Trust a licensed plumbing expert to fix problems with sink, toilet, or drain in Calgary
8 October 2019,

Trust a licensed plumbing expert to fix problems with sink, toilet, or drain in Calgary

Do you have a plumbing issue at home? Leaks and other plumbing problems can’t wait.

You surely need a quick and reliable service to fix the problem for you.

But of course, you don’t just want fast service but also a reliable and affordable one!

Don’t worry because we can help you locate the best professional to help you out of a leaky situation.

You can use our short online form to immediately look for an available plumber in your area.

You can also compare different quotes so you know just how much you will spend to fix the problem.

Out network has licensed and insured plumbers and plumbing companies to provide you with an excellent and affordable service when you need it!


How much do plumbers cost in Calgary?

The damage that leaks from pipes can cost you thousands of dollars and can wreak havoc to your home.

It can also cause you great discomfort and inconvenience.

Some plumbers do emergency or basic repairs while others specialize on renovation projects.

The services of a plumber for basic repairs can cost you from $50 to $150 an hour but it also depends on the timing, the location, and the job at hand.

Some of the tasks that a plumber can do for you include:

  • Drain/sewer cleaning
  • Bathroom and toilet repairs
  • Faucet replacement or installation
  • Backflow repair
  • Sewer/water lines
  • Clogged pipe replacement or repair
  • Kitchen repairs
  • Basement plumbing repairs
  • Hot water services
  • Outdoor plumbing repairs
  • Household plumbing upgrades

Whatever your plumbing needs are, it is important for you to choose the right professional for the job.

You can compare quotes to choose the service that suits your budget and check the qualifications of a plumber before hiring one.

It only takes 2 minutes to fill out our online request form and receive quotes from experienced plumbers in your area!

Our partners will provide you with reasonable quotes and make sure to complete the job in a timely and efficient manner.


Things to check before hiring a plumber or plumbing company

Plumbers in the province of Alberta are required to be a registered apprentice or be a certified journeyperson. Such individuals may be qualified for Blue Seal Business Credentials after completion of certain requirements.

Plumbers who hold valid trade certificates in the province or another territory of Canada can also have a Red Seal, meaning they have passed Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program which is recognized in most Canadian provinces.

It is also important to check the following:

  • Years of experience as a plumber
  • Plumbing license from the City of Calgary
  • Referrals from previous customers
  • Insurance: this is important so you won’t be liable for injuries that occur while the job is being performed on your property.

It takes years to master and acquire specialized knowledge in plumbing. Apart from code requirements to comply with, a good plumber must also be familiar with the parts and materials in the market.

It is good to hire a plumber for non-emergency plumbing work because it costs less. It is also easier to hire a plumber regularly to keep your pipes and installations in good working condition rather than call for emergent situations at the middle of the night.

We have experienced, reliable, and affordable plumbing and drain specialists in our network that guarantee 100% satisfaction to homeowners.


Common Plumbing Problems: 4 SIGNS you need a plumber

Know these tell-tale signs that you need a plumber to service your home.


Most homeowners will need a plumbing service or a plumber at least once every three years.

This can also depend on how well a homeowner maintains the plumbing in his home.

There are cases when a homeowner will need to call a plumber for emergency service.

If you have a well-maintained plumbing system, you will experience plumbing issues less frequently and avoid immediate problems.


Here are four of the most common plumbing issues that homeowners face:

Drain problems

Many homes encounter toilet problems such as noise when you flush.

A plumber can replace the toilet regulator.

Also quite common is a running toilet which means many gallons of water are wasted and increase your water bill needlessly.

You may also observe an unpleasant smell in the bathroom which indicates a toilet issue that must be fixed by a plumbing expert.


Sink Problems

Is the water flow in your sink not normal?

Rotting pipes or aerators can be at fault.

If you have a smelly or clogged drain, call a plumbing expert to diagnose the problem and recommend the correct measures to fix it.

Water Heater problems

Hot water is very important in the household.

Water heater problems can cause a great deal of inconvenience and discomfort.

Homeowners are likely to experience water heater problems at some point.

If you are not getting enough hot water or the temperature is not right, it could indicate a problem that needs to be addressed.

Sudden repairs are not good because they cost a lot in terms of labor/service and parts or replacement.

It is advisable to maintain your water heater well.

Water heater problems can be caused by faulty parts, improper use, improper installation, a leak, or even a heater that has reached the end of its life.

Find a hot water tank specialist or plumber in Calgary for any water heater issues.


Pipe problems

Do you have a clogged showerhead?

Mineral deposits can cause a plumbing issue.

Plumbing experts can clean the clog or replace affected parts.

Rusted parts can also cause temperature variations in your shower.


Whatever the problem is, our plumbing partners can provide effective and affordable solutions that will put an end to your pipe problems.


