Choose the right kitchen contractor in Toronto to achieve the best results at the right price
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5 December 2019,


Choose the right kitchen contractor in Toronto to achieve the best results at the right price

If you ask a homeowner about their kitchen remodeling experience, they will most likely tell you that it was not an easy project.

Every renovation project comes with a set of risks and challenges which can vary from one house to another.

With that being said, you need to begin the planning and preparation of your own kitchen renovation with SUCCESS in mind.

The first step to a kitchen remodeling project is finding the BEST TORONTO KITCHEN CONTRACTOR that suits your budget.

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Kitchen renovation projects cost money- Leave it to professionals!

A kitchen remodel has a great impact on the quality of your life and the market value of your home.

Kitchen renovations don’t come cheap.

Don’t throw your money away by settling for sub-standard materials or labor.

You think you are saving money by compromising on quality but you be losing more in the long run.

A small kitchen renovation could easily cost about $15,000.

Most of the money goes to cabinets, hardware, and other installation expenses.

Appliances, if you plan on replacing them, could significantly increase the budget.

If you are spending this much money, don’t you think you should make sure that the money is well spent?

Your kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in your house.

It will affect your lifestyle and affect the market value of your home.

With such a big home improvement project such as a kitchen remodel, it is important to get the best professional help you can find.

Our network consists of qualified and licensed kitchen contractors serving all of Toronto who have successfully delivered projects like yours.

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Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling Services in Toronto

The kitchen is, without a doubt, the most used area of the home.

You entertain and enjoy your meals here.

When you upgrade your kitchen to a modern one, you will simplify your life, increase your comfort and pleasure, and even make your home more inviting and valuable.

Because a kitchen renovation has a high “joy” factor and increases home value by as much as 30%, Toronto homeowners prioritize kitchen renovations over other home improvement projects.

A reputable and licensed kitchen contractor can provide everything needed in a kitchen remodel, including:

  • Custom cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Tile installation
  • Flooring
  • Electrical works
  • Plumbing
  • Etc.

When you contact a professional kitchen contractor, he can provide you with an accurate quote based on your selected design.

This will take out the guesswork in your project so you can accurately prepare your finances.

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How much is a professional kitchen renovation?

Are you ready to remodel your kitchen?

Surely, you have made some preliminary decisions such as whether to replace the appliances, put in a granite countertop, or upgrade the flooring.

Of course, all these decisions really depend on what your existing kitchen looks like now and if you want a total remodel or keep some of the current fixtures.

These decisions you make will have a huge impact on the cost of your kitchen renovation.


While you are excitedly planning your project, the biggest question on your mind would be, “How much is my kitchen renovation going to cost?”


It is difficult to give an accurate estimate because it all depends on what your project will include.

As a ballpark figure, you should prepare from $15,000 and up.


Look at what customers today are paying for a professional kitchen remodel in Toronto:

Small-scale kitchen renovation $12,000 – $25,000
Medium-scale renovation $25,000 – $38,000
High-end renovation $40,000 and up


Why are kitchen renovations so expensive in Toronto?

Unfortunately, everything is more expensive in Toronto! Labor and materials are higher in price.

But don’t fret because there is something good to be gained from the expense of a kitchen renovation.

Your new kitchen will significantly increase the value of your home and you can profit handsomely if you decide to sell your home in the future.

You can check this guide on kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations in Toronto to know about expenses you should anticipate and the expected ROI from your project.


5 Important Reasons to work with a licensed contractor for a kitchen remodel

Get important benefits from working with a licensed and reputable kitchen contractor.

A homeowner will need to hire somebody to do the repairs or renovation such as a kitchen renovation.

Although you may enjoy doing DIY home projects, a kitchen renovation may be more complex than you bargained for.

Who will obtain the building permit and other municipal requirements for your project?

A qualified and experienced contractor can help you with what you need, including sourcing materials, the design, and overseeing the work of all necessary trades.

Many renovation companies provide turn-key kitchen renovations which will make the project as stress-free and pleasant for you as possible.


#1: Professional contractors are knowledgeable, experienced, and certified.

A qualified kitchen contractor will know how to handle the design and renovation work.

He can guide you in choosing good quality materials that fit your budget.

Most importantly, he will know how to resolve problems that arise.

In Toronto, general contractors possess a Metro Building Renovators License.

Plumbers and electricians will hold registration certificates as well.


#2: Professional contractors are insured.

Who will be responsible if a worker gets injured during the renovation?

Who will be responsible for damage to your property?

