Get a medical alert system for seniors in Canada for independent living with peace of mind
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3 March 2020,



Get a medical alert system for seniors in Canada for independent living with peace of mind


Are you looking for a reliable medical alert system that doesn’t cost too much? You are in the right place because we can provide you with free and no commitment quotes from reliable security companies.

A medical alert system is very important for seniors who want to remain living at home without any worries.  With just one push of the emergency button, you will get connected to a certified monitoring center with trained agents ready to assist you and summon help.

If you want protection from a medical alert system but want the least expensive one, you can find the right one from among our partner companies. Choose from basic panic buttons, fall detectors, or wireless systems with GPS.

Keep in mind that when searching for the cheapest system, you must also ensure that you get the features that suit your situation. If you have a history of falls, a system with fall detection is something you should consider.

Compare medical alert systems in Canada now by filling out the form on this page and find the least expensive medical alert for you.

Why a medical alert system is essential for seniors

A medical alert system is a personal security device that can save your life in a medical emergency. Also called a personal emergency response system (PERS), it is especially useful if you live alone or have a disability or a medical condition that puts you at risk.

With this modern device, you can immediately summon emergency assistance with one press of a button. You are immediately connected to a monitoring center no matter where you are and without needing a telephone.

This medical alert system is wearable and can be used in the bathroom, anywhere at home, or even when you are outside the home.

Thus, you have 24/7 protection and peace of mind. You can regain the confidence you need to live your life independently without worrying about what to do in an emergency.

Medical alert systems are great for:

·         Persons with disabilities

·         Hypertension, respiratory diseases, seizures, stroke, etc.

·         Cancer patients

·         Patients recovering from surgery

·         Persons with mobility issues

·         Elderly persons living alone

·         Persons with a history of falls

·         and more!

Learn about your options for medical alert systems that suit your needs and budget. Compare prices using our short online form, free of charge!

What to Look for When Buying a Medical Alert System for the Elderly

When considering how much you want to pay for a medical alert system, it is also important to think about what you need. This is because the cost of your device will depend much on the features you select.

The cheapest medical alert systems are those that have no monitoring service. This type of medical alert system will send an alert to 5 or more designated contacts if you push the panic button in an emergency.  This is not ideal for seniors with family members who live or work too far away to respond quickly in an emergency situation.

This type of device also works only if the user pushes the panic button. In case of a fall and the senior is unable to push the panic button, no alert is sent out and help will be delayed. In a serious injury, serious complications can arise when help does not arrive fast.

The features provided by unmonitored medical alert systems are also limited. Although this type of device is cheap and have no monthly fees, the safety of the user depends on two things:

  • The user’s ability to use the panic button during an emergency
  • The contacts’ ability to react to an alert promptly.

Find out more about how to age at home with wearable fall detectors and panic buttons.


The Benefits of Buying a Monitored Medical Alert System


If you consider the limitations of a non-monitored medical alert system, you will find that medical alert systems with monitoring services offer a higher level of protection and peace of mind for seniors.

In fact, even family members will feel reassured in knowing that a trained responder will be available 24/7 to assist in an emergency.  Everybody can sleep better at night, even seniors, because their loved ones will not feel the need to check on them so frequently.

Seniors can regain their independence and confidence to live alone without fear! Their medical alert system with panic button is just one push of the button away when they need HELP.

Indeed, the price of a monitored medical alert system is well worth it because it gives you PEACE OF MIND.  This type of device comes with very useful features for your safety:

  • 2- way voice communication
  • Emergency panic button
  • Fall detection
  • GPS tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Medication dispenser/reminder

In choosing the right medical alert system, compare features to suit your lifestyle and health condition.

1 out of 3 Canadians aged 65 and older fall every year, leading to emergency treatment or hospitalization. Some falls can have serious complications and compromise quality of life.

Make sure to get HELP fast in any medical emergency with a medical alert system with fall detector today.


How much will you pay for a monitored medical alert system?


Now that you know how critical a medical alert system is for seniors who want to live alone, you probably want to know how much you will need to pay.

With something as important as a medical alert system, cheap does not just mean the price. Rather, it should be considered in the context of value for the price.