Never flush these down your drain, toilet, or sink

Refrain from flushing down certain items in your toilet, sink, or drain, to prevent plumbing problems.

It is important to pay attention to what you flush down your sink, toilet, or drain.

Flushing the wrong item down can lead to huge plumbing issues that could cost you a lot of money.


Keep these things away from your drains and sink!

Fats, oils, and grease

Never flush oil, fat, or grease down the drain. Instead, dispose of them in a green cart (including butter, salad dressing, cooking oil).

Wipe cleaning equipment free of oil before washing them.

Oil can also be solidified or mixed in an absorbent material and properly disposed in compostable bag.


Hazardous items

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Paint thinners, strippers, etc.
  • Varnishes or stains
  • Petroleum-based products
  • Cleaning products
  • Disinfectants

These hazardous items should be disposed properly in drop-off locations that operate free of charge and all-year round.

Consult this list of approved drop-off locations for hazardous waste in Calgary.


Bathroom products

  • Diapers
  • Wet wipes
  • Rags
  • Bandages
  • Pills
  • Cotton swabs and other hygiene products

By not disposing of these items properly and keeping them away from your sink, toilet, or drain, you can save a lot of money from plumbing repairs and help to keep Calgary’s wastewater system safe.


Effective Plumbing Tips from Calgary Plumbers to Prevent Problems

Good home maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent plumbing problems.

Fixtures must be properly managed to have a smooth-running plumbing system and have convenient and healthy living.

A homeowner can take some practical steps to prevent or reduce the intervention of plumbing experts.

   Immediately correct minor or non-emergent problems to avoid them from becoming worse. A leaking or dripping faucet, a clogged toilet, and other small issues can be repaired right away.

✓   Dispose of waste properly. Foodstuff, oils, and even coffee grains can easily block the sinkhole and make water passage difficult.

   Upgrade fixtures whenever necessary or replace them when they are in less-than-perfect condition.

✓   When building or renovating a house, always make sure to hire a good plumbing contractor to install and check your plumbing system. By putting in the correct structures from the start, you can avoid costly mishaps later on.

✓   For major plumbing repairs, always leave it to an experienced and qualified plumbing expert and prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

If you need a good plumber for any plumbing problem, use our free online form to receive FREE and NO-OBLIGATION quotes from licensed plumbers near you.

When it comes to a plumbing problem, never delay and count on a professional to help you!


7 Good Reasons to hire a plumbing contractor for a bathroom, kitchen, or basement renovation

A home’s plumbing system is one of the most important components of any home.

If you are renovating or remodeling a bathroom, kitchen, or basement, it is critical to hire a plumbing contractor.


Below are 7 good reasons to hire a plumbing contractor for a home renovation:

  1. Plumbers know what to do.

Master plumbers have the necessary training and qualifications to make sure that your plumbing installations are properly done.

Whether you need a new installation or to repair leaks and other problems, a licensed plumber has the skills to get the job done right and avoid big problems in the long-run.

  1. Plumbing companies offer a variety of services.

Professional plumbing companies can install, repair, and maintain your plumbing system.

They can do anything from a water leak repair to replacing or installing new pipes and appliances.

  1. Professionals have the proper tools and equipment.

When you hire a pro, he will have the proper tools and materials for completing the job.

This will save you from buying tools and supplies for one-time use or from running to the hardware store back and forth.

You will get a dependable and convenient service.

  1. A plumbing expert can identify a plumbing problem you didn’t know about.

Many homeowners are faced with a problem they didn’t know about until the renovation.

This applies to plumbing systems in the home.

A plumbing expert can find hidden issues and troubleshoot them in the most cost-effective way so you don’t get inconvenienced in the future.

  1. Avoid emergency plumbing problems that wreak havoc to your home.

Dealing with emergency plumbing problems can be a nightmare and will cost you a ton of money.

By hiring a professional plumber for a home renovation, you can prevent a plumbing emergency that can cause extensive water damage.

  1. Professionals have insurance.

Any type of contractor for a home renovation must carry insurance for your protection.

If someone gets injured while working on your property or if your home gets damaged, your contractor’s insurance will cover you.

  1. Professional plumbers help you protect your home.

With a professional plumbing contractor working on your renovation, you can protect your home.

Imagine what would happen if you come home to a flooded basement or bathroom.

Water damage is expensive.

By hiring a professional to work on your plumbing system, you can have peace of mind that such accidents will not happen to your beloved home.


You can find more tips for home renovations in Calgary to ensure you have a successful project that adds value to your home.


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Experienced contractors will guarantee that your plumbing system is working excellently and is up to code.

Our partners are all licensed, insured, and have a track record for delivering outstanding customer service and quality work.

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