A licensed contractor will possess the mandated liability and workers’ compensation insurance for your protection.


#3: Professional contractors provide a written contract.

A licensed contractor will provide a written contract detailing what is included in your project, the warranties, the total cost, and the payment schedule.

The contract protects you and your investment and will serve as the framework for the execution of your project.


#4: Professional contractors provide a warranty for the work.

Reputable contractors stand by the quality of their work and will come back if something is amiss.

The warranties offered are stipulated in the contract.

This assurance will give you peace of mind that your project will be completed following established standards of quality and safety.


#5: Professional contractors abide by holdbacks.

There are 3 different types of holdbacks that can protect you as a homeowner:


This protects homeowners from suppliers or subcontractors who may place a lien on the property due to non-payment of materials or work performed and were not paid for by the contractor.

A period of time is allotted after the completion of the project to allow any suppliers to file a claim.


After a project has been substantially completed, some corrections may become necessary.

It is common to withhold a reasonable amount from the final payment until such time that issues have been completed to your satisfaction.

The contractor will be paid completely once issues have been corrected.


Depending on the project, some items may be delayed due to a lack of availability of the products or due to weather conditions, for instance.

Under such circumstances, a reasonable amount that is commensurate to the value of the work can be retained by the homeowner. 

The money will be released upon completion of the contractor’s responsibilities.


These 5 important benefits you get from hiring a licensed kitchen contractor will protect you and your investment so you can have peace of mind.


Understanding the responsibilities of your contractor

The moment you have a good idea of when you wish to renovate and how much your budget is, start your search for a good contractor to make your project a success.

Your contractor has the following responsibilities:

  • Possess sufficient liability, damage, and workers’ compensation insurance insurance
  • Identify the permits required in the project and assist in obtaining them
  • Ensure all other legal requirements are met
  • Supervise all subcontractor work
  • Ensure timely payment of suppliers, subcontractors, etc.
  • Monitor and oversee the construction and execute the project in a timely and efficient manner
  • Remove construction debris
  • Check the quality of the work and correct deficiencies
  • Provide a warranty for a minimum of 1 year

Your choice of a contractor is crucial to the success of your renovation. Don’t be in a rush but rather, take the time to assess the qualifications and credentials of your candidates and ask the right questions.


Checklist for hiring your kitchen renovation contractor

Use a checklist to serve as your guide for hiring a kitchen renovation contractor.

Finding the right contractor is important.

Check out your prospects very well before making your choice.

Below is a checklist for hiring your contractor to guide you in crucial steps you must take before signing a contract.


Interviewing a potential contractor

You will be working closely with your contractor. Thus, it is important that you feel comfortable with him and trust him to be present in your home day in and out.  You need to feel confident in his ability to deliver the project completely and on time.

Conduct an interview to check how comfortable you feel in talking to him and check on the following:

✓   How long has the contractor been in business and what is the background of his company? (does he use his own staff or sub-contractors)
✓   Obtain references from his last 3 clients and verify these references.
✓   Ask for his license and insurance details
✓   Obtain a formal quote indicating the inclusions of the contract and the warranties

Don’t take their word for it. Always back-check any information a contractor provides you.

You can also use this interview sheet provided by the Canadian Home Builders Association for interviewing potential contractors.

Check the contractor’s reputation

It is also important to check on the contractor’s reputation. You can do this by verifying with the:

You don’t go to only one store to buy clothes, gadgets, and other items. A kitchen renovation is much more expensive than the things you normally buy.
Hence, it is critical to compare multiple quotes from professional contractors before hiring one.


Other essentials you must check before the start of your project

Here are a few more things you must have on hand while considering the contractor for your project.

  • Do you have a written and complete description of the scope of the work from the contractor?
  • Do you have several samples of the products that you want to use in your renovation such as options for countertops, tiles, etc. from the contractor?
  • Do you have the contractor’s physical address, telephone numbers, license, and insurance details?
  • Do you have a detailed description of the work plans, materials, or plans, and sketches?
  • Has the contractor agreed to be responsible for obtaining the permits, inspections, and certificates needed?
  • Has the contractor detailed his payment schedule with the right to holdbacks as applicable in your area?
  • What are the contractor’s proposed start and completion dates?


Start your search for the right contractor using our short online request form on this page. Connect with licensed and experienced kitchen renovators to get the best price for your project!


5 Common Problems with Home Renovations you can avoid

Avoid common problems that homeowners encounter during a home renovation

Many people have had bad experiences with their home renovation.

