Vinyl exterior siding benefits and prices.
8 February 2023,
Vinyl exterior siding benefits and prices.

Rejuvenate your home now by adding a different exterior siding or changing your entire exterior siding! Compare the prices of brick, wood, acrylic, fiber cement, CanExcel, vinyl, or aluminum.

Do you wish to update your home’s exterior appearance? New siding can rejuvenate your home’s appearance significantly. 

Integrate wood fiber, acrylic, brick, or light stone to your home’s exterior finish and level up the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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Prices for exterior siding based on the material

A wide variety of siding materials are available on the market. However, when making your choice, you must also consider, among other things, the architecture of your home, the designs of other homes in your neighbourhood, municipal bylaws, and of course, your budget.

Our partners, experts in the exterior siding industry, can help you choose the right exterior finish(s) for you.

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Below you will see a short guide to estimated prices per square foot from the cheapest to the more expensive. You can also learn the different advantages and disadvantages of these various sidings based on their materials.


The price of brick exterior finish

  • $27 to $40 per sq. ft. (installation included)
  • Lifespan: 75+ years
  • Timeless, exterior brick siding is less expensive than it seems if you consider its lifespan and its qualities: very resistant to weather, mold and pests, non-flammable, requiring very little maintenance.
  • The disadvantage of an exterior brick finish is the difficulty of installation.

Imitation stone or brick exterior finish

These types of exterior home finishes are relatively new. Some examples are:

  • Thin stone: Installed on plywood with stainless steel screws and staples, this exterior home finish offers unparalleled resistance to wear, fading, scratches and scuffs.
  • Lightweight concrete (non-structural): Requiring no reinforcement, angle iron or additional foundation, this exterior finish gives your home a rustic or modern look.
  • Self-supporting brick: Simply screwed on, this imitation brick helps improve the rigidity of the structure, increases durability, resists seismic shocks, improves waterproofing and prevents moisture and mold from accumulating.
  • Natural-looking concrete stone
  • Clay brick
  • Concrete brick

These types of exterior cladding, in addition to refreshing and enhancing the aesthetics of your home, accentuate the soundproofing and insulation.

These stones and bricks are simply pressed into pre-molded polystyrene insulation panels (secured with stainless steel straps and screws).

Mortar is then injected and the joints are smoothed out to remove the excess.

Popularity of wood exterior finish.

The price of a roasted wood exterior finish

  • $12 to $15 per sq. ft. (installation included)
  • Lifespan: 25 to 55 years

The charm of a warm wood exterior finish is still very popular in Quebec. Less popular in large cities, wood siding retains its great appeal to homeowners because of new acrylic paints and treatments against rot, both for new construction and renovation.

Wood is said to be difficult to maintain. While it is true that an annual or bi-annual touch-up is required when a stain is applied to change the color, exterior wood siding that is treated with linseed oil every 5 years will maintain a beautiful appearance.

The price of acrylic coating exterior finish

  • $10 to $12 per sq. ft. (installation included) 
  • Lifespan: 25+ years

 In addition to being versatile, blending well with other materials, and enhancing the architectural appearance of your property, acrylic exterior cladding offers good performance against mold and pests.

In terms of disadvantages, this material is difficult to install and maintain. It is not very resistant to fire and extreme weather conditions. 

The price of fiber cement exterior finish

  • $8 to $12 per sq. ft. (installation included)
  • Lifespan: ± 40 years (depending on the quality of the material)

With its modern style, fiber cement offers excellent resistance to bad weather, mold, and pests. It is easy enough to install & maintain and defends well against fire.

Although manufacturers claim to have corrected the defects of this material and improved the quality of their products, discoloration, cracking, flaking soon after installation were reasons for the Ordre des architectes du Quebec to express reservations about this type of exterior cladding.

You should ask for more information regarding fiber cement exterior finish from contractors to know if this is suitable for your home.

Price of “CanExel” (wood fiber) siding

  • $7 to $12 per square foot (installation included) 
  • Lifespan: 25 years +

 Wood fiber siding is popular because of its ease of installation, low maintenance, good appearance, reliability and affordability (good imitation of wood, but less expensive than wood).

Available in various colors and textures, wood fiber is more resistant to UV rays and humidity than wood.

However, wood fiber offers little resistance to fire and is an easy target for mold and pests.


Price of Aluminum exterior siding

  • $7 to $10 per sq. ft. (installation included) 
  • Lifespan: 40+ years

Among all the flexible exterior sidings, aluminum offers the widest array of colors. Aluminum siding is highly-resistant to extreme weather (temperature changes, wind…), pests, mildew and scratches.

Moreover, it is easy to install and maintain, versatile, durable and recyclable.

Because of its low resistance to impact, aluminum siding is usually installed in upper areas: 2nd floor, carport ceiling or gable, soffit, balcony, etc. 

Salty air in coastal regions can cause corrosion in aluminum. It is also not fire-resistant.


