Find the best design for a sunroom that suits your home to ensure satisfactory results and a high return on your investment.
18 February 2020,


Find the best design for a sunroom that suits your home to ensure satisfactory results and a high return on your investment.


In a city as big and vibrant as Toronto, connection to nature is very important to energize us and soothe away our anxiety and fatigue.

The ability to connect with nature makes any home more inviting, relaxing, and comfortable. An ideal way to achieve this is through the addition of a sunroom.

According to the National Sunroom Association, a sunroom is an energy-efficient and enclosed space connected to the home’s exterior which is designed to bring the outdoors to the inside by allowing sunlight in and providing an unobstructed view of the exterior landscape.

Adding a sunroom to your house is a great way of expanding your living space and increasing the function of your home.

Imagine how enjoyable it would be to be able to enjoy looking at nature without stepping outside your house. With a 4-season sunroom, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors across the seasons.

If you are planning a sunroom addition, let us give you great renovation ideas to help you choose your design and plan your budget.


Reasons to add a sunroom to your home in Toronto

Space is much sought-after in Toronto because real estate prices are astronomical. No wonder many homeowners are interested in adding a sunroom to expand their living space.

Did you know that aside from increasing your space, there are numerous benefits that you can gain from adding a sunroom? Consider the following benefits:



Adding a sunroom adds value to a home, along with additional square footage.

With a bigger space, your property will have a higher selling price if you decide to sell. A beautiful sunroom can increase the value of your house tremendously.

If you are wondering about the return on your investment, it is critical to consider how much you will spend on the addition and the benefits you will gain.

Many homebuyers will be attracted to your house and would be willing to pay more for a sunroom, especially if it faces a beautiful outdoor scenery.  Thus, adding a sunroom will provide you with financial benefits as well as improve your quality of life.



With a sunroom, you can enjoy the beauty of nature from your home throughout the year.

Because you have a perfect view of your landscape, you can relax with a book or cup of coffee. Bask in the warmth of the sun or enjoy sunlight wherever you sit in your sunroom.  During winter, you won’t have to miss enjoying the outdoor scenery because you will stay warm in your 4-season sunroom.



It is not uncommon for homeowners in Toronto to want more space. Adding a sunroom helps to expand your livable space and provides you with a sanctuary where you can be yourself. It can also serve as an entertainment area for times when you have company



All homeowners want to reduce their electricity bills. By adding a sunroom, you can have space that has natural sunlight all day. Even when it is not sunny, a sunroom will still be bright enough that you won’t need artificial light.

When you think about these benefits you can enjoy with a sunroom, you will see that it makes sense to invest your money in this type of home addition.

Since it will have a big impact on the value of your home and your lifestyle, it is advisable to work with a reputable sunroom contractor who can guide you in this important home renovation.



Do you sometimes feel the negative effects of being cooped up indoors during cold days? Winter temperatures can be particularly severe, limiting our access to sunlight. With a sunroom, you won’t feel so bad because you can enjoy nature from inside your house.

Health experts agree that exposure to sunlight can help to lower blood pressure, prevent depression, boost the immune system, and reduce cholesterol.


These are just some of the significant reasons why Toronto homeowners choose to add a sunroom.  Be healthier and happier while increasing the value of your most important asset, your home.

Are you interested in exploring other types of home additions in Toronto for your home? You can learn more about your options, weigh the pros and cons, and make your decision. Check out this guide on house expansion projects in Toronto so you can make a well-informed choice,

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7 Types of Sunrooms: Which one is best for your home?

All types of sunrooms aim to allow natural light inside your house. Are you wondering which type of sunroom would be best for your home?

You will need to consider several factors in your decision.  The first question to ask yourself is,” How do I want to use the extra space?” Secondly, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of sunrooms so you can plan and choose based on your needs and budget.

Sunrooms are classified based on the level of insulation and the type of structure.


Sunrooms based on insulation


4-season sunrooms

4-season sunrooms are designed to have adequate insulation and protection from the elements throughout the year.  This means you can be comfortable using the sunroom even in the cold winter days. They are made with high-quality insulation materials and energy-efficient glass.  Some homeowners choose to have French-doors to separate the sunroom from the house although this area will have the same protection as the main areas of the home.


3-season sunrooms

This type of sunroom is less expensive but they are not suitable for use in winter.  Usually, 3-season sunrooms are used as additional livable space safe from bugs and rain in spring, summer, and fall.  A glass roof makes it suitable for growing indoor plants.