In many cases, the nightmare was caused by hiring the wrong contractor to do the job.

Below are 5 common problems with home renovations that you can avoid by choosing a reputable and reliable contractor:


  1. You got multiple quotes but they all seem too expensive.

This problem is easy to understand and resolve.

If your budget is too low, you won’t be able to get professionals to do it.

If you resort to DIY work or hiring unqualified workers, you could run into many problems and not get satisfactory results.

Be reasonable with your budget.

Plan your kitchen design wisely and get advice from professionals.

Remember, your home renovation will have a huge impact on the value of your home.

Don’t do a half-ass job; be wise in spending your money on improvements that add value.


  1. You thought you didn’t need a building permit and get penalized.

This problem can happen when you act as your project’s contractor and you don’t do your research well.

It can also happen when you hire a person to be your contractor and he is not qualified or knowledgeable.

Don’t bypass municipal requirements for your renovation to avoid being fined or penalized.

Your project will also be delayed until the proper permits are processed and issued.

While planning your renovation, check with your municipality on the permits needed for your project.

A qualified and reputable contractor can assist you in this matter.


  1. The contractor you hire started construction enthusiastically then starts disappearing midway into the project.

You need to understand that there are generally 2 types of renovation companies- small ones starting out with only a few people for a project and bigger ones who can handle multiple jobs.

If you hire a small company, they may need to juggle resources when they get simultaneous projects.

They could prioritize the bigger project and devote their time and resources to impressing a new client.

A bigger company can handle multiple projects because they have the resources.

They will have project supervisors on-site to ensure the timely progression of the work.

When choosing a contractor, it is advisable to stick with established companies with a proven track record.


  1. Unexpected problems arise that wreak havoc to your budget.

Your house could be hiding secrets, especially if it is rather old.

Mold, asbestos, electrical or plumbing issues, foundation problems, etc. can be discovered during construction and inflate your budget.

This problem is common and unfortunately, unavoidable.

You can, however, be prepared for such contingencies by setting aside an additional 10% of your estimated cost for contingencies.

An experienced contractor will be able to deal with problems as they arise and work with you to keep your budget on track.


  1. The quality of the work does not meet your expectations.

If you hire a contractor because he gave the lowest quote and don’t do your due diligence, you will most likely suffer the consequences.

You can experience a lot of drama in your home renovation because of the contractor you choose to work with.

To avoid being disappointed with the results and getting headaches along the way, be smart in choosing your contractor.

Find a contractor who offers the best value for your money and has a proven track record for delivering results.

In doing so, you will be closer to achieving your dream home and avoid the stress that can go with a home renovation.


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Save money from your kitchen renovation: Tips from experienced contractors

The materials you choose to use for your project will dictate the cost of your renovation.

You can work with an experienced and reliable contractor to find the right design and materials that suit your budget.

  1. For the countertop, stainless steel can cost you a lot of money while laminate will be less expensive. In the same way, melamine is cheaper for cabinetry while polyurethane can cost much more.
  2. If you like natural stone, ask your contractor about engineered stone which costs less.
  3. Cheap drawers may easily break even with a normal load. Choose mid-range but higher-grade drawers to save money in the long term.
  4. Avoid changing the layout if possible. Removing walls, or moving electrical or plumbing can significantly increase the project’s cost.
  5. Don’t replace everything. Try to use what isn’t broken.

One of the benefits of working with experienced contractors is professional advice from an insider who is knowledgeable about the trends, latest products, and technology that can help you plan your project.


Reasons to use Compare Home Quotes for finding the best contractor

You’ll be surprised to discover that finding a good contractor is not as easy as it seems.

Depending on the schedule you have in mind to start your renovation, many contractors can be unavailable during the peak months.

You could be wasting many hours talking to different companies before you can find one that meets your expectations.

Sure, you can ask for a referral from your neighbor or relative but why limit yourself to only 1 choice?

It is very important to compare your options when looking for a good contractor so you can get value for your money.

A contractor must also be a good fit for your personality and your project because you will be working closely together.

We offer a very convenient and stress-free way to find reputable and experienced kitchen contractors serving your area.

Our renovation partners were all rigorously screened and verified based on their qualifications, reputation, experience, track record, and service.

Whether your project is small or large, simple or high-end, we can help you connect with the contractor that meets your criteria!


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- Fabrication of kitchen cabinets, countertop
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- Fabrication of kitchen cabinets, countertop
- Walls, floors, optimization of space


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