Price of vinyl siding

  • $5 to $7 per sq. ft. (installation included)
  • Lifespan: 40+ years

Of all the flexible exterior sidings, vinyl is one of the most popular materials, representing 80% of the market share. The wide variety of patterns and colors, the stability of the colors, and its resistance to scratches and impact puts it at the top of the list. 

Easy to install and maintain, its resistance to bad weather and its anti-mould and anti-insect qualities make it a product recommended by “Écohabitation”.

The only drawback is its low resistance to fire, a disadvantage corrected by the addition of other materials during manufacturing.

Vinyl shingle siding

Vinyl shingles are thicker than traditional vinyl clapboards. Made from stone dust and polymer (the color is fused into the agglomerate), its potential for fading is considered almost nil.

Vinyl shingles are easy to install and the joints are virtually invisible.

The price of darker colored vinyl shingles is a little more expensive, almost equivalent to the price of “CanExcel” exterior siding. However, the market now offers a vinyl shingle that mimics the look of cedar shakes.


The price of Clapboard exterior siding (Smartside)

  • Starting at $3.50 per sq. ft.(installation included)
  • 30-year warranty

Made of panel or board, this exterior siding offers an unlimited choice of colors. Sturdy, reliable, and highly resistant to moisture, oriented strand board can be up to 16 feet long, limiting joints and waste.

The fluted panels give the impression of vertically installed boards.

Exterior Home Siding Price Summary Chart

Exterior Siding Type

Approximate Price Per Sq. Foot.
(installation and materials)

Brick siding

Imitation of bricks and stones

Thin stone

Lightweight concrete (non-structural)

Self-supporting brick

Natural-looking concrete stone

Clay brick

Concrete brick

$27 to $40/sq. ft.

Acrylic covering

$10 to $12/sq. ft.

Fiber Cement

$8 to $12/sq. ft.

“CanExel” (wood fiber)

$7 to $12/sq.ft.


$7 to $10/sq. ft.


$5 to $7/sq. ft.

Vinyl shingles

Request a quote using our online form on this page


$5 to $7/sq. ft.

Oriented chipboard

Starting at $3.50/sq. ft.

How to estimate the cost of siding replacement?

Pros and Cons of Materials for siding replacement.

Replacing the exterior siding of a building is a fairly expensive project. Obviously, this type of work not only improves the property’s aesthetic appearance but it has a much more important feature.

The primary purpose is to protect the property from the elements which, in turn, can cause damage.

Many factors affect the total cost of the project including: 

  • Type of siding material  
  • The total area to be covered 
  • Repairs that need to be done before siding is replaced  
  • Choice of contractor 

In Quebec, siding installation costs an average of $20,000 to $90,000, depending on the type of property.

Siding replacement or installation is a profitable investment in the long term. In fact, depending on the type of siding, the lifespan can be from 25 to 75 years.

Type of exterior siding


CanExcel (wood fiber)

30 years


40 years


75 years


40 years

Roasted wood

25 – 50 years

Fiber cement

40 years

Acrylic covering

25 years

Sustainable exterior siding & its benefits

Did you know that the siding of a house represents up to 50% of the impact of a property in Quebec to the climate? Some materials are more ecological and recyclable than others, such as wood and metal. 

What defines an exterior siding as eco-responsible? 

  • Local product
  • Low emissions
  • Recycled materials
  • Recyclable
  • Durable

If you want to an eco-friendly exterior siding, here are the types of materials to choose.

Wood and engineered wood cladding

Extraction and production generate very few emissions.

The raw material is abundant in Quebec. 

A very durable material. 

Easy to install.

Requires a certain level of maintenance to preserve its beautiful natural appearance.

Natural stone and brick cladding

High resistance to weather conditions. 

High performance against fire.

Not susceptible to pest attack and mold growth. 

Requires very little maintenance.

Very high durability.

The life span compensates for the gases emitted during the extraction.

Metal cladding

A wide range of products offered, very popular with architects. 

Aesthetic and durable qualities.

Made of little material, metal is a recyclable material. 

Resistant to parasites and mold. 

Requires little or no maintenance. 

Resistant to bad weather and UV rays.  

In addition to doing your part for the environment, you are maximizing the longevity of your financial investment by using highly durable materials.

By using these highly durable materials, you are making the most out of your investment and also doing something good for the environment.

Other expenses to consider for siding replacement

The exterior of a home is a whole! Your siding is certainly an important part of that whole, but if you’re considering changing it, other components will need to be changed, too! This is true for your soffit, fascia, and even for your eaves troughs!

Here are other expenses and costs to anticipate when changing your exterior siding!

Soffit (Approximately 10$ per linear foot)

The soffit of a house is the siding that is located under the cornice of your roof! This material has an aesthetic function that gives a nice finish to your exterior siding. It also plays a role in protecting your home against water and humidity. If you change the color of your siding, it is likely that the soffit will need to be replaced.

Gutters ($4 to $6 per linear foot)

Eaves troughs are located at the edge of your roof and are very visible. As you are about to spend thousands of dollars to replace your siding, it is also the right time to change this component! For more information on the price of eaves and their prices, request for your free quotes using our short online form. 


