Find a reputable contractor for your home renovations in Markham.
13 October 2020,

Find a reputable contractor for your home renovations in Markham.


A reputable contractor in Markham can help you get your dream home without breaking the bank.  You can revitalize any part of your home – kitchen, basement, living room, bedroom, or bathroom – with a well-planned renovation that can maximize your space.

At the same time, a professional renovation can significantly increase the value of your home!

You may be hesitant about hiring a contractor because of sad experiences of some people you know. You can avoid problems with a renovation by choosing a contractor wisely.

Reputable contractors will provide satisfactory work from start to finish and complete the job within the budget and on time.

Whatever you dream for your home, our partner contractors in Markham can help you get it done!

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Home renovations that every homeowner must do

Because to most Canadians, their home is their most important asset, it is critical to protect the value of the home.  If not properly maintained, the value of a property can decrease or fail to maximize value at resale.

Most homeowners will need to consider some types of renovation at some point because a part of the house is no longer in good condition. Some of these problems can be serious enough to compromise your safety, health, and even your security.

Below are home renovations that every homeowner must do.

Roof renovation

The roof is a very important part of the home’s structure as it protects the home’s interior from snow, rain, sun, hail, wind, etc. When a roof is damaged or in poor condition, it will leak and cause major problems in your home.

Don’t be misled in thinking that you only need to have a roof replaced if you are selling the house. A good roof will not only protect you and your belongings but also reduce your energy bills. Your home will be comfortable and energy-efficient with a good roof.

A responsible homeowner will ask for regular roof inspections to check for debris, organic matter, signs of mold, and see if the joints are sealed well. A roofing contractor can help you determine the best solution for your roofing problems.

Keep in mind that the condition of the roof has a big impact on your home’s market value as well. The cost of a roofing replacement depends on the type of roof (sloped, flat) and the roofing material.

If you are experiencing problems due to a damaged roof, don’t waste any time and look for a roofing contractor using our short online form below.


Replacing a French Drain

A French drain is not a part of your home that is noticeable but it is very important. It works to remove water around the foundation walls to prevent accumulation and infiltration.  Water in the French drain flows to the sump and goes to the evacuation system. Generally, it will be installed under concrete.

When a French drain is not working properly, it can cause damage to the house as well as extreme humidity and water infiltration.

How do you know if you need to replace a French drain? You will notice that your French drain needs to be replaced after winter.  You will see the following:

  • darkening wall or wet wall
  • white crystals at the lower portion of the foundation wall
  • water spots on a concrete slab, floor, or joist
  • increased humidity inside the house or basement
  • the basement has a musty odor
  • cracks in the foundation
  • iron ocher residue visible at the bottom of walls

It is common for a French drain to get damaged after 25 years. If you think humidity in your home has increased, ask a contractor to check your French drain using a camera system. There may be a charge for this service as it requires an excavation but it is worth it. A contractor can get it unclogged and recommend other services such as foundation crack repairs or replacement of the waterproofing membrane.

Markham offers a home flooding protection program to homeowners who install weeping tile redirects and sump pump. Find out if you qualify and take advantage of the benefits that can help with your home renovation.


House Siding or Cladding Replacement

The siding or cladding has a big impact on the aesthetics of your home. It also affects the durability of your home because damaged siding can affect the structure and internal membrane. You need to plan a siding replacement quickly before more damage occurs.

While most siding materials last from 5 to 20 years, they get damaged over time due to exposure to the elements.

The cost of a siding replacement depends on the size of the home, the type of material used, and the level of complexity of the installation. Below are siding options and their prices.


Type of Material Average Cost
Vinyl $4 to $8 per sq. ft.
Aluminum $6 to $10 per sq. ft.
Wood Fiber $6 to $10 per sq. ft.
Fiber cement $7 to $12 per sq. ft.
Wood $10 to $14 per sq. ft.
Bricks $24 to $35 per sq. ft.


Each option for siding replacement offers pros and cons in terms of appearance, durability, and price. Request for free quotes from our partner contractors to compare and find the best solution for your project.



Could you be losing heat in your home due to poor insulation? If this is the case, you are paying higher energy bills than you need to. Good insulation is critical because it affects the comfort of your home.

Heat loss can occur when one of the following parts of your house is deficient:

  • doors (including garage door) and windows
  • basement
  • attic
  • above ground walls (structure between the basement and the roof)

There are 3 popular types of insulation available. Some are useful in specific areas of the home and won’t work if used in others.

  • Synthetic (polyurethane)
  • Mineral (stone wool, fiberglass)
  • Natural (hemp, straw, cellulose)

Improving the energy efficiency and insulation of the home costs money but has significant returns. You will save money from energy bills over time and even prevent respiratory illnesses and allergies. At the same time, you help to conserve energy and reduce gas emissions from your home.

It is advisable to work with insulation professionals to make the best plan for upgrading the insulation in your home.


Heating and Air conditioning

An efficient HVAC system can last up to 25 years so it is important to choose the right one for your home.

If you are experiencing issues with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, it may be time to talk to the experts. They can provide you with the best options for cooling and heating your home.

A homeowner will consider cost as a deciding factor in choosing an HVAC system. In doing so, don’t forget to consider green products as they help you save more money over time. You will have a healthier and more comfortable home while paying less for your energy bills.