A 3-season sunroom requires a door separating it from the main areas of the house because of the lack of insulation.


Screen Rooms

This type of sunroom allows homeowners to enjoy the fine summer weather without worrying about bugs.  You can have a clear view of the outdoors with aluminum screens.

A screen room can be converted to a 3-season sunroom if you ever decide to upgrade.


Sunrooms based on the type of structure  

The cost of your 3-season or 4-season sunroom will also depend on the structure and design of your house because your sunroom must blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb.

The types of sunrooms based on type of structure are:


Shed sunrooms

They have a single panel roof pitched opposite the wall it is connected to. They can be provided with screens to help air to circulate or glass panels, depending on your preferences.


Gable sunrooms

They have separate roof panels and walls that can be screen or glass.  They are easy to modify to suit the design of the house.



They are sunrooms with thermoplastic or glass roofs and glass walls.  Solariums are designed to allow a maximum amount of sunlight.



They have thermoplastic or glass panels separated by wood beams, PVC, or aluminum and have multi-level roofs. The look should be seamless. They are usually intended for growing indoor plants.

Conservatories, patio rooms, solariums, and greenhouses are usually 3-season sunrooms with little or no insulation and a glass roof.


Four-Season or Three-Season Sunroom: Which should you choose?

A four-season and a three-season sunroom may look similar but they have distinct differences. The most significant difference between the two would be the type of glass used and the frame.

A four-season room needs to be thermally-engineered to allow it to cool and be heated efficiently.   Because it has temperature control, a four-season sunroom can be utilized for 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions.

In contrast, a three-season room is recommended for use any time of the year except winter and is more ideal for mild climates. Because it doesn’t have strict insulation requirements and uses lighter materials, a three-season sunroom costs significantly less.

In the end, your choice must be based on how you want to use your sunroom.  But no matter which type of sunroom you choose, you can enjoy more natural sunlight and add space to your house which can be used for relaxing, entertaining, or even working.

Do you want to enjoy a sunroom all-year-round? Find out how to plan and design a four-season sunroom to enjoy the view even when the weather is not perfect.  It will be more expensive than other types of sunrooms but can be the best option for your home.

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How much does a sunroom cost in Toronto?

Naturally, the cost of a sunroom will depend on the design, the materials, and the size of the area.  In general, a sunroom costs about $130 to $220 per square foot.  In Toronto, homeowners spend an average of $32,000 for a sunroom addition.  Why is there such a huge difference in the price? The cost is based on the quality, type, and size of your sunroom.

It pays to have a professional conduct an in-home assessment to get an accurate estimate of the price, based on the details of your project.  Professionals will measure the area, determine your needs, explain what options are available, and recommend tailored solutions that will suit your budget.

Factors that affect the price of a sunroom

Several factors affect the cost of a sunroom addition:

  • Local building codes
  • The location of the sunroom in your home
  • Requirements for cooling and heating
  • Electrical work
  • Selected roof, materials, and foundation
  • Finishing materials and/or accessories

You will also need a building permit to add a sunroom in Toronto. For more information or documentation and other requirements, you can refer to Toronto Building. A contractor can also help you to apply for the necessary permits.

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Stunning Sunroom Ideas to inspire you into creating your private oasis

Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors or just have a lazy day at home, you can do both with a sunroom.  You can fill your sunroom with sunshine, comfortable and cozy furniture, plants, and whatever your mood calls for.

You will be surprised by the myriad of ways you can transform a sunroom into an oasis. Below you will see stunning sunroom ideas to inspire you.


Hang them

You can hang indoor hammocks, potted plants, swings, and whatever takes your fancy.


Infuse bold colors all around.

Add color to your sunroom and turn it into a bright and happy place where you can just be yourself.


 Create a living wall.

A living wall is a vertical green space and is one of the latest trends in home design. You can add a living wall to your sunroom and benefit from its aesthetic and health benefits.


Create a sunroom-home office.

Would you like to work in a space surrounded by sunlight and a relaxing view of the outdoors? You can use your space as a sunroom-home office and be more productive all-year round.


Decorate with sunroom benches and pillows.

You will love to relax in a sunroom with built-in benches and colorful pillows, perfect to lounge around when you simply want to relax or curl up.  You can also dine in your sunroom in a simple wooden table and dining benches.


A sunroom can be your second dining area.

A sunroom can be a secondary dining area, especially when you are entertaining guests. You can choose between formal décor or a simple wooden table and dining benches.


Fireplace in the sunroom.