The fascia is the aluminum border that surrounds your roof. It is the finishing material that hides the wood structure of your roof and protects it from the elements. Once again, for aesthetic and especially protective reasons, it is better to change the fascia together with the exterior siding.

Have you considered improving insulation with your siding replacement?

Insulation work with siding replacement.

Before installing new siding on a property, check the condition of the insulation. To maintain its good insulating properties over the long term, it is quite possible that insulation work will be added to the installation of the new siding. 

You will reap huge benefits from repairing insulation with your siding as it is much easier to insulate from the outside than from the inside.

Improving insulation will result in: 

  • The improvement of thermal resistance 
  • Prevent air infiltration 
  • Prevent heat loss 
  • Help prevent the entry of water and mold formation

When in doubt, get advice from insulation specialists as they can tell you:

If your insulation needs improvement or repairs;

The type of work you need for your home; 

The type of insulation products to use;

The time frame for working on the insulation;

The costs related to the insulation work.

The price of insulation work with your siding replacement 

If the insulation has to be redone, what are the costs involved? Obviously, several factors can affect the price of the work. 

  • Type of insulation product 
  • Thickness of insulation
  • Method of installation
  • Area to insulate
  • Type of surface to insulate
  • Choice of contractor 
  • Thermal properties

Depending on the nature and extent of the work to be done, you can expect to add an average cost of $1 to $5 per square foot. This rate includes material and labor costs. Don’t hesitate to ask for quotes from professionals in your area.

Grants or subsidies for insulation projects

To improve the energy efficiency of homes in Quebec, both levels of government offer financial assistance.

Renoclimat Program – Energy Innovation and Transition Sector of the Quebec government

Canada Greener Homes Grant- offered by the federal government 

If you are working on your insulation at the same time as the siding, know that exterior wall insulation work is subject to government programs.

Before you do anything else, make sure to verify if you are eligible to quality for any grants or subsidies. If you start the work before obtaining the required authorizations, you will not be eligible for financial assistance which can greatly lower the total cost of your exterior siding work.

Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the price of exterior siding?

The construction industry’s supply chain has been struggling to keep up with demand since the beginning of 2024, creating some supply difficulties, especially for wood (or wood-based) materials. Combine this with the fact that construction is booming and the labour shortage, renovation work is facing new challenges. 

If you’re headed for wood siding, know that prices may have increased significantly. This is because lumber has seen an unprecedented price increase, which has driven up market prices.

Fortunately, it’s mainly lumber that has been affected, but it could impact your wood-based siding as well. 

Expect longer delivery times!

In the construction industry, the year 2024 is synonymous with “delays”. Manufacturers and suppliers are struggling to catch their breath after the pandemic frenzy, which is still causing significant delays in delivery to this day. Get a head start if you hope to meet your deadline.

How do you combat the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your siding?

The pandemic situation has caused a price increase, that’s for sure. However, that’s no reason to jump on the first price offered. 

More than ever, it is essential to take the time to compare 3 quotes from specialized siding contractors if you hope to save money! Don’t pay higher prices and compare quotes for exterior siding using our free online form.

Why choose fiber cement for your siding in 2024?

Modern fiber cement exterior siding.

With the effects that the pandemic has had on the price of wood, fiber cement is definitely the ideal alternative!

In fact, fiber cement is the siding of choice in Quebec in 2024! Because of its affordable price (between $5 and $11/square foot) and its proven durability, fiber cement is on its way to replacing  Cannexel as the number one choice for new builders.

In addition, fiber cement siding is very versatile!

Asbestos cement cladding is available in both sloped (panels made along the length) and wider panels. Imitation wood textures can also be incorporated into the material.

This allows you to use fiber cement to create a contemporary, country, Scandinavian, or any other look you want! In addition, this siding is easy to install at any time of the year!

Are there any disadvantages to fiber cement siding? 

It must be said that for the past few years, fiber cement has really taken off! However, the only downside reported for now is that it is a relatively young product. Therefore, even if it claims to last for 25 years, it cannot yet be proven as fiber cement is too new.

Tips for choosing the right siding in Quebec in 2024!

Compare siding replacement quotes from contractors.

The siding on your home is the first thing you’ll see when you come home for the next 20 to 40 years. It is therefore a decision to think about carefully, which is easier said than done if you have never done this type of work before!

If you are changing your siding in 2024, follow these steps to make the right choice!

First of all, check the municipal bylaws!

The first step in choosing siding, before you even start shopping, is to check with the city to see what materials are allowed. Each municipality is free to adopt a planning policy that allows or prohibits certain materials. Before you fall in love with a siding that is not allowed in your city, do this simple check!

Go with your taste!

Take the time to shop around and look at samples! Siding material manufacturers and distributors give away free siding samples, so you can bring them home and take the time to think about them.

Of course, consider your budget!

The exterior siding of your home is a long-term investment! Quality siding that is properly installed can last a minimum of 25 years, and even 40 years for high-end materials. The material you choose should be within your budget but remember that quality means durability.

Get the best price for the exterior siding that suits you

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