors and windows that no longer open properly, floors that sag or become uneven, etc.

Humidity issues:

Moisture can easily accumulate under a home without a crawl space. This can lead to the growth of mold and fungus. Therefore, in addition to causing damage to the structure of the house, it can develop health problems for the family residing in the home.

Difficulty accessing pipes:

Without a crawl space, pipes and drains must be installed directly under the house. Access would be difficult when repairs are necessary.

To build a crawl space, it is important to call on a qualified and experienced general contractor. He has the training, knowledge, and expertise necessary to carry out the construction work. The work must comply with Quebec construction standards and requirements.

The average crawl space usually takes a few days to complete.

Common problems with crawl spaces in Quebec

Since a crawl space is constructed underneath the house, it has a huge impact on the structural integrity of your building.

Crawl spaces support columns and bear the building’s weight through the foundation’s walls.

Unfortunately, some crawl spaces have inadequate or rotting support systems that can no longer support the weight of the home.

Should the support system start to fail, the floor in the home can sag or the walls may crack. These problems can lead to very expensive renovations in the future.

The good news is that a failing crawl space can be rectified with new crawl space supports that have permanent results in just a short time.

If you have noticed issues such as mold or cracks in the interior walls or a sagging floor, don’t waste time and find the best contractor to solve the issue right away.

How much does a crawl space renovation cost?

Several factors determine the cost of a crawl space including:

The average cost for small crawl space projects is from $18,000 to $20,000 while larger spaces could cost $30,000 or more.

You can find yourself paying anywhere between $18,000 for small projects and $30,000+ for large spaces

Crawl space services from contractors

A good crawl space contractor can assist you with issues regarding your crawl space so you can have peace of mind. Their services include:

Plan your project with an experienced general contractor from our network for a successful and cost-effective crawl space renovation.

How to choose a contractor for building a crawl space

Choose a reputable contractor for your crawl space construction.

You can find many contractors in your area but you can’t just pick someone to handle such an important project without having a checklist.

Your contractor must:

Do you want to find an expert general contractor for your project?  We wish for your renovation to be efficient, hassle-free, and at a good price. We only work with reputable professionals that pass our strict vetting process based on their credentials, experience, and track record.

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