Adding a fireplace to a sunroom will make it very cozy and comfortable.  Make your nights romantic, warm, and memorable in a sunroom with a fireplace.


Have you found your inspiration for your own sunroom from any of these stunning sunroom ideas? Plan your sunroom addition with a professional contractor to be assured of a high-quality construction that provides a high return on your investment.


Frequently asked questions about a sunroom renovation in Toronto

A sunroom addition is a huge project that will require a hefty financial investment on your part. The good news is that this investment also comes with a high return on investment, as much as 47% according to real estate professionals.

If you are considering adding a sunroom to your home, you surely want to know more about your options and what you need to do. Below you will find relevant questions about a sunroom addition which can help you in your decision-making.


Is a sunroom a good addition to my home?

What are the pros and cons of adding a four-season sunroom?


How long does it take to build a sunroom in Toronto?

The time needed to complete your sunroom depends on the complexity of your design. In general, the addition is completed within a few weeks.  Reputable contractors use modular designs that are quick to install and will be as unobtrusive as possible so your life does not get interrupted too much.


Does it cost a lot to heat or cool a 4-season sunroom?

Professionals use energy-efficient glass in 3-season and 4-season sunrooms to resume energy consumption while making your sunroom as comfortable as possible.

Because your sunroom lets in a maximum amount of sunlight, you can also save on electricity bills with more use of natural light.


What size is needed for a sunroom in Toronto?

A sunroom can be of any size based on your available space. It can be a cute and cozy screen room or a large solarium.  Standard sizes can be 8 x 10, 10 x 10, or 12 x 20. You can determine the size of your own sunroom and consult with reliable contractors to come up with the best design that suits your home.


What can a sunroom be used for?

A sunroom can be used in a variety of ways. It can function as a secondary dining room, a playroom, a home office, a sitting room, a greenhouse, an entertainment area, a studio, or even as an extra bedroom.  In fact, you can use this space any way you want.


What are the benefits of a sunroom addition?

A sunroom is the best addition for adding functionality, space, and value to your property. It lets you enjoy your home more while also increasing the market value of your home.  If you are a homeowner looking to create more space in your home that can be used in a variety of ways, a sunroom would be perfect for you.

Compared to other home additions, a sunroom does not have to make a big hole in your savings as it is an affordable home renovation project.


Are there any disadvantages to adding a sunroom to a house?

The increased enjoyment of your home and extra living space from a sunroom addition are significant benefits. There are very few disadvantages but they include increased property taxes, increased home insurance premiums, and an increase in utility bills.


Can a porch be converted to a sunroom easily?

Yes, a porch can be converted to a sunroom. In fact, sunrooms evolved from patios and porches to enclosed patios. You should speak to a reputable contractor specializing in enclosed patios or porches to ensure you get quality results that meet building code specifications.


Are pre-fabricated sunroom kits ideal?

A pre-fabricated sunroom kit that can be installed DIY is a cheaper alternative for homeowners who desire a sunroom addition without the high cost. However, keep in mind that a home addition must be suitable to your home and use design and materials that are tailored to your needs. A one-size-fits-all solution may not be ideal for everybody and may not provide the same level of satisfaction as a sunroom that is custom-built for your space.


If you desire a sunroom that will have a high return on investment and will add value to your home’s selling price, it is advisable to work with a reputable sunroom contractor.

You can find the best sunroom contractor for your home by filling out the form on this page. You will receive FREE and NO OBLIGATION offers from reliable professionals in your area.


How to choose a reputable and reliable sunroom contractor in Toronto

It is important to choose a good sunroom contractor for your home addition.  You want to find a contractor that will provide quality work at a fair price.  Unfortunately, not all contractors were made equal so it is up to you to do your research and check a contractor before hiring one.

Here are some factors you need to consider in choosing a sunroom contractor:

Length of experience: How long has the contractor been in the construction business?

Specialization: Does the contractor specialize in the type of sunroom you desire?

Customer service: Is the contractor focused on great customer service based on feedback from other customers and your own experience?

License and insurance: Is the contractor licensed and insured? You can also verify with the Better Business Bureau.

Scope of work: A good contractor will handle all aspects of the work, including obtaining the necessary permits and inspections.

Warranties: A reliable contractor offers solid warranties for your protection in case problems arise due to the quality of the work.  A warranty ensures that your contractor will take care of these problems.

Our partners, contractors that specialize in sunroom additions in Toronto, were carefully screened based on their experience, integrity, track record, and customer service. We want to make sure you get a satisfying and rewarding experience when you use our platform for your home addition needs.

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