With the rising cost of hospitalization, private home care, and long-term care, the price of a reliable monitored medical alert system with fall detector is the least expensive protection for seniors.

Below you will find top medical alert systems with monitoring for you to choose from.



SecurMEDIC offers medical alert systems with 2-way voice communication. Upon purchase, you get a wireless panic button and a console. Trained agents in certified monitoring centers located in Canada will receive emergency alerts and dispatch the necessary emergency responders.The emergency panic button is 100% waterproof and can be worn as a wristband or pendant.  It can also be used to answer phone calls.Some of the pros of SecurMEDIC include:

  • No contract
  • Easy installation

This device has no automatic fall detection. The user must push the panic button to ask for help.

Equipment cost: $198.95
Monthly Fee: $28.95


Global Security 

The company provides affordable and reliable wellness solutions for seniors who want to be independent and safe. The emergency panic button can also be connected to the home security system with central monitoring 24/7 for increased safety.

Along with the emergency button, other features included are:

  • Notification of activities to family members
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Bed sensors for increased safety
  • Notification of unusual activity
  • Water-resistant pendant or bracelet

Equipment (GSM Fall Detector): $379.99
Monthly Fee: starts at $34.99 (36-month contract )
Activation Fee: $99


Philips Lifeline

The Philips Lifeline is a medical alert with automatic fall detection.Options include the Homesafe system which has a base unit, a pendant panic button, and a landline device connected to a 2-way speakerphone.It also has a cellular system with fall detection which can be used outdoors. The company boasts the following:

  • Proprietary call centers
  • Equipment with a great design
  • No equipment fees
  • Mobile system with location tracking
  • 2-way communication system throughout the home
  • Automated medication dispenser (extra fee)
  • Waterproof devices
  • No cancellation fee

Activation Fee: $50
Monthly Fee:

  •  $29.95 for HomeSafe
  •  $41.95 for HomeSafe Cell
  •  $44.95 for GoSafe,
  •  $56.95 for AutoAlert


This company’s medical alert system offers several options- the basic medical alert and Lifecall with Fall Alert.

Their basic package has a waterproof device which can be worn around the neck or wrist. When the call button is pressed, the user is able to communicate with a UL-certified monitoring center for 24/7 emergency response.  The system has a range of up to 1,000 ft.

The LifeCall with Fall Alert has a fall detector.  The Lifecall Cellular System is ideal for those without a landline at home and the Advanced Mobile Plus has a combination of home monitoring with mobile GPS-tracking.

Monthly Fee: starts at $39.95


Direct Alert 

This company has 3 options for seniors – At Home, On The Go, and Fall Detection.  It serves all of Canada and can be used with a landline, cable, or VOIP.  The device can be worn as a pendant, bracelet, or belt clip.

Other attractive features are:

  • GPS tracking
  • Automatic Fall Detection

Monthly Fee: 

  • $19.95 + equipment fees or $ 39.95 per month (Classic)
  • $29.95 + equipment fees or $ 49.95 a month (Speak through)
  • $39.95 + equipment fees or $ 59.95 per month (mobile) 

FAQs: Cost of Medical Alert Systems

As you shop around for the best and most affordable medical alert system, it is important to understand what you will be paying for.

In knowing what companies charge, you can better choose the right system that suits your needs and save money, too.

We have gathered some frequently asked questions about the cost of medical alert systems that will be very useful in your decision-making process.

How much do I pay upfront for a medical alert system?

Medical alert system companies have different plans for their monitored panic buttons. Some companies require you to purchase the system and pay a fixed monthly monitoring fee.

Prices vary among companies with some devices costing over $100 while others cost as much as $400. It all depends on the system’s features and whether it is cellular or landline-based. If the system you choose has advanced features like auto-fall detection and GPS tracking, it will cost more. On the other hand, basic systems for a panic button with coverage in-home is inexpensive.

There are companies, however, that don’t require you to buy the system and only pay for the monitoring fee.

Other costs that you may be charged upfront are activation fees (usually $100 or less) and installation fee. Again, not all companies have the same fees and some don’t charge activation or installation fees.

