Find out how to increase the value of your house in Kingston with the right renovations.
13 October 2020,

Find out how to increase the value of your house in Kingston with the right renovations.


Homeowners in Kingston can increase the value of their homes with a home renovation.

Whether you need a new patio, an additional bathroom, a kitchen remodel, or a garage, a reliable and experienced contractor can deliver a successful project.

While DIY home renovations are on the rise, they can never be equal to the quality and value of a professional home renovation. As a matter of fact, with real estate prices continuing to surge in the GTA, it has never been more important to ensure that any home improvement is of high quality.

Discover the numerous benefits of working with a reputable contractor for your project to increase the value of your home!

Our renovation partners, all insured and screened for their track record and services, will be happy to offer you competitive quotes you can compare to save time and money!

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Why renovate with a professional contractor in Kingston?

A home renovation is not cheap and can be time-consuming. However, over time, the house begins to show signs of age or problems. Thus, a homeowner is required to renovate the home to make it more appealing and protect its value.

What are the benefits of a home renovation?

Increased comfort. Your comfort is important and you want to go home to a house that is relaxing, comfortable, and convenient. After several years, the home you purchased which seemed perfect at the time may no longer meet your needs. The bathroom may be too small, or the kitchen lacks modern amenities. You can renovate the house to make it a more comfortable space for you.

Increase in the home’s value.  If you plan to sell your house soon, it is advisable to renovate to increase its value. Some changes can be simple like changing the door to a newer design or painting the exterior of the house. Other renovations can be major such as remodeling the kitchen or bathroom or adding a deck.

Improve the aesthetic appeal of the home. If you bought your home more than a decade ago, it is likely that the design won’t be very appealing to a buyer now. You can improve an outdated design with a new fence, new doors and windows, a patio addition, a kitchen renovation, or a basement renovation.

Increased energy efficiency Improving your home’s HVAC system, electrical system, windows and doors, and insulation can lower your monthly energy consumption and bills. Over time, the cost of these upgrades can pay off handsomely. Many potential buyers put a premium on a home’s energy efficiency.

Home renovations improve the home in terms of design, value, comfort, and energy efficiency. Plan a home improvement project with a reputable contractor in Kingston to maximize the benefits.


Top home renovations with financial and   emotional benefits

When it comes to renovations, a homeowner’s imagination can run pretty wild. Luxurious bathrooms and kitchens are popular as well as elegant backyards complete with a swimming pool.

While many Canadians spent as much as $6.3 billion on home improvement projects as of August 2019, not all of these projects offered a high return on investment.

Some types of renovations provide great personal satisfaction to a homeowner but little value to the home’s selling price.

So what types of home renovations provide financial as well as emotional benefits with a greater return on investment?

According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, a basement finishing project, a sun room addition or deck, and a garage addition provide a high joy factor to homeowners. So do kitchen and bathroom renovations but the latter are trickier as luxury upgrades won’t be recoverable 100% at resale.

Among the favorite projects of homeowners in Kingston, the following offer financial and emotional benefits.


Kitchen renovations

The kitchen is very important because it is the place where people usually gather daily in the home.

If you are renovating to increase the selling price, the more mid-range renovations and simpler tweaks can provide higher value at resale.

Consider modern cabinets, new appliances, and under cabinet lighting for your project as they have high ROI.


Bathroom renovations

A spacious and modern bathroom is very appealing to buyers. For instance, adding another bathroom to a home with only 1 can significantly increase the selling price.

Plan for adequate storage space, efficient fixtures, new flooring, and good lighting. A bathroom contractor can offer valuable suggestions for your renovation that will maximize your budget.


Flooring renovations

The floor is an integral aspect of the home and has a huge impact on its overall design and appeal. Installing a hardwood floor offers a dramatic increase in value. Refinishing of an existing hardwood floor costs less and is a good option for homeowners. For bathrooms, new tile floors can revitalize the space and eliminate a dated look.

Floor renovation specialists can provide you with the best options for your floor that suits your budget and taste.


Upgrade of Fixtures

Kitchens and bathrooms can look old if the fixtures are dated. It is simple to replace fixtures with modern ones including cabinet hardware, faucets, showerheads, lighting fixtures, etc.

Open concept style homes are trendy and will benefit from the addition of pot lights for an entirely modern look.


Addition of an Income Suite

Don’t be surprised that one of the best ways to increase home value is to convert a basement or the upper floor above a garage into a rental unit. In doing this, you can cover your monthly mortgage payments and create passive wealth for a long time.

The above renovations can increase the value of your home 5-6 times more than what they cost you, according to Genworth Canada.


Reasons to work with a contractor for your home renovation

If you want to make a home renovation or home repairs, it is advisable to work with a contractor or renovator. This is especially true for certain types of projects as electrical work, plumbing repairs or upgrades, roof and ceiling replacement, and others that involve heights or complex skills.

An experienced contractor will be able to help you to achieve desired results in less time and get value for your money.

Some may argue that DIY home renovations can give tremendous savings to homeowners but beware. Lack of skills and experience can also result in substandard work and waste of materials and money.

Because your home is your largest and most important asset, any improvements to the home must be of excellent quality to protect the value of your investment.

A reputable and qualified contractor offers the following benefits:

A qualified contractor carries the required insurances for liability and workers’ compensation. This protects you from risk and gives you peace of mind.

Warranty: Reputable contractors are confident about the quality of their workmanship. They provide warranties for the work which requires them to return and fix anything they do that falls short of safety or quality standards.

Quality: A professional renovation has high quality results that increase the value of your home. You can expect beautiful results from a home renovation with a contractor that will improve the quality of your life and your investment.