A contractor will need to ask you several questions to offer you the best solution, including:

  • How many floors are there in your house?
  • What area needs to be covered?
  • Do you prefer a single system or separate systems?
  • How much can you afford to invest in your HVAC system?

Get started on finding the best contractor for HVAC systems in Markham using our free and no obligation quotes. Fill out the form below to receive competitive offers today.


Interior and Exterior Painting

The once lovely paint in your walls have turned dirty or pale. Paint does not last forever so every homeowner will face the need for interior and exterior painting every 5-8 years.

Painting your walls can revitalize your home’s appearance and make it more attractive and desirable. This is especially important if you are planning to sell your property.

Markham professional painters offer all types of painting services for the interior and exterior of your home. Unlike a DIY painting job, professionals will make sure to prepare walls properly and use high-quality paint for amazing results that will last longer.

Our partner contractors will be happy to provide competitive quotes for your painting needs.



Renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or basement for a better home

It is time to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or basement in Markham.


Needs and lifestyles change so the home needs some changes, too.

A growing family will need more space. When a family member becomes mobility-challenged, some adaptations need to be done. If you long for something more from your home – more convenience, ambiance, or aesthetics, a home renovation is the answer!

Fortunately, home renovation professionals can help you achieve your goals and maximize your budget to turn your home into a better home.


Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is one of the most in-demand services in the renovation market. As the kitchen is the center of the home, it needs to be convenient, comfortable, and modern. Most homebuyers give a high priority to the kitchen when deciding whether to buy a house. Thus, every homeowner needs to make sure the kitchen is in tip-top condition.

A kitchen remodel can include the following aspects to get the best results:

  • Floor replacement
  • Countertop installation
  • Cabinetry (replacement or refinishing)
  • Door and windows replacement
  • New appliances
  • New lighting (including under cabinet lighting and pot lights)
  • Upgrade of fixtures
  • Improved layout

Several factors contribute to the cost of a kitchen renovation:

  • The size of the kitchen
  • The type of materials selected
  • The design chosen
  • choice of contractor

Other decisions you make also increase the cost such as if you tear down walls, change the layout, or relocate plumbing or electric sockets.

A simple kitchen renovation can cost you from $10,000 to $15,000 while a major kitchen remodel could be from $25,000 to $40,000.

A general contractor or a kitchen renovation contractor can help you plan the design and materials of your kitchen. It is best to compare multiple bids to get the best price and value for your money.

A professional kitchen renovation provides excellent results that can significantly increase the market value of your home!


Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom in an average home is not typically large. In many cases, a family may need a larger bathroom or an additional bathroom to meet its daily needs.

It is not advisable to DIY a bathroom renovation because a simple mistake can cost you headaches and a lot of money in the future! It will also impact the value of your home at resale.

A professional bathroom renovation is a worthy investment. When done successfully, you will improve the quality of your life and enjoy your home more.  The money you invest in a bathroom renovation can have as high as s 62% return on investment.

What does a bathroom renovation usually include? Important aspects of a bathroom reno typically include the following:

  • Bathroom floor replacement
  • New cabinets
  • Upgrade of fixtures
  • New lighting
  • New vanity

Some homeowners may also choose to change the layout or to switch from a tub to a walk-in shower. Keep in mind that decisions you make regarding the design and materials of the bathroom will affect the cost of your project.

It is also important to know the latest trends in bathrooms so you can make a smart decision. Many new trends offer ecological and energy-efficient solutions that can help you create a more comfortable and inviting space.

You may budget from $10,000 for a minor remodel to $40,000 for a high-end bathroom renovation. To get a more accurate cost, connect with our partner contractors who can help plan your project within your means!


Basement Renovation

Do you have an unfinished basement? Is your basement utilized as a storage room that you rarely visit? If you need more livable space, your basement can increase your living space by as much as 30% with a basement renovation.

This home improvement project is a great option for homeowners who want:

  • More livable space without building a home addition or buying a new one
  • Increase the market value of the home
  • Earn extra income through rental

A basement can be turned into:

  • A guest room and bathroom
  • An entertainment room
  • A home office
  • A playroom
  • A man-cave
  • A basement apartment with a separate access

You will need a general contractor or a basement renovation contractor to undertake this huge project. With their experience, they will have the skills and knowledge to convert your basement into the space you dream of.

With careful planning, you can also increase the resale value of your home, allowing you to recover whatever you invest in the project with a higher selling price!

These major renovation projects will usually require a building permit. Check the Markham building permit process to know the requirements or to apply for one. A good contractor can also assist you with the permits you need for the project.


How to choose a contractor for a home renovation in Markham

This is how you’ll find a good contractor in Markham for your home renovations.


It is important to choose a reputable contractor for a home renovation in Markham. In fact, it should be the first step you take in planning your project.

No matter what kind of project you dream for your home, our network has the right professionals for the job. We have verified our partners carefully to make sure that you deal only with professionals that are licensed, experienced, insured, and qualified.

We allow you to compare multiple quotes from our partners when you fill out our FREE and NO OBLIGATION form so that you can get the best price for your project from reputable contractors.

Once you fill out the form, a member of our team will forward your request to our partners who will submit their bids, at no cost or obligation on your part!

Ensure that your home renovation is a successful one by hiring a reputable contractor or renovation professional from our network.



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