Do I pay a penalty if I terminate the monitoring service?

This depends on the provider. Some companies have a lock-in period (24 or 36 months) and you may be charged a penalty fee for pre-termination.

Some companies don’t require a long-term contract and offer free cancellation of the monitoring service.

Why are wireless or cellular systems more expensive than standard panic buttons?

Cellular or wireless systems are more expensive because they offer more features such as GPS tracking, geo-fencing, auto-fall detection, and wider coverage.

While they are more expensive, they provide greater protection, convenience, and peace of mind.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the product or service?

Some medical alert companies offer a money-back guarantee but not all do.

Do I pay every time I push the panic button?

No, your fixed monthly monitoring fee covers emergency calls to the monitoring center at any time. Even if you push your panic button by mistake, you don’t get charged for the service.

Can I buy a medical alert system for someone else?

Yes, you can purchase a medical alert system for a loved one or relative but you need their consent. This is important because they must agree to use the system to benefit from it and wear the device at all times.

How much is the monthly monitoring fee for a medical alert system?

You will find the average cost of monthly monitoring fees in the table presented above. The cheapest system costs about $30 a month while more expensive ones cost around $50 to $80 a month.

Can I get an extra panic button for my spouse? How much is it?

Yes, most companies offer an extra panic button for a spouse or family member living in the same address. Both of you can be covered by the same system. You just need to pay for the additional button (one-time payment) which usually costs less than $100.

Do I pay extra to add auto-fall detection to my panic button?

Most companies charge extra to add auto-fall detection to your plan. Some providers have a different device or system for fall detection, hence, the higher cost.  If you have only a basic system now, you will need to upgrade your plan and pay more.

There are some medical alert systems that automatically have fall detection. If you are buying now and feel you need fall detection, make sure to choose a fall detection system.

How to save on medical alert systems

A medical alert system is a crucial and life-saving device that can give you peace of mind at home and outdoors. But it does not have to cost you a fortune!

You can find the right system that will give you reliable and adequate protection when you need it most for a price you can afford.

Here are ways you can save on a medical alert system.

Step 1. Compare at least 3 quotes from reliable providers.

Medical alert systems have different packages and prices. The price of your system will depend on the type (cellular or land-based, features, and coverage.) If you choose a system with all the bells and whistles, it will cost more.

If you only want a home-based system with emergency assistance features, you can find a system that costs as little as $1 a day.

It is also important for you to check the cost of the device itself. Some companies offer a system with little or no cash-out for the device or the cost is included in the monthly monitoring fee.

Step 2. Check with your home security company.

If you have an existing alarm system at home, check if your alarm company offers a personal emergency response system. You can also save money if you upgrade your existing system to include a medical alert system.

Step 3. Look for medical alert companies offering limited discounts or promos.

From time to time, medical alert companies offer limited promotions for their medical alert system.  For instance, some companies have offered reduced prices for their device for a limited time.

Step 4. Choose the right system that is tailored to your needs.

Most medical alert systems include a number of in-home devices and features. Due to constant advancements in the field, many options are available for consumers to choose from. Your system must be based on your concerns, state of health, and priorities.

For example, some systems have built-in fall sensors and medication dispensers while others offer only basic features with a panic button. Get itemized pricing and don’t get features you don’t really need.

Step 5. Check the length of the contract.

Medical alert system companies have different requirements when it comes to the servicing contract. While you have the option to purchase the device outright or on installment or lease it, the monitoring service can come with a locked-in period. Some companies require 24-36 months for the monitoring service while others can be cancelled at any time without a penalty.

Whether you are buying a medical alert system for yourself or a loved one, you can save money by finding the best deal!

Just fill out the form below to receive FREE and NO-OBLIGATION quotes to compare and choose from!

Our partner companies are experienced and trusted companies in the heath and security industry in Canada. They offer reliable, efficient, and high-quality monitored panic buttons that can be tailored to your needs and budget.

No matter where you are, we have partners providing monitored medical alert systems in:

  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • and across Canada!

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The best way to find the right price for a reliable medical alert system is to compare FREE and NO COMMITMENT quotes.

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