Because contractors are skilled and experienced at project management, they make sure that no time or materials is wasted. This redounds to savings on time and money on your part.  Your project will be completed within the deadline as specified in the contract.


Who to hire for your renovation?

When you have decided on a renovation and what you want, you should start looking for a good contractor. It can be a general contractor (such as when renovating the whole home or building an addition) or a specialized contractor (for bathroom or kitchen remodels.)

A contractor must have the business, technical, and interpersonal skills needed for the job, along with experience in projects like yours. You can check on a contractor’s qualifications by obtaining references from his most recent clients and by checking with the BBB, the local Chamber of Commerce, and reputable trade organizations.

It is important to compare multiple contractors and their quotes so you can choose the one that gives you the most value.

Our network has a wide variety of general and specialized contractors that are experienced in all types of home renovations. You can obtain FREE and NO OBLIGATION quotes so you can find the best one for your needs.

Know your rights and obligations when doing home renovations or repairs for a stress-free and successful project.


Home Renovation Grants and Rebates in Kingston you should know

We know that home renovations can be expensive but did you know that certain grants and rebates are available for Kingston homeowners?

These funds can help you upgrade your home and keep more money in your pocket.

Kingston-Frontenac Renovates Program (KFRP)

This program makes $5,000 grants available to qualified homeowners who meet the income criteria. $10,000 interest-free loans are also available for emergency home repairs.

Single persons, couples, or families may be eligible for this grant. The maximum home value for the property must not exceed $300,000.

Types of projects that qualify include safety, accessibility, energy efficiency, and structural repairs (soffits, fascia, roof, etc.)

You can refer to the City of Kingston – Kingston Frontenac Renovates Program for more details on requirements and the application process.


Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate

If planning a renovation in the Kingston area, consider the benefits of installing energy-efficient retrofits such as new windows for better insulation or an energy-efficient furnace.

Enbridge Gas and Red Squirrel offer a $5,000 rebate to help you make your home more energy-efficient.

You can get rebates for renovations that include exterior wall insulation, basement insulation, furnace/boiler, air sealing, windows or skylights, and many more.

These renovations can be done in conjunction with other renovations you plan for your home such as interior or exterior painting, basement renovation, etc.


Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Secondary or Garden Suite

For First nations and First Nation members who want to build rental accommodations (granny, garden, or secondary suites) in their primary residences, they can avail of this forgivable loan for as much as $60,000. To qualify, the unit must be rented out to low-income tenants.

This type of renovation project can provide a steady flow of income with no loan to pay back for as long as the conditions are met.


Ontario Renovates

This program provides forgivable loans up to $20,000 for homeowners in the low-income bracket living in substandard housing. The funds can be used to fix their homes to meet standards of health and safety. The loan amount can vary among municipalities.


Home and Vehicle Modification Program

Are you renovating to make your home more accessible to a person with disability and make less than $30,000 a year? If so, you can quality for a maximum of $15,000.


Green Ontario Fund

This is a non-profit agency that provides money for residents who desire to reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

You can get a rebate of $20,000 for replacing or adding ground or air-source heat pumps, windows, or improving insulation. You can also get a free smart thermostat installation.

A professional renovation contractor can advise you on the best green projects for your home. Speak to our partners by filling out the form below and take advantage of competitive offers to save time and money!


Frequently asked Questions about Home Renovations and Contractors

When planning a home renovation, you are bound to have many questions you need answers to. It is important to find out as much as you can to ensure that you have the right expectations.

Below are some of the most common questions about home renovations and contractors that can help you plan your project well.

What should I check when hiring an electrical contractor?

Make sure to check the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) license and the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency (ECRA) license number.

What is the standard down-payment for a contractor?

Consumer Protection Ontario recommends keeping down-payments to a minimum (not more than 10%). As the work progresses, your contractor will bill you accordingly.

What should a home renovation contract include?

Under the Consumer Protection Act, all agreements must be in writing and must clearly indicate the following:

  • The contractor’s identity and where to get in touch (name, address, e-mail, telephone number, etc.)
  • fair and accurate description of the goods and services included in the contract
  • itemized list of prices for goods and services provided and the total amount payable
  • start and completion dates of the project
  • disclaimer provided by the CPO about the rights of homeowners

Any violations can render an agreement as void and homeowners can seek civil remedies against the contractor.

Is the estimate or quote from a contractor final and binding?

An estimate must be included in the contract. A contractor cannot increase the price more than 10% of the estimate unless you agree to additional work or change in materials. A new contract must then be executed.

Who is responsible for required permits for a home renovation?

It is a homeowner’s responsibility to obtain the necessary permits for a home renovation. A contractor can provide this service and assist with the paperwork. You must ask the contractor and include in the contract if he agrees to obtain the permits for your project.

What home renovations require a building permit in Kingston?

A building permit is required to work on any heritage building or to renovate or repair an existing structure over 10 sq. meters or any size if plumbing is required. Projects such as a pool addition, deck addition of more than 10 sq. meters, installing or removing load-bearing walls, excavating a basement, installing new plumbing, changing design plans or altering the use or occupancy of part of the home will require a permit. You can refer to this guide from Kingston Building Services for a complete list.

Can I cancel a home renovation contract?

A homeowner can cancel a home renovation contract under certain circumstances. For instance, if you hire a roofing company, under the Consumer Protection Act, you are entitled to a 10-day cooling off period wherein you can cancel the agreement without penalty. If work has started within this period, a homeowner may need to pay for the work and materials provided at the time.

It is important to ask the right questions when planning a home renovation with a contractor. Make sure to get references and check